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Mushroomland Encounters

d100 Mushroomland Encounters 1
01 Tiny singing faeries dance about mushrooms
02 Drunken goblins having a party with foaming mushroom drink
03 Dancing goat men praising the mushroom gods
04 Mushroom folk sitting in a dreaming circle having a shared hallucination via telepathy spores
05 Scarlet sorceress and werewolf making out, outraged at being spied on
06 Tiny button mushroom folk ballet
07 Gnomes playfully riding a bucking riding fungus
08 Orcs lounging about snickering eating mushrooms
09 A giant talking caterpillar with a bong invites passers by to pull a few cones of hallucinogenic dried mushrooms
10 Dark elf orgy
11 Foaming at the mouth berserk Nilbogs running about biting things
12 Ogres looking for drugged layabouts to smush and eat
13 Outraged cleric and followers looking for sinners to tar and feather and possibly set fire to
14 Inane drugged cultists with wild eyes looking for murder related fun
15 Lizard men with great spiked clubs outraged at lesser races in sacred shroom garden
16 Loudmouthed goblin hurls blasphemous abuse and feces at party, if killed hoard of goblins boil up from burrows on homicidal rampage to kill murderers
17 Toadmen insist you eat a particular type of mushroom to see if shroom god approves of you, if unwilling to be tested they go berserk
18 Orc shaman and his zombie slaves picking magic mushrooms sends his workers to attack supported by his spells
19 Crazed lavender unicorn man with goblin cultists insist you join their party to try drugs and join orgy or offended and leads minions to attack
20 Dark elf cultists offer to let you leave if they can have one party member as a slave
21 Dark elfmaid offers sexual favours, has coated her skin in addictive drugs
22 Playful revellers offer tasty shrooms and drinks, actually hungry doppelgangers
23 Beautiful succubi or incubus with charmed companions invites you to orgy
24 Chaos mushroom men playing and eating welcome you and offer you mutation inducing chaos mushrooms to join in their game
25 Goblins with several stalls selling strange magic food, petty magic trinkets and d3 cursed relics
26 Goblins playing with rude shaped mushrooms, embarrassed if spotted and explain they were sacred rituals they are willing to teach
27 Sorcerer and his students laying about in a high, question party non stop about life, mysteries of the universe and about alignment morality. Argumentative and laugh at party responses, tease and bully
28 Goat men tormenting young mushroom folk and eating one alive, invite you you join them and offer a young adorable mushroom baby to start with
29 Foaming at the mouth filthy orc shaman offers you secrets of the universe and feelings of god like power if you buy his magic mushrooms, offended if you refuse, his mushroom infected zombies arise to defend him if needed
30 Mushroom folk dancing about tearing apart some humanoid corpses and flinging remains everywhere happily to fertilise the garden, stop when see intruders and look embarrassed, try to explain everything is alright
31 Giant carnivorous beetle hunting pack
32 Giant centipedes crawl from burrows and attack
33 Giant dragonflies swarm to attack
34 Huge carnivorous worm bursts from ground to swallow someone then will flee
35 Bear sized rats viciously attack and tear at flesh of tasty meat people
36 Giant slug among fungus spits acid then closes in for kill
37 Flail snails seem innocent at first with colourful shells but up close pack reveal heads and charge
38 Huge lizards laying await under mushroom beds ambush intruders
39 Giant blood red leeches among undergrowth swarm to attack
40 Swarm of hostile huge blood drinking bugs drawn to party by smell
41 Goatmen with giant fungal slab alter performing sacrifice of bound victim
42 Mushroom men with captured enemies throwing victim into a pit with a giant slug
43 Goblins glued a drugged dark elf to the ground and sitting back to see what eats him
44 Dark elves hunting terrified goblins for fun might be tempted by more interesting sport, have several werewoves as hunting dogs
45 Hungry ogres around campfire using prisoner to test mushrooms to see which are edible
46 Were badgers tearing apart some goblins happily drop them in favour of tastier food
47 Chaos bat men tearing out hearts on a mini step pyramid grown from living fungus dedicated to their vampire goddess
48 Goblins with dire wolves letting their pets savage a prisoner but will turn on interlopers rapidly, led by goblin sorcerer or shaman
49 Slug men impaling living goblins as sacrifice happy to prepare more for their slug goddess
50 Dark elves having target practice with kidnapped victims tied to great shroom stalks for fun
