Sunday 19 July 2020

Adventures of Sir Shop Alot

My friend kindly explained my book buying habbit is less than my bus fairs before the great 2020 curfew so that's good news.....

Some Recent PDFs I Nabbed and some other games I have got into.

Arion Games Fighting Fantasy Stuff
I have a few like Blacksand, Titan World book and Monster book but these guys have put out a lot. So I got the module of the "warlock of firetop mountain" dungeon. It names everyone, it explains all kinds of stuff and has great art. Id run it with kids and make some simple d6 system and some monster cards and treasure cards. This dungeon was my first and was a big influence in my setting before I was full into DnD. I was writing pages of fiction a day as a primary school kid (mostly SF). The other interesting pick up was: Rough Guide To The Pit. So this is amazing with a system to generate hellish demon dimensions that is amazing and mixes die drop methods and tables to make weird stuff. I guess lots of generators are kind of mini-games for the DM to plan game stuff with lots of random input. This is pretty brilliant interesting and I might use for demonic mini planes. I guess I should aim at keeping my current party going with planar exploring.****

Finally Got Wolfpacks & Winter Snow. One of the great gaming talents whos stuff is weird but I rock the style and would run. Anyway this particular game is a rare mix of several things. It has great B&W design that is very attractive. So it is sorta BX ish cave folk game. It has a dark and stark flavour and makes me think of snow. A good start. It covers basic survival and stuff rules fine and Im not too into mechanics why I like BX. Herbalism rules are fantastic and inspiring yet simple. Actually, I kinda think this is the way to do potions. I like magic needing stuff players will need to find which reminds me of playing Farcry Primal on the PC. Basic rules and magic in first 3rd of book then onto solid advice and mood setting tips. Tons of tables to generate caves and loot and encounters. Has Aboleth which some friend was worried about using the other day but its ok. Lots of great monster lore and tribe generators. Lots of good reading here and I wanna hardcopy. Aesthetically closest cave RPG I have seen. Found a Savage world one with good content but ghastly humourous toon cave people and colourful digital texture like a 90s website.****

Into the Ruins - a gammaworld zine format con adventure 40pg.  Its a pretty solid adventure and interesting locations with a plane wreck and tunnels and some kinda complex. Git of it's vibe more Darwins World than Gamma World or Mutant Epoch but this is fine for all of them and I hope to use. Also GAMMA ZINE 1&2 another zine from Throwi games I thought I had #1 but i didn't but this company on drive through have lots zine format adventures and zines worth a look. #2 has a private bunker and a prison. 

Have been nabbing lots of Darwins World in print and liking it lots. Never saw it in shops but had seen online and I have got lots of printed stuff and fair amounts of PDF. A bit grittier than gammaworld (a TSR family friendly apocalypse) and a very blasted wasteland. Mutant epoch I love too but it feels more populated. Id like to mash up a few of these settings but will see. Most good post apoch games bring new stuff to the table. Possibly this setting more fallout + gamma world perhaps. Must resist urge to send all my cave dnd players to the future.....I am reading adventures for the game. Lots of good ruins and interesting stuff.

Obviously, I will accept gifts of your products

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