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d100 megalith sites - remains of the old ways

After the age of inhuman monsters prehistoric humans began to build own cultures, use magic and commune with the gods. For and age men used only stone for weapons and erected great stone monoliths across the land. Many of these are now hidden in woods, in end of farmers fields or vallage commons. Some are even in graveyards predating everything else. Even in Shadelport small megalithic structures in tiny graveyards are in city blocks or even in streets.

Most people leave them alone knowing they are cursed or entrap evil beings. The prehistoric wonder workers bound many horrors in these places. Remains of flints and other items are often found but miraculous stone daggers and swords are found occasionally.

There are remains of whole stone cities in mountains by glaciers with stone buildings from this time. Stone towers of prehistoric wizards still are inside the walls of the city with notices from officials forbidding entry. Some dont have doors. Some were not carved but moulded by magic.

Some structures originated as houses and became ancestral shrines or temples later. As the dead were buried under houses then, when descendants moved they would visit old places in ritual proscetions over the countryside.

The necromancer kings seized most of the world for a thousand years ending the age of stone. Stone buildings in this area were to glorify the evil wizard kings who preferred zombie labourers. They were in turn ended by barbarian with metal.

Some megaliths are even prehuman such as beast men or demihuman.

Many would find earlier peoples remains, steal their grave goods and use in own leaving mix-match of relics.

After barbarians cleansed the world in fire and blood, civilized men with clay brick cities appeared

Documenting, exploring and cleansing these structures could be a quest
First table to help create own sites on fly, later d100 one with specific locations that could be placed or found. Will do d100 Stone Age Relics table later.

d12 Who and why built?
1 Reptilian pre human beast men, perfectly fitted stones, often with carvings

2 Demihumans d6 1=Elf 2=Dwarf 3=Halfling 4=Gnome 5=Changeling 6=Giant
3 Other beastmen (goat, wolf, bear, boar) for mostly ritual or dancing
4 The monster age (bat, catfish, spider, crab, scorpion, fish and others)
5 Humans as habitation in the age of stone, usually crude cyclopean style unchanged stone
6 Priests in the age of stone as place of the dead often stone huts buried under mounds
7 Druids in the age of stone as place of worship often built stone circles
8 Wizards in the age of stone as place of ritual and solace, shaped and moulded by magic
9 Warriors in the age of stone built to resist enemies with mighty hill forts
10 Humanoids (kobold, goblinoid, orc, ogre, troll) built ritual and fortified dwellings
11 Necromancer kings built great tomb palaces for selves to be buried in
12 Barbarians as graves for heroes mostly earthen mounds or rune carved stones on top

d12 How big, What Style? 
1 A stone altar or menhir, possibly with niche for skulls or ritual items
2 A stone henge or archway or gate, possibly with niche for skulls or ritual items
3 A gigantic stone stelae or megalith
4 A stone hut or box made from sheets of slate
5 A small stone circle or line or cluster of menhirs
6 A huge stone circle or line of menhirs or henges
7 A large crude stone building or vault, possibly with open shrine chamber but mostly sealed
8 A small mound possibly with stone marker, buried stone or wood structure or boat inside
9 Huge earth mound, marked procession route and ritual space, stone chambers beneath
10 Huge earthwork fortress with stone gate and possible moat and buried structures
11 Huge stone building made from massive crude stones
12 Dozens of stone huts, many open, some sealed or buried, often haunted