51 Gnomes having tea outside their mushroom house invite you to join them
52 Band of dwarves discussed with this foul place happy to have found non hostile travellers
53 Dark elf art colony with painters and poets, many are high, indifferent to visitors but willing to take commissions to write sonnets or paint portraits. Work is abstract, modern and avante guard
54 Goblins milking a giant snail they have tied up and getting high on juice, welcome you to join them
55 Goblin orgy with dozens of them guarded by pet giant bats and wolves, invite you to join them
56 Savage cavemen with fire and stone pot mixing mushroom stew with warily accept mostly humans to join them but they cant speak language
57 Goblins feasting on pile of squirming white grubs being eaten live or toasted on sticks, invite you to join them
58 Orcs roasting goblins on the spit welcome strangers, shaman in domed hut offers to trade for healing
59 Goatmen busily applying body paint of demonic runes on their bodies quite friendly, ask If you have heard of their demonic lord and savior yet?
60 Great  obese goblin priestess with at least a dozen pendulous breasts is leading a goblin feast, visitors are welcome
61 Shroom covered zombies attack by surprise, buried among the foliage
62 Ghouls run screaming from stinking hole in the ground
63 Wights come bursting from old barrow, covered in fungi and screaming, treasure in barrow
64 Wraith pours up like smoke from old burial mound, coins in chests and urns inside
65 A groaning banshee spirit of a dark elf hates the living guards a relic left by travellers long ago
66 Fungus covered mummy and ghoul retinue come lumbering from hole to long buried tomb
67 Hungry degenerate hideous vampire pours from hole in ground to his tomb as mist
68 Spectre moans appearing from old grave almost overgrown crypt
69 Shadows arise from graves of victims sacrificed to darkness
70 Crumbling revenant arises from ground, at constant war with living
71 Adventurer corpses crawling with dangerous parasites but probably have treasure
72 Minefield of explosive toadstools
73 Mobile fungi treeant angered buy intruders to his paradise
74 Screaming fungus attract a second encounter, usually predators
75 Angry mushroom folk, upset at meat bags in sacred grove on holy day demand appeasement
76 Deadly mould patch releases killer spores
77 Deadly fungus with diseased tentacles attacks intruders
78 Zombies covered in mould with great fungi antlers attack living
79 Giant bugs with with great fungi antlers attack, trying to infect with zombification fungus horns
80 Mass of slimy toadstools shoot diseased globs of slime at intruders
81 Goblins and mushroom folk oiling each other up for group massage invite you to join them
82 Line of goblins ending in insatiable dark elf holy harlot invite you to join them
83 Huge domed brain and bearded mushroom man teaching junior button cap mushroom kids, invites party to give students a lecture
84 Choir of singing frogs conducted by goblin standing on toadstool, audience of goblins, lizard men, dark elves and goat men applaud wildly
85 Goblins having a toad race, taking bets from all comers
86 Toad men being licked by goblins only one copper piece a lick
87 Goblin children teasing giant frogs with toy spider on string
88 Dark elf with riding spider selling goblins hanging from giant fungi in web sacks
89 Bugbears snorting mushroom powder. several have faces with shrooms growing out of them, invite party to have a go or they must be scaredey cats
90 Goblin children poking at sleeping trolls for fun, they're in drugged stupors but will eventually arise and go berserk
91 Goblins and dark elves listening intently to a story telling black dragon
92 A dark elf spider priestess proselytizing to a goblin family
93 A wise old goatman telling kids the wonders of Prince Orcus and his magic kingdom
94 Green dragon asking goblin kids if they could reach in back of his mouth and pull out a wobbly tooth for him
95 Dark elf in snappy dress telling goblins how great life in the city is and offering them jobs, housing and gold, no catches
96 Mutants gathering chaos mushrooms, will tell party of the wonders of their distant green lit cavern and wonderland of tolerance and understanding to be found there (yeah it is really horrible)
97 Dancing goat man shaman gleefully teaching goblins the dances and songs of demons
98 Frogmen having a diving contest in a pool, convince humans to give it a go to win juicy live grubs
99 Mothmen dancing around a glowing giant mushroom, several have died of exhaustion in bliss
100 Beetlemen band playing to dancing goblins and dark elves and goatmen

