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56 Page mega-dungeon mostly done now on Patreon
-will add some more like stat blocks later

This is some notes on it

Running The Thrice Cursed CIty
The adventure is a sandbox ruin though some areas are suited to beginning adventurers and some parts far more dangerous. The party could meet as adventurers, travellers or escaped slaves in the city. They could have travelled here together from civilisation. The group could have a mission or every player could have a custom mission. Players could mostly deal with the dungeon but could use factions and saving the city as goals.

d12 Why come to the city? 
1 Captive of slave traders but escaped and stole some equipment
2 Travelled with a gang of thieves and band, came here for treasure
3 Worked as a caravan merchant then heard of this loot-filled rubble
4 Merchant paid you to investigate if a trade caravan should visit
5 A lord paid you to investigate the ruins and rumours from there
6 Found a map to the current location of explorers guild mistook for treasure
7 Cultist murdered a loved one, the fled to the ruin to escape you
8 Church sent you to report on cultist activity in the area 
9 Wizard scholar seeks occult lore and historical documents and wants a report
10 Serve a city magistrate and have heard many wanted criminals might be here
11 Accused of crime and had to flea to avoid execution (d4 1=witchcraft 2=treason 3=murder 4=kinslayer)
12 Ancestor came from here and have often dreamed of seeing the place

Adventurers will hopefully meet up with the explorers guild or might be allies of the thieves guild for a safe camp. Players might explore the surface first before finding a good underground entry.  It is easy to get extra adventurer NPCs through the thieves or explorers guilds. 

Appendix A gives you options to design your own demon cult and a form to record your design. The central part of the dungeon has a demon cult and the demon cult you generate will inform cult behaviours and decor. If any faction dies early in your game roll up a new cult and let them move in.

Many adventurers come to the city to find arcane documents to sell, others seek gold and murder, others are idealists who hope to fight evil cults or help the city. 

d12 Events around faction camp
1 Fight broke out still grudges
2 Shortage of basic supplies, makes people mean
3 Someone has a contagious illness and medicine uncommon
4 New preacher arrives exiting everyone
5 Merchant comes with much in demand goods
6 Someone murdered (1in6 times a shapeshifter infiltrated)
7 Cultist among faction betray all and kidnaps several people
8 A popular band of heroes have failed to return from a place of exploration
9 A newcomer looking to kill members of a certain cult
10 Monsters attack, possibly skirmish or kill a loner
11 Tribe of chaos nomads or orcs pass-through area raiding some camps
12 New monster moves into a ruin to hunt humans

Once the players know and work with factions they might find new goals. Protect the camp from cults, rescue someone from monsters, kill a monster bothering everyone, recover some goods from a faction.

As they almost cleanse the city and various curses are relieved the long lost citizens will return and settle. Escaped slaves, wasteland nomads and barbarian clans all descendants of the original city return. This could introduce new factions. Mostly these people will be grateful to adventurers. There could be a move to repopulate the area as a new kingdom while others prefer to be linked to a local kingdom. Local lords will take a new city seriously. Adventurers could end up being rewarded with titles and land and good marriages by the new city or the local kingdom.

Some of the cults might come from other places and have headquarters full of loot. Bringing the lost peoples back to the city might mean attacking a foreign land or international slavers. Demonic cults don't forgive or forget and players will have enemies for life. A visit to the demons home might be required for a campaign climax.

d12 Deeds to Liberate the CIty Curses
1 Restore nature cult and druid shrine
2 Destroy the demon cults
3 Destroy slavery in the area
4 Help free enslaved heirs of the city in another land 
5 Find and convince the horse tribe nomads to return
6 Find heir to the city royal bloodline (or something close) 
7 Defend a settlement
8 Find descendants in other cities poorest districts
9 Invite other people who were allied once
10 Help establish a new city god for the region
11 Find rebel army in distant forest descended from this city
12 Find the lost crown of the king to help unite the people

Obviously, players could become the new state using this at name level to be their own. Those bad things destroyed or sealed and all those dungeons can be storage places. Players could locate a village and build defences. 

Players could become involved in national politics and even attacks on other planes.

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