Wednesday 14 October 2020

d100 Crisis for Stone Age Sorcery Tribes

So as my game on name level and players have own satellite settlements I need bigger thrill power. 

Current player jobs:
-Frost giant citadel
-Glacial city of the old ones
-Centaur invasion
-Dragon Templars & Darkness templars from flooded kingdoms

d10 Quick Crisis Types for Stone Age Sorcery
01 Hunting and gathering
02 Scarce Resources
03 Enemy tribe needs stopping
04 Ally tribe needs help
05 Hearthside crisis
06 Strange sighting
07 Great beasts
08 Spirits of nature
09 Eldrich wizardry
10 WIll of the gods

d100 Crisis for Stone Age Sorcery Tribes
01 Tribe members not returned d4 encountered 1=rival tribe 2=trapped 3=injured 4=monster
02 Discovered a new tribe near fringes of the clan territory
03 Discovered cave of strange giant mushrooms
04 Vanished tribe member d4 1=snatched by water monster 2=captured 3=fell down a sinkhole 4=snatched by a flying monster
05 Found lair of dangerous animals in the territory
06 Herd of strange megafauna moved in the area highly aggressive
07 Supernatural being murdered a tribe member and left remains as warning
08 Hunters saw a rare possibly magical creature and many hunters seek it
09 Evil tribe threaten a whole species all depend on so stop them
10 Rare migration of food animal has all kinds of peoples and beasts waiting to feast
11 Certain kind of animal not common in this area needed by holy person
12 Certain herb needed to make a potion of medicine
13 Some other tribes have learned the use of new materials or tools or weapon
14 Hear of a certain magic cave art location that provides needed information about a threat
15 Someone discovers a resource like ochre or bitumen 
16 Someone discovers an entrance to a long-buried building under a hill
17 Something falls from the sky, an unusual object many crave
18 A traveller seeks something found in your land and seeks an audience for a deal
19 A holy person seeks to improve a shrine and needs special ochre not found locally
20 Monster in the area requires a certain metal to harm it or scare it away
21 Strange tribe of savages come from the wastes to hunt and eat your tribe
22 Survivor of an old enemy has made a pact with some evil force in the mountains
23 Enemy found a not quite human tribe of allies and tricked them to menace your tribe 
24 Hidden tribe have revealed their advanced magic and intention of ruling area
25 Enemy tribe with new mysterious allies start a tribal war 
26 An enemy champion has a new weapon or pet emboldening them to a raid
27 Several tribes meet to discuss a tribal matter, faction murders delegates to start fights
28 An enemy has been giving gifts to those who speak against your tribal heroes
29 A tribe tries to convince other tribes to join them in alliance versus your tribe
30 An enemy tribe kidnap some people and some resources 
31 An allied tribe has found a new enemy and need your expertise
32 An ally has discovered a strange artefact in a discovered cave
33 A number of allies have vanished and all are tense with worry
34 Allies have had a problem with a gigantic elder beast roaming the land
35 Allies would like your magical experts to meet their experts 
36 Someone has been knocking over some allied monoliths and border stones
37 Allies have a blood feud with an enemy and they seek your aid in finishing it
38 Allies invite you to regional trade opportunity with a new people attending
39 Allies claim tribe should intermarry and swap some members
40 Ally has had sacred totems stolen by a new enemy seek your help
41 Tribe has gender imbalance wise ones recommend inter-tribal marriages
42 Someone in the tribe has been having an affair outside the tribe causing conflict, possibly the lover's tribe are unusual
43 Elders decide unmarried tribal champions need to marry a land or water spirit
44 Someone in the tribe has been accused of a crime, exile or execution demanded
45 Tribe member broke a taboo and angered a spirit that needs to be placated 
46 An elder becomes bedridden and lesser tribe members are competing for the job
47 Troublesome marriage and tribe sick of fighting and want leaders to finish
49 Split forms in the tribe over some custom or event and people look to leadership
50 A young person feels competitive and criticises elders causing problems
51 someone seen a spirit creature in woods watching tribe

