Sunday 2 November 2014

Underland 3 - Ogres

So while working on my monster rosters i had forgotten about Ogres. Ogres are a good one vs party at low level and a good one on one monster at mid level. All the various monster schemes i had devised and histories have neglected the to date so now a quick bit of ogre lovin. In fairy tales and myths ogres are very diverse. So I made this ogre customizing kit for stranger ogres. Your basic ogre is a fat slob caveman rock chucker. These ogres are stranger still and might deserve to be leaders of the common sort. Indian comics, Japanese oni and fairy tales are all fair game. Ogres while might compete with cave men are definitely a class of fairy being. In DnD often related somehow to orcs or giants, being able to breed with orcs (ogrillion). I dont like the orc link preferring they are the pinnacle of goblinoid and the bottom of giant kind. Most modern ogres are low tech tugs but in the past and in the Underland they might be more advanced and organized and even lawful more like Japanese oni. Ogre magi are a elite semi divine type. Primitive ogres might be shamen or witch doctors, the advanced ones will be sorcerers or wizards.

Str damage bonus typically +1d4 for common ogre or +d6 for elite
Con bonus typically 1d4-1 for common ogres per HD or +d4 for elite

basic 4HD cave ogres are the more common on mountains get none of these
typical ogre breed has one cosmetic
superior specimen like a 6HD boss might have 1d3
ogre heroes 6-8HD will have 1d3 basic and 1 superior
ogre lords have 8-12HD will have 3 basic (all one in six versions) and 1d3 superior

d20 Basic cosmetic features (roll 1d3 per sub type met)

1 Exotic skin colour (1in6 has specific resistance like fire, poison)
2 Curved goat or sheep horns (1in6 extra d6 headbutt attack)
3 Huge fangs (1in6 extra d6 bite attack)
4 Huge slobbery pointy or forked toungue (1in6 constricting tongue attack)
5 Great Hairy Ears (1in6 incredible hearing, surprise only on 1)
6 One single blazing eye (1in6 fire a 4d6 ray every 1d4 rounds, save halves)
7 Extra d6 eyes (1in6 incredible awearness, surprise only on 1)
8 Tattooed all over (1in6 has a spell like ability)
9 Horribly hairy (1in6 has +1AC)
19 Scaly skinned (1in6 has +2AC)
11 Huge beard or long straggly hair, possibly done in some style (1in6 has +1d3 spells)
12 Huge frighting sexual characteristics (1in6 can reproduce with other species)
13 Strange coloured blood (1in6 has acidic blood inflicts 1d6 damage if hurt with edged weapon)
14 Tail (1in6 constrictor or weapon tail for extra attack 1d6)
15 Claws (1in6 has extra 1d6 claw attack)
16 Cloven Hooves (jump own height from standing position, double with run up)
17 Slime covered (1in6 weapons stick to body, Str test to remove after hit)
18 Piercings with metal rings, chains, bones (1in6 has minor charms and fetish objects pierced)
19 Scarified and sore covered (1in6 diseased any who wound or are wounded bu ogre save to resist)
20 Scrawny and taller instead of fat (1in6 +1d4 move)

d20 Superior features (roll once possibly for leaders or loners)

1 +1d3 heads cannot be surprised, one always awake but they might argue
2 +1d6 heads and a spell per head once per day from semi divine heritage
3 Fire breath 4d6 300 degree cone 20 foot long every 1d4 rounds, save halves
4 Shaman 1d4+2 level with possible non corporeal undead ally or pet
5 Sorcerer 1d4+2 level with familiar or student
6 Priest 1d4+2 level with 2d8 HD of skeletons or zombies
7 Superior culture wears armour like scale or chain and has quality pole arm and other weapons
8 Necromancer has 1d4 weights or 2d4 ghouls can create 1d6 HD undead every full moon
9 Reptilian hybrid +2 AC has 2d4 lizard men followers or a serpent man wizard d4+2 level
10 Undead ogre regenerates as a troll, corpse eating, prefers night
11 Elder ogre has squishy, slimy skin, breathes water, 3d4 tentacles on face or body, extra grapple attack
12 Gaseous form at will can be trapped in a container
13 Shape change into animals or likeness of person, could fly as bird or breathe water if fish
14 Beautiful ogre 18 Cha, cast charm person 1d3 times a day, has 1d6 followers/lovers
16 Speak with animals and has a pet like bear, lion, dire wolf
17 Wings can fly as per ground speed, usually bat or possibly filthy raven or vulture wings
18 Return from dead 1d4 days unless body treated with secret ritual
19 Dimension door at will
20 Wears gold jewelery worth 2d6x100 and has a magic item and 1d4 potions

I played 2nd ed again of late shocked how we never noticed things like changes to dragons and some spells, we ran as just a better edited adnd 1st ed - was badly screwed when my dragons only breathe 3 times a day and dam = hp idea was totally wrong....

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