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Curses, Conditions, Corruption and Relics pt4

Hmmm looking at new players handbook and not feeling it. Better than last few eds but i find lots of entries obscure, not explaining terms used and I went back to oldschool level based RPG for simplicity. I will play it im sure but cant be bothered learning it all despite lots of good bits to steal. Will write up m revised DnD players book for my version over xmas or at least players version. A few DMs I play with in various eds using bits of my system as saves looking in a book.

I'm interested in 5th ed warlock as a class but seems so inelegant and confusing. This vid answered many question but all seemed a bit slow with choices though to be fair so much new content to get to know and lots of good things. I get impression 1st or 2nd 5th ed warlock could kill a party of BX players. Lots of offencive spells seem to be fairly similar and if i can zap with deadly cantrips every round i think having a crossbow irrelevant. Still a Cthulhu cultist sage might be worth a go. I feel too scared to tweak 5th ed as concequences feel beyong my grasp while BX era with most rules 30-60 pages in both box sets feels managable to add on. Feels more modular to add my content or any oldschool content. 5th ed is modular but i still feel designers don't really know the cosequences yet - like all the ogl splatbooks with hundreds on untested classes.

Think I will hunt down a hardback Cyclopedia edition next year. Wizards really shitted me for not reprinting a book that covered decades of the game in one book.

Here is last bit of this for a while. Suggestions on more possible. I like the idea of giant magic items too big to use for normal folk.

Reptilian Relics

d20 Reptilian Relic Origin

01 Made in old times when reptilians ruled
02 Made by lizard king for loyal warrior
03 Serpent man wizard made for human agent
04 Vampire lizard lord wielded this when young
05 Dinosaur cult leaders made this item to serve cult
06 Dragon men made this item during war with humans
07 Found in a dragon horde by adventurers
08 Found in possession of reptilian hybrid cult burned for witch craft
09 Found on reptilian corpse floating in water by fisherman
10 Adventurer brought this back from monster Island
11 Given by a dragon to a warrior as a trick
12 Found inside belly of a huge snake
13 Found on reptile hybrid traitor in leaders court
14 Found during quarry excavation in niche of basalt monolith
15 Found in swamp by prospector looking for bog iron
16 Dinosaur man champion used this on bloody raids of human lands
17 Found in deceased estate in old trunk
18 Ruler found while inspecting his ancestral vault
19 Found inside ancient volcanic rock
20 Traded with lizard men by swamp folk

d12 Reptilian Relic Corruption Conditions
01 At first sunset after first use
02 After 3 uses of power
04 After 7 uses of power

03 If carried 24 hours
05 If carried 7 days
06 If carried next full moon
07 if read text or study artist depiction of reptilians or cults
08 If hears a sees any exotic reptilian, dinosaur or draconic being
09 When wielder takes more than half damage
10 If the user draws blood on reptile holy ground or lair
11 If the wielder is effected by reptilian or reptile cult spell or powers
12 If user non reptilian

