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d100 Stone Age Relics

Ive been tempted since reading dragon #81 to do a stone age spears and sorcery setting so incorporated it into my settings past. Last article on monoliths was a hint of this epoch. This time pre metal magic items and gravegoods. Worth noting is when burying dead in prehistory and ancient times, people often found older graves or even remains of extinct fauna which they would add to their own graves. In part this suggests a connection wih ancestors and the past that might be a sham and a claim to connect ones self to history and ownership. Like putting indigenous art in European settlers political buildings. 

A stone age civilization like Aztecs could make interesting invaders or could be applied to orcs or lizard men or other non humans. Perhaps a rust monster plague might wipe out a civilizations capacity to use metal. Time travel or simply finding cave civilization in a hidden valley.

Ive considered a stone age game for a long time but I think compromise will be next DnD campaign start set in a Exile Island in a forbidden lost valley in the unexplored mountains where I always put cavemen. Remnants of the age of stone when free men first learned to use wizardry, fire, serve the gods etc. Will have cave filled mountains, awesome glaciers, volcanic activity, mega fauna in cooler areas, a valley with monster island tables for dinosaurs and reptilian beast men. A frozen plateau with ancient stone megaliths, moulded by magic stone towers and remnants of monster age sealed away by human ancestors. who defeated them and the elder gods.

Even local demi humans will be without metal and local dwarfs whinge about humans copying stone axes, hammers and slings from them. Elves will be archers and spear users with atlatl's. Halflings will used daggers and rocks and have domestic goats, cats, dogs and rabbits. Gnomes will use clubs, throwing sticks and boomerangs. Humans will be associated with beasts and innovated use of fire for cooking and meat eating. Elves dont eat meat. Dwarves eat it raw or ferment or pickle it. Halflings copy humans and gnomes eat mushrooms, plants, bugs and grubs

Patches of the underland might be like this still. Huge cavern regions ignored by the underground empires and forgotten. Possibly they re inhabit lost valleys and mountains on surface.

Stone agers might generally live in gathering or hunting party (4-12)
Family group (13-25) with extended relatives
Village often temporary ritual or where resources easily gathered (26-150)
Town for large mostly temporary ritual spaces or trade (151-1000)
City often with crude stone walls, buildings, statues some occupied only every decade

Was also this thing that i didn't realize was so extensive


Necromancers used
magic stolen from elder gods to control first peoples. They instilled fear of dead in everyone which is why we need rituals to protect the dead and holy ground for burials. First necromancers where just evil cave men wizards, later ones where undead monsters who craved eternal death for whole world. Still some kicking around in towers or earth mound pyramids.

Barbarians from lowlands are descended from slaves of the monster empire who revolted, burned monster cities and fled. They like cavemen slaves and look down on us even though we started the great revolt that freed them.

Elder monsters are still in tombs and hidden places. Serpent men, catfish men, spiders, fish men and the beast men and orc slave soldiers still cause trouble.

Humanoids like ogres, trolls, goblins, bugbears, hobgoblins, kobolds are dangerous rivals. Kobolds often use copper. There are many gnome like peoples with hair all over who are secretive and gentle. Great apes and savage ape men are a big problem as they are curious of cave peoples skill and seek to eat, enslave, rob and breed with them.


Copper is the sacred metal of the blue flame. Wizards and holymen can use it to make holy symbols that ward off evil and harm magical beings. It is rare, most tribes have a tiny piece used for ritual size of a coin. Rich tribes have decorated impractical ones for status. Good read here.

Moulding stone is a wonder of magicians. Instead or carving or shaping with tools, daggers, swords and spear tips may be shaped like clay with magicians hands. Such weapons are bigger, stronger and impressive tools of leaders and servants of magicians. Some have other magics. Poor ones are brittle but best enchanted.Basault blades and spears of serpent folk are often kept by humans but makes some wary on sight

Slings usually come in short range and long range types. Slingers carry 2-4 slings on them as clothing, headbands, jewelery, belts and for other uses. Most use found stones from a river. Some used superior larger shaped stones for more range and damage but require more labour.

Very small bows size of a forearm can fire darts for a d4 often poisoned. Less range for arrow more for a dart and easy to carry.