d100 wondrous megalithic sites of Exile Island
01 Monolith of the frog god gives strange dreams if sleep near and may contact the frog gods  of the bactrian age. Pools of croaking frogs nearby. Strange carvings on rocks
02 Black octagonal obsidian menhir with mystic sigils or prehistoric wizards, ar night 1d4 shadows creep out from and kill intruders
03 Circle of ugly irregular great rocks actually bound lesser demons, if names found and read demons free, this information in some ancient texts.
04 Circle of rocks but said to move from time to time. Awakened by 1HD of blood will hunt and crush others for blood, cunning sorcerer may be able to bargain temporarily with them
05 Crude hooded cobra monolith with serpentine script carvings declaring lands are actually property of serpent folk. Lizard men sacrifice here monthly since pre human times
06 Huge slab near cave mouth with carving of great bat god and drains for blood, degenerate bat folk still live in caverns
07 Boggy ground with huge wooden oak logs partially buried, carved in runes of the elder age, catfishmen angrily lurk in water will kill any easy humans they see
08 Huge natural rock with ancient orc war chief head carved in top crudely. Orcs come here to assemble and some usually watching for defilers will fetch tribe
09 Huge stone mushroom painted with lime sacred to goblins and dark elves who take turns guarding it. Caves nearby with fungi guardians
10 Great stonehenge of black scarred rock where black druids drain blood and turn victims to undead. Less often seen but activly create monsters to weaken human expansion
11 Series of stone huts, hermits gather here to be in peace. Some are crazed serial killers, some cannibals and some peaceful healers trying to help homeless here
12 Stone hut village of ancients known to be haunted, a ghoul pack live here and by night go to village graveyards to feast, hostile to intruders
13 Stone mounds once buildings now home to wight clan, former warriors who dwelled here then killed to serve necromancer kings. Hunt and kill any fools who come to haunted ruin
14 Stone village now buried into tunnel complex with various undead and dead beasts, but remnants of ancient treasures and rumoured prophetic pictograms
15 Stone house converted to tomb and mostly buried, inside mummies guards stash of stone magic weapons and implements. Locals bring in dead once a year safely
16 Stone box of slate sheets with druid mummy inside has been resting and very furious. If left alone will rebury self and possibly call magical guardians to replace ones lot aeons ago
17 Single stone henge with depressions full of rotting human heads sacred to blood goddess. Angry barbarians guard holy site with a priestess
18 Large hill with tiny entrance to former crude stone noble housing complex now buried and has been overrun with kobolds or goblins. Inner sanctum is a mummy tomb.
19 Boat shaped lines of stones on surface with slab covering entry to boat shaped stone tomb of sea raiders with zombies and wight heroes
20 Blood covered monolith with skull in niche and ritual bowls left out. Local blood druids familiars watch and send band of killers to stop sacred rock being defiled
21 Great pointed monolith where witches meet. Area is colder than surrounds and nothing grows here. Signs of lightning strikes. Several witches here will tell fortunes or heal or curse
22 Great stone under huge oak tree with carvings. If offerings not left a ogre comes from hills to hunt defilers, possibly several. They dont understand why compelled
23 A black carved stone in a depression with no grass nearby. If damaged a minor devil appears to punish intruders, will always try to summon helpers
24 A huge moss covered slab with dear skulls and antlers tied to top. Intruders will feel fear and local hunters will stalk them but not kill unless damage or harm to cult caused
25 Huge stone with hole through middle that restores fertility to any troubled who can squeeze through hole. Round and feminine shaped rock carved with many breasts
26 Huge stone supposed slain giant of old. Creepy old man invite you to join him in meal or drink is a shapeshifting redcap guarding his ancestor shrine
27 Stone shack with earth mound home to local witch who has lived here for thousands of years. Happy to advise adventurers where ti find long lost treasure with deadly guards
28 Stone monolith with rotting corpse filled pit, heals 1hp per HD of corpse thrown in. Visited by barbarians and beastmen frequently
29 Huge mound with buried stone village. Entrance shrouded in bones. Ogres have moved in looking for trouble. Have amassed wealth and prisoners in central chamber
30 Ancient hill fort over several acres with doorway into underground chambers, remains of older buried stone village. Barbarians have settled in here acting as bandits in local area.
31 Ancient hill fort of blood cult with cyclopean tunnels underneath with toms of warrior kings and blood druids now turned to mummies and wights
32 Hill with burial chamber containing whole ship and wight warrior lords of sea lords with water weirds in urns as guardians and great horde of gold, magic weapons and armour
33 A lonesome hillside stone domed hut where madmen and cultists commune with ancient blood goddess and gain terrible powers of a vampire if chosen as champions
34 A lone slate box with a hermit inside meditating, he reads ancient texts and knows much about other monuments of the past, treasures and monsters
