Sunday, 18 October 2020

Stoneage Slaughter

Got four-players to my stoneage dnd clone day. All onto 11 levels now.

Boron the warrior the hero of the tundra heads a sky god cult and has taken a ziggurat base for the sect and has a pet griffon and speaks their language has ride and an animal husbandry skill. His wife in a priestess of the cult.

A stag hat human wizard, the greatest wizard of the tundra and his own school among the elk tribe.

An elf with his own hidden hill spy bunker base dedicated to chaos heresy. Also has a pet griffon

A giant who first learned the language of griffons, currently living as a human warrior a while.

The party clan of the mountain have satellite clans now from their cave stronghold including red ape valley and monster valley. Had heard for a while about centaur problems with kidnappings and now they were at home when the griffons got exited. Elf flew off to see centaur raiders almost 24 so party set up an ambush in a tight canyon with entangling spells then fireballs and the warrior and the giant battled those that got through. Centaurs were ready with archers intending to hit spell casters but they were among first to be targeted. One archer hurt the elf the other wizard was arrow proof. 

With most of the centaurs trapped those who got close died heroically. Then griffons grabbed some centaurs and tore off their human parts showering the battlefield in blood. The elf let a teen boy centaur leave the battlefield and invisibly followed it home to see the secret master's dragon Templars. 

Invited griffons in wild to eat the horse bits and Boron buried all the human bits sure the best he could do would be was to separate the chaos bits. Decided that a raid on the giant cloud castle with intent to take it over was the best action. So they spied on it and saw orcs inside courtyards working. So Elf and wizard went invisible and the elf sent sprite to take out guards in the gatehouse mechanism room to lower the fog stairs to the mountain top they parked on. Rest of party rushed in to be welcomed by orcs because the elf in orc form speaking elf spread sorry of guests of the giants.

Went to huge feast hall and orc servants brought them food and backed off when mistress came. Tabitha was a four-legged part brontotherium part fish formation and was hideous, She yelled at them and threatened to eat the giant's many pet dogs so the party attacked and struggled to defeat her. They had determined one giant was in the central control apparatus tower and one snoring in a tower. So they fireballed one in bed and all attacked as it scrambled to stand. Outside a bigger and a smaller teen formation lumbered out and the party ice stormed them blocking the central tower entrance. With a fierce struggle, they defeated the large giant and chased the small one who fled to mummy in the hub control centre. The baby went down butt everyone was hurt badly and mamma managed to trample lots of dogs and stomp the warrior and the giant to death and was finally killed by survivors. They had won the castle and flew the castle home where they debated letting druids reincarnate the dead but they got some of the sky cult priests to bring the dead heroes back.  

Did a castle fly over the Dragon Templar and identified the Death Templars. Both were survivors of decadent cults that had wizards and priests and ruled over slaves in the south before the flood. Took the tower to the frost giants valley in the north for future murder and mayhem. Discussed flying to other continents or dimensions. Repurposed towers of the keep to sky cult and griffon nest, an orc tower (orc cult is armourer of sky god ), elf hall and alchemy lab, giant tower, halfling tower and a druid cult one.

Probably the most OP kill power sessions I've had in a long time. 


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