Flint edged sickles with flint flakes glued on for a blade or large pieces possible, magic made ones make good weapons. Scythe, sickle sword or a bronze axe-mace or axe might appear

An interesting article

I have had curse effects and conditions for items before. Stone tech ones might have obscure ones which modern people might fail to comprehend. How do i know I am not born under the sign of the beaver after I kill the last person who could explain it to me? Bloodline or tribal conditions are common examples of conditions.

d12 Corruption conditions

Corruption takes time usually or has some conditions

01 If carried next daybreak
02 After 3 uses of power
04 After 7 uses of power
05 If carried 24 hours
06 If used to draw blood of wrong animal totem species
07 If used to draw blood by person not of right totem (1in12 chance?)
08 If used used by person not of tribe
09 If wielder ever harmed a tribe member
10 If the item used without tribal shaman blessing
11 If the wielder eats forbidden food
12 If used without correct sacrifice

d100 Corruption effects
01 All food and drink you touch or carry spolied, only be feed or drink with helper
02 A characteristic score begins to drop 1pt per week till dead or coma at zero
03 Inflicted with advanced lycanthropy next full moon
04 Animals and monsters dislike you and are never surprised by you or your party
05 Wounds will not stabilize if below zero, will bleed to death
06 Becomes infertile and uninterested in sex or love
07 User succumbs to poison easily, half normal resistance
08 User succumbs to charms and illusions easily, half normal resistance
09 User succumbs to disease easily, half normal resistance
10 User becomes a cannibal, hunger for own species
11 Spirit of the relic gives unwelcome advice on everything
12 Spirit of the relic posses you when weak or unconscious or asleep

1d12 Materials of other relics
1 Wood possibly fire hardened
2 Bone
3 Horn or tooth
4 Clay or resin
5 Hide
6 Stone or Basalt
7 Flint
or Chert
8 Onyx
9 Jade
10 Shell
11 Hair or wool or plant fibre
12 Copper

d12 General Objects
01 Weapon - spear, club, dagger, axe
02 Clothing - boots, capes
03 Ritual - mask, ritual costumes, idol
04 Instrument - rattle, drums, horn, flute
05 Statue or idol or fetish
06 Craft tool - needles, chisels, awl,
07 Digging tool - sick, bowl, hoe
08 Hunting or gathering - flints, scrapers, fishhook, nets, sickle, traps
09 Fire Maker - sticks, drill or flints
10 Container - bowl, jar, bird egg
11 Art tools - ochre, dye, tattoo needle, brush
12 Food - meat, fish, eggs, birds, grubs, bugs, frogs, lizards, seeds, nuts, fruit

d12 Cave Cult of artifact makers
1 Beast lords - worship animal totem spirits through shamen or druidry or hunters
2 Demihumans - worship as ancestors or spirits through shamen
3 Elementals - great elemental lords through arcane or divine or shamans
4 Cults of demons or devils or devas or angels, divine or arcane cults
5 Nature cult - druids or shaman
6 Ancestor worshiping shamanism
7 Kaiju cult where giant monsters worshiped by all kinds of magicians
8 Dead worship with arcane necromancers
9 Elder god cults with any type of magician
10 Spirit cults with shamans
11 Law or chaos cult of any magic type but nature and druidry rarest
12 Divine cults of great gods with priesthoods replacing shamen who become more like clowns or fringe magicians, healers and exorcists

