Thursday, 8 October 2020

d100 Things Found In The Rubble

This is for my current Mega Dungeon projects and because I am rusty at d100 so need to get back on. My craft and street art stuff making money again and getting some attention from more experienced model makers. Using COVID to teach me skills and have room to work. This is for petty items and interesting things to find throughout the thrice-cursed city.

Found more data lost from the pages from my wanted/shopping list as well as my main article index of fantasy stuff. I'm worrying less and will be plodding on anyway. A few new hobbies though cutting into my time and I don't worry about trying to make content here - if it happens it happens.

d100 Things Found In The Rubble
01 Tiny cracked terracotta figure of a person in prayer
02 Small ivory figurehead worth 30gp
03 Wooden comb with a carving of a hunter and a boar
04 Corroded tiny copper idol of a forgotten god 10gp if cleaned
05 Clay figurine of snake-headed figure missing some limbs
06 Head from marble statue with missing nose 15gp
07 Small clay toy cart and ox
08 Glazed clay goddess figurine with ornate patterns
09 Wooden idol left by barbarian beast folk of one of their gods
10 Fist size chunk of unusual stone, buried close are many fragments of a statue of a king
 Clay tablet in an ancient script a receipt for slaves
Clay tablet in an ancient script a sales contract for land
 Clay tablet in an ancient script payer to forgotten god
 Clay tablet in an ancient script from a students homework
Clay tablet in an ancient script from a court case
16 Jade seal of an ancient state with heraldic designs 40gp
17 Red jasper seal of demon cult with a demon face
 Broken headstone from a grave with an inscription
 Seal ring of copper, corroded but if clean worth 15gp
 Small agate seal of a merchant 30gp
21 Corroded bronze nails from wood or boots
22 Large lump of bitumen
23 Ceramic roof tiles
24 Clay brick with an ancient inscription to a god or king
25 Corroded bronze spearheads could be cleaned and used
26 Corroded bronze short sword or dagger crumbling apart
27 Sheet of corroded copper with the impression of deer over a crumbling wood bucket
28 Broken glazed pottery, some depict demons and monsters
29 Mostly intact pot with images of ancient nobles in court drinking
30 Broken glass bottle with intact decorative stopper worth 15gp
31 Copper arm ring with semi-precious stone 15gp
32 Copper ring with 5gp
33 Gold leaf on a copper headband 15gp
34 Tooth with an inset gem worth 15gp
35 Carved boar tusk drilled for a necklace 15gp
36 Bronze torc with ornate organic designs 40gp
37 Remains of a bronze helm with a bird crest 12gp
38 Ornate bronze cod piece with remains of leather strap 15gp
39 Copper head circlet, battered worth 25gp if fixed 
40 Silver wrist ring with sun symbol (used as a compass or clock by an expert) 30gp
41 Gold leaf pine cone for ritual purposes 15gp
42 Copper ornate sceptre worth 20gp
43 Copper medalion with demon name used in summoning 30gp
44 Ornate sacrificial bronze dagger
45 Holy symbol of forgotten god 30gp
46 Conch shell horn with silver inlay 30gp
47 Hundreds of glazed clay ornate beads from ritual necklace 5gp in total
48 Holy symbol of bronze on top of staff with a crystal and writing 40gp
49 Copper bowl with designs featuring a temple, dried blood inside 10gp 
50 Fine flint knife with ornate handle 15gp
51 Turquoise earing 5gp

52 Jade lip plug 15gp
53 Ankle bracelet of copper with glass beads 15gp
54 Wooden holy symbol on leather thong worth 1sp
55 Bronze bull-headed mace 25gp
56 Skull filled with clay and face painted on it
57 Necklace of human teeth 
58 Ceremonial tin rattle or sistrum
59 Corroded and battered trumpet
60 Flute carved from human leg bone
61 Broken bottles of well-known brand
62 Modern tent peg someone dropped 
63 Moth eaten bedroll
64 Tattered remains of a tent with a several-month-old corpse
65 Wanted poster for a local bandit
66 Slaver manacles cut through and dropped by an escaped slave recently
67 Empty box of military hardtack rations
68 Human skulls 
69 Pile of dead rats
70 Human ear necklace
71 Clay broken pipe with black lotus resin in a bowl for one use

72 Horseshoe
73 An old boot
74 Fishing line and fish hooks
75 Eel trap
76 Clay jar of long rotten cabbage
77 Clay bottle of spoiled wine
78 Cowrie shell necklace 5-20gp depending how far from the sea
79 Old sheepskin with fleece with 3d6gp with of gold dust (used for gold panning)
80 Burnt sheet of paper torn from a spellbook
81 Carved ornate wooden table leg with dragon and knotwork design 5gp
82 Stone carved palm-sized beetle with inscription 15gp
83 Corroded lead plates with inscriptions (cursed) 10gp
84 Brass corroded oil lamp with designs, inscription and inlaid glass 12 gp
85 Crumbling mummified cat with topaz earing 5gp
86 Onyx broken off snarling panther head with inscription 20gp
87 Tiny meteorite of iron size of fingernail 30gp
88 Broken ornate wooden ceremonial hat 40cm high
89 Map of ruin scratched in wall recently with several x marks
90 Beast shaped ceremonial full helmet, quite fearsome 50gp
91 Broken sundial with ancient zodiac symbols 1m
92 Diorite border stone with symbols of city gods 1m

93 Granite pillar with 8 sides of ancient laws in tiny script 1.2m
94 Large grinding stone used for grain long ago
95 Battered remains of bronze cauldron with scenes of gods and beasts

96 Stone idol of demon carved from basalt 1m high
97 Mummified hand with occult symbols tattooed on it
98 Ancient bronze key with engravings
99 Painted wooden coffin with a mummified corpse with 30gp of grave trinkets
100 Stone bones of some huge unknown creature

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  1. Pretty cool list, thanks for posting. I love d100 tables.


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