Wednesday 22 February 2017

Draconic Second Chances

Inspired by this
to simply write the ones my EMO house dnd rules

I give each player a toy gold coin token per WIS bonus point +1 (Makes -1 wisdom bonus suck cos you get none this stops WIS being a dump stat). Low wisdom peoples are fools

you can spend the coins each session and can use to:

re roll any any one hit, save, skill or damage roll immediately after a roll you don't like - you could even use to be less effective like not critical hit the king with a second roll


say you did bring that one handy thing you had choice to earlier after all or maybe you just found one common thing - Players could even use to find a gp as one common thing if strapped for cash in a market or pub.


you did memorise that handy one spell you wish you had - Replace one spell with any on list due to foresight)


stabilise your own blood loss and recover from fatal wound - Go from negative HP to 1 HP after one hour later unconscious


your victorious foe captures you and saves you instead of finishing you off - Awake a day later probably a unarmed prisoner in their lair. Beats foes outright killing you


take back that last dumb remark immediately after having made one - this is tricky, you might even let a player change a action like "ok I will not stick my head in the sphere of annihilation", this one most optional 

Possibly I have had other FX like TORG cards or Dr Who stories. Mistaken ID, catch up and fight fleeing villain (nemesis), foil a trap or door or puzzle, find a clue and more - i did a standard card deck which players cound pick and form team pools and stuff - Is under my RQ BRP page on sidebar links. Such abilities as these coins and was good in a deadly game like BRP which it worked well for.

Halflings might get +1 point Theives +1 per Level as special class ability
The special benefit of a lots of choice skill based theif is to get a extra point per level to mae up for my lack of xp differences and made my thieves more popular after 20 years no thieves. Many players would buy a thief from prison then charm them. Now players take extreme physical feats and lethal ambushes. DM could be mean and allocates coins to boss monsters or the all knowing dungeon spirit.

All this stops extreme deadly stuff and is fun used imaginatively. Also gives players narrative option and might make being kidnapped useful like in the moves and unlike most games. I guess you can have deadly horrible threats in a game that wiser characters can avoid better. It seems to be satisfying to have escaped peril with such a scarce resource. It makes clerics and wise adventurers better.

Ive had players use to not critical hit possessed ally, not die in first doorway or trap, inflict more damage on a boss or to finish fight faster, have that one thing they decided they left home to save ENC, confront a boss or stop them escaping, enhance spell damage, and more. Stops foolish or new players saying fatal stuff. Certainly the use of prop based luck system is good. My next character sheet might include a place to stack coins. Could use real coins or poker chips too.

Plus using cheap toy pirate coins is entertaining - they are a fun resource.

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