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d100 Holy Items

So this is more religious magic junk for low to mid levels that should stand out or be so restrictive hat nobody wants it. Mind you i helps pay for healing and raise dead.

Good relics are not such a bad thing to be tainted with but could be given to power hungry monsters to turn them into fanatics of good.

Older similar article. Corruption and conditions could be used on these items too for bio relics

Writing d100 golems, something on minerals for exile island and notes on hells and devils

d12 Corruption conditions

Corruption takes time usually or has some conditions
Once curse functioning might show some signs of change 
The taint of good be upon ye! Beware!

If carried next daybreak
02 After 3 uses of power
04 After 7 uses of power

05 If carried 24 hours
06 If carried 7 days
07 If held while praying overnight
08 If used to protect weaker person
09 When wielder takes more than half damage
10 If the item touches holy water or altar or enters a good temple
11 If the wielder touches kisses a lover
12 If wielder takes a risk or loved one or a friend

d100 Corruption effects

01 Inadvertently act as servant to cause of kindness and justice, guided by dreams
02 Will attempt possession when unconscious or asleep to "save" wielder
03 Starts to talk and dress like hermit, WIS save or one step alignment shift monthly
04 Small animals sing and dance around you and plants sway gently
05 Wounds stabilise if below zero, automatically halts blood loss
06 Only interested in serious long term legal monogamy and not about sex
07 Give away 10% of your wealth to help the poor
08 +2 resist fear and charm
09 +2 resist disease and poison
10 Grow increasingly lovely +1 CHA
11 Protection from evil once per day
12 Spirit of the relic can talk to you offers goodly advice on everything

