Tuesday 9 April 2019

Ten 3folds Finished

8 days mostly offline
Made ten of these now and a setting for them.
Feels a bit more productive than blogging.

Will edit and sell online eventually but the first one will be freebie.
It's on my Patreon now as a preview but un edited.
Will probably do $1 each or a bundle for all ten plus setting map.

Thinking of making next set in adjacent area or do a set based in my Exilon setting. Probably this set based in continent under my exile island one. Thinking of more civilized place with a town or evil hellhole land or coastal are like my Sour hill district done a few years back.

It's easier doing work like this offline and they have been lots of fun. Missing G+


  1. How do you make these? It's a great format, and I'd like to try my incompetent hand at them.

    1. im using photoshop cs3 but you could use gimp or free cheaper stuff. a4 divides into 3 99mm panels as if thats how a4 war designed but a4 also fits in fruit crates and other standard packaging

      i might try and do some cut and pase and photocopy ones later

  2. $1 each seems very reasonable. I for one would probably be inclined towards a bundle; especially with a master map or whatnot.
    A series all connected to the same area would be awesome.


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