52 Strange lights seen in evening mists alar people
53 Some huge flying beast snatched a tribe member and people have seen where it carries its prey
54 Someone found a strange stone and has weird dreams of old gods and monstrous ancients
55 Someone saw a person in distance and when they got closer they turned into animal and fled
56 Someone offended a spirit and a creature has been lurking near the village for them
57 Someone saw strange naked old people roaming the woods at night
58 Someone saw some kind of creature but didnt get a good look but they can show strange tracks of the creature
59 Someone found a cave but strange noises from it have made local people all afraid
60 Distant unknown tribe have built huge fires and been chanting daily 
61 Gigantic divine beast strides the land leading a huge herd of its lesser kin
62 Shaggy giant from the mountains or some chasm has been hunting humans to eat
63 Giant predator divine beast roams gobbling up beast or people it finds
64 A great herbivore has come to hate humans and leads herd into war until stopped
65 Locals fear some strange beast that kills with a gaze 
66 Rumours say another tribe has seen a dragon in the region
67 Shamans wish to seek an alliance with a beast totem and need a mighty hunter for ritual treaty with the beast and their kind
68 A beast totem sends dreams about a problem the allied animal totem has
69 Someone found some strange stones in s weird cave and released some strange gibbering horror like no other creature from a sealed pit in the rock
70 Magical creature infiltrates the tribe for a few seasons until caught
 An enemy hero went on a quest and returned with a magical beast or companion
72 Area becomes known as taboo as some dangerous creature lurks there 
73 Hidden colony of demihumans makes contact through trade
74 Local spirit offers a treaty and aid if humans perform a task for it
75 Strange humanoid tribe are rounding up a family of demihuman for slaves
76 A clan of beast abhumans move into the area and they may claim local kin species as their exclusive kin. This will upset tribes and cause conflict
77 A local tomb has a spirit animal guardian that is shy but might know ancient local lore
78 A villager met a talking animal some kind of spirit folk and it might be worth investigating
79 Someone followed a strange animal and it led them to a hidden wonderous valley
80 Several camps have been attacked by giant creatures and only a few survived, nobody knows where they hide but every attack there is a great cloud in the high country
81 Someone disturbed some of the forbidden ruins and undead have come forth
82 A band of strange barbarian warriors sweep into the region bent on killing all wizards and destroying their cave writing and rock carvings
83 A cave wizard visits the area and seeks a quiet cave and certain ingredients for a few seasons. d4 1=necromancer making undead 2=dracologist calls a dragon to cave 3=summons demons or elementals 4=seeks to free an elder god
84 A skeleton wizard leading 30 skeletons marches across the land exploring for some evil cult of darkness and death seeking to build an outpost here
85 A burial place is visited by an evil priest who breaks the sanctity of the place and makes undead slaves, plans to gain as many dead as can and move on without losses
86 A wizard leading a squad of orc archers with pet wolves is searching the area for elves to loot of elder lore or any other interesting sources of evil lore
87 Robed cultists seek to knock over some old monoliths and erect their own strange green stones that aid the spread of their gods will. The older stones inhibit them
88 Strange tribal cult move in using unfamiliar magic or religion and offended by local customs
89 Strange omens reveal an evil cult tribe in mountains is trying to command a being from beyond and making many sacrifices
90 Trader speaks of new civilised strange people who have built an outpost on the coast
91 Trader speaks of a new religion and building style a people have adopted
92 A minor religion has a new leader and have grown as the chosen one relates their dreams

93 A god sends a dream explaining where to find a cult relic 
94 Spirit of the gods comes down, warns all an object is forbidden d4 1=magic tree 2=spooki cave 3=prehuman magical ruins 4=a magic weapon 5=sacred beast 6=a stone monolith
95 God is seen in the distance on way somewhere striding over land sea or sky

96 Constellations move indicating gods are battling, a d6 stars fall that night
97 Huge storm and during flashes some see titanic god battle a monster god
98 Mountain explodes sending a plume into the sky for a d4 years, severe storms and fire are occasionally seen from the distance. On closer inspection see fire giants are building a gateway for invasion
99 God crosses sky on a vehicle or mount seen by lucky few
100 Strange beings from the stars come down to trade, the star spirits trade wonders like shiny star stones and wool from the clouds in return for slaves they take away in their chariots 

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