35 A stone tomb under a hill guarded by a priest who protects from ghouls and tomb robbers or a more terrible threat will arise if tomb defiled, an ancient sleeping lich
36 Mound is buried tomb of terrible king, inside undead king and family of mummies hold court and scry on world outside, secretly influencing events with descendants
37 A great mound of a king but gaping smoking hole in side. A dragon has dug inside and taken hoard for loot. Content for the moment will soon begin to steal livestock and gold 
38 Mound covers dwarf stone burial vault and angry dwarf wights guard greedily their cursed hoard of gold. Dwarf rune stones on surface warn all to leave place be
39 Dwarf rune stone indicates border of previously unknown kingdom and clues to hidden entrance, locals use it as border stone ignorant of language
40 Hill mound of kings tomb inhabited by elves reincarnated from ancestors aeons ago living in splendour with gate to faerie land inside, locals find occasional gold coins in fields
41 Elf megalith where unwanted babies left at full moon, elves come and take them to be servants in elfland through gateway
42 Small stone circle with faerie mushroom rings growing, monthly fey dancing circle of sylvan creatures here wary of strangers approaching or seeing them
43 A elf menhir by path has in past had seductive elfmaids make offers to attract strong lads then take them away forever to elfland. Anyone harming stone is cursed and struck dumb
44 A stone hut under a huge tree roots is home to a bitter old dwarf last of his people will tell of lost treasure to any who give him booze or food, interior covered in dwarf runes
45 Tiny stone mounds graves of ancient halflings guarded by large pack of feral dogs, inside not much of value but angry dead will arise if any disturbed and any killed dogs arise also
46 Series of mounds with gnomish carved stones atop where buried tunnels underneath form a complex still inhabited. Gnomes live in secret aiding locals and helping animals
47 Huge hill was originally a dead giant covered in rocks then buried in earth, now body turned to dust, humanoid shaped complex inside has been used as a tomb by humans
48 A huge mound covers a stone building, inside living blind severed head of giant who will answer three questions if someone will finally kill him, entry long sealed, answers are riddles
49 A huge pyramid earth mound built by giants in dawn times used as observatory. Humans built tomb inside long ago with many crypts. Each warrior will arise as undead if disturbed
50 Huge stonehenge or line of megaliths built by giants attracts cultists, druids and witches for ceremonies on various holy days but none connected to original purpose
51 Collection of well fitted small interconnected domes most would have to crawl through built by kobolds long ago. Some remain inside hiding from humans and mining tin underneath
52 Earth mound with stone circle dedicated to hunting god of the goblins on the surface and inside chamber dedicated to underworld goddess. Goblins come here often for rites
53 Small hillfort of goblins long ago with tunnels underneath where poor goblins still lurk in fungus garden dedicated to worm goddess and mushroom spirits
54 Mounds where hobgoblins killed en mass, piled with stones and buried long ago. Local found some scraps or iron and is digging away and is awakening the horde as undead
55 Large stone monoliths, each marking a bugbear grave, some special guardians arise as wights if kin disturbed, silent deadly killers take interlopers heads back to grave collection
56 Large hillfort with ash filled barren soil where mighty orc army built and destroyed eons ago. Orcs come here to prey to ancestors and some will arise to aid pilgrims if harmed
57 Great line of monoliths with vaguely reptilian head shaped tops and serpentine text detailing huge dynasty of kings, vampire king lizard sleeps here and preys on locals
58 Scattered ruined foundations of circular buildings and rubble mark prehistoric city. Shamen pilgrims visit often to commune with ancestors and will give wisdom for gifts
59 Pillars scattered over large area of hills and in lost tunnels mummified graves of thousands of reptile men awaiting resurrection in the future according to hieroglyphs
60 A hill with buried stone tunnels where albino degenerate lizard men and pet monsters lurk defending holy place. Last of their breed will insanely attack intruders to death.
61 A huge midden mound of fish and shellfish remains with buried fish men in the mound. Cursed gold objects will attract angry living fish men to attack defilers in future
62 A series of semi sunken stone domes and foundations near water are remains of degenerate human tribals who became fish men aeons ago. Pictograms tell story
63 A great long buried garbage mound and latrine pit of ancient settlement has been revived by digging rat men seeking food and loot. Will call hordes if intruders disturb
64 Huge concentric circles of flat stone over area with scraps of jasper and flint near by, spirits seen from corner of eyes might be communed with if a shaman helped
65 A flat topped hillock is ancient observatory and ritual space. From distance it can measure position of stars from on top can see other megalithic monuments and trails
66 Huge chalk figure carvings of animals in turf on hills used in rituals. Overlooked by stone hut which allow one to commune with gods on certain holy days decorated by pictograms
67 Huge cliff with thousands of carvings in rock detailing myths and travels of ancients. Caves and niches contain mummies in bark tubes which are angered if disturbed
