Saturday, 10 October 2020

d100 Signs of the Presence of Things From Beyond

Whether hunting a preternatural horror in a haunted house or approaching the place of worship of a forbidden cult, signs of their dread influence may be detected. Sometimes after the first is notes, more emerge. Beware forbidden horrors unseen!

Signs of the Presence of Things From Beyond
01 Flies buzz noisily gaining tempo and volume
02 Worms come from the earth in thick ropey squirming masses
03 Birds or vermin minding their own business scream and fall dead
04 Birds or vermin flee the area in a swarm
05 Bugs crawl from cracks and cover walls in swarms
06 Squeaking and scuttling rats heard, some screaming in distress
07 Moths swarm attracted to lights or any carrying one
08 Chirping birds, friends or insects all suddenly become silent
09 Distant animals howling then sounds of fear then stop     
10 Strange buzzing insect sounds almost like chanting in unison 
11 Smell of decay and rotting flesh and garbage
12 Smell of sewerage, sulphur and methane
13 Smells of cinnamon and spices
14 smell of strange incense
15 Smell of spores and damp mildew
16 Smell of ozone like after a storm
17 Smell fear as if hundreds of panicked humans
18 Smell of sickly sweet heady odour partly pleasant but sickening
19 Smell of smoke and brimstone
20 Smell of dry metallic organic goes from sweet to rank (blood)
21 Air pressure increases, eyes hurt and noses bleed
22 Ears ringing leading to headache
23 Eyes bleeding in scarlet tears 
24 Teeth hurting, strange chills and sensations
25 Surface of skin tingling then feels burning yet no heat
26 Sweat profusely for no reason
27 Unpleasany itch, on back of the neck at first, then increasing
28 Vision becomes blurry and balancing gets worse
29 Bones hurt with sudden chill
30 Body hair often on arms stands and feel strange unfamiliar chill
31 Strange bell like tone sounds, vibrates some glass and hard items
32 Strange melancholic trumpet sounds then fades
33 Strange electrical crackling sound
34 Thunderclap then odd silence 
35 Wave of air passes
36 Feel vibrations through walls and in ground
37 Screetching sounds like metal on metal, squeaky chalk or marker pen
38 Hear echoes or own voices and any noises they make
39 Hear strangely muffled distant sounds of possible voices
40 Humming sound from walls or floor crumble into dust leaving holes and divots

41 Stones or objects or leaves vibrate
Tiny stones or dust or objects temporarily levitate a foreams height
43 Wind carrying dust and strange whispers
44 Objects rattling on own build in intensity, finally some break
45 Objects levitate and float around room then fall
Objects levitate and float around then are hurled at intruders
47 Hear distant sounds almost like a child voice laughing or sobbing
48 Invisible force slaps and strikes intruders or breaks objects
49 A weapon or large object becomes animated and hostile  
50 Some invisible force grasps and holds victims then beats or squeezes them 
51 Strange distant strange light like a fire but odd colour

52 Dancing strange lights in distance like fireflies
53 Animated armour, elemental matter or statue moves
54 Strange translucent figure like light or shadow in distance
55 Strange shapes in darkness like shadows moving and writhing
56 Multiple slowly moving unaware spectral persons spreading
57 See attractive luminous or shadow being floating and gesturing to come to them
58 Neon magical symbols, sigils, glyphs and hieroglyphs 
59 Several lights or shadows become visible and approach seemingly aware
60 light or shadow object, rarge flying in distance then pass to observe intruders
61 Walking between two points slower than it should be by several times
62 Walking between two points seems instantanious 
63 Environment seems to grow
 Environment seems to grow
65 Everything seems to be liquifying then returns to normal
66 Strange bulges and depressions in surfaces from spacial distortions
67 Randomly find in different direction or corridoor
68 Door or threshold opens to other area briefly 1in6 chance it can return
69 Somehow end up going back the way you came without noticing
70 Moving seems to blink in and out hopping through area
Strange damp areas or condensation forms from sudden chill
72 Strange web like ectoplasmic threads cover area thickly 

73 Strange ectoplasmic fog forms and sudden chill spreads
74 Ground damp with cool slime trails 
75 Thick ropey ectoplasmic webs like fishing nets strewn about
76 A being forms from ectoplasm then breaks done into slime
77 A phantom bodypart or several twitching or crawling, turn to ectoplasm slime if touched
78 Ectoplasmic liquid forms and some kind of humanoid tries to form then all collapses
79 Ectoplasmic pool forms and shapes of freakish animal like slimy horrors break into slime if touched
80 Ectoplamis beings form to attack or capture intruders and draw them in
Time flies visibly faster for brief spurts 
Time flies visibly slower for brief spurts 
83 Everyone freezes for brief spurt

 Time flows backwards for brief spells
85 Time loop repeats a cycle of action several times
86 Everyones hair and fingernails grow
87 Everyone seems to age and effect eventually reverses
 Everyone seems to become younger and effect eventually reverses
89 Area briefly transposed with long ago when area was new or long ago
 Area briefly transposed with overgrown and ruined future
A door or threshold (forests, fairy ring, water,  stone) opens into another universe
92 Angles become strange and warped

93 Something near falls out of the universe
94 Rift in universe allowing some curious entity from beyond
95 See glimpses into another world alien and bizzarre

96 Brains of intruders seel aflame making everyone brilliant then exhausted when over
97 Swap universe with other selves and leave universes linked in danger of destruction if balance not restored
98 Devolve into lower lifeform hybrids and reduce intellect, usually temporarily
99 E
volve into puny but genius higher lifeform hybrids, usually temporarily
100 Conjuction feel oness with other incarnations in the multiverse

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