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d100 Philosophers Part 2

Long late sequel to previous post on philosophies. This one focuses on philosophers rather than just schools and details - will do a d100 philosophical treatises one day

01 Philus the Taxonomer writes lists categorizing everything and students wrote learn them
02 Belerend the Observer experiments with lenses and has a spyglass he uses to spot merchant ships coming into market
03 Gamus the Healer a expert medic and now monster vivisectionist 
04 Dolrun the Metalurgist made new stronger metals and now works on metal golems
05 Sariam the Air Diviner a expert at predicting wind now interested in air elementals
06 Karill the Elusive a expert debater and legal council now aids wizards making pacts with planar beings
07 Prianna the Golden a expert at interpreting omens from the gods and their will
08 Aldmont the Builder experiments with new building methods and plans settlements
09 Una the Sage is a wise woman who is versed in many fields that strangers  pay to visit
10 Radnab the Gorger a expert cook and expert at measuring wealth and good fairly 

11 Kazaam the Mad preaches to his animal friends and any who listen to his secrets of fortitude and will power
12 Gudlub the Marsh Man contemplates in the swamp and has brought peace between men and the frog folk

13 Poola the Uncaring preaches on methods of being compassionless, ran away to live with the humanoids after being driven from city 
14 Onigard the Relentless teaches his students to be resilient and never give up
15 Perrud the Wise a expert builder, healer and scholar has been teacher of kings and has raised barbarians to civilization 
16 Godrub the Enlightened is a expert at finding pleasing sacrifices for the gods
17 Kirralee the Mystic is a prophetess and sage, her teachings have been recorded by scholars and spread by bards far and wide
18 Dollrad the Tree Sage is a expert herbalist and healer who teaches the secrets of trees, some say he was raised to be a druid as a slave child
19 Orda the Sea Mistress was taken by Tako to live under the sea and now has returned to teach common folk the lore of the sea king and how to not over fish 
20 Noola the Dragon Sage was raised by a dragon and is now a premier draconologist who has many secrets yet to reveal despite demands of wizards who crave them now
21 Ulrab the Corpse Reader is a expert on workings of bodies and wounds and observation but uses his skills to find murderers and aid the courts
22 Saldrab the Dabbler likes to help the common folk and is interested in everything. Has helped improve farmers tools and methods and gave away gold the king gave him to poor
23 Salradmar the Devious has aided rulers facing enemies with tactics and tricks but only serves to help commoners not empire builders
24 Tricemong the Alchemist is a genius of potions and artificer to kings, some say he is imortal and travels far under new names every few decades 
25 Sanderont the Poet lives in a grove writing poems and making fine wine, satyrs guard her and some say are her lovers, she preaches living in balance and harmony
26 Erebran the Brilliant is a great poet, healer and soothsayer who advises rulers and wanders the kingdoms seeking truth
27 Merromas the Trollsnatcher a expet in troll lore has many kept in cages, he dissects  them in hopes of discovering medicine and healing methods or to recover ancient troll lore from when trolls were civilized and smaller than chaos trolls but bigger than barn or bush trolls
28 Gorlok the Miner a expert in finding minerals and mining methods, who disappears for long periods into the under realms
29 Zirria the Beast Tamer writes lore on beasts and has many brought to her school. Of late she has wandered off looking for wild beasts in their natural lairs
30 Karad the Despairing teaches a melancholic philosophy which is popular with slaves but not with church or state
31 Palidag the Prosperous turned his brains to trade and now advises kings, some have imprisoned him but he bribed his way to freedom
32 Ormund the Meloncholic teaches the gods hate us and do not care, poor are most attracted to this and he has been banished from many lands
33 Gnudran the Walker teaches of other worlds and brings back great treasures, often recruits adventures but most die 
34 Elrehot the Shinning One a great beauty who teaches the science of reading character by skull shape. Only beautiful are qualified for this art and she collects many bleached skulls in her study cabinets
35 Gulden Draas the Doomed One is a expert on undead, burials and erecting untainted grave sites, he has his study in a ancient crypt and he knows many entrances to the land of the dead
36 Argandel the Silent a tongueless philosopher who writes texts on contemplation of the universe, his books are copied across many lands
37 Urfinglad the Comedian makes witty observations and writes plays actually with hidden meanings, teaches students optimism 
38 Lodron the Sparing a expert in miserly commerce and dividing wealth exactingly 
39 Tirrinagog the Gymnastic teaches arts of muscular culture and fitness, he claims extraordinary powers through flexing muscles and self confidence. His educational scrolls are sold to scrawnly male youths across the world
40 Karlestran the Egalitator preaches the duty of kings is to distribute pleasure and pain fairly among the peoples. A hedonistic materialist, she is often disliked for interfearing in the divine right of kings