d12 Common Reptilian Relic
01 Maquahuitl, a great club studded with sawtooth obsidian or reptile tooth blades may hit magic beings and some with + to hit and damage, some more refined magic swords of dragon bone or enchanted obsidian mostly single edged, spears and maces made by similar processes too
02 Dragon bone composite bow is a huge bow with range of a longbow and damage of a composite bow. Also durable enough to parry and block without damage like wooden bows may hit magic beings and some with + to hit and damage
03 Saurian shield made from dinosaur hide with rim of teeth and claws and great spikes for stabbing in front a d6 weapon may hit magic beings and some with + to hit and damage
04 Ruby ray crystal wand fires a d6+1 heat beam with ten shots per crystal clip, 1in10 2d6 beam with bigger clip than the normal one, 1in10 clips recharge one shot per day if left exposed to sun, 1d4-1 clips found with ever ray device
05 Ring of the chameleon lets the wielder hide in vegetation as if had skill and stay still, 1in10 allow wielder to turn human and back once per day, used by spies
06 Cloak of the lizard provides a + on saving throws and armour class 1in10 allow wearer to turn into a specific type of man sized lizard and back once per day, different versions attuned to different lizards or small dinosaurs
07 Dinosaur amulet turns into a small 1d6 HD dinosaur once pr day for one hour that will fight or bear a load, if killed item ceases to work, 1in10 is a large dinosaur with 10HD
08 Eye of the serpent can cast charm person with versions with 1 to 3 charges per day if held in front of target that can see the eye, 1in10 charm any reptile or dinosaur but not dragons
09 Dragon orb lets wielder ask a dragon a question once per day it will answer as best it can 1in10 has a elder dragon that can locate specific persons or objects known to user, both require a one turn trance to use
10 Ring of the ages or more deceptively named a ring of sleep, when activated sends wearer into a year long state of hibernation, if ring removed wearer awakens, 1in10 greater rings turn user into unbreakable stone for a thousand years complete with ring
11 Necklace of consuming form allows wearer to adopt the form of last humanoid they eat for a day, 1in10 can maintain the identity for years, when change back the wielder must eat a new victim to change again, popular with intelligent giant snakes
12 Snake Stick come in boxes of 2d6 sticks each turns into a 1HD snake with 2d6 poison bite save for half. Some sticks one use but some can be used once a week or month. 1in10 are staff snakes instead that act as +1 staffs. Most turn into a 3HD constrictor with a 2d6 crushing grappling attack. Viper staff has a poison snake head with a poison bite as per the stick sakes. If the snakes are killed the items are destroyed

d12 Reptilian Relic Corruption Effects
01 Only eat living animals
02 Reptiles in 100 yards awaken and aware of you
03 Cold makes you lethargic and enter a torpor if sustained
04 Develop d6 1=forked tongue 2=fangs 3=tail 4=reptile eyes 5=scaly skin 6=
05 Turn into a reptilian hybrid over a few month
06 Develop speech impediment
07 Descendants all carry reptile taint for
08 Live snakes grow from body parts d6 1=fingers 2=shoulders 3=wrists 4=hair 5=genitals 6=waist
09 Shed your skin weekly takes a day, increasingly reptilian
10 Fevered dreams or reptile ancestors nightly, 
11 Become cold, detached and emotionless creep
12 Lay reptile eggs weekly

Amphibian Relics

d20 Amphibian Relic Origin

01 Found in a pool or well
02 Man catching frogs for stew found it
03 A wizard was killed by mob and this found in remains of house after burned down
04 Found with well preserved newt men corpses in bog from elder times
05 Adventurers killed a village of frog folk and found this on shaman
06 Fisherman arrested for murder tried to use item to bribe the sheriff before hanging
07 Frogmen gave to boy who spent night dancing with them under the full moon
08 A wizard riding a huge salamander gave it to a by for kindness to amphibians
09 Found in a coal seam by miners
10 Peat bog turf cutters found while digging up peat for fuel
11 A girl was given in exchange for kissing a stranger, he had a huge tongue
12 A man heard voices amid the croaking frogs instructing him to dig on the edge of the swamp
13 A lad dreamt of a past life as a newt man then found item where his dream self hid it
14 Found in treasure horde of giant intelligent salamander
15 Adventurers cut open giant frog that ate a goat and found inside
16 Farmer by swamp had in bundle as heirloom since ancestors came here long ago
17 A salamander man wizard gave it as reward for killing adventurers who defiled frog god shrine
18 Shepherds started a bonfire and hibernating salamander man burst out leaving item behind as he ran
19 Diminutive newtling folk traded it for captives of their kind that villagers planned to eat
20 Fire toadman wizard terrorised area in hills with this relic

d12 Amphibian Relic Corruption Conditions
01 At first sunset after first use
02 After 3 uses of power
04 After 7 uses of power

