Wednesday 22 July 2020

New progress in alignment hatred

So playing with alignment perks again and decided on this terrible structure.
So you could be balanced neutral and hate all the main alignments!
The big 4 alignments don't really care about Neutral or Balance.

Possibly this does it better to show who hates who for spell effects and general stuff.

And all this from my table i did prior where you put scores in one alignment from Left and one from Right or none as you climb level to become bigger jerks just like the gods. Most recently thinking of a magic resistance ability where you can pit your alignment score vs enemies spells. So My lawful good priest 10th lv has +5 in Law and +5 in Good so if fighting evil or chaotics get 5% resistance or if meet a chaotic evil dude they get 10 total%. So most people in my setting dont have alignments or shun it even. My balance +5 neutral +5 druid Lv 10 gets 5% vs Law or Chaos or Good or Evil and 10% vs any of those alignments in a pair like LG LE CG CE. And planar beings just give you stuff for only a few life changing oaths and dedication to eternal cosmic war between inhuman beings.  

I have considered in my setting the numbers of alignment and who fights who has changed and expanded since early times. 

Some prefer the Elemental Heresy.

Basically, you take all the above stuff and kick most to the curb. Some mix both offending everybody and some attach neutrality or the balance to elements and forsake demons and outerplanar beings and influence. As alien as true elements are they are the basis of most matter and energy in the multiverse. Other elements are at best when shaped by your element. Elementals are better than demons and angels and don't boss you around so much most being mindless or busy. So rival elements that resist must die, but may accept thralldom of inferior elements.

Only elements matter. Sure the lords of the elements never visited earth and have no idea but some say they know best and it is used by some to fight or form allegiances.

Then there are guys who believe in 3 elements (fire isn't a thing!)
Or five elements with darkness/void/spirit/wood being common substitutes.

Elemental planes are still into putting your element first and find visiting humans not being of one element confusing.

Oh and elemental templars battled the dragon templars and the death templars long ago as rivals to post cataclysm world after the elder monsters fell. Maybe alignment was progress.

So you can see the appeal of elementalism. Fire good, rest slaves or fuel.


  1. It amuses me how much the final chart looks like a map of the Kabbalah...

    1. do

      yea i played quite a bit making it and its a broken hot mess


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