68 Gorge with rock paintings and rain proof ledges with ancient camp sites. Burial stone mark graves and angry spirits drive away those without respect or thanking them
69 Cave with spectacular paint galleries with a huge stone column out front, a giant turned to stone by wizards long ago and worn into crude lump. Huge cave bear or lion lair
70 Huge scale lines scraped in dirt long ago form images if looked from the sky. Remains of ruined villages and signs of great forest once here. People turned cannibal now ghouls
71 Remains of ancient stone wall of stacked stone. One section includes burials of old rulers where shapshifting undead spring to life if opened use forms to disturb living
72 Remains of stone road or path leads to stone gate with crude heraldic beast carvings. Inside a huge stone tomb is inhabited by monsters who guard on command of gods
73 Huge stone heads litter hillsides. Rumoured to contain treasure but good guardian creatures will appear and attack any not suitably repentant.
74 Stone spheres of moulded stone over area built by unknown peoples. Inside treasure and wights to defend. Locals fearful of them and have tried to move away in past ad failed
75 Cavern in hill with henge gateway added set with beast skulls inside covered in art and haunted by spirits who punish intruders who dont show proper signs of respect
76 Monolith by entrance to sinkhole full of skeletal beasts of past that died falling in, cave bears, mammoths, sabrecats, wooly rhinos, used in past by necromantic monster makers
77 A line of 3000+ stones marking processional way, some are graves and have niches for spirit cult offerings or skulls, at night lights and wandering dead or spirits seen on route
78 A ten story megalith monument possibly built by giants. Kobolds or some oter race hollowed out a complex inside and used as a lookout tower but now full of monsters
79 A huge border stone with carving of a savage king executing humans and nonhumans, stone protected by a ghost that kills any who deface it, bound here when stone erected
80 A huge mound with massive stone blocks inside passage, covered in hand stencil prints and spiral patterns, on certain days air thick with ancestral spirits hungry for offerings
81 Row of giant statues said to be sleeping and can be awakened if correct ritual known, several such prisons like this in land only some know dread secrets
82 A great stone table covered in mystic symbols used in ancient times as rituals sacrificial place and haunted at night by evil undead and demons still, some great purpose awaits
83 A great carved stone was a place where chiefs crowned in old times now forgotten, with correct rites skeletal lords of old can be called on for war
84 A megalithic temple with several circular walls and multiple structures sacred to old gods and sacrificial stones and menhirs inside, haunted by undead by night and avoided mostly
85 Menhir garden with dozens of 1-4 story menhirs, bird headed demons fused wuth stones may come out at night to kill intruders or if commanded by secret rites
86 Hundreds of cubes made from of sheets of stone with remains inside, many if angered will arise as undead, several obviously plundered. Dire wolves dwell here as guardians
87 Half buried stone face if dug out reveals lower face inhuman which surprises locals and awakens nonhuman being in hidden tomb who terrorises the area after until killed
88 Stone circular enclosure with spiral carved rock pillars around  black well. Sacrificial remains and guardian in well. Local cultists sometimes meet here to dispose of people
89 Thousands of toppled stone columns with engravings defaced by more recent religion. Enraged clan of trolls found and now guard from future destruction
90 Ceremonial stairway up artificial mound with menhirs along side. On top on solstice nights angry spirits of the dead test intruders with torments and nightmares
91 Stone gateway in hillside entry to tunnel complex carved through landscape for miles. Mine tunnels, tombs, shrines and passages to underlands. Degenerate troglodytes inside
92 Submerged site barley visible above lake, hundreds on stone monoliths, houses and temple, wiped away by curse. Wailing ghosts of humans and frog men fight by night
93 Large stone ring in field on certain times faerie come through, locals use for ceremonies and climb through and make wishes for community in hopes elves hear them
94 Huge statue of being carved in cliff with shrine inside and remains of artwork. Old preists here of forgotten god tries best to convert visitors
95 Great arch carved in elder god runes awaiting the end time to gate army of horrors from beyond, cultists here study carvings in hopes of starting apocalypse
96 Massive stone cogs from a dwarf god machine from dawn time. Angry dwarves chase humans away as secrets only for their kind, mostly evil dwarfs in some cases
97 Archway flanked by snake statues on certain nights will send you back in past to time of serpent men rule in the monster age, gate only one way so travellers mostly trapped
98 Vault door in hill, leads to gateway to other plane in temple chamber within with otherworldly guardian being
99 Moulded stone tower of wizard 1d6+4 stories most with no doors or windows, hidden troves of ancient wizard relics and dead inside. Carved texts in long lost languages
100 Strange elder greeenstone weird tower with sea motifs, predates land and sealed inside elder god and minions sleeping. If disturbed will lay waste to region spreading madness


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