And more because this shit writes itself

d100 Mushroomland Encounters 2
01 Dragonfly men hunting or meat to for young in a nearby pool
02 Scarab men joyfully eating feces and collecting it in balls to move to their burrow and young grubs
03 Mantswomen just finishing eating husbands heads in post coital decapitation ritual and offended by being seen attack
04 Mantis men monks hunting for tasty elves bur other humanoids will do
05 Stag beetle men dueling over a beetle beauty, will challenge party to prove superiority
06 Goblins being chased by giant d4 1=frogs 2=spiders 3=beetles 4=bats
07 Umber hulk hungrily bursts up from underground
08 Ankheg has dug trap pits, if victim falls in or collapses covering of pit, he will pop up from ground and  try and scare off rest of party with acid spit while trying o drag off or bury alive the person who set off the trap or anyone small
09 Giant Bombardier beetles feeding are startled, shoot napal or explosive chemicals then flee
10 Giant Scissor beetles or earwigs hungrily attack
11 Gian ants peacefully gathering fungus
12 Fungus zombie infected giant ants with fungal antlers growing on heads attack
13 Giant termites building a fungus castle with own fungus garden inside, grow several magic mushrooms inside
14 Ogres with nets trying to catch giant dragonflies with nets will think party look easier
15 Giant crabs from a waterhole eating fungus think walking meat looks tastier
16 Giant scorpions dueling quickly turn on party
17 Giant mother scorpion with dozen huge babies on her back hungrily attacks
18 Giant cave lobsters hiding in pool will grab any who try to drink, if pool passed they will creep out and follow party to ambush
19 Chaos ratmen monks looking for ingredients of plague potions, keen to kill adventurers for the rat god
20 Ratmen catching mushroom folk in nets
21 Ratmen scouts riding giant bats will try to net and catch easy targets on ground
22 Ratmen fighting frog men over nest of giant grubs "it's our treasure"
23 Ratmen worshiping and preparing sacrifice on crumbling chaos altar
24 Cyclops herding beetles, sets them on party and supports them with rocks, f they fail he gets out is lil people smushing cub
25 Reptilian Troglodyte torturing goblins with their stink glands by holding them down and spraying their faces
26 Reptilian Troglodytes with bound naked dark elves leading them to the pit of the slime god
27 Reptilian Troglodytes hunting for sacrifices to take back to their secret grotto
28 Reptilian Troglodytes riding beetle pulled chariots charge at inferior mammals, circling them and hurling javelins
29 Reptilian Troglodytes roasting goblins over a fire, keen to enjoy a bigger humanoid feast for variety
30 Ogres gambling with straws over who gets to eat the dark elf or goblin captive
31 Ogres beating and squeezing huge frogs as form of music, offended if anyone disapproves
32 Nighthag singing to baby goblins or dark eves in cradle, furious if disturbed
33 Goblins running away with underwear and clothes of bathing dark elf maids who will reward those who hep them
34 Chocking spore clouds cover area, most life takes cover and hides
35 Hallucinogenic spore clouds cover area, most life takes cover and hides
36 Sophoric sleep inducing spore clouds cover area, most life takes cover and hides
37 Fog covers area reducing visibility for 1d4 yours
38 Light rain for d20 minutes giant slugs and snails start waking up
39 Heavy rain for 1d20 minutes, giant worms pop up everywhere
40 Were rat adventurers offer to team up, offended if refused
41 Tough talking goblins abuse party if injured they turn into full size trolls (were trolls)
42 Goblin bat riding messengers invite party to visit local goblin king or market
43 Goblin bat riding scouts see adventurers then report to nearby group of army
44 Goblin bat riding scouts drop puff balls from above
45 Dark fairy brings treats and candy to dark elf and goblin children as it's a local holiday
46 Crying goblin child runaway with bindle keen to be adopted follows party, stops crying if accepted
47 Goblin tinkerers and traders riding beetle carts, keen to do business
48 Frog folk selling grubs of various giant beetles
49 Were spider dark elf teens tease party to provoke a fight
50 Chaos batmen eating frogman with baskets of crying baby froglings nearby
51 Goblin knights riding giant flightless bats or lizards or beetles challenge part to joust, only cowards would refuse, will provide a mount and lance
52 Goblin kids playing with deadly floating puffball
53 Flatulent ogres try to convince party to give up and get in their sacks and they will go easy on them when dinner time
54 Formarian looking for victims to eat and torment with a net and club
55 Formarian wallowing in pool of rotten food and excrement drowning a sacrifice to the bog god
56 A hill giant (or several) looking for tasty bugs and shrooms to eat is overjoyed at tasty party
57 A lizard man king and his entourage demand party surrender and get in their cooking pots
58 A out of work goblin jester thinks joining the party will be a good idea
59 A necromancer on a palanquin carried by shroom covered zombies desperate for corpses fungi free relieved to see party
60 A goblin selling foot fungus and other remedies (also dud healing potions - they are time delay effect honest)
61 Tired looking goblin mother with a dozen screaming kids offers to sell some of the older ones to party