03 If carried 24 hours
05 If carried 7 days
06 If carried next full moon
07 if read text or study artist depiction of amphibian gods or minions or cults
08 If hears croaking frogs at night
09 When wielder takes more than half damage
10 If the user submerged in water
11 If the wielder is effected by amphibian or cultists spell
12 If user non amphibian, cultist, servitor or hybrid

d12 Common Amphibian Relic
01 Amphibian skin cloak, wraps around you skin tight in water and lets you stay underwater for an extra hour, 1in10 sprout gills as well and allow you to live comfortably under water as long as you please
02 Ring of bad taste, anything swallows or bites you reluctant to do again if fail CON save and with vomit you up, 1in10 creature must save or have hallucinations or blindness or 2d6 poison (one per item) if fail save as well
03 Boots of leaping let you jump 30 yards 1in10 let you cling to surfaces also like ceilings or walls
04 Spear of bog iron may hit magic beings and some with + to hit and damage 1in10 leaps into owners hands, some also in form of club or staff
05 Coat of toads is a sturdy warty leather coat as studded leather armour with extra + or more on armour, 1in10 can create 1d4 2HD toad men a day who serve for a fight then leave
06 Frog pipe is a long thin pipe for smoking marsh weed that allows wielder to create smoke rings, animated shapes and other follies 1in10 can three times a day make wall of smoke or create a stinking cloud like effect but choking smoke instead
07 Amphibian Amulet turns into obedient amphibian beast for one hour a day with d4+2 HD with se HD and species per amulet like a type of giant frog or fire toad, 1in10 call a 1d4+4 HD specimen
08 Net of slime is a sticky throwing net (some in bola form) that entangles a victim on a hit requiring action and a STR roll to escape, if fail 3 rolls they are trapped hopelessly, 1in10 versions victim only gets one save attempt or stuck but if they struggle a full three rounds then start chocking
09 Goggles of the frog god allow wielder to have night vision and to see through water with no hit penalties, 1in10 also detects enemies
10 Ring of concealment allows wielder to hide as if had skill in water, swamps or vegetation as long as they don't move, 1in10 allow wielder to turn into a small common amphibian breed set to each ring once a day and back
11 Ring of amphibious healing regrows a missing body part in one week but if damaged while healing 1d4 organs grow back instead, 1in10 heal one HP per turn
12 Necklace of Insect summoning 3 times a day calls a 1HD insect which will obey for a turn even allowing self to be eaten, 1in10 calls 4HD insects

d12 Amphibian Relic Corruption Effects
01 Only eat live bugs, vermin and creepy crawlies alive, tempted by them
02 Develop great googly eyes and croaky voice
03 Must keep moist or take 1hp damage per hour
04 Peculiar shuffling walk or hopping gait -3" move
05 Increasingly evolve into amphibian over three months
06 Attract frogs, toads, newts, salamanders
07 Vomit up amphibian spawn when arrive near fresh water body
08 Dream of the amphibian gods of the past and they see through your eyes
09 Fear of fire and dehydration
10 Skin has toxic secretions, mildly poisonous, tastes foul, people lick you to get high
11 Frogs, toads, newts and salamanders crawl out from your bed clothes every dawn
12 Every full moon become ravenous sex maniac risking your life and will try anything

Arachnid Relics

d20 Arachnid Relics Origin

01 Found in huge spiderweb by forest wardens
02 Mummified in web dessicated corpse found in cave had this item
03 Spider cult in sewers wiped out by lawmen found item on leader
04 A child stole from lair of a great spider in the woods
05 Dark elf staggered from a cave with hundreds of spider bites then died carrying this
06 Spider queen warriors menaced area long ago and noble family captured relic
07 A warrior turned into a spider abomination in a inn and this found in his bed
08 Rangers killed huge spider transporting item in a web sack with treasure
09 Farmer found under house in huge spider nest
10 A noble turned traitor and attacked ruler and had item on him when caught
11 Spider witch coven killed by law had item on the coven leader
12 Dungeon ruled by spider cult warlock was killed by adventurers who took item from his corpse
13 A child saved spider from other children and was granted this item by talking spider next morning
14 A giant trapdoor spider in orchard was killed by farmers and this found in hole
15 Crazed dancing sailor fell from exhaustion with this item and a tarantula bite
16 A were spider prostitute was caught eating customers had this item
17 Elves took it from spiders servants long ago and traded it with humans
18 Heroes went to the spider queen realm through a gate and returned with this
19 Confiscated by tax men from cultist then sold in auction
20 Strange hairy man gave it too merchant then decapitated himself

d12 Arachnid Relics Corruption Conditions
01 At first sunset after first use
02 After 3 uses of power
04 After 7 uses of power

