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Mutant Wars Part 1

Gold Key Lost in Space comic - one of my fave comics ever

Mutants are invading your kingdom!
This is to help you run the war.
Good for Psychon, Xor or my more typical Shadelport stuff
Or any word you want to help ruin

Monster War Zones
Faerie 1 Faerie Forces
Faerie 2 Encounters Wonders
Faerie 3 Rumours Treasure
Faerie Maidens
Faerie Land Encounters
Goblin 1 Goblin Forces
Goblin 2 Encounters Wonders
Goblin 3
 Rumours Treasure

Peasant Revolt 1 Forces and Encounters
Peasant Revolt 2 Gossip
Draconic 1 Encounters and wonders
Draconic 2 Gossip
Draconic 3 Treasure
Necromancer 1 Causes and forces
Necromancer 2 Encounters and links
Necromancer 3 Rumours and treasure
Giant 1 Causes and forces
Giant 2 Encounters and links
Giant 3 Rumours and treasure
Addendum Quests
Wizard Wars 1 
Causes and forces
Wizard Wars 2 Encounters and links
Wizard Wars 3 Rumours and treasure

d10 What Started Mutations?

01 Increased alchemy and mining and industrial waste
02 Magical Auroras over several nights crated mutants
03 The stars are right awakening ancient taints from an age of monsters
04 A comet or meteors fell tainting the kingdom
05 A cult opening chaos portals released the taint
06 A chaos plague spreads leaving mutations
07 A evil power has cursed the kingdom releasing chaos
08 Some evil force has spread contamination to weaken kingdom 
09 An evil race has released power of a ancient artifact unleashing chaos
10 A chaos god has entered the world, mutations are a sign

d10 What Started war?
01 Increased religious persecution from major churches makes mutants become heretics
02 Order of the Inquisition hunting and burning mutants as tainted by demons
03 Crusade called by church against mutant kind
04 Mutants in ghetto riot, partly burn city and take over area
05 Mob attacks mutant settlement and mutants unite into war bands
06 Charismatic cult leader has taken command of mutants
07 Mutant untouchables are refused their begging rights and riot
08 Mutants driven away long ago are back as hardy tribal hordes
09 Mutant workers are given unfair mutant tax and kept in ghettos and shanty towns
10 Mutants just arose quickly and over ran areas aided by secret mutants and cultists

d10 Objectives of invaders?
01 Destroy civilization and the old order that rejected them
02 Establish a mutant kingdom and get respect by force
03 Aid chaos and demonic outsiders to trigger an apocalypse
04 Make everybody a mutant, kill or breed out humans
05 Put a mutant on the throne or establish a mutant aristocracy
06 Restore an ancient prehuman evil empire
07 Sacrifice unbelievers to the great old ones and release them from banishment
08 Spread contamination so normal folk of kingdom abandon it to mutants
09 Spread mutagens and mutant cults across the world in revolt against the gods
10 Unravel creation and all suffering, help chaos uncrate the world 

d10 What ends war?
01 Mutants mostly exterminated
02 Church declares mutants a new cast between serf and slave as compromise
03 Forces of law aided civilization helping churches of order grow stronger
04 An army of crusading paladin heroes from many lands com and slaughter thousands
05 Mutants sucked through portal then harvested by a elder chaos god like plankton
06 Mutants fuse into protoplasmic thing and the it ascends to another dimension
07 Mutants scatter and go into hiding, many form shanty towns and farmsteads
08 Mutants migrate into the bowls of the earth becoming surly underland dwellers 
09 Mutants flee into the wastes to be nomad tribe glance back resentfully
10 Mutant slave trade makes money and rich collect for menageries so war ends

d10 Factions of Mutants
01 Mutant Supremacists want mutants as the master race and humans as slaves
02 Mutant Masters are a cabal of mutant bosses who dominate moronic mutant hoards
03 Mutant Peoples Army fight for mutant rights and equality and to exterminate nobility
04 Cult of Chaos seek to release chaos entities and destroy civilization
05 Chimera Sons are extreme mutants beyond species who worship Xor the meat god
06 Elder Spawn worship old evil gods from beyond07 Beast Spawn include beast folk and animal like mutants worship chaos beast lords 
08 Necro Spawn include undead and death like mutants
09 Plague Spawn are rotting diseased and bloated plague carriers
10 Dark Spawn are nocturnal and subteranan mutants srving gods of the outer darkness

