Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Spectral Reapers

Making up some more undead and void creatures and probably need to do some animus beings too. Probably need some psychon creatures or monster making tables. A note on possible varient abilities I mostly take one per HD or 2HD maximum.

Spectral Reaper
(Void Reaver, Gravelord, Death Fog, Grim Reaper)**

Void Elemental Lawful Neutral Morale 10
AC +10
HD 8
Mov 12
Att 2d8 Scythe

Weapons below +2 cannot harm a reaper, they take 1HP per round from sunlight
Undead resistances to poison and magic and liabilities like holy water and turning
Gaseous form of grey fog, often form skeletal features before using a scythe
ESP 12 range it uses to follow victims and select a form to adopt based on prey
Can sense living with 24 range uses to help attack victims alone

Reapers are usually visiting the world killing people who have cheated death somehow. The reapers usually remain hidden and ambush their victim alone. Some guard certain places or be summoned or sent by an angry god. Some call them to perform public executions and terrify the audience. 
Some kingdoms their form may vary to suit local ideas of death beings. Bird-like or demonic forms are fearful forms but some might resemble loved ones to get close to a victim. Skeleton with a scythe is the common form, sometimes with tattered costumes from long ago but robes are most common. Often lurks in a confined space or vessel like a bottle or urn especially by day. Can be magically bound or sealed with spells or banished. As a vapour cloud, they may pass through tiny gaps and float up to windows as if walking invisible stairs. For every victim they carry to their fate they skim some of the victims fear and suffering and essence. As ages progress, they grow in power and gain more unusual variations.

1in6 are lesser reapers or little deaths, HD4 2d6 scythe instead only needs +1 magic to hit
1in6 can retreat to the ethereal plane and watch invisibly taking round to switch planes
1in6 can shoot a magic missile per round usually as a black spark
1in6 use a sword or an axe instead of a scythe
1in6 can cast ventriloquism at will range 4 to make distracting or scary sounds
1in6 are corrupted by an evil alignment and now kills for pleasure and malice
1in8 has a 1 radius fear field vs anything under 4 HD, save or flee a d4 rounds
1in8 has a scream that inflicts a d4 to all in 3 radius (blocked by silence spell)
1in8 anyone slain arises as a shadow under command of reaper has a d4 already
1in8 anyone slain under a quest or oath becomes a spectral minion
1in8 hit from scythe requires a save vs paralysis for a d3 turns
1in8 drink blood healing 1HP per HD of a creature they kill, blood red and behaves more like a liquid than fog of most reapers. Can be distracted by feeding on blood
1in10 touching then with unarmed attack causes a d3 damage in an ebon crackle
1in10 can fly with great bat or bird or insect wings 18 Mov
1in10 can drain a d4 STR points with a blow if victim fails to save lasts one turn
1in10 can create an illusionary mortal form and will converse to get close
1in12 can cast a death ray once per day, save or die range 6 effects one person
1in12 can call insect swarm for a 2d4 rounds three times a day, usually huge flies
1in12 can control undead as an evil cleric of similar HD
1in12 are greater reapers or grim reapers, HD 12 2d20 scythe needs +3 magic to hit
1in20 poison scythe save or die from any blow, lose 1HP per round until dead
1in20 gate to the underworld, netherworld, the void or various nightmare worlds
1in20 killing this reaper attracts the interest of some deity who is displeased

d12 Spectral Reaper Adventures1 Adventurers arrive at a ruined house seeking a gang for a bounty but all the men found dead and looking horrified

2 Someone opened a crypt to steal something and a terrible curse from a deity has sent a winged reaper to kill each night the stolen goods are missing
3 A mysterious axe-wielding executioner like figure has been seen beheading all who enter the old woods
4 A haunted old cathedral needs to be reclaimed but something haunts it hiding among the gloomy stone relief carvings based on scenes in holy texts and from the underworld
5 Cult of the outer void has made a deal with death and a reaper is allowed into this world to harvest the cut for the void kings. The cult get new spells they want for their book then themselves flee the reaper early and hide some distance till the monster sated 
6 A madman has a summoned and bound reaper and each nightfall sets it loose to murder those the madman judges wicked. They have various paranoid theories and delusions so targeting victims not precise. Authorities request help to find where the madman hides 
7 Each night some terrible demon kills a child in the wealthy district. An enslaved barbarian gladiator has demanded they and own people freed. Claims the killings are a punishment from a tribal god 
8 Necromancers have been sending reapers to each other's districts in some twisted game. Each necromancer has an alibi when their own local murders happened. Mostly killing those who trade and deal with rival rather than direct. Law wants this over fast  
9 Murder bridge has had so many bodies found now that a new horrible scarlet blood reaver has been seen manifesting and eviscerating homeless dregs who foolishly shelter there 
10 Someone is murdering visitors in an inn. An evil bloody reaper is trying to disrupt local commerce and kills each night. Strange noises keep separating inhabitants when it finally decides to kill everyone and paint the walls red
11 An old disused tower has become haunted. A cult stashed goods here and called a reaper to guard the place and scare away enemies
12 A strange haunted shack contains a gate to the netherworld guarded by a reaper

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