d100 Grave goods and treasure
01 Knife 1d3
02 Dagger 1d4
03 Club 1d6
04 Mace 1d8
05 Fighting Claw 1d4
06 Staff 1d6
07 Maul 1d10
08 Dart 1d3
09 Javelin 1d6
10 Spear 1d8
11 Atlatl/Woomera, dam dice dart d4, javelin d8 or spear d10, doubles range, also a club
12 Chopper 1d3
13 Hand Axe 1d6
14 Hammer 1d6
15 Battle Axe 1d8
16 Net can entangle 1d4 body parts
17 Throwing Stone 1d3
18 Sling 1d4
19 Staff Sling 1d6
20 Boomerang 1d4
21 Bolo 1d4
22 Shortbow 1d6
23 Maquahuitl 1d8
24 Great Maquahuitl 1d10
25 Blowpipe 1d3
26 Throwing Stick 1d4
27 Furs +1 AC
28 Hide +2 AC
29 Sheild made from hide, wicker or wood
30 Bone Plastron Helm +2
31 Bone Plastron Sheild +1 +2 vs missiles
32 Bone Plastron Arrmour +4
33 Heavy Cloak +1 AC
34 Leather Cap +1
35 Headdress +1
36 Large copper wedge artwork size of hand or bigger
37 Comb
38 Wooden bowl
39 String bag
40 Rope
41 String of coral beads
42 String ofamber beads
43 String of cowrie shells
44 String of animal teeth
45 Ritual Mask
46 Clay pot
47 Quiver of arrows
48 Ball of string
49 Grass doll
50 Stuffed leather ball
51 Bag or tubers or bean
52 Bag of tree resin or boiled animal glue to make tools and weapons
53 Ochre for art, decoration of body paint
54 Bone needles
55 Bone fishhooks
56 Knucklebones
57 Woven Eeltrap
58 Fishing Spear
59 Paddle
60 Animal figure carved from bone or ivory
61 Quartz crystal wrapped in hair
62 Skull or bones of ancestor
63 Woven basket
64 Wooden snare trap
65 Flints for shaving, scraping, cutting, starting fires
66 Obsidian for shaving, scraping, cutting, starting fires
67 Copper, a sharpened coin size piece of copper scraping, cutting, artwork
68 Music Sticks
69 Drum
70 Grave Post
71 Ancestral fetish
72 Spirit cult fetish
73 Coolomon oblong bowl and digging tool and baby cot
74 Grinding Stone
75 Horn, wooden, animal horn or shell
76 Dried Gourd container
77 Giant bird egg container
78 Digging Stick
79 Message stick marked with symbols, a treaty
80 Totemic pole
81 Brush for painting
82 Brush for grooming
83 Bow drill for starting fires or drilling holes for craft
84 Pipe and herbs or resin or mushrooms
85 Spoon
86 Fork
87 Bone scraper
88 Hide pot
89 Stone Pot
90 Water Skin bag
91 Dried Fish
92 Dried Meat
93 Chisel
94 Grinding Bowl
95 Rake
96 Hoe
97 Moccasins or boots
98 Gloves
99 Rattle
100 Flute

Note i avoided specific climate things like snow shoes, skis, etc

d100 Common Stone Age Magic Properties
01 Healing, stabilize wound 1hp 
02 Healing, 1d4hp once per day
03 Healing 1d6hp 1d3 times a day
04 +1 STR
05 +1 CON
06 +1 DEX
07 +1 WIS
08 +1 INT
09 +1 CHA
10 +1 AC
11 +2 AC
12 +3 AC
13 Start a fire easily
14 Ignite as a candle 1hp damage or +1 if weapon
15 Ignite as a torch 1d4 damage or +1d4 if weapon
16 Calls animals of a species once per day
17 Druidic summoning 1hd
18 Druidic summoning 2hd
19 Druidic summoning 3hd
20 Druidic summoning 4hd
21 Druidic summoning 5hd
22 Druidic summoning 6hd
23 Speak to one species
24 Gain the fire making NWP
25 Gain the track NWP
26 Gain the survival NWP
27 Gain the hunting NWP
28 Gain the scout NWP
29 Gain the ignore terrain NWP
30 Gain the run away NWP
31 Gain the grooming NWP
32 Gain the building NWP
33 Gain the farming NWP
34 Gain the animal handling NWP
35 Gain the animal training NWP pick a species
36 Unbreakable
37 Protection from one good or evil or law or chaos pick one
38 Glows in presence of one species of animal
39 Glows in presence of one species of monster
40 Shoots a magic missile 1d6+1 1d3 times a day
41 Shoots a fireball 6d6 1d3 times a day
42 Assume form of animal once per day 1d6 turns
43 Assume form of animal 1d6 times per day 1d6hours
44 Extra punch attack
45 Extra headbutt or bite attack
46 See in the dark
47 Detect flint or onyx
48 Detect enemy
49 Detect game animal
50 Detect poison
51 Detect Spirit
52 Detect Gate
53 Detect Disguise
54 Detect Undead
55 Detect Invisible
56 Detect Copper
57 Detect Fish
58 Detect Weather
59 Detect good or evil or law or chaos pick one
60 Detect alignment
61 Can speak one language
62 Know ancestry or history touch once a day
63 Free Movement
64 Jump 12" once a day
65 Jump 6" 1d6 times a day
66 Spider Climb once a day 1 turn
67 Run double for one turn
68 Run all day unfatigued 100 miles
69 Create zombie servant once per day
70 Charm one species of animal once per day
71 Hold one species of animal once per day
72 Can comprehend language one turn a day
73 Detect lie one turn per day
74 True Sight one turn per day
75 Produces a dose of poison per day
76 Turns into a spider or snake or bird or other species depending on object
77 Resist Poison
78 Resist Acid
79 Resist Fire
80 Resist Cold
81 Resist Disease
82 Resist Paralysis
83 Resist Energy Drain
84 Resist Fear
85 Resist Charm
86 Resist Detection
87 Breathe Water
88 +1 all NWP rolls
89 +1 all saving throws
90+1 move
91 Levitate once per day
92 Fly one turn a day
93 Speak with dead once a day
94 Turn undead as a cleric once a day
95 Dimension Door once a week
96 Teleport once per month
97 Astral travel 1 turn a day
98 Astral travel 1d6 hours a day
99 Summon 1d6 HD creatre for 1 turn a day
100 Open a gate to underworld once per year

