Tuesday, 13 October 2020

d100 Ancient Urns

So for my ancient city ruins stuff instead of funerary urns in gothic dungeons or barrels in redbrick dungeons, I present ancient urns to smash for loot.

d10 Urn Condition
01 Broken and cracked
02 Worn and chipped
03 Repaired cracks
04 Cracked and caked in dirt
05 Smeared in dirt
06 Blood spattered
07 Covered in dust
08 Covered in ash
09 Covered in other broken pots and mud
10 Mostly buried under sand

d10 Urn Decor
01 Sundried clay 1cp
02 Fired unglazed clay 2cp
03 Plain glaze 3cp
04 Decorative shape 10cp
05 Decorative shape with two colours 2sp
06 Painted colour 5sp
07 Painted several colours 10sp
08 Painted with patterns 1gp
09 Painted with a scene with beasts and people 10gp
10 Painted and decorative shape with a scene from mythology 100

d10 Quick Urn Contents
01 Food
02 Minerals
03 Animal
04 Luxuries
05 Artisan
06 Scrolls
07 Cursed
08 Blessings
09 Cursed
10 Magic

d100 Ancient Urns
01 Barley (mostly turning to dust 1in6 usable)
02 Wheat 
(mostly turning to dust 1in6 usable)
03 Olive oil 
(mostly turning to dust 1in6 usable)
04 Beer 
(mostly turning to dust 1in6 usable)
05 Wine 
(mostly turning to vinegar 1in6 usable)
06 Flour 
(mostly turning to dust 1in6 usable)
07 Dried garlic 
(mostly turning to dust 1in6 usable)
08 Dates 
(mostly turning to dust 1in6 usable)
09 Palm wine or palm sugar 
(mostly turning to dust 1in6 usable)
10 Bread 
(mostly turning to dust 1in6 usable)
11 Lead for makeup, medicine or plumbing 
12 Salt 
13 Coal (d10 cp)

14 Copper 
15 Iron ore 
16 Tin ore 
17 Silver (100+d100sp)
18 Ochre or pigment 
19 Glass beads (
20 Sulphur 
21 Dried dead snake (1in6 undead as a skeleton +entangle)
22 Dried dead baby dear
23 Mummified cat (1in6 has 3d6gp jewellery)
24 Dried old eggs (chicken, duck or crocodile)
25 Desiccated human head preserved in chemicals
26 Cremated human remains
 (1in6 has 3d6gp jewellery)
27 Human hands dried and painted in symbols
28 Dried frogs used in medicine
29 Dried beetles used in medicine
30 Dried dead rats
Aromatic oil (100+d100sp)
Honey (100+d100sp)
33 Khol eye make up 
 Incense (100+d100sp)
35 Camphor 
36 Spices 
37 Silkworm cocoons 
38 Saffron 
Coloured sand (100+d100cp)
40 Cedar wood for burning in ceremonies
41 Bitumen 
42 Fabric Dye Common
Fabric Dye Purple (100+d100sp)
44 Spun sheep wool
45 Goat Hide (d10cp)
46 Amber pellets 
47 Chalk 
48 Acacia Gum 
49 Medicinal flowers 
50 Medicinal roots 
51 Scroll of funerary prayers
Scrolls of merchant contract
Scroll of property sales
Scroll of legal will
Scroll of letter to a family member
Scroll of religious devotional prayers
57 Scroll lamenting fall of civilisation
58 Scroll with a map
59 Scroll describing the ancient journey
60 Scroll of magic spell Lv d3
61 Desiccated undead hand AC+3 d8HD d4 claw 
62 Colony of stinging sandfly swarm 
63 Green slime
64 Sealed rot grub or stingworm
65 Vapour forms an undead skeleton
Vapour forms an undead zombie
Vapour forms an undead ghoul
Vapour forms an undead ghast
69 Undead mummified cat 
AC+3 d8HD d4 claw 
70 Unholy water
71 Holy water
72 Ancient holy symbols d4 (30gp each)
73 Cestrum or rattle for ceremonies 
(30gp each)
74 Jade carved scarab 
(65gp each)
75 Silver mask possibly for a cult 
76 Copper rod a +1 follower morale +1 club
77 Ancient crude meteoric Iron +1 dagger
78 Lead curse tablets (curse reader who fails save)
79 Lucky charms d6 each gives a +1 dice roll once
80 Incense of divination d4 uses (each is one cast of augury)
81 Corrosive vapour over d4 range area d4 rounds d4 damage +1/round
82 Diseased miasma 
over d4 range save or suffer mummy rot
83 Contains an undead shadow bound inside
84 Venemus snakes d4 inside
85 Venomous scorpions d4 inside
86 Swarm of aggressive bats inside
87 Swarm of flesh-eating locusts inside

 Bronze cobra inside AC+4 2d8HD d4bite and d4 remaining poison bites
89 Deadly spores 
over d4 range area save or 2d6 rounds choking 1HP/round
90 Poison gas 
over d4 range area save or lose 1HP per round for 3d6 rounds
91 Black lotus resin 2d4 doses save or d6 hours of melancholic underworld visions
 Black lotus resin 2d4 doses save or d6 hours of heavenly blissful visions
93 Corpse powder d4 doses each does 2d4 damage to an undead
94 Curse save or magical healing won't work until removed
95 Trapped spectral minion d4 1=thankful servant 2=warrior 3=hooded Assasin 4=mad hermit 
96 Healing potion d3 doses heals 2d4
97 Magical potion 
d3 doses d4 1=haste 2=invisibility 3=strength 4=gaseous form
98 Flesh to stone oil for one humanoid, use on petrified or a statue
99 Ancient trapped as a gaseous form within d4 1=beserker dervish 2=grateful servant 3=petty noble who expects respect 4=eunach guard
100 Spirit is released d4 1=screaming wraith 2=grateful being cast a spell then departs 3=curses then departs 4=sorms a furious regenerating wight warrior 
(1HP/round not in sunlight)

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