62 Lizard men throwing goblin kids to giant toads for fun, have several sacks full
63 Dark elf slavers willing to buy or sell stock, mostly have goblins but possibly a surface dweller or two, keep stock in cage on a lizard drawn cart
64 Degenerate albino cannibals riding devolved quadruped human mounts hunting for man flesh or female mates to enslave
65 A tiny shack where goblins sell frothing fungi ale and roast grubs, worms and lizards. A few patrons are here drinking and more are welcome
66 Cavemen with furs seeking to trade for some fire, pre language tribe of morons easily impressed or provoked
67 Goblins dressed up as other monsters with stilts and costumes try to scare off party
68 Goblin wizard and apprentices and guards seeks to trade spells and possibly potions
69 Crazy old surface dweller lost here for decades runs up to party overjoyed at being rescued. Has fungus growing on him and looks hideously inhuman
70 Goblin boy herding milk beetles grazing on fungus playing a flute, offers to trade beetle milk cheese for other food or fresh beetle milk
71 Goblin with stall selling rat on a stick or roast centipede segments or healthy fresh squeezed mushroom juice or hot cup of mushroom tea
72 Pack of giant blood sucking weasels out hunting
73 Trolls out for a stroll betting who can eat the most people
74 Trolls playing kickball with a goblin for a ball, have a cage with spares, quite hungry but might be up for a game, loser gets eaten
75 Trolls growing out of the ground, a pleased goblin gardener with a spade and  cleaver watches them come to life
76 Orc shaman casting spells over a sacred bog to create orcs from mud, his bodyguards await
77 Under the shadow of a gigantic shroom carved into likeness of the mushroom goddess, goblins and mushroom folk worship and eat sacred mushrooms to celebrate a holy day, strangers welcome
78 A cluster of mushroom houses with goblins engaged in every day village life, sheriff tells you to behave
79 Fire newts with hunting fire toads looking for people to BBQ
80 Fire newts on strider mounts on patrol for intruders in what they claim to be their lands
81 A fiery crack in the earth where fire newts throw mushroom folk in to be eaten by lizard like flaming salamander elementals
82 Bonesnapper reptiles patrolling assigned territory attack any they have never met before
83 Undead necromancer and skeleton warrior driver on bone chariot pulled by skeleton horses, gallops outside melee range about while slinging spells, usually casts protection from missiles type spells first
84 Lizard men wallowing in thermally heated mud pools, quite relaxed and welcome strangers, goblins offer drinks, towels and snacks for a copper penny each
85 Teams of humanoids playing stickball d4 1=orcs 2=goblins 3=goat men 4=hobgoblins vs d4 1=mushroom men 2=frog men 3=dark elves 4=ogres, a crowd of others watch, might ask party to be objective umpires, ogres tend to go psycho when lose and eat other team
86 Ogres wrestling for right to be boss of gang but willing to have a break to eat adventurers
87 Hyena men intruders looking for victims to torment and eat and sacrifice to their demon gods
88 Slimy eelmen from nearby water source have come to eat tasty humanoids
89 Crabmen from a water hole looking for tasty treats, enjoy nipping bits of screaming victims to eat
90 Orcs from outside area come for slaves, not fussy but convinced they are the strongest
91 Bugbear brigands looking for people to eat a sick of mushrooms, like following and to ambush
92 A goblin princess with hobgoblin and bugbear guards and a goblin sorcerer adviser wants to test strangers to see if they are worthy to be her prince, happy to have winner polymorphed into a goblin. If refused she throws tantrum and screams "off with their heads"
93 A night hag demands someone in party volunteer to satisfy her or she will eat them all
94 Pack of wargs led by Black Shuck, a double sized warg with one eye and a fear gaze attack effecting one person a round, WIS save or flee for 10 rounds
95 Orcs with trained attack troll (or several) are keen to test pets and will support with arrow fire
96 A mushroom man martyr invites party to eat him so he can be reincarnated now his time is done
97 Goblin kids bouncing on spider web joyfully, not noticing giant spider
98 Goblins sling huge centipedes, spiders and snakes then flee
99 Orc slavers attack sending in suicide goblins with explosive puffballs first
100 Giant constrictor snake in hiding tries to nab small people to eat


  1. Lovely shroomy goodness... AND... an illustration from the excellently strange Etidorpha. Good stuff! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Copying and pasting this to my files when the electricity comes back to my side of town (we had a surprise 19h century thanksgiving thanks to heavy snow and a pooorly designed 20th century electrical system).

  3. feels so totally last century to not be online

    1. I am using my cell phone every now and again for a few minutes. It feels 2 centuires back most of the time and is bellow freezing and going to plunge lower ...brrrr.... my wood stove is doing a fair job but it's still chiilly by modern indooor standards. Got some gaming books out to read between wood cutting and shoveling.


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