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Wizard schools, alighnment tables and trivia

A few odd things i needed to do grab bag:

Random alignment in my setting
Wizard Schools
Idea for type of spell - inspired by necromancy and idea that wizards make orcs

Alignment is for starting fights and that's why priests specialise in interpreting the will of the gods and resolving ethical matters. I love alignment so made more so neutrals can fight more too. Sheet in my game has two columns one with law-balance-chaos-none and good-middle-evil-none tick one from each or none. I even have alignment for pople who hate alignment. Their poor souls! Everybodies duty to help them.

1d12 Random Elfmaids and Octopi Alignment
For when all things kinda equal
name - language - what happens if i die? -  what i think

1 Lawful Evil - Diabolic - Hell to be tormented - seek true power and harm others for profit
2 Chaotic Evil - Demonic - Abyss - seek freedom to be selfish and cruel and use brute force
3 Evil - Stygian - Underworld - seek immortality, mastery over others, gain dark knowledge
4 Good - Devaic - Paradise - help the prevent suffering of others and reduce all harm
5 Lawful Good - Angelic - Heavens - seek to help others, protect the weak and bring order
6 Chaotic Good - Arcadian - Arcadia - freedom and life for all, spontaneous altruism
7 Lawful - Modronic - Nirvana - order for it's own sake, bring peace, quiet and certainty to world
8 Chaotic - Slaadic - Limbo - randomness and inconsistency for the moment is true freedom
9 True Neutral (Neutral) - Druidic - Reincarnated - everything part of natural world
10 Middle (G vs E) (Neutral) - Sylvan - Reincarnated - moderation between pleasure and pain
11 Balanced (L vs C) (Neutral) - Archonic - Reincarnated - moderation between control and freedom
12 Non Aligned (Neutral) - none - Purgatory - uncommitted, selfish or just disinterested in politics

True Nuetral = balanced-middle - support continuity of natural forces and cycles
Balance = balance-none - there is a way between law and chaos, we need both in right amount
Middle = none-middle - there is a way between good and evil, necessity drives conduct
Non Aligned = none-none - alignment is crazy and crap imposed on us, I will act as I please

Wizard School
Not as rigid as ADnD ones and overlap more. But need this and alignment table pronto for encounters.

d12 Wizard Schools
1 Elementalists call elemental powers and sects are different elements, quasi elements or para elements
2 Summoners call beings and powers from other worlds to do their will. Sects specialize in what to summon.
3 Illusionists create false visions, concealment, deception and deal with dreams. Sects differ in openness, some seek to entertain others to remain hidden and secretive.
5 Conjurers call on things and power from other worlds or create them from their will. Different sects make different things.
6 Enchanters use charms to manipulate others and make magical items. Different sects argue about ethics and magical economics.
7 Evokers call on other worldly powers for favours and magical powers. Each spell dedicated to separate entity. Books filled with names of entities. Sects prefer certain great arcane powers.
8 Cryptomancers use symbols, runes, powerwords, truenames, glyphs and other scribed magic to create magic items and defensive spells. Sects operate rival libraries of secret knowledge and languages
9 Sages serve rulers and nobles or even commoners with knowledge exclusionist and inclusionist sects. They are scholars and the power behind many thrones. Sects specialize in a field
10 Seers seek divine knowledge by arcane means and beyond human understanding or maddening secrets. They answer about the future and seek knowledge by magic. Sects have alternate methodologies like soothsayers.
11 Necromancers study death for immorality, lost knowledge and undead servants. Sects have undead preferences and makeup styles
12 Primordials - elder magic of cthonic alien wizards with sects or cults preferring different entities 

Create Servitor Spell
Can create a servant creature lasts until it is pissed off and leave or it dies. Has morale like a hireling so not automatically obedient. Different versions are specialized in. Others might be hostile requiring a charm or other spell to tame.

Necromancer ones require a corpse but skeletons and zombie versions are quite obedient. Other casters require a ritual with ingredients like special clay in typically a cauldron or pit. Orcs are quite common and can be initially compliant to a bullying creator. Most requires an hour ritual.

