Saturday 25 February 2017

d100 Dungeon section barriers

I decided on a simpler option for connections and hubs and crossroads that divide dungeon sections or levels apart. This is more elegant than my previous ones and helps justify diferences and isolation of levels. Such barriers often have means for locals to bypass or they are very experienced at crossing. Possibly could mark border between factions, a warzone no mans land or a neutral area used by all factions. It could justify stylistic and aesthetic variation in a dungeon complex.

Any such area not dangerous enough can have wandering monsters also.

d100 Quick Barriers
01 Dark Stairs - up or down connections
02 Cavernous Pit - cross obstacle
03 Sinister Bridge - choke point 
04 Great Door  - great barrier hidden or manned
05 Great Trap - serious trap that halts explorers
06 Guard Post - outpost of armed hostiles
07 Magician Lair - a arcane specialist
08 Horrible Monster - a monster lair 
09 Strange Shrine - sacred holy site
10 Weird Entity - planar being of power

01 A winding corkscrew staircase twisting to lower level
02 A deep shaft with a long ladder or carved into stone or iron staples
03 Grand palatial stairs seen better days for grand proscessions 
04 Worn smooth old brick stairs some with creeks running through them
05 Natural flow stone or volcanic formations form stone stairs
06 Worn battered dripping tunnel sloping down
07 Stairs are actually connected by magic to dungeon far away
08 Stairs are a escalator d4 1=down 2=up 3=both 4=broken
09 Stairs with slide trap d6 drops into 1=water 2=pit 3=rocks 4=lava 5=spikes 6=lair
10 A elevator for 3d4 passengers possibly unsafe

11 A sinkhole has opened a great shaft into the darkness into cavern
12 A flowing river of lava in bottom of a canyon can almost be jumped over 

13 A great pit with jagged stones and broken skeletons
14 A pit over a cavernous monster lair, possibly for sacrifice
15 A great pit but with safe island path you hop onto path through 
16 A gaping canyon with a single line across where some cross 
17 A huge pit crawling with giant bugs and worms and slime and webs at bottom
18 A chasm with fast flowing waterfall cutting through path dangerous to cross
19 A fragile ice or crystal bridge spans a great gulf
20 Span crossed with something d4 1=old pillar 2=megalith 3=spider web 4=huge log
21 Old bridge with a d4 1=trolls 2=ogres 3=giants 4=horrible ape creatures
22 Natural stone archway with long worn passage
23 Two or three cables over gulf used as crossing
24 Flimsy rope and plank bridge over chasm
25 Wooden bridge only a bit wobbly with mounts and waggon loads
26 Stone bridge allows carts and mounts to cross easily
27 Covered stone bridge with shops, apartments, sweatshops and pubs
28 Bridge over pit heavily fortified chokepoint
29 Bone and sinew bridge with strange totems and signs
30 Bridge has bound being from other plane guarding it begrudgingly 
31 A wooden gatehouse with great log door
32 A stone wall with a great iron reinforced wooden door 
33 A highly decorated metal clad wooden door
34 A gate house with portcullis gate
35 Entrenched area with crude palisade wall defence structure
36 A huge creature blocks passage but occasionally moves or you may crawl through it
37 A huge crude stone secret doorway made with magic or camouflage
38 A door is really a gate transporting users to door in far away land
39 Door opens into a pocket dimension with doors elsewhere
40 A impregnable magic crystal wall or force feild with a secret doorway
41 Roof set to cave in or deadfall of rubble prepared
42 A log or beam sweeps area then returns to position
43 Swinging razor pendulum or several
44 Swarm of missiles d4 1=arrows 2=darts 3=magic 4=poison needles
45 Explosive trap with gunpowder, incendiary or magic blast
46 Kobold trap team camping to deploy fresh traps and repair old ones
47 Capture based trap d4 1=nets 2=snare 3=animal trap 4=pit
48 Trap releases enraged horror from confinement
49 Magic device if triggered summons supernatural defender
50 Chemical or attack d4 1=poison gas 2=acid 3=troglodyte musk 4=disease
51 A pile of filthy bed rolls, empty bottles and several indolent guards of a faction
52 Scaffolding up walls and on roof provide fire platforms for archers
53 Shack and checkpoint where faction guards check your papers
54 Tax collectors camp awaiting violates so they can press gang adventurers
55 A camp of filthy dirty murder hobos keen to kill anyone more wounded than them
56 Several guards with a tame monster camped here overlooking passage
57 Hidden guard watches and sends messengers through gremlins or tiny animals
58 A squad led by a charismatic leader are here to stop rumoured intruders
59 A camp of evil knights and templar clerics who demand single combat or payment
60 A boss monster and entourage is here for great battle priest said comming
61 A tower overlooks open area and a wizard runs a magic shop
62 A crumbling ruined base of tower is home to a witch who demands service to pass
63 A wizard threatens travellers from inside a huge statue giving them safe view to cast
64 A wizard appears as a phantom to threaten travellers, will alert local bosses
65 A sorcerer has built a pleasure dome of drugs and other vice for sale
66 A psionic squid wizard or chaos doppelganger uses spells to delude and infiltrate party
67 A cult of sorcerers have remained hidden here and are paranoid about strangers
68 A mighty elf lord with guards is camped here but are willing to share 
69 A bard here challenges visitors to tests of ability, knowledge and might
70 A wizard on other side of bridge demands a riddle to pass or payment
71 Horrible umberhulks lair in cave with scattered corpses
72 Aggressive Ankhed are giant carnivorous burrowing bugs 
73 Purple worm breeding tunnel with huge chamber and huge sleeping horrors
74 Spider lair covered in webs with various types and a evil magical queen
75 Dragon lair or lair of a draconic creature with hoard feared by all factions
76 A filthy wet it with froghemoth or several giant frogs all hungry 
77 A pool with aquatic horror blocks the passage with possible fish men hybrid followers
78  Undead have congregated here to block passage
79 A mixed gang with ogres, trolls and giants live here mostly sleeping
80 A ancient automaton juggernaut has kept this area free of people
81 A demonic cult attend their shrine and a demon will come to aid them
82 Underworld cultists with undead slaves bar this place demanding money and blood
83 Hunting party of humanoids here hiding and camping and ready for a fight
84 A shrine attended by old prriest and a d4 assistants
85 A wizened monk hermit will not let any pass
86 A small temple here has several priests, some guards and several loyal cultists
87 A group of pilgrims to see the holy place on the holy night and outraged by intruders
88  A graveyard defended by a d6+6 priests and some servants 
89 A ruined monument guarded by a senior priest and a dozen followers
90 A religious monument like a ziggurut staffed by a small town of clergy 
91 A bound demon manifests here to bar any forbidden mortals
92 A land spirit appropriate to location manifests and lives here as a human
93 A area where elementals or related beings pour through and attack
94 Attractive shape shifters here lure travellers to their doom
95 Judgmental Archon slays any impure or false persons or a flaming balrog demon
96 Ruined temple of old ones with hungry tentacled outer god guardian
97 Pool of protoplam spawns creatures and monsters to defend itself from mortals
98 Underworld non corporeal spirits, ghosts or spectres lurk here
99 A serpent folk shrine where ancient priests sleep guarded by dinosaurs
100 A petty god is currently lurking here and they can be un predictable at best

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