03 If carried 24 hours
05 If carried 7 days
06 If carried next full moon
07 if read text or study artist depiction of Arachnid gods or minions or cults
08 If hears a Arachnid related magical chant or spell
09 When wielder takes more than half damage
10 If the user is surprised by a spider or spiders
11 If the wielder is not a arachnid or spider cultist
12 If user in presence of elder god, entity, servitor or hybrid

d12 Common Arachnid Relics
01 Spider silk slippers give you spiderclimb ability, 1in10 let you ignore webs magical or from spiders
02 Spidersilk robe acts as leather armour with a + or more and no weight, 1in10 reduces piercing missiles like arrows one less damage
03 Spider carapace armour  acts as chainmail some with a + or more with half weight, 1in10 also gives plus AC bonus to poison saves as well
04 Spider web rope 100 yards long weighs nothing, a little bit stretchy
05 Venom blade dagger may hit magic beings and some with + to hit and damage, also adds +1d4 poison damage if victim does not save, swords, spears and arrows have been found too, 1in10 inflicts +2d4 with save still taking 1d4
06 Silent cape allows one to sneak if in darkness as if had skill, 1in10 is magically silent except for speaking or spell casting
07 Spider cowl allows wearer to hide in darkness as if had skill if not moving, 1in10 cant become invisible up to 10 minutes a day which could be used in 10 lots of one minute or other amounts
08 Web wand once a day casts web spell with 1in10 casting three a day instead
09 Vile wand shoots a poison bolt for 1d6 damage with a CON save resisting, 1in10 more ornate or possibly a a rod or staff inflicts 2d6 with 1d6 damage even if victim saves
10 Ring of creeping horror calls a swarm of spiders like insect swarm spell with users level once a day with 1in10 casting three times a day
11 Ring of spinneret can fire a silken line to catch wearer when falling as ring of feather fall, 1in10 can spin up to 100 yards of weightless rope that lasts and hour per day also
12 Necklace of horrible hunger allows wearer to regurgitate a 3d6 spurt of acid up to 10 yards which caster can drink liquid up after harming someone as a means of feeding, 1in10 can be used three times a day

d12 Arachnid Relics Corruption Effects
01 Covered in creepy black hair all over skin
02 Eat only live prey by sucking fluid through disgusting spider mouth
03 Covered in tiny spiders who cover you in web cocoon while you sleep
04 Slowly over a month turn into a mindless giant spider
05 Tempted to eat your companions and especially your lovers
06 Develop multiple small black eyes to replace your normal ones
07 Chittering voice of the great spider queen telepathy commands you to serve her and sees through you
08 Develop genitalia and reproductive capacity of a spider, spiders seek to mate with you
09 Agoraphobia, hate open spaces and prefer to scuttle about from cover and hide in holes
10 Dislike light, if startled by light often try to scuttle off and hide, prefer to do everything by night
11 From below chest you are a spider-centaur but you gain superior climbing capacity
12 You can understand spiders and little creeps tell you murder and fornicate constantly

Fish Man Relics

Fish Man Relic Origin

01 Dragged from sea by fishermen in net
02 Sailor was given by mermaid lover when stranded on island for years
03 Bearded old man from sea gave to coastal villagers for saving a dolphin
04 Found in slate quarry with stone fish skeletons
05 Traded by creepy fisherman for a boat
06 Adventurers found in cave home of giant crabs
07 Fishmen attacked a lighthouse and one dropped this
08 A ship crew swallowed by a sea leviathan found inside beast before escaping through blowhole
09 Fishermen dragged up angry fishman and killed him, he carried this item
10 Catfishman wizard from swamp gave this item to local ruler as payment for some long forgotten deed
11 Inside belly of shark caught by fisherman
12 A talking fish promised treasure if life spared to fisherman
13 Fisherman captured a mermaid and sea king used item to pay ransom
14 After frightful battle with ghost ship of coral encrusted dead sailors, lone survivor returned with item
15 Man escaped village he said was full of fish men hybrids, took this from one as fled
16 Mysterious coral and slime encrusted tower rose from sea and adventurer returned with item
17 Explorers found on island in creepy abandoned village
18 Hero wrestled a sea serpent and killed it, really a shape shifter prince of the sea, had relic in his cave
19 Ship wreck on rough rocky atoll had lone gibbering mad cannibal survivor had relic on him when killed
20 Woman gifted item by mysterious lover from the sea

d12 Fish Man Relic Corruption conditions
01 At first sunset after first use
02 After 3 uses of power
04 After 7 uses of power