Create Dove lv1 obedient but stupid can carry a letter and back, delicious, from woven grass or paper
Create Sheep lv1 domestic sheep acts like any other, made from woven bundle of hair
Create Dog lv1 domestic working dog loyal to any kind feeder and leader, made from clay or wood
Create Kobold lv1 obedient but increasingly sarcastic and suspicious save every week, uses clay
Create Goblin lv1 obedient for a while then snaps save every day, use fungus, wood or dirt
Create Skeleton lv1 obeys instructions for a week then follows last order, use humanoid skeleton
Create Elf lv2 friendly if alignment similar and can be bargained with, use milk (or vegan substitute)
Create Gnome lv2 friendly if alignment similar and can be bargained with, use coal
Create Dwarf friendly lv2 if alignment similar and can be bargained with, use iron
Create Halfling friendly lv2 if alignment similar and can be bargained with, use food
Create Orc lv2 obedient if bullied, morale roll every week to revolt, use clay or a dead elf
Create Zombie lv2 obeys instructions for a week then follows last order, use humanoid corpse
Create Gnoll lv3 cowardly and hostile to creator gnoll who makes a save after a week to revolt
Create skeletal Mount Lv3 obedient quadruped animal makes a save ofter a month to go wild
Create Zombie Mount Lv3 obedient quadruped animal makes a save ofter a month to go wild
Create Ghoul lv3 obeys instructions for a night then flees resentful to creator, requires corpse
Create Horse lv3 obedient trained riding horse, requires clay or wood or woven grass
Create Ogre lv4 ogre obeys for 24 from confusion hours then goes wild
Crete Hecuva lv4 will appear and appear as helpful living version of corpse then attacks creator
Create Human lv4 create a resentful human who probably leave you, use clay or meat or wood
Create Shadow lv5  create a cruel evil shadow from a human corps
Create Wight lv5 create a angry vindictive wight from a human corpse
Create Troll lv5 create a angry insane troll who is constantly hungry, use rotten vegetation or peat
Create Beastman lv5 can create one type from living animal and human and surgery, can be tamed
Create Hill Giant Lv6 create a grumpy giant keen to fight for pecking order, use earth
Create Manticore Lv6 creates a monster keen to be a jerk, use mix of human, insect and animal slurry
Create Chimera Lv 7 creates confused angry at world nightmare, use mix of dead animals parts
Create T-Rex lv8 crates a towering reptilian titan hungry for gore, use stone skeleton or fossil
Create Lich lv9 create a insane undead wizard, use own self

The dead elf or clay versions of Create Orc spell are different and most lands ban the elf version. Especially the elves who killed almost every known user. Actually they dont like the clay spawned orcs either. Im thinking that one of elven secrets is they made orcs from own dead to win wars and to stop enemies using elf corpses for making orcs. A great tragedy they dont discuss. Dark elves and Bright Elves all part of fey and part of the balance with purpose. Goblinoids are their kin.

Any spells that create weird monsters are awesome and good for a Gygaxian ecology for murder hobos.


  1. I use alignment to power SPELL selection
    therefore, alignment has meaning and game application.
    ...You can cast a spell repeatedly provided you don't exceed level based limits for SPELLS ALLOWED PER DAY if any only if your alignment s congruent with the magic school or divine sphere
    .. LAWFUL creatures are reliable and dependable. They respect authority and tradition. Lawful characters can be counted on to follow rules and leaders, even when leadership or regulations appear to be inconsistent or erroneous. Lawful civilizations often have a hereditary monarchy whom are limited by feudalism and/ or codified law. The vast majority of property is passed to the oldest son; thereby, insuring the wealth and integrity of familial estates.
    Divine spheres or magical schools that are considered Lawful (L) are abjuration, alchemy, earth, justice, protection, runes, and strength.

    CHAOTIC individuals avoid details, platitudes and commitment. Some may view them as reckless and undependable; however, they tend to be tolerant and accepting of others. They place a great value on liberty and choice. Chaotic societies tend to be organized by clans or tribes with property being inherited by the strongest progeny or the bulk of the estate is buried with the decedent.
    Divine spheres or magical schools that are considered Chaotic (C) are air, charm, enchantment, illusion, liberation, luck.., trickery and wind/ zephyr.
    GOOD creatures revere truth, beauty, charity, chastity, sobriety and the property rights of the weak. Good PCs will pledge their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to defeat tyranny.
    Divine spheres or magical schools that are considered Good (G) or white magic are divination, creation, healing, honor, nobility, sun and water (reversible spells are indicated by an asterisk).

    EVIL creatures do not respect the life, liberty or the property rights of others. They are motivated by personal gain and a sense of entitlement. They take, kill or deceive without remorse and follow leaders because of ambition, fear or greed, not adoration.
    Divine spheres or magical schools that are considered evil or black magic are curses, darkness, death, destruction, disease and necromancy.

    NEUTRAL creatures value their families and personal security over cosmic or moral issues. They will only take a risk if the gains are large or if their family or homes are threatened. Neutral civilizations tend to be ruled by elected officials or guilds. Property is inherited thru adherence to a written will.
    There are no ‘neutral’ magical spheres, but Nature has her own adherents (plants, animals, weather). Any caster may use general or unassigned spheres ( - ) of magic such as conjuration, evocation, fire, knowledge, transmutation, travel, war and wish

    1. this is good - a few things id not considered and sound less like jerks

  2. thanks ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  3. Create Gremlin 1st one per level weekly save to betray maker
    Create Rabit 1st one per level from your hat
    Create Gargoyle 4th generally command to guard a structure
    Create Sphinx Create Dragon Create Bugbear


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