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d100 Romantic Fantasy Love Interests

I did several of these for super hero gamers in the past (3) and could do another. I thought a fantasy version would be handy for love interest spawned adventures. This table is made to be gender neutral. I have lady knights in my setting. This is a good table to roll for everyone between adventures possibly with carousing tables or as a alternative for less grubby adventurers who seek romance rather than wizard clap and gambling debts.

Im a bit drained by heat, moving (still a few weeks off but all booked paid, lots of contracts don, etc. have some bonus work coming week and as temp has been 40c and dry for Sydney (47c in pt august SA) air con work sounds pretty good. I'm feeling pretty happy about move and the lower less dodgy landlord culture and less vermin in Adelaide. I have a pool for the heat and probable social opportunities. Mentally I'm pretty good and arthritis well behaved.

Sadly im still nabbing hero clix, got a rubber mars attacks battle map (i can use with hero clix too with mars attacks buildings), got a copy of One Ring RPG as a gift.  Got ten sets of 2d6 different colours just to do machine gun and assault rifle combat in my BRP games like my roadwar game. Found uncle scrooge comics as old as me from early 70s. A few comics too as I am nabbing all the dc marvel B&W comps still in shops. Most of this was so cheap too hard to say no to. Playing Carmageddon and Warlords on PC as ive been cooped up for a few weeks since work ended. Ive had so many going away things last year that im just avoiding most ppl and games. Once you give up a time slot gamer are pretty quick to replace them.

d100 Romantic Fantasy Love Interests
01 Rural class
02 Townfolk class
03 Criminal class
04 Merchant class
05 Military class
06 Noble class
07 Church class
08 Magician class
09 Non human
10 Supernatural

d100 Romantic Fantasy Love Interests

01 A young farmer catches your eye but they are wary of your kind
02 A common rural tavern worker strikes your fancy but their creepy parent not pleased
03 A seasonal farm labourer who has traveled far invites you for a drink
04 A attractive youth invites you to a party but it is full of sleazy hipster flagellants 
05 A attractive young shepherd is lonely and invites you to join them for a picknick
06 A youth who plays a instrument invites you to hear them play in the woods
07 A kindly attractive youth seems interested but has strict religious parents watching
08 A attractive youth keen to spend time with you but has d6+4 over protective siblings
09 A shy youth smiles sweetly at you bat has abusive cruel parental taskmaster
10 A striking youth finds you attractive but family are secret cultists wary of strangers 

11 A cheerful youth invites you to tavern, they have a revolting life span reducing job
12 A handsome militia guard offers to show you a good time and keep you safe