d10 Factions of Humans
01 Inquisition mutant hunters, church hunters of heretics and witches and demons
02 Crusaders, army of zealots raised to fight unclean mutants
03 Templars, holy martial order of mutant fighters who finance themselves
04 Holy Paladins, noble zealots of many lands invading kingdom to butcher mutants 
05 Brotherhood of Purity, kill and enslave mutants, keep mutants segregated and poor
06 Torchbearers, movement of angry workers who don't like mutants getting good jobs
07 Slavers want mutants rounded up and to sell them across the world
08 Friends of Mutant Afflicted are a charity who want to protect and segregate mutants
09 Peoples Militia formed where nobility fled and commoners united under own leaders
10 Cultists welcome and praise mutants encouraging them to fight and crate chaos

d10 Quests of the War
01 Close a portal maintains by a cult in a chaos tainted site
02 Destroy a cult operating a great chaos artifact
03 Kill a important mutant leader
04 Find what secret powers really are behind the mutant menace
05 Find how to cure mutants
06 Burn a mutant witch destroying a village
07 Search and destroy demons increasingly in area
08 Destroy plague carrying mutant refugees before they get to water
09 Catalog types of mutant in various areas, collect information
10 Save mutant refugees from extremists

Forces of the war
Human Faction similar to previously described
With mutant hunters substituting for witch hunters

Chaos Mutant Forces
Mutant Swarm of insects, rats, locusts, wasps, bees or other crawling or flying bugs
Chaos Gang of up to 25 mutant gang members led by a boss, irregular, Morale 7
Chaos Mob up to 100 enraged rabble of mutants, irregular, Morale 8
Chaos Warband a hoard of mutants ld by champion and his retinue, irregular, Morale 9
Mutant Berserkers enraged fighting madmen irregular, Morale 12
Chaos Druid worshiping warped nature, lads mutant cultists and monsters, irregular, Morale 8
Chaos Barbarians, muscle bound steppe mutants, irregular, Morale 10
Chaos Magicians Wizards and Sorcerers with several apprentices and guards, irregular, Morale 7
Chaos Cult Coven with priest and robed witches with possibly a demon. often living in secret among people irregular, Morale 7+2 if have a demon with them
Chaos Templars, corrupted holy monastic warrior order now serving evil as mutant zealots, regular, Morale 10
Mounted Mutants riding mutant animals or people, irregular, Morale 8
Chaos Knights, corrupted mutant knights with mounts, regular, Morale 10
Chaos Halflings, greedy cannibal killers, expert scouts and sling users, irregular, Morale 7
Chaos Gnomes, mad inventors and mutant animal breeders, irregular, Morale 9
Chaos Elves, blood thirsty mutant dark elves often from swamps, caves or cursed forests, use magic or missiles, heavy skirmishers, irregular, Morale 10
Mutant Beastmen, various species and mongrels, many worship demons and/or chaos, irregular, Morale 10
Chaos Mutant Orcs, violent mob of savage, primitive skirmishers, irregular, Morale 9
Chaos Mutant Goblins, degenerate goblin hoards, also sappers and siege engineers, irregular, Morale 70
Formarian Chaos Giant, mutated race of elder giants, irregular, Morale 10
Shoggoths are clear fleshy tentacled horrors formed from over evolved mutants

Various chaotic monsters are often employed as heroes
Giant mutant animals and prehistoric animals are common pets and mounts


Part 2
d100 Encounters - Combat encounters on the road or countryside during the war
d100 Wonders - spectacles and events but not necessarily combat
Part 3

d100 Gossip - to cover wild stories of atrocities, failure and propaganda

d100 Loot - particular goods flooding the market during the invasion


  1. Mutant war loot sounds like excellent fun!

  2. I am planning a campaign right now, and there is a theocracy on the map that uses mutation as punishment for crimes. Lots of mutant shantytowns. This will be really usefull for future events, thanks!


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