Saturday, 25 July 2020

Tribal record form for Stoneage Sorcery

So made these in anticipation of my game tomorrow cos I'm on lock in and was busy on a patraeon book and my sleeping a mess and I thought it was Sunday already and cleaned my house for nothing. Phew!

A couple of POD LuLu items of note. ASE modules were gold I know them well and played for a year as planet Psychon. Planet Eris is a campaign setting familiar to some bloggers set out like a 70s Blackmoor feel but it is far future planet fantasy. It is nice and simple and a good example of a setting in an a5 booklet. Has elaborate keys and sailing rules and not maps to with them but it was an intersting booklet. I got Dysons Delves 2 in paperback and regretted not having hardback which is easier to use at the table - hardback sits open better and will survive. Has lots of caves and interesting take on the old-school vibe. I am way stingier than Dyson with treasure so I made mechanics players can get stuff they need because I'm too mean. 

Anyway, my cave party is now big enough for factions. Especially as they have rescued people from two unpopular tribes. I could also use this for rival tribes if needed. Running my Sunderhill module at moment and on the cusp of discovering the underland is pretty much like the forbidden age of darkness that broke the world and left it in ruins... Literally, the evils of that age only survived underground and even had gods drop mountains on them.

Current thoughts on this campaign direction: Stuff to do?
Have found Mythos stuff and ancient black magic ruins before
Know of evil wizard spiders and a vampire in mountains
Prehuman spirits are influencing Mammoth tribe....(actually a Cthulhu scenario)
Valley of the Red Ape from Dyson Delves 2 fits in well
Could spend a season in underland which is same in all my setting eras
New giant player could have them plundering invisible giant sky castles
A spacecraft might be a good thing to find and in a few cave genre things
Maybe just drop in Misty Island of the Eld
Could go full Yor and whole zone could be on planet Psychon....
Or time jump to the Bronze Age
Or visit other planes to kill monsters 
-hells in this era busy punishing wicked of last age to bother with mortal world

Will be some tension with other tribes
-tribe lack laws and traditions are all a bunch of mongrels without ties to land
-rivals with greatest tundra warriors - might need some big spring gathering
-snake and spider tribes want revenge over 
"kidnapping" their youths 
-new centaur tribe a complete menace to every tribe (i got minis)

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