Friday, 26 April 2019

Lesser Deck of Many Things

Dyson Logos has been making a deck of many things based on description unlike most ever published that looks good. Unfortunately as a item it is a world breaker. Fun but here is a less powerful version using same cards. Here is his art. It is awesome. I stole it from FB.

Balance (Two of Spades) - reverse alignment for d4 days 
(random non nuetral if already nuetral)
Comet (Two of Diamonds) - acts as a potion of heroism
Donjon (Ace of Spades) - character teleported into a dungeon
Euryale (Queen of Spades) - minus d4 all saves for d4 days
Fates (Ace of Hearts) - reroll one dice roll over next 24 hours
Flames (Queen of Clubs) - barbed devil appears to kill everyone
Fool (Joker black) - character loses level for d4 days
Gem (Two of Hearts) - character gains a d6x1000gp gem
Idiot (Two of Clubs) - character loses a d4 INT for for a d4 days
Jester (Joker Red) - acts as a potion of heroism and draw two more cards

Key (Queen of Hearts) - +2 magic weapon the character's hand
Knight (Jack of Hearts) - a zero level squire appears to serve you as a follower for life
Moon (Queen of Diamonds) - character gains a wish but it is an illusion that lasts an hour
Rogue (Jack of Spades) - a follower or friend hates and betrays you over d4 days
Ruin (King of Spades) - all non magical items and money on person turn to dust
Skull (Jack of Clubs) - a wight appears and attacks character
Star (Jack of Diamonds) - gains a d4 on one attribute for a 24 hours
Sun (King of Diamonds) - character gains a petty magic item like a wand with 3d6 zero level spells, scroll or a potion
Talons (Ace of Clubs) - lose one magic item
Throne (King of Hearts) - invitation to a nobles court appears in hand, possible job opportunity
Vizier (Ace of Diamonds) - detects next lie or translate next unreadable text character comes across in 24 hours
The Void (King of Clubs) - character becomes a zombie like for 24 hours, can be turned but not destroyed, if killed as a zombie revives after 24 hours expires

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