41 Zorond the Wise teaches there is a single non sentient godhead that manifests emanations that seem sentient which offends most religions even the evil ones
42 Goramond the Pontificator contemplates any idea to a fault with slow deliberate logic which annoys most people but his eventual conclusions prove worth while
43 Colad the Elementalist teaches all things arise from interactions between the elements and souls and gods are just emergent properties on the elements
44 Pelanorus the Astrographer a expert on astrology, astronomy and navigation. She made calendar reforms and is consulted for celestial alignments and anomalies
45 Florian the Numanistic is a currency reformer and speculator who has reformed economies and helped ruin other states to allow hostile take overs
46 Zebagora the Nullist teaches nothing is real except suffering so everything is permitted
47 Carnab the Randomist teaches everything is just luck including magic
48 Askilan the Linguist analyses language in complex ways that just alienates people or is used by smug posers who want to seem clever. His school does offer good language studies however
49 Dunslinor the Maker theories future life will be autonomous magical constructs but mostly his school makes golems and war machines for kings and armies
50 Tearon the Mechanist teaches all life is just souless constructs made by gods as toys
51 Orinid the Eschatologist studies possible ends of the world, disasters and doomsday and she is often consulted by important persons when bad omens appear
52 Runewald the Diabolist is a expert on devils, demons and true names of evil
53 Cormen the Thanatologist  studies the nature of death and the inevitability and futility against the reaper 
54 Keramane the Vivathrope teaches secrets of health and vitality using unusual anf exotic treatments. He often feuds about the effectiveness of his methods with other healers and charges a fortune for his treatments
55 Dorlen the Magnetist uses mesmerism to treat patients and perform demonstrations
56 Korelon the Minimalist who teaches how to do more with less and has the cheapest rates
57 Arbornan the Forester has abandoned civilization and entered the sylvan worlds of satyrs and elves and tree folk, he rarely shares secrets with humans anymore when he once advised kings
58 Kameran the Musicologist theorised relations between matter and song and the structure of the universe, recently began studying bards and musical monsters
59 Ormond the Occultist is a expert in occult theory and logic who has outwitted wizards, cults and sorcerers on behalf of rulers, he is angered by shams and fears of magicians and teaches magic only to overcome it and tyranny, his theory is stripped of supernaturalism and based on materialism like a science
60 Dernaldra the Diviner interprets the obscure poetic prophecies of seers and mystics
61 Keladamaranad was raised by witches and now free teaches mental discipline and mystical self contemplation. Solitary monks are his main followers who abandon common lives studying his doctrines 
62 Uron the Defiler teaches the only way to true knowledge of the self is by breaking laws and taboos, so fornicating and drug abuse and murder are practiced by cults. Some followers reject these cults as debased and evil hedonists who miss the point of the teachings, Uron himself has been bricked up in a prison for decades some say 
63 Ardjat the Martialist is a martial arts teacher who only teaches fighting to those who learn his mystical philosophy of peace and balance. Many rulers and warriors come to him and he rejects them
64 Torjataran the Peacemaker travels the wold trying to end conflict between rulers and contriving situations to benefit each other. Many followers have been massacred in the past
65 Kerlana the Unicorn Queen is a great healer and peacemaker believes monster hordes can be dealt with and lives amongst them to influence their leaders. Most cannot understand how she does not get killed
66 Zentran the Iron Mind teaches strict maxims of uncaring selfishness and strength. For the underconfident he can help make them more assertive, for the already over domineering his teachings turn them into maniacs. Zentran currently is mad and in and out of prison or homless in the mountains 
67 Tollrenol studies the philosophy on non humans especially goblinoids to learn their thoughts and non human philosophy. Most humans don't appreciate his efforts branding hima traitor. Very few see worth in his studies and encourage him and copy his research
68 Orizihad the Dualist caame from the wasteland with a philosophy of absolute law vs chaos extremism that caught on with the mob and kings have used to justify war
69 Horace the Egalitarian preaches all people are equal and all wealth should be divided among community by philosopher kings, wealthy and nobility hate him, commoners love him
70 Kalegax the King Slayer learnd dwarf philosophy of society as a machine and individuals as cogs for the collective state. He has taken this to human lands and caused unrest among poor. He teaches rulers are subversive and against the people, a kind of parasite, his teachings are forbidden by many states and his followers have been caught using dwarf weapons from ancient caches 
71 Corilandra the Celestial contemplates otherworldly intelligence to seek wisdom and has made strides in questioning other beings, strange cults have begun to sabotage her work
72 Chrystantine the Examiner is a skilled assessor of value of things, opportunities and her advice is sought by kings but she only offers advice for peaceful and lawful purposes or defence
