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d100 More Empty Room Decor

d100 More Empty Room Decor Types
1 Storage
2 Rubbish
3 Corpses 
4 Inscriptions 
5 Construction
6 Water
7 Growing
8 Life signs
9 Strange
10 Magical

d100 More Empty Room Decor
01 Barrels of fermenting grog and maturing stoneware bottles of beer and wine 
02 Jars of pickled cabbage fermenting
03 Sacks of acorns and turnips for winter
04 Stacks of firewood
05 Stacks of decaying coffins
06 Sacks of grain crawling with vermin
07 Dried smoked giant rats hanging to cure
08 Meat carcass hanging from hook to age, 1in4 human
09 Lamp oil in jars and candles in wooden boxes
10 Small granary with at least a ton of grain
11 Empty barrels and boxes
12 Empty stoneware and glass bottles
13 Broken and rusty old weapons and broken shields
14 Broken and weathered armour suits falling apart
15 Piles of empty clay jars, some broken
16 Pile of sand and rubble 
17 Midden pit full of garbage
18 Compost heap and piles of scraps
19 Boxes, bags and piles of old goods and scraps
20 Piles of junk, broken old tools and building fittings
21 A human skull on the floor
22 A herd beast skull hanging on the wall, often painted
23 Pile of human-like bones 
24 Human skeleton intact where they died
25 Human corpse
26 Pile of rotting human corpses
27 Pit with a carrion crawler where people throw corpses
28 Dried out mummified corpse in uniform or noble dress
29 A pit full of lime where corpses are thrown
30 A pit full of maggots with flies around it for corpses and rubbish
31 Threatening graffiti on the wall from dungeon boss
32 Subversive scrawls are hidden about out of the way
33 Older recycled stone in the wall has part of a prehistoric script
34 Journal of notes from a spy watching the area years ago that somehow got lost
35 A love letter or Shopping list
36 Dead letter drop used by traitors against the boss
37 Torn page from a spellbook
38 Memorial graffiti on the wall to fallen comrades
39 Guard roster from months ago
40 List of things to do from boss
41 Bricks in piles
42 Brick moulds, clay and drying bricks
43 Stones partly cut with saws and chisels with stacked blocks and rubble
44 Start of a tunnel with tools laying near
45 Boxes of trap parts
46 Pit into depths with shovels
47 Pit with pulleys and bucket to move rubble
48 Carpenters room for making furniture and doors 
49 Sculptors studio carving ornaments and features
50 Tables with maps, plans and a model
51 Chamber pots where monsters and evil people poop
52 Well with rope and bucket into the deep
53 Bathing chamber with water heater and firewood and steam apparatus
54 Washroom with buckets, mops and cleaning supplies
55 Latrine, plank with holes over cistern pit, very smelly
56 Barred drain that goes into the depths 
57 Stone toilet with water on hand for flushing and washing 
58 Small water fountain for drinking
59 Barrel of water with a ladle
60 Laundry room with heater and wood and several large tubs of water
61 Mould growing from cracks in ceiling and wall 
62 Moss or lichen growing on walls especially where water leaking
63 Shrieker mushrooms likely to alarm guards
64 Luminous bacteria glows in dark dimly
65 Room damp with mildew and slime 
66 Trays of soil cultivating mushrooms 
67 Thick slimy black growths like roots 
68 Roots through walls and ceiling from trees or fungus
69 Walls covered in root mas from plant or fungus
70 Ancient tomb spores here inflict terrible disease if any too long in here
71 Shed scales or exoskeleton on the floor, might mistake for something scary
72 Pile of monster excrement where something collects it's own waste
73 Eggs of some creature, quite large football sized 
74 Mass of cobwebs, corners and parts of the room covered in web
75 Gnawed remains of body mostly eaten by monster
76 Nest made of straw and trash where some creature has been sleeping
77 Holes in wall into rat nest
78 Termite colony nest growing from wall
79 Ants everywhere
80 Rotting food here crawling with maggots and hundreds of huge flies
81 Haunting scares everyone away d6 1=moans 2=rattling 3=apparitions 4=creaking 5=rats in walls 6=whispers
82 Blood splatters and stains here, signs of a grisly tragic battle monsters avoid now
83 Crude idol with some offerings of d3 copper coins, food or pipe weed, monsters come here for a minor cult d4 1=ancestor worship 2=demon cult 3=the ancient dungeon spirits 4=alien outsider god only known to cultists or occult scholars   
84 Secret hiding hole or saferoom, 1in6 with a forgotten body inside
85 Secret panel here contains some trinkets and a map and other items
86 Trap sets off an alarm if the door opened, bell or gong or pile of cooking pots
87 Trap triggers an attack d4 1=scythe 2=dart 3=pendulum 4=deadfall. Often atatched to a door or ladder or stairs or might use some bait object like a treasure
88 Trap releases into room d4 1=large monster 2=gas 3=snakes 4=wasps or bats or slime
89 Trap door d4 1=entry door has delay then shuts and locks 2=into sewer or vent 3=concealed pit with something bad in bottom which slams shut 4=oubliette with a prisoner in a locked pit 1in6 dead
90 Off duty inhabitants used this room to slack off, signs of gambling, erotic idol, filthy old mattresses, pipes, ash bucket
91 Room haunted by a bad spirit d4 1=plague spirit 2=poltergiest 3=spectral minion 4=spirit wants revenge on current inhabitant who killed them, will reward helpers with revealing a secret door of items 
92 A magical faerie door sometimes can be opened and take adventurers to another strange world d4 1=hell 2=faerieland 2=giant land 3=ancient past when evil monster ruled age of darkness
93 Gremlins here hide in a crack and some will try to 
94 Magical signs and writing here only visible through magic 
95 Invisible object is hidden openly in the room
96 Magical alarm in here informs the lead spell user in the area
97 Magical vermin live here d4 1=bookworms 2=gremlins sneak into strangers baggage 3=imp 4=minor faerie folk like pixie or sprite
98 A spirit in artwork here is cursed and seeks release and possibly tragic love
99 A magical hazard has been left here d6 1=animated weapon 2=animated armour with weapon 3=bodies on floor are zombies 4=mimic 5=cursed weapon 6=cursed seal 
100 Dimensional barrier here is thin d4 1=things from beyond resembling blind deep sea fish pop through here if you remain a turn. A d6 first round and one each round, on the tenth round a shark comes through but if killed barrier resets 2=room is attuned to an element and summoned kindred things here have more HP per dice *d4+4 instead of d8). Subtle signs or even large runes might indicate what element and benefits 3=Mirror is a gateway to a strange world inhabited by nightmares and beings trapped in here over centuries. Inside is a guantlet of hazzards to reach the exit 4=painting with pocket universe playing out some scene in a loop and out of sync with normal time  

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