d100 holy items
01 +1 Silver and cold iron mace with great metal ball with spikes and a metal plated haft, counts as a holy symbol, splashes a dose of holy water on foe once per day
02 +2 Flanged mace of the templar, casts cure light wounds 3 times a day
03 +3 Disc mace of the Sun, light 30" radius at will, disrupt undead once per round 1d3 ray
04 +4 Granite Troll Mace from before trolls went insane with chaos, blade barrier once per day and bless three times a day
05 Round Sheild of the warden +1 can project a 60" 300 cone of light at will
06 Templar Sheild +2 can cast fear three times a day
07 War Gods Tower +3 protection from (evil)* 10 radius once per day, hold person twice per day
08 Wood Lords Shield +1, casts entangle and spike growth once per day
09 Border Saints Shield +2, esp once per day, comprehend languages three times per day
10 Robes of the Golden Abbot, +4 AC Robes also cast light once per day
11 Robes of the Plague Lord, +2 AC +4 save vs disease or gas or parasites
12 Robes of the watcher +3 AC cast invisible but only d6 1-2=day 3-4 night 5=dusk 6=dawn
13 Armour of the Peasant Saint +4 Hard Leather, never get hungry or tired of marching
14 Armour of the Salamander +6 Hard leather, +3 Save vs fire, half damage
15 Armour of chameleon hide +4 Soft Leather, +4 Hide from camouflage
16 Chain of the Templar +7 Chain, cast cure light wounds three times a day and bless once a day
17 Scale of the Horse Lord +6 Scale, horse fights on as undead if killed till battle over, speak with dead horse spirit of last mount once a week
18 Chain of the Skylords +8 AC halves lightning and electrical damage, cast shocking grasp once per day
19 Chain of the Saint +7 walk on water twice a day, create food and drink once per day
20 Chain of the Purgitant "the scourge" +6 chainmail, will stabilise automatically in negative HP, protection from evil once harmed by evil foe lasts one turn
21 Shrine Platemail +8 counts as holy symbol, cast bless once per battle
22 Holy Plate of the Warrior Saint +9 turn undead as +2 levels, glows 20"
23 Full Plate of the Saint Queen +10 +2 resist any faerie attack, by spell or weapon. +2 save vs charm, sleep, paralysis, fear
24 Holy Helm of the great templar +3 Protection, cast command three times per day
25 Holy Symbol of tears, can produce holy water once per day
26 Holy Symbol of Wrath cast shocking grasp three times a day
27 Holy Symbol of the saints of Battle , becomes any type of +2 one handed weapon at will
28 Holy Symbol of the guardians can call a sphynx/shedu/angel or being of good once a year
29 Holy Symbol with hold person one casting a day
30 Holy Symbol can cast cure light wounds and command once per day
31 Crosier a gold ceremonial shepherd crook for ceremonies can cast command three times a day
32 Crown his endows king of all men with tongues and comprehend languages and can glow with light 30' across if so willed by wearer
33 Scepter of order is a +3 mace which can cast Quest monthly
34 Orb of Truth can cast Detect lie once per day
35 Orb of Peace can cast Friends three times a day
36 Orb of Purity can cast Charm  Person and Command and Bless once per day
37 Ring of Holiness cast Bless, Protection from evil and cure light wounds once per day
38 Ring of Torment casts wall of fire once per day and Ignite at will
39 Ring of Life can cast disrupt undead at will and cure light wounds once per day
40 Chains of Grace are gold necklaces with semiprecious stones weighing 20lb. When worn always has protection from evil
41 Horn of Death blasts everything in a 90 foot 30" degree cone with 2d8 damage and CON save of deaf for one turn,
42 Horn of Duress call attention of all good persons in the Hex know someone good is in trouble can blow three times a day but gets annoying more than once
43 Bell of Sanctuary sound and seals off the building for as long a bell tolled, if kept up for long period becomes invisible then fades forever
44 Bell of Beatification sounds by itself when war starts or attackers mobilising near by for one turn if erected in the centre of the village
45 Bell of Holiness sound drives away non corporeal undead as a 10th lv Priest twice a day
46 Portable shrine of the Travelling Saint, a portable small altar in a sanctified box used by travelling pilgrims to renew spells and prey while on travels requires one on back or two with staffs to carry
47 Palanquin of the Chosen One while carried by eight chanting purest of pure monks this vehicle in 100% magic and missile resistant
48 Holy Hat of Tranquillity a spectacular elegant gold hat similar to church senior official,
49 Holy Hat of the Holy Hermit a bedraggled shepherds hat, AC+4 keep away all swarms, +4 Resist disease or poison
50 Holy Hat of the Patriarch/Matriarch is a holy hat in the ancient style worn by  great ancestor or the church, Detect Evil and Detect Undead at will and Divination once a week
51 Holy Hat of the Miracle Saint as worn and left behind when they entered into to heaven, Cast Water Walking and Lower Water once a day
52 Rod of Life acts as a club +2 and can cure light wounds and cure serious wounds once per day
53 Rod of Punishment acts as a mace +3 and by command for a up to a turn will animate and fight or punish on its own accord AC+13 HP 35, will fully heal every full moon
54 Rod of Solace casts Silence 15"R and Bless once per day
55 Rod of light cast Light three times a day and Permanent light once a day
56 Chest of Requiem only be opened by lawful good person sworn to a similar god, otherwise invulnerable, possibly contains a saint body part or other item
