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d100 Encounters in Wizard School

Exile Island has three main known wizard schools:

Shadel Port University magic school is the premier magic school in the world (but the Imperial School or Wizardry is awesome but many types of wizardry not taught there). It is most open and accepted. Encounters for here. First 20 results recycled here.

Second is the Devil hill school for renegades and rejects from Shadel port. On average student of poorer quality. Only one in six female, the school is notoriously sexist. Not actually evil the school is tolerated as long as it stays on it's part of the Island and makes no plots against the Shedelport University or its agents.

Third is the so called necromancer school that accepts only evil students, has links to the ancient Necromancer empire and students are taught by devils and demons and undead. Students are tempted with power and scholarships and supposedly pay for tuition with their souls. The Barron tolerates them and the Empire hates them, offering gold for dead necromancers.

About half of apprentices have only utilitarian spells to assist their master like living tools who serve the masters wishes. Roll a dice on odd the wizard knows mostly non fighting spells. The others are specializing in advanced adventurer diplomas and practice spell casting in the school gym.

Enrolled students have 1d4 cantrips and are zero level and pay about 100 per year tuition and board
Apprentice students are 1d4 level and pay about 1000 per year per level
Masters are at least 6th level or 5th+1d3
School heads are name rank 10th level or 7+1d4
School chief librarians are 14th level or 11+1d6
School heads and founders usually 20th level and a minimum of 18th 17+1d3

A master often establishes his own home with library and laboratory and can start to tutor students.
A name rank wizard has own tower can teach formaly to multiple students

Most wizard schools preach celibacy unless married or for while in study

d100 Encounters in Wizard School
1 - Drunken frat-boy wizards molest party with cantrip
2 - Students playing crazy pranks provoke party
3 - Magical creature being moved by wizard and guardsmen
4 - Golem performing some task
5 - Bored familiars stalk party for hi jinx
6 - Wizard thinks party may be of assistance in a quest
7 - Party accused of being wayward students - penalty is possible castration
8 - Students offer party employment to pass their exams
9 - Tempting university job vacancy
10 - Students hassle party for tips and trivia
11 - Drunken student kegger - a carousing opportunity
12 - Fraternal ritual in progress
13 - Librarian asks party to confirm facts about them in journals
14 - A student bard decides to drop out and follow party
15 - An evil mid lv student practices a spell on a party member or follower
16 - Goblin servants bump into each other and mix packages
17 - Scream and explosion from spell gone wrong
18 - Student chased by creature from spell gone wrong
19 - Student offers to groom and grow your beards with cantrips for small fee
20 - A wizard with their magical concubine glares at any who look too hard
21 - angry wizard chasing and beating aprentice or using spells on them
22 - A old hag from cafeteria offers study secrets for sex or cash
23 - Man selling cantrips printed as 3fold flyers 100gp each
24 - Apprentice selling seedy books or other shonky deals
25 - Older students tormenting, enslaving and spanking younger ones
26 - Old wizards having a stick fight
27 - Students with ring of protection from energy drain and a bound succubi offer others a go, 100gp each
28 - Students making familiars fight for money
29 - Sobbing student with d4 1=letter from home 2=school results 3=tavern bill 4= mean threats or bulling or pranks from other students
30 - Goblins having a smoko break blowing exotic clouds of smoke from illicit drugs
31 - Kobold messenger running with note
32 - Kobold with tool box and little wagon of materials on some chore
33 - Hall monitor 1d4 level wizard spying about campus
34 - Invisible stalker on job pushes out the way
35 - Elemental on some job
36 - Drunken master withaprentice or familiar helping them home
37 - Invisible graffiti on wall
38 - Weak explosive runes or minor magical trap left
39 - Door been pointlessly wizard locked or held
40 - Illusion of atractive woman followed by sprentices
41 - Magic mouth yells out abuse then disapears
42 - Familiar eating a rat
43 - Familiar passing thinks party worth spying on a while
44 - Sleazy students hassling meek member of opposite sex
45 - Visiting priest and accolytes
48 - Visiting noble with master 1d4 1=showing resentful child around 2=commissioning a item 3=seeking knowledge 4=planning a expedition
49 - Students playing chess 1d4 1=each other 2=shapeshifter 3=familiar 4=master
50 - Student trying to sell adorable baby animals as familiars
51 - Students racing familiars and betting on odds
52 - Student whispers he can help them sell soul for a wish
53 - Wizards making freshly decantered beastmen clones battle
54 - Translucent phantom passes by, looking for host to sit exams so it can rest in peace
55 - Clumsy students with body 1d4 1=in a coffin 2=dead apprentice 3=test subject 4=dead prostitute
56 - Students with dirt on them and grave stench
57 - Students trying to write on walls in secret
58 - Students chasing each other with ball
59 - Students kissing in attempt at hiding
60 - Students holding hands mooning about happily
61 - Students pressuring other students to make out
62 - Students with sign protesting d4 1=student death toll 2=tutorial fees 3= cafeteria prices 4= defending humanoid rights
63 - Student running around with steaming coloured potion bottle screaming
64 - Gremlins beating a weak freshman and stealing cash and spell book
65 - Students having a cantrip battle
66 - Bewildered adventurers or expedition return suddenly by teleport
67 - Orc guards searching for a stolen spell search everybody
68 - Student offering to show you how to get an Imp familiar
69 - Wanted poster concerning d4 1=stolen item 2=bounty on wizard killer 3=wanted rare ingredient 4=missing student
70 - Young students impressing lesser students with cantrip display
71 - Student selling sly potions off the back of a potion cart
72 - Alchemy student asking around for exotic ingredient
73 - Gust or cold wind or bad smell wafts by
74 - Students in secret door with sly bootleg potion lab, try to buy party off with potions
75 - Young wizards trying recreational drugs with a visiting sorcerer
76 - Druid and a sorcerer having a debate on cosmology
77 - Barron's secret police in mask d4 1=questioning student 2=consulting with a master 3=beating a student 4=carrying a chained up wizard
78 - Bard with group of student fan watching play adoringly
79 - Old wizard trying to hang out with students and be hip, maybe party will think he is cool?
80 - Illusionists having battle with phantasmal force
81 - Student with zombie manservant carrying books and potions
82 - School librarian talking to a lich
83 - Summoned creatures tearing bad students to shreds in public
84 - Student falls from height to death or dying near party
85 - Student offer to sell a charm person scroll
86 - Master quizzes visitors for reasons to be here is suspicious
87 - Students arguing about who is bestest wizard ever
88 - Religious family begging student to leave school and come home
89 - Student crying as family leave them and master holds poor student up
90 - A orc asks student for magic tax one gold piece, looks self assured
91 - Student chugging multiple potions on a dare
92 - Students testing cursed items for master
93 - Students with out of control monster they are meant to toke somewhere
94 - Strange looking man offers scholarships for right student, possibly a devil
95 - Students playing kick the kobold looking for kobold
06 - A group of goblin exchange students ask what are you looking at and get in your face
97 - A wizard taking newly created steaming slimy orcs on first walk around out of cauldron
98 - Students taunting a charmed ogre, slapping hi in face and humiliating with cantrips
99 - A young royal student sees dreamy character and plots to run away with them
100 - A master thinks a character looks dishy, invites back to tower to see magic items

Revising a few old tables at moment to full d100

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