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Recent Gaming: Planet Psychon vs Bone Hill

Planet Psychon
I've been alternating Cthulhu games with Planet Psychon which has a few players but has been fun and still headhunting for more. I use my session zero as players are 1970s band members crossing the Bermuda Triangle. I have used this start seven or eight times and these guys oddly took 2&1/2 sessions what I used in cons no probs. Partly they took survival seriously and stayed still linger. After crashing in a strange desert of yellow sand near a cyan ocean they rallied survivors and took charge. Several were killed by acid-spitting mutants and another guy found an acid pool and died. Each night all gat a save or were changed by nanobots into pscyhonian chromatic tribes which eventually affected all. One player turned into a robot which was odd. Went scouting near the sea and battled a giant crab then returned to camp with meat. All agreed to march through the pass to the south. Managed an uneventful trip and met cult of the AI Colossus who was willing to aid and assimilate some of the passengers. Dealt with a wizard breeding new rust monster kin and managed to broker peace. Got to meet visiting human avatar of the god Virgil who took the willing survivors to a new land he promised they could settle. Party mostly seek to avoid being robed cultist who does what the computer prints out for you to do daily. But at least it is safe and you get to eat.

So the adventurers came through a cloud of fog brought by the god Virgil and arrived in Restenford and were greeted by locals in need of adults and facing threats all around. At this point, I'm using The Secret Of Bone Hill but with more apocalypse science-fantasy makeover. Got a guided tour around and chose the bar run by wizards putting on magic shows. As one character a bard and another a cat-headed robot that brews beer and has sex. As they worked and got to know area and rumours they began to hear the local history of the cyborg saints who served the elves who mostly died at the battle of Cyborg hill. Heard about squatting failed adventurers, orcs, gnolls, Krondor Keep a rival town and other possible wrecks and ruins. They chose to investigate orc bandits and when they got on top of the hill they saw orcs marching to lair in a distant cave near a plane wreck and forest. The next night they got up extra early and sneaked to the orcs lair before they got home and killed most of them and charmed their orc hero leader. Then used charmed orc to help hunt down his "treasonous former comrades" who attacked his dearest friend after he warned them. So last few survivors killed. Party know of the cave but the plane wreck more interesting. A clan of Hyena folk warriors live near so party thinking of taking their orc buddy to kill some.

Next Session: Levelled up and bard and robot made allegiances to chaos.

Found rivers and roads made return via gnolls hard so they had to go through the village to leave wounded then climbed some hills near gnoll area. Village patrol unwelcome to orc being allowed in the village. Saw 4 gnolls with halberds, some had scraps of ancient advanced uniforms locals did not recognise. Lay flat and waited till gnolls close then fired with their pistols and muskets while some flunkies were ready to receive a charge. The gnolls wanted to flee but when the leader fell they rallied to save him and attacked the party. Carlos the revolutionary was chopped to pieces, players injured badly and their charmed orc. Those who fled as Carlos and orc killed, hacked up and eaten got back to village.

Over 5 days of rest met more locals, druid and priests of Atar. Surprised baron had no interest in meeting them or at least castle servants laughed them away. Played with band nightly and helped make bar most popular in town and became well-liked (perhaps a royal performance might happen). The druid's wife was an elf and she spoke of the gnolls as failed mercenaries brought by elves but she skimmed most of the facts.

Party planned next trip by river to recruit the camp where failed broke adventurers dwell. Brought a warrior priest (F2C2) and an initiate priest of Atar. Made it to the camp and met the ranger archer, rogue (assassin spy for evil), orc warrior woman and a dirty old hungry wizard desperate for food. As they agreed to pay a gp a day for a few days and then shares of loot. As they agreed on a deal, ranger and robot heard something and 4 giant spiders tried to ambush them but failed.  Party did well, wizard made one sleep and rogue killed it. Rest were defeated and all celebrated. Curious they heard of a ravine full of ancient garbage where wizard said he found food. Up close was full of tires, cars, bales of paper, all kinds of crap. Wizard found some spam tins and and others he greedily scraped out for food. He said he found fresh ones daily. Became suspicious a bunker might be hidden possibly under Ark hill. So off to their boat where boatman was gone and raft over other side. He mentioned visiting a forest temple so they waited till he got back and he helped them cross and showed them the forest temple of the luck god/ A former casino and motel with a AI for the complex was the god. Boatman begged some more money and played slots while robot and bard played tables and earned a few silver coins over hours. Invited to stay and enjoy buffet and in morning after wizard was bathed went to investigate a plane wreck they had seen.

Reached the plane which had a light inside and plants. Dug out the door and opened the door zombi passengers awoke and priests turned nine to the buried front of plane and ones when reached the door were shot dead.

Thinking gnolls might use pole axes and muskets and use axe as a stand for musket (like Russians used to).

Future session gnolls, possible new allies and then find the secret of Cyborg Hill. Or they could ask the local demihumans and elves who remember the truth. I'd like to have them deal with some other island stuff but also get them to a metamorphosis alpha type place so I can use Epsilon City box set for metamorphosis alpha.

Was running a bunch of broken hill scenario stuff so hoping I can resume that setting again on a Sunday game session. 

My Homebrew Rules
As I have been using my own homebrew books have some ideas for the companion and masters book. I guess I can edit all into one or two books eventually. Finish a few spells to finish my second book and then possibly merge and do a digest hardback. Thinking might give up on minute combat rounds of adnd and use Basic dnd round length instead.

Spreads for emo companion book
-generating a character spread x2
-wilderness travel movement and exploration x2
-indoors movement with light x2
-range chart for missiles and spells x2
- spells 7 8 9 for all spells x2 extra pages of three lists x6 total
-domains, castles, status and property x2
-ships and sea travel and combat x2

Spreads for emo masters book Space Book
-weird science skills x2
-psionics spell list x6
-robot (golem) apps list x6
-mutant, robot, psion, cyborg
-basic mutations x4
-advanced weapons and equipment

Monster books
-basic creatures
-fancy monsters with variants and adventure seeds

Skill & Magic book expanding descriptions

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