57 Flail of wrath, three spiked balls on a chain to scourge the wicked 2d4 +2 Magic
58 Sacred Flagellum is a two handed flail used by the flagellant warrior saint 2d6 damage  +3 Magic, can magically elongate up to 30 foot making it a deadly melee weapon
59 Tongs can be used to grip a other planar being 1d4 damage +2 magic, prevents from teleporting and plane shifting and good for tormenting beings of evil
60 Dagger of Silver Purity +1 magical +4 vs any evil and glows if stabs an evil person or being, a surefire weapon in the hunt of evil
61 Dagger of Sacrifice allows wielder to add up to 5 damage to a blow by spending own HP on a 1=1 basis. Used by a holy patriarch to sacrifice his sons to god
62 Dagger of the Holy Slayer does double damage 2d4 on any evil being and is otherwise a +2 dagger, used by monster hunters who stalk in secret
63 Crossbow of the Righteous never needs reloading as a bolt appears whenever cocked, increasing fire rate by double for normal type otherwise is +1 crossbow in various sizes
64 Quarrel of holy terror, unbreakable reusable, if hits evil victim saves vs fear for one tun if inflicts more than 4 damage is stuck in body and needs to be pulled out or fear attack happens every found till pulled out
65 Hammer of triumph can cast Shocking grasp once a day and is otherwise +3
66 Stone of the Prophets allows wielder to cast Contact other plane, a dangerous magical source of knowledge
67 Stone of kings was used in ancient coronations, lights up if true heir stands on it, not very thrilling for adventurers mostly trouble
68 Stone of the sacred earth is a black iron stone, contains a pious earth elemental with 12 HD once per month when needed, important ritual relic or previous religion
69 Stone of holy might will stick to undead if thrown at inflicts damage like holy water 2d4 damage per round unless removed (+2d4 damage if undead has to touch, if removed stone teleports away to be found by the needy
70 Sickle of of holiness any evil vegetation or plant beings damaged by this do not heal
71 Gauntlets of fury +2 HIT and Damage beserker can fight in negative HP and will fight somebody till a turn over (10 rounds) then they fall exhausted
72 Gauntlets of divine strength, these give the wearer 18 STR and can cause 1d4 damage with a punch. Can hit magic beings as if magic +3 weapon can, used by saint to crush devils and demons
73 Trident of the sea saint, wielder breath water and has free action in water and can converse with undersea beings
74 Arrow was used to kill a saint, now anointed with holy blood, cannot be destroyed, acts as holy water if hits and if 4HP or more damage then stuck in for 2d4 damage to undead until removed
75 Brazier of righteous fire has a blessed fire elemental bound within with 12HD that will perform a task and will willingly return if wielder did for good purpose
76 Incence of Divinity is a block of ever burning sweet incense that i pleasing to the gods and many other planar beings
77 Pillow of Divinity stabilises any dying person if placed under head, makes gouty feet, sore tummies or heads or hemorrhoids much more bearable
78 Quill of truth can only write or sign the truth of gods sacred lore
79 Quill of law can call some puzzled modrons from overspace once a month
80 Helm of the Archons a crystal warrior helm grants esp and clairvoyance
81 Helm of the Devas a feathered golden design can be used to commune once per week and can see in the dark
82 Helm of the Angels a golden angelic face mask with crown motif war helmet that prevents wearer from bleeding, stabilises wounds automatically
83 Helm of Wrath, looks diabolic, flaming horned devil when in use, immune to non silver or cold iron or magic weapons when activated, meant to scare wicked to repent
84 Whip of the lord can hurt any other planar and magical beings for 1d4 damage
85 Staff of the wise one +1 to Wisdom +1 staff
86 Staff of the king Ads +2 to CHA while holding and speaking, +2 damage staff
87 Staff of the sage can cast Know History and Identify once per day
88 Staff of shepherd can cast bless three times a day
89 Nail used to in saint's death can be used to exorcise a person of spirit or charm by nailing into skull for 1d4 damage that gives victim extra saving throw to resist foreign persona's interest
90 Nail of regency, if hammered into a blood spill prevents other planar entity from teleporting or plane shifting but will allow calling for help
91 Chains of the saint used on a saint now if used in evil, cannot teleport or plane shift
92 Chalice of Glory can cast Cloak of Fear spell once per day, wielder immune to fear
93 Chalice of the healer can heal a 1d4 amount by drinking from it per person per day
94 Chalice of the faith, reconfigured cauldron of earlier earth cult with own holy symbols an extra gold that covers original art, produced horrible looking gore but is actually delicious makes 100 meals a day
95 Chalice of light cast Cure light wounds and Sunray once per day
96 Candelabra of peace cast up to three hold person spells a day
97 Candelabra of good cat protection from evil 10" radius twice a day
98 Lantern of glory can light up to 60" area or a 120" 30 degree cone and can cast disrupt undead at will
99 Mirror of Truth acts as gaze reflection and see invisible being in reflection
100 Saint amulet a medal made for every sect of monks or clerics, dedicated to a particular saint with several abilities connected with the life of a saint or hero

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