d100 Stone Age Magic Relics
01 Obsidiian Knife of wounding victim bleeds 1pt per round for a turn
02 Crystal Dagger can harm spirits normally intangible and invisible
03 Panther Club has a carved fanged mouth that can grip at will and does 2d4+2
04 Granite Mace if hit foe needs STR or fall over
05 Fighting Claw set with obsidian claws merge with hands then 2d4 damage
06 Staff of the ancients carved and feathered can store a single spell inside
07 Maul of the giants studded with obsidian spikes does 2d6, x3 damage on natural 20 hit
08 Darts of the elves come in bundle often in three  sleep if under 4HD if over WIS save
09 Javelin of sky god returns to wielder, three times a day does +1d8+1/lv of user
10 Obsidian Spear +2 on natural roll of 20 does maximum damage plus any critical fx
11 Atlatl/Woomera +2 any missiles hit and damage or if used as club, triples missile range
12 Stone Dagger of the witch, increases summoning HD by one if used to draw own blood
13 Lightning Brother Hand Axe shoots magic missile per  level of wielder per day 20 max
14 Green Stone Hammer +1 hit and damage doubles digging speed through rock
15 The Blood Axe three bladed fearsome battle axe drinks 1d4 blood on a hit
16 Net of the sea lords if entangle victim can cast charm person once a day
17 Throwing Stone always returns covered in halfling runes made by Glibfoot Onerock
18 Fire Sling three times a day missile turns into 2d8 flaming magic projectile
19 Thunder Staff Sling once a day deliver a thunderclap 6d6 12" radius, save vs CON or deafened for a turn
20 Bone Boomerang with savage barbs can sever a limb on a natural 20 does 2d4 returns
21 Dragon Bolo has three spiky balls for 2d4 damage, any hit CON save or stunned a round
22 Dragon Bone Shortbow does 1d8 and is +3 to hit
23 Blood gods Maquahuitl if touched blood user beserk +2 hit and damage for a turn
24 Great Maquahuitl +1 if rolls a natural 20 severs the head of opponent into gore geyser
25 Blowpipe doubles damage and range
26 Throwing Stick bundle always seems to have 4 ot 5 left
27 Furs of purity +3 AC with protection from cold
28 Monster Hide +5 AC from dragon or superior divine creature with head, resist fear
29 Sheild made from hide, wicker or wood
30 Skull Helm +3 AC fear radius one turn a day 30"
31 Dragon Bone Shield +2 +4 vs missiles, resistant to fire
32 Dragon Bone Plate +7 resist acid
33 Heavy Cloak +1 AC with animal head and pelt can change intp one for an hour a day
34 Leather Cap +1 Can see in dark and spirits
35 Antler Headdress +2 and has extra headbutt 1d6 attack with +3 to hit
36 Quiver of arrows +1 arrows 1d6 extra in per day max of 20
37 Trident of the sea lords 2d6 can be thrown 20" +3 to hit, no penalties in water
38 Harpoon of the winds can fly 100 yards for 2d6 with strong line
39 Comb adds +1d3 CHA for a day if used in morning
40 Onyx Mirror release a shadow once per day to do bidding
41 Basket holds 100 lb but weighs 5% that amount and looks like only hold a few
43 Spark wand can start fire by shooting sparks to ignite by touch at will
44 Crystal of light can illuminate 30" by command on or off
45 Unicorn horn pick 1d10, can purify water and cure light wounds once a day
46 Serpent Horn lets you summon up to 10 x 1HD snakes for a battle a day
47 Ravens foot can summon a raven to carry a message once a week
48 Resilient Grey Cloak, feel fine in all weather, night vision and need to eat 90% less
49 Wooden bowl if burred up to rim edible worms will fill to brim
50 Mask of fear, fear attack three per day +1 AC
51 Mask of lover, charm person once a day
52 Mask of the beast can see through eyes of own animal followers
53 Mask of flame resistant to fire speak fire elemental (other element versions too)
