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Devil Hill Dungeons Part Two: Haan's Tomb

Tomb of the Miser King Haan
Misers Tomb was built by the nomad king Haan. He made slave wizards of many lands build this horrendous trap for robbers then had them killed to guard him in death as mummies. He took the wealth of a generation with him.

Level One: Glittering hall of wizards

Spectacular glittering tiles and mozaics cover the level, battered but showing the wealth and power of his brief rulership of the Island. Still hidden chambers to be found here and loot amidst the rubble.

d12 Encounter
1 Goblin skirmishers with sling and javelin 2d4

2 Lone Warg rider skirmisher and scout
3 Goblin bandits with sword and shield 2d4
4 Apprentice wizard with 2d6 orc or skeleton guards 
5 Gibberling horde 2d12
6 Beastmen from the depths seek to capture wizards 1d6
7 A lone ghoul
8 Coffer corpse
9 Hecuva
10 Nilbog
11 Norkers 1d6 with pet wolf
12 Black wolves 1d6 

Level Two: The Weeping Palace 
This is where the kings administration and harem dwelled. Ghostly sobs and rattling chains can be heard. Remains of sheet covered rich furnishings are here left mostly undisturbed.

d12 Encounter
1 Quillan berserk tribals former harem guards 1d12 
2 Goblin wizard and guards 2d6
3 Goblin bandits with sword and shield 2d8
4 Sheet Phantom
5 Sheet Ghouls 1d4
6 Phantom of harem girl or scribal eunuch
7 Ghouls 2d4
8 Norkers 3d4
9 Necrophidius 
10 Zombies 3d4
11 Gibberling Horde 2d6+12
12 Beast Men with captives from the surface trying to take deeper

Level Three: The Wizard Prison
This is where wizard slaves and their loved ones and familiars where kept while wizards set to work. A prison level hanging with over a hundred cages from the celing. Stories tell Haan had magic nullification zones here to keep prisoners.

d12 Encounter
1 Desperate wizard apprentice in chains begs for help 
2 Dead wizard in a gibbet, actually a juju zombie
3 Yellow musk creeper and 2d4 zombies
4 Crypt Keeper lurks here teleporting people into other dungeons
5 Ogre band 2d4 looking for loot
6 Dark Creepers and darkstalker band 2d4
7 Ghouls 3d4
8 Norkers 2d4 with two bonesnappers
9 Iron Cobra  
10 Huecuva 2d4 in disguise as harem girls
11 Gibberling Horde 3d6+12
12 Beast Men with wizard captives from the surface trying to take deeper

Level Four: Forbidden War Vault of Haan

Cruel king Haan had assassins and warriors and also monsters. Artificial constructs like golems made by slave wizards as well as summoned ones. His conventional workshops were massive.It is said Haan was first king to make orcs from swamp muck instead of ritually murdered elves. Black Fang Tribe orcs are bigger and often have pet battle wargs. A specialist elite trooper keeps two on a linked chain. Beastmen were created here also. Swine men and orcs interbred making the Blood-Gore tribe and the World-Walker tribe that are attracted to gates. Some say the forges could be restored making it a military target.

d12 Encounter
1 Standard orc hunters with albino cave wolves 
2 Goblin Warg Riders 2d4 scouting from above
3 Grey-Bone tribe Orcs with shieldwall training and spears 5d6
4 Goblin Archers 5d6
5 Black-Fang tribe orc elite all 4HD with a Warg handler team
6 Swine men 4d6 led by a devil swine
7 Bloodgore orcs with pig faces 5d6 and pet boar 
8 Squealing naked World Walker swine faced orc stalks party (might call kin)
9 Bronze Men warriors now independent abhuman race 2d4 
10 Clay Men warriors were used as elite infantry and workers 3d4
11 Animated stuff attacks d4 1=armour suit 2=weapon 3=furniture 4=sculpture
12 Other Planar Being d4 1=devil 2=demon 3=elemental 4=daemon

Level Five: Tomb Level
Here is final tomb with pit of acid then ranks of clay men, then bronze inside tomb proper. Inside monsters he bound into place as final guardians including his children sired with other planar beings. One such lover eventually killed him ending his 400 year reign or terror. 

d12 Encounter
1 Other Planar bride d4 1=devil 2=demon 3=elemental 4=daemon 1d4 entities
2 Other Planar pet d4 1=d4 salamander 2=d4 frost salamander 3=d4 mephits 4=hellcat
3 Monster Bride d4 1=lamia 2=vampire 3=dragon 4=dark elf
4 A death knight
5 A sphynx with bronze men guards, will talk a bit
6 Devil swine long supporters of Haan
7 Bronze Golem  
8 Black-Fang tribe orc elite 4d6 all 4HD with 1d4 Hellhound handler teams
9 Bronze Men warriors now independent abhuman race 3d4 
10 Clay Men warriors were used as elite infantry and workers 5d4
11 Mummified brides of Haan 2d4
12 Beholder guard or a pleasure golem
1 Is Haan a lich or somehow inside the tomb?
2 Is the Barron connected to him?
3 Are tales of his hode untrue?
4 Is his otherworld lover still there?
5 Is his mighty sword still there?
6 Was he struck down as revenge for striking the bound god?
7 How extensive was Haan's reign, any other sites of his rule?
8 How did Haan rise to power anyhow?

9 Enemies and traitors all had hand in fall?
10 What secret powers supported Haan?
11 Is this tomb still a threat to the world?
12 Haan promised to return from the grave - can he? has he?

Throw clues like these everywhere to foreshadow the final answers

Will do some goblin mine stuff soon

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