Wednesday 24 April 2019

Sour Hill Region Notes

So Ive talked about Sour Hill a bit to use in my 3folds vol 31-40. Ive been making post apoc art for series 3 post apocalypse set. Here Im expanding this region a bit and have played with the maps of both a bit. Might still change some names.

Sour Hill was a former castle town with thousands now on verge of total collapse and a borderline ghost town. Monsters have started walking the streets more. Once the cathedral went everything fell in decline. Grandparents here remember a thriving wholesome town, the jewel of the north. Traders come mostly to scrap buildings for cut stone. Former pop 2000, Current pop 400.

Sourhill is a great circle wall the a gatehouse in each compass point, a great tower, a keep and remains of a cathedral which was mostly removed by the church and eventually destroyed the region. The Quarters are Smakley where pious church folk lived, Grunton where pig farmers lived, Dirton where farmers lived and Clankton where traders, crafters and shopkeepers lived.

One former lord of the town kept monster menageries and believed the right amount of monsters was good for the economy but too many threw out the balance. Once he died monsters all over the region thrived out of control. The Monsterarium ruins are overgrown but still there. A goblin freak show operates here still. Slavers sell goblins, kobolds and orcs to civilization from here.

Murder hobos and cultists walk openly now. No new lord has moved in to manage the region, wars have kept kings too busy to share.

Long ago a thriving Druid cult ruled the area leaving megalthic stones and artificial hills everywhere. Current people fear there ghost haunted places.

is a fishing village but smuggling, fish cults, looting ship wrecks is more what it is known for. Now the law in Sour Hill don't come it is getting worse. 
Current pop 200.

Tinvale was a very old tin miners village. The adjacent mines are almost depleted. Miners often dealt with cave folk ghosts and graves here as the mines were thousands of years older. Years ago someone got the bright idea to bring in a breeding pair of kobolds, these goblin-brownie hybrids quickly took over and now fill the hollow hills. The idea was to get the kobolds to mine in return for food which worked a while until others traded them in secret with iron and the kobolds became well armed. Turnip production is now the main industry but tin miners and smiths still work here. 
Former pop 800, Current pop 200.

Icewater was settled by viking mercenaries by a king needing mercenaries over 400 years ago. They don't feel kinship with outsiders and mostly fish. Still barbarians with a old storm god cult they are wary of civilization that betrayed other settled clans. They still trade with the far north kin and can call on them. The local mountains and forests have trolls, dwarves, elves and other monsters. Berserker cults thrive in the area but are unwelcome in peacetime in village. 
Current pop 400.

The Well Known Ruins are on common maps. Technically some are still settled by hangers on and enjoy a lack of tax collectors.

Eastmoor Hall former seat of knight who was warden of the Eastmoors, now a shunned ruin with a dungeon

Scar Hall
 former seat of knight who was warden of the Eastmoors, now over run with kobolds, stirges and worse

Runtly former village where the undesirables and murder hobos kept out of Sour Hill lived but now most have moved their. A ghost town where bandits still camp and a few desperate locals live. 
Former pop 200, Current pop 40?

Barrow Hill full of burial mounds, standing stones and foundations of prehistoric villages. Haunted by wights and other undead mostly shunned. Druids in the local forest and wild folk come to worship here and other megalithic sites all over the region. They also maintain huge cut turf artworks and rock carvings.

Hobbsville was a thriving village of miners, craftsmen and a traders stop. Now it is mostly empty and the remaining residents are devil worshipers. Traders shun it now but some old maps show it as a good place for food, drink and safety. Former pop 200, Current pop 40?

Squidgate a fishing village in decline as fish disappeared and the remaining residents are now squid demon cultists who worship a kraken in a cliff cave entrance that goes under the village. Very few ever visit. Former pop 200, Current pop 40?

Fogville once a farming village but life was always hard and it was abandoned years ago. Some might live in the ghost town but most have heard the village is haunted and the local moors prowling with evil. 
Former pop 100, Current pop 0?

Crabapple Cove a fishing village now miles inland as sand choked the inlet and smothered the area. Nobody lives at this wind swept sand choked ghost town. 
Former pop 200, Current pop 0?

Skull Camp near the south highway entry to the region is a murder hobo shanty town thriving from local dungeons and is the only growing place. Authorities to the south are increasingly interested, mostly it is run by a thieves guild man now (see my murder hobo book and maps). There are multiple maps detailing from the first few tents to a small fort over many years (need to do one more).

Whitecliff/Whitelake/Whitefalls a huge frozen glacier and iced over lake are here, meltwater forms a waterfall and feeds a small river (Icewater stream). Things live in the ice caves and most shun the area.

Ideas for 3folds on this

Kobold Cull in Tin Mines
Stone age cavern complex
Great barrow complex
Squidgate cult?
Wizard dungeon under Eastmoor Hall
Scar Hall a beginners ruin
vol 7 region detailed
vol 10 Sour hill detailed

Will detail the monster management theory of stewardship sometime.

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