13 A shy house servant keeps bumping into you while running errands  
14 A cocky homeless youth selling stuff from a pushcart keeps making saucy comments 
15 A hard working cook sends you tasty commoner treats and packed lunches
16 A hardy labourer whistles at you while working on building sites
17 A burly butchers lad sends you pig trotters and head cheeses of finest quality
18 A rat catchers apprentice avoids talking work but quite charming, probably not were rat
19 A junior scribe sends you poetry and has been drawing you from afar
20 A aprentice print maker sends you slightly flawed prints, studios main work is filthy porn
21 A shifty hooded youth has nice used goods for gifts, member of a bandit gang
22 A charming youth is a gang leader with a small army of street urchins 
23 A well dressed commoner regales you with amazing stories actually in the beggars guild
24 A sharp tongued youth interested in you is actually a member of the assassins guild 
25 A armed youth asks you about a past follower member of bounty hunters guild
26 A well to do suave bastard is actually a thief guild member and spy
27 A fancy dandy is actually a professional duelist who picks fights for a living
28 A young larikan performs slieght of hand tricks and is of course a thieves guild member
29 A professional seducer and con artist decides to prey on adventurers for easy gold
30 A attractive prostitute develops a unprofessional attraction to the adventurer
31 A well dressed youth of a merchant house sends gifts of embodied handkerchiefs
32 A rakish youth of a merchant house invites you to a party in a private club
33 A noble you invites you to a inter family horse race which tends to end in a riot
34 A rascally youth of a good guild family invites you to a secret sewer pit fight
35 A mysterious foreign trader treats you like nobility but trades in slaves and drugs
36 A older but wealthy merchant clan head sends you gifts and letters 
37 A older wealthy merchant seeks marriage for legal reasons mostly 
38 Attractive youths of rival merchant houses compete for your hand till the bloody end
39 A grubby but welcome exporter of goats demands you marry them goes mad if refused
40 A creepy guild master offers you taste finest wine ladened with a love potion
41 A attractive knight declares love for you and demands a quest to prove their love
42 A weary old war hound seeks to retire with wealth and seeks a unconventional partner
43 A important officer seeks your hand but has covered up a terrible massacre
44 A important officer seeks your company but they love conflict and war
45 A old knight wants you to marry into his clan to improve the bloodline
46 A charming officer seems attracted to you but is actually a foreign agent
47 A wild frontier commander with a brutish gaze monitors likes you but is a werewolf
48 A charming and sophisticated knight admires you but is a member of a cult
49 A romantic knight tries to seduce you and declares you to be their one true love 
50 A war weary knight invites you to their lonley keep on the moors
51 A attractive noble seeks your hand but manour has corpses of last marriages hidden
52 A stunning noble likes you but their family are cursed and live in a haunted manour
53 A noble youth enoys your company but family want them dead for the inheritance
54 A eccentric decadent youth craves company but wicked cultists seek to corrupt them
55 A noble youth likes you but family in sprawling manse are mad wizards
56 A noble youth finds you attractive and parents now want you dead
57 A noble youth invites you ta a fancy ball full of fancy snobs and local rulers
58 A noble youth invites you to a posh garden party  as a novelty guest
59 A noble youth stabs someone hurling vile abuse at you defending your honour
60 A foreign ruler sends you exotic gifts and invitations to join them
61 A nun or monk has been admiring you and writing of your deeds, they might be tempted 
62 A member of the clergy has become tempted by you despite the church not approving
63 A religious student is obligated to be celibate but has become sorely tempted
64 A druidic holy person invites you to cavort with supernatural sylvan festivities
65 A holy person invites you to perform public fertility ceremony on a high holy day
66 A corrupt old holy person seeks you to be their secret lover and sends you gifts
67 A holy person from a sect allowing marriage is interested in courting you
68 A paladin or holy warrior of a sect deems you a worthy partner with only a few changes
69 A cleric has renounced their holy vows to pursue you and will go crazy if rejected
70 A priest of a evil cult invites you to be their consort and engage in evil rites
71 A scruffy young apprentice has been following you about clutching their robes 
72 A talented young apprentice has been studying you and has fallen madly in love
73 A sleazy young wizard has decided who to use their charm person spell on
74 A elderly wizard has decided you are their dream lover and will try to possess you
75 A wizard wants to buy a cube of your flesh for no particular reason, honestly
76 A wizard offers to grant your wish within their power for your hand
77 A wizard offers you potions and magic for you to be their lover
78 A wizard is going out with someone who looks just like you made with magic
79 A wizard has decided to kidnap you so you will learn to love them in a dungeon
80 A wizard promises to destroy your friends or a town if you dont marry them

81 A dwarf noble offers your parents iron ingot and weapons for a betrothal
82 A earthbound elf loves you and is bannished from people for this forbidden love
83 A well of hobbit with a huge pleasure burrow offers you to be lover
84 A gnome offers you gems, gold and magic item to be live in lover
85 Attractive love interest is actually a doppelganger agent of evil
86 Passionate attractive love interest is actually a lycanthrope
87 A half orc declares you to be one true love but prone to furious rages if rejected
88 A beast person from the wilds is attracted to your scent and has been following you
89 A shape shifting dragon in human identity decides a dalliance with you would be fun
90 A humanoid king has fallen in love from afar with you will try gifts then kidnapping
91 Attractive love interest is a shape shifting spirit folk, kin to plants or mountain or river
92 Attractive love interest is a shape shifting spirit folk, kin to animals type
93 Attractive love interest is possessed by a spirit who fell in love with you and took a body
94 Attractive love interest is a a spirit who lives in a painting and exits to see you
95 A lich has seen you in his scrying pool and now wants to trick you into being their mate
96 A elemental abhuman from another dimension saw you through a portal and loves you
97 A half demon or devil changeling has decided you are their true love
98 An attractive elf from the other side offers you eternal life in elfland if you marry them
99 An angelic being or arkon or deva fall to earth for unholy love of a grubby mortal like you
100 A deity in disguise really wants to have way with you which always produces a baby

Dam i forgot to include a Tako or mer noble seeks love with you as a possibility


  1. LOL #4. Sleazy hipster flagellants...

    1. flagelants were the sleazy indy rockers of their day who would take your kids to drunken parties in woods


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