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Higher Level Alighnment Oaths & Boons

So I went to cut and paste something from this post and new Blogger settings said i had changed it, changed an old post to a draft and won't restore unless I change publishing date. I had to cut and delete a post I was working on because it accidentally published something to an older date which i can't do now even if I wanted. Buttons seem different hour to hour. Anyway, I'm thinking of putting this in my new rulebook and checking I have not judged other alignments by my LG privleges. 

Characters making oaths at name level and above use the more extreme loathe tables here.
Plus I revised the benefits table at the end.

As I have said before I like to make alignment to before of a feature but a bit different. I'm all for party meltdowns and TPK from alignment feuds. It's a system to shortcut who you fight or perhaps don't. Its very existence is contentious. Most people and animals in my game are neutral perhaps with a preference for some alignment. Higher up levels folk and monsters and clerics are fanatics who become increasingly incongruent with the world or society and even each other.  Any fighter or wizard could become a holy champion and would probably be unfun at a party.

-concerned with the protection of own kind and prosperity mostly
-many not really into change
-good and evil have their places
-attempt to manage forces of law and chaos to live a good life

So as of 2nd Lv you put a point in an alignment box and pick a gift pls roll an oath. If you want to use any luck points in a session or roll the same one a second time choose one or invent one agreeable to the referee. The more points you have in a box the better rewards and now at name level plus you get new more severe oaths that make people think more from a boss experience and are more extreme. Neutrals start caring about larger groups, evil people become increasingly blatantly awful, most get more interested in recruitment.

Oaths For Characters Level 11-20
Made for kings, heroes, champions
Punish unlawful spellcasters  
2 Support a rigid social hierarchy
3 Help spread literacy and schools
4 Record every detail possible
5 Abstain from love and relations
6 Obey your ruler in all matters
7 Preserve arts of your civilisation
8 Always remain calm and civilised
9 Prepare your people for future prosperity
10 Hunt and destroy chaos cults
11 Help spread public hygiene and cleanliness
12 Help spread the teachings of the law
1 Start fires for fun 

2 Reproduce as much as possible
3 Vandalise property and culture
4 Only eat stolen or free food 
5 Give away what you cant use
6 Constantly speak in puns & riddles
7 Slander persons in power 
8 Keep no secrets
9 Spend all wealth on pleasure
10 Aid outlaws and heretics
11 Encourage revolution against order
12 Give aid to the plight of mutants
1 Eat only the humblest of food

2 Avoid harm to all living creatures
3 Fight for the cause of peace 
4 Build homes & hospices for the poor
5 Only fight in self-defence
6 Always help destroy the undead
7 Protect the good from harm
8 Call out evil in public to shame them
9 Hinder progress of evil when you can
10 Provide meaningful work for poor
11 Donate wealth to a church or charity
12 Help spread the cause of good
1 Consume flesh & blood of person daily
2 Torture victims whenever possible
3 Make public displays of cruelty and sadism
4 Murder often so servants fear you
5 Kill the weak and stragglers for fun
6 Always seek to seize leadership
7 All family are just deadly rivals
8 Spend your plunder on making more war
9 Murder is the best means to all ends
10 Encourage corruption and vice
11 Promote the institution of slavery
12 Trick others to serve evil ends
1 Follow
 the local laws of the land
2 Be gracious to those you defeat
3 Call for votes on any issue
4 Listen to both sides before choosing 
5 Defend wilderness from harm
6 Make offers of parley and negotiate
7 Hinder the eternal war of chaos vs law  
8 No longer feel bodily pleasures, mostly meditate
9 Fight any tyrant using force against ordinary people 
10 Help bring peace between conflicted parties
11 Support the wellbeing of the common people
12 Convince others to adopt balanced lives
1 Fight for your people against all outsiders

2 Buy your way out of conflict if possible
3 Leave a legacy for your clan for the future 
4 Employ as many of your clan or people as you can
5 Wealth and land are all that matter
6 Build an impressive monument glorifying yourself
7 Help your community prosper and thrive
8 Get revenge against those who wrong your kind
9 Don't respond to being provoked into violence
10 Maintain public commons and squares
11 Hunt shapeshifters & lycanthropes among us
12 Help neutral people first, rest are dangerous

Gifts Choosable Per Point in Alignment

Lv 1-4 in alignment box
One from +1 armour, shield, weapon, ring of protection or another basic item
4 common potions: protection, 2d4 healing, d4 Might or water breathing
One Lv 0 Spell cantrip once per day (choose list type and spell)
One extra zero Lv 0 follower
One Minor Mutation (Apotheosis warning)
One Language

Lv 5-8
 in alignment box
One from +2 armour, shield, weapon, a ring of protection or another basic item
4 potions from cure disease, cure poison, 2d8 healing or heroism
One Lv 1 Spell
One extra d3 Lv or HD follower
One Major Mutation (Apotheosis warning!)
One arms or arts skill
One luck point

Lv 9-12
 in alignment box
One from +3 armour, shield, weapon, ring of protection or another basic item
One Lv 2 Spell
One extra d4+1 Lv or HD follower

Lv 13-16 in alignment box
One from +4 armour, shield, weapon, ring of protection or another basic item
One Lv 3 Spell
extra d6+3 Lv or HD follower 

Lv 17-20
 in alignment box
One from +5 armour, shield, weapon, ring of protection or another basic item
One Lv 4 Spell
One attribute point

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