Thursday, 27 February 2020

Cthulhu Minitures on cheap?

So I've been after Call of Cthulhu minis for a while and recently looked into some board games for parts. I have had Cthulhu wars that I played about twice but gave me a good core of figures even though a few I don't like. A few 7th ed rebranding of COC monsters didn't thrill me much either. Many of the expansions didn't really thrill me and I wasn't going to play them either. I was offered a good price o the Glorantha god wars game and it is nice but I couldn't use it. So I found some places selling some of the figures second hand and obviously some are broken up from sets. One Canadian company had everything I want and would not ship to Australia. So I got a Byatis figure, not froggy enough like the orange Tsathogua figure, but still good. Found a Ramsey Campbell set and Glaaki one of my faves of the whole line. Hoping to find some more but shipping big killer. Oddly enough I get post faster from UK and China than within my own Country by crikey.

Many suggested I get Mansions of Madness but clearly, the 1st ed had more minis. The two box sets with the 1st ed goodies are rare and pricey and ppl want them world wide and possibly company might release some. Should have got it when I saw in shops which I'm realizing is true with boardgames. I found a friend with a copy of 2nd ed with some nice star spawn to trade and I got the box set with serpent creatures as an extra. Cthulhu Wars Yig fig was not great. Prices vary lots so shop around and second hand and ebay amazon often good as so common.

Of 7 boardgames I own (Mars Attacks and most expansions, fallout and dungeon degenerates) I have played 3 games period. I definitely prefer RPGs and increasing mimicking of RPG tropes in boardgames and that world are pretty strange. As Mansions can be played alone via phone app I can see this being worth a go. The interesting feature really and interested where it goes. I guess some newer RPGs and products feel like boardgames sometimes with rigidity.

Cthulhu Death May Die (CDMD) is an amazingly dense box. Has lots of monsters. The dark young expansion is better value vs yog sothoth one but all are marked down. As I have learned to grab them while you can as board games seem to vanish faster than RPGs somehow. Lots of older games I would like minis from not available. The plastic in CDMD is lighter than Cthulhu Wars but are very good. Probably my favourite dark young. The box is packed while mansions of madness has quite a bit of wasted space in box by comparison. Cthonian is probably only one I did not like but it is still cool. Not My favourite Cthulhu but is an admirable figure with flabby skin and pockmarks. Season 2 box I will get. I actually want to play this game because It has a lot of thought and is not overly complex.

Cthulhu Ancient Ones Tribute Box is great too. It is solid enough to crack skulls but wings could break if you tried to flense a human hide.

Some of alone minis look pretty good - found some online alone. PPL in set of no interest buy I want more monsters in various sizes. Game apparently good but hard to find. The Others: & Sins looks amazing and the monsters would be hella cool. The company still cranking out new products and Im looking. All the shops listing long gone stock a pain too but did find a bargain bundle of 5 box expansions for $100 AU so lucky grab.

It is a shame more products cant just sell minis, especially when game discontinued. Surely something in contract to let artist or creators sell after out of print would be good. Sad to see amazing minis vanish when we live in an age of 3d print on demand. Heck, I might like a pewter figure or scale change (mythos charm bracelet?).

As I use 1/72 scale minis and toy vintage cars it makes mu monsters look bigger which is handy. I recommend Redbox sets of police, crooks and boxer rebellion civilians for investigators.

Update: got second hand Byatis for Cthulhu Wars and it has some red pigment in grey plastic, looking at it in a good light. Got a pack of some monsters from Mansions of Madness with two tentacle things and a big horrible thing and some people in 20s clothes. A few more coming. Possibly the Azathoth and ghanatathoa for Cthulhu wars would be nice thats about it now. Stop buying minis chris.

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