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Faerie Summoning

So thinking of making faerie monsters fit in classes like demons for summoning, mass battles, levels and stuff - make faerie kind more like demons, elements and other major planar beings. Plus faerie summoning should b a thing. Bright and dark courts magicians might be very different. Faerie magic as a school of magic is pretty good. I did a elf spell list once

Would mean statting up more faerie types or something

Earth born - very long lived, naturally belong to earth, can use iron
Faerie born - harmed by magic or iron, nut subject to time, cannot heal on earth

Addicts get hooked on faerie or elf or goblin food from beyond with a failed saving throw per meal. If resist they have a longing for it again and some melancholy and funny dreams. If you fail you begin to feel ill outside the faerie world. Fey folk might let you in if you serve them. You gt a save every century to escape. They have a antidote. Each night away from a fairy location, leyline, power nodes or fairyland they lose a d4 HP.

d10 I escaped from elf land table
1 As useless old person elves don't want
2 Escaped in the far future then had to come back in time, phew it was tough
3 Lost in a d4 other dimensions before escape
4 Heroically earned your freedom or something like that
5 Left behind a faerie family, partner died children hate you and now adult
6 Priests saved you and cured your curse but you owe them (might have quest or oath)

7 You discovered how to use drugs and alcohol to resist elf lands call*
8 You drown yourself in body pleasures and gluttony to resist elf lands clutches*
9 You starve yourself, everything tastes like excrement, weak, scrawny, emaciated*
10 Self torture and flagellation help sooth your elf cravings*
*-d3 off each stat until cured by cure disease or remove curse

Lesser Faerie*
AC 15
HD d4
Mov 12" Fly 24"
Att dart
Dam d3*
No Appearing 4d4
Save F4
Morale 9
Treasure Small magic horde
Intelligence 13
Alignment Any but mostly chaotic

Tiny humanoids, half have wings especially the noblest. Many are shape shifters and magical. They are small and hide easily, typically on foot tall or three for some of the bigger ones. Some are attractive some are ugly and malformed. Some are kind some are mean or indifferent.

d3 Powers and a basic form
1-3in6 are winged
Each can change into a d3 forms of plant, fungus, creature or objects of a similar mass

d12 Power
1 Invisibility
2 Sense Invisibility

3 Detect Magic
4 Light*

5 Purify Food*
6 Cure Light Wounds* (once per day pr person)

7 Charm Person
8 Faerie Fire
9 Sleep
10 Spider Climb or Jump
11 Levitate
12 Shrink or grow

d12 Common Forms
1 Flower Fairy can turn into flower
2 Grass 
Fairy can turn into grass
3 Mushroom Fairy can turn into a mushroom or a toadstool
4 Bog 
Fairy can turn into mud
5 Shrub Fairy can turn into a bush
6 Berry Fairy can turn into a berry plant

7 Insect Fairy can turn into an insect
8 Butterfly Fairy can turn into a butterfly or moth
9 Water Fairy can live underwater
10 Animal Fairy can turn into small animal of on species
11 Tree Fairy can turn into a sapling
12 Rock Fairy can turn into a odd rock

Other Lesser Faerie
most elves
faeries of flowers, mushrooms, shrubs, hedges, common plants

Greater Faerie**
AC 18
HD 5-8
Mov 12" Fly 36"
Att dart or 2 Weapon attacks
Dam d8 or 2d8
No Appearing 1
Save F12
Morale 11
Treasure Greater Magic Hoard
Intelligence 18
Alignment Any but most chaotic

Usually human size, require +2 magic to hit. Most can appear as an elf or human some evil ones might have a ogre, goblinoid or ogre form. Most hav a animal or monster form.

All can cast once per round:
Change from faerie form to human or elf or an animal or other forms
Can grow up to HD in feet tall or shrink down to palm sized
Detect Magic
Charm Person
Magic Missile
Floating Disc

d4 Powers
d3 Pets
2d6 Levels as a spell caster
1 Main Form

d12 Power
1 Polymorph Self
2 Polymorph Other

3 Teleport
4 Blink

5 Doppelganger
6 Charm Monster

7 Gaseous Form
8 Hold Person
9 Summon Monsters (a favorite type)
10 Improved Invisibility
11 Awaken Tree as elf or tree spirit or lesser faerie
12 Awaken Rock as dwarf or gnome or troll

d12 Pets

1 Hunting dog or apes, cats, bears or animals equal to faerie HD
2 Winged mount like giant swan, winged horse or griffon
3 Swarm of tiny birds or bugs or bats that warn host and attack as a swarm
4 Were beast servant
5 Goblinoid serfs equal to HD
6 Small dragon or wyvrn or drake
7 Elven henchman equal to HD
8 Treeant or giant servant
9 Sprites or lesser faerie 2 per HD
10 Giant or prehistoric animal
11 Summonable aquatic mount like seahorse, porpoise, whale, stingray or shark
12 Elemental creature

d12 Main Form
1 Seasonal or monthly fairies
2 Tree faeries

3 Star faeries
4 Aurora faeries

5 Sea faeries
6 Cave faeries

7 Mountain faeries 
8 Earth Faeries 
Night Hag
10 Swamp Hag
11 Sea Hag
12 Forest Hag

Greater Faerie

willow the wisp
mighty elf heroes


faeries of months, seasons, lakes, trees, caves, hills, wells, plants, fungus

Noble Faerie***
AC 22
HD 16-32
Mov 12" Fly 36"
Att dart or touch
Dam d12* or 5d6 touch
No Appearing 1
Save F16
Morale 12
Treasure Large magic hoard
Intelligence 21
Alignment Any but mostly chaotic

Frighting faerie nobility change the local area into faerie land and are surrounded by followers and servants. Some act alone or through a greater faerie servant. Some are worshiped or sacrificed. Faerie and human worshipers are acceptable others are subject to whims of the being. Require +3 magic weapons to harm. They either throw a dart or javelin or attack with a melee weapon that appears or disappears at their will. Often thy are framing or crackling with lightning or magic. Missiles they summon at will as needed. Most have a favored human, elf, faerie and animal form but some have many more.

Faerie Nobility can cast per round:

Open gate
Improved Invisibility
Charm Monster
Regenerate 1HP/Round
Control Weather
Polymorph Other
Summon Monster
Can grow up to HD in feet tall or shrink down to palm sized
Detect Magic
Magic Missile
Floating Disc

Noble Faerie
Kings and queens of faerie are often divinities, petty gods or demigods
Faerie dragon

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