54 Mask of sea gods, can breathe water and free action in water, swim as run
55 Mask of spirits allows you to see and talk to spirits
56 Mask of dead lets you speak to undead and detect dead or possessed on sight
57 Tent of healing recover con bonus every hour slept in during night (max 8 hour a day)
58 Stone axe double damage or wood +2 to hit plant beings or wooden armour
59 Stone helm +4AC moulded by magic, +1 saves
60 Bulls Crown a horned hat +3AC can smell enemies with INT roll
61 Storms Throwing club +1 club once a day when thrown becomes a 6d6 lightning bolt
62 Grass skirt of the gods +2 AC +6 HP
63 Magic bear teeth each turns into bear 1d3 black 1d4 brown 1d2 polar
64 Magic cat teeth each turns into bear 1d3 lynx 1d4 cave lion 1d2 sabretooth tiger
65 Shimmering net attracts fish and looks sparkly and amazing
66 Fish cloak can turn into a fish and speak to them
67 Sea lion cloak, turn to a sea lion, swim as per running and hold breath for CON rounds
68 Water skin of plenty provides one persons daily water a 1d8 healing potion a day
69 Ever melting ice provides food preservation and can lick days water off
70 Scarf of sand protects face from insects and blinding or choking dust storms
71 Divining Sticks can be used to detect underground water
72 Divining stick tells where to dig for delicious grubs in ground or in wood
73 Copper snake necklace can turn into venomous 1hd snake once per day
74 Pair of flints attached to your heals let you jump 30" three times a day and resist lightning
75 Mask of the beeman, allows you to resist insect swarms and steal bee honey
76 Magic white ochre protects you from evil for a day, 1d6 batches
77 Black ochre gives you +3 saves for a day, 1d6 batches
78 Red ochre gives you +3d6 HP for a day, 1d6 batches
79 Grey ochre  automatically stabilize if wounded below zero HP for a day, 1d6 batches
80 Blue makes you berserk +2 Hit and damage for 1d4 hours, 1d6 batches
81 Zombie Doll WIS save or victim becomes zombie minion, one use, reverse by burning
82 Kin Idol holding clay statue lets you send and receive feelings of love from loved ones
83 Erotic statuette makes wielder aroused longer, more fertile and lactate more
84 Snake Idol makes immune to poison and +2 all CON saves
85 Ancestral Fetish lets you call dead ancestor once a month, usually they are disappointed
86 Bone idol turns to skeleton for a turn, one use, come in bags of 2d6, some animal
87 Dog fetish lets you speak dog and gain a extra dog follower
88 Evil eye medallion, protection charm, illusions, curses, +2 WIS saves
89 Stone mushroom idol, spirit tells you which edible or narcotic and effects
90 Feathered boots leave no trace or trail or smell
91 Amber fire bead, blood of pheonix are mini fireballs 10" radius 3d6 in sets of 2d6
92 Jade sacred bead, act as sling stones can hurt any magic being or spirits, set of 2d6
93 Silver moon metal rock can hurt were wolves, devils and other magic beings
94 Flaming rock blood, clay pot, lit, thrown 2d6 fire10" radius and 1d4 for 1d4 rounds
95 Bag of wind contains a strong gust of wind or 1in10 a storm one use
96 Bag of mischief releases a demon or devil that must obey one order then is free to go
97 Bag of fog, releases a 100" radius thick peasoup fog once
98 Shamans bag, adds +1lv to shamans spells
99 Shamans drum, doubles range of all spells
100 Shamans fetish, gain extra invisible other world spirit as a follower


  1. I do use stereotypical Neandertals in my game setting. Thank you so much for giving them the zest to make a "lost valley" hex tromp worth doing!

  2. add to monster island tales i did for aztech dinosaurian conspiracy jungle cult antics


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