03 If carried 24 hours
05 If carried 7 days
06 If carried next full moon
07 if read text or study artist depiction of fish men or minions or cults
08 If hears a elder god related magical chant
09 When wielder is immersed in water
10 If the user gets blood on them
11 If the wielder is effected by elder god cultists spell
12 If user not fish men or minions or cultist

d12 Common Fish Man Relic
01 Fish cloak adds + to saves and armour and 1in10 allows wearer to become a fish of same size and back per day with +16 AC and d8 bite
02 Fish necklace becomes gills when immersed in water allowing wearer to breath under water (and vice versa for a water breather) 1in10 give you a fish tail and full movement rate in water (or legs for a fish or mermaid)
03 Trident of the fish may hit magic beings and some with + to hit and damage with many being in spear or harpoon form, 1in10 have full range and no penalties to hit in water
04 Crab gauntlets allow your hands to become crab pincers allowing you to do 1d6 claw nip and an extra attack with a grip for automatic hits on a critical hit, 1in10 makes prime claw bigger and inflict a d12
05 Squid mask is a tentacled cult mask that allows your face to make a extra d6 or grapple attack or perform fine motor manipulation tasks, 1in10 tentacles inflict 1d10 and can reach 10 feet and can perform gross motor tasks like lifting or carrying or climbing
06 Net of slime is a sticky throwing net (some in bola form) that entangles a victim on a hit requiring action and a STR roll to escape, if fail 3 rolls they are trapped hopelessly, 1in10 versions victim only gets one save attempt or stuck but if they struggle a full three rounds then start chocking
07 Sea Dart harness has 12 darts which can be used underwater no penalty and are regrown by the seaweed belt every day, 1in10 the darts can hit magical creatures as well, the darts shrivel and crumble if away from belt more than a hour
08 Speargun resembles metallic drift wood and acts as a heavy crossbow, usually comes with 10 darts which are easily made, 1in10 the gun regrows 1d4 darts a day as snap off spines, some with + to hit and damage with no penalties to hit or range in water
09 Human skin coat made from flailed human skin lets you adopt form of the murdered human once a day and back, 1in10 can also appear to change gender, hair colour and usually more attractive
10 Horn of the deep calls a obedient 4HD sea creature to serve you for one hour a day, 1in10 calls a 10HD creature, the creatures understand the user and will allow themselves to be killed and eaten
11 Seaweed pouch contains 1d6 doses a day of narcotic chewable weed that causes eater to have visions of tentacled sea gods, 1in10 allows you to contact them and ask a question once a day but they may mislead you. Weed is tasty and can be put in food or drinks with some preparation
12 Crown of the sea  allows you to walk on water at will and move underwater as if on land freely, 1in10 allows you to summon 2d4 2HD fishfolk servants from a body of water to serve for one hour then they may wander off

d12 Fish Man Relic Corruption effects
01 Develop gills, can no longer breathe air
02 Sin needs moisture 1HP damage per hour if dry
03 Develop googly eyes and slimy scaly skin
04 Turn into a fish man if immersed in water
05 Develop cannibalistic and sexual mania
06 All your descendants will bare the fish man taint
07 You can only eat live small creatures or aquatic weeds
08 If anyone eats or hurts fish near you, you are outraged as if someone murdered your family
09 You need to be immersed in water to sleep, it starts by you sleep walking into bodies of water
10 Fish gods call you to join them beneath the waves when near any body of water
11 You are only sexually attracted to fish like beings
12 Fishmen and cultists sense you within 100 yards, you never catch a fish

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  1. I like the relics again.

    Re 5th edition cantrips: really don't care for what they do to planning, resource management, or that they scale up in power.


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