73 Erabos the Defender protects the commoner in legal battles with the state or against the nobility. As fame and popularity increased there are important people who want him dead and poor ready to make him a saint or riot if any harm her
74 Ganandru the Overcomer of Obstacles preaches a philosophy of heroic struggle against the odds. This is misused by some elitist noble sects but also loved by poor fanatics who throw away lives to better their communities. Many individuals use teachings to achieve great ends. The master has been in hiding for decades shamed by those who misuse teachings
75 Unrihad the Slayer of Ill Thought teaches pure contemplation and eradication of selfishness and evil. Many followers retire to live as asthetics which has radically altered transmission of wealth and reduced inner family murders and intrigue in noble houses. Traditionalists feel threatened by this
76 Gunupratanan the Remover of Barriers teaches meditation and inner mastery, followers shun wealth and can endure many physical torments. The master is deep in a cave meditating among spiders and cobras shunning the world of materialism
77 Zoranadagor the Flesh Render teaches flesh is weak and self abuse and starvation help you become godlike. His students exhibit magic powers but one sect are becoming increasingly linked to demonic cults. He dwells in a ruined dungeon shunning humankind 
78 Eronaghast the Gazer looks beyond to the stars to see mysteries within. His star gazing sect are uninterested in astrology or recording movements of the stars merely staring into the stars. Followers have been building towers away from civilization for this purpose, the master has stared so long his eyes are white and blind but he still spends nights staring into space
79 Genaridon the Saurian teaches reptilian wisdom is the best and helps followers awaken memories of their incarnations when reptiles ruled. Many other scholars warn he is being duped by serpent men wizards and implore kings to banish his school
80 Orbrihanus the Great Sage collects books from around the world and has opened libraries and schools. Recently she has sent scholars to teach literacy to the poor which has outraged priests and nobles
81 Bonbisat the Terrible travelled to ancient places of power and learned strange secrets from prehumans and the Arkons. Now she has returned to start a school and has been teaching meditation and magic to commoners which has angered the authorities. After she resisted them easily and threatened nobles with her power all fear and shun her
82 Payadstarum the Deviant has established a nation wide sex cult among the mercantile classes teaching magical power and enlightenment come through orgies and drug abuse. The sect has become secretive and increasingly includes nobility
83 Zerodnar the Winter Sage lives in the snow far from civilization in lands of mostly darkness. His followers expose themselves to cold and ice and fraternizing with races of the ice flows becoming increasingly distant from the world of mortals
84 Begorax the Dominator teaches strategy and the will to win at any cost. Nobles send him their sons and he incorporates them into his fanatic sect ready to take over the state. He plans a new society base on pillaging, slavery and brutality  
85 Uldragax the Spelunker was a natural philosopher seeking to go as far down into the deeps as possible to learn what is inside the world and what or if the world is supported by. His students have been exploring the deeps and many have disappeared. His school has many maps and detailed information of the under realm 
86 Voronian the Scarlet Sage operates a school and library but the cloistered students are not passive or weak. She teaches wisdom must be torn from the world and that the ignorant must sometimes be overcome by force. The scholars have even been acused of stealing from private archives but they provide knowledge to seekers on request for a minimal donation 
87 Erodnar the Invulnerable teaches iron will and immobility to his monastic students who prefer to study in isolated mountain libraries and scriptoriums.  The master and students have little interest in the affairs of the world but might intervene occasional if provoked or debated
88 Oolanskaad the Mystic abandoned conventional logic and sought truth through silent meditation in isolated wells and caves, he awaits signs of the apocalypse the only thing that will make him return to civilization with his scattered pupils 
89 Maagdeborg the Chosen is a expert in ancient and lost kingdoms and their philosophies. Students collect samples of writings and artifacts and the school studies them to reconstruct the past 
90 Konisgaren the Dreamer examines the hidden realities of dream and nightmare lands 
91 Glorimunuk the Cynic teaches meloncholic rules and maxims for living in a horrible uncaring universe, likes to adopt elderly and sickly dogs 
92 Morgalan the Explorer travels the world to confirm her theories of natural philosophy. Also works on ship design and testing them 
93 Knargran the Interloper writes theories other planar life and works on gate devices to hopefully explore other dimensions 
94 Eloran the Whisperer teaches chaos can be dealt with, controlled and used by law which inspired numerous lawful evil rulers and chaos came to call their subjected kin Khaos. 
95 Kirrilos the Pragmatic teaches you can enslave and use beings of chaos to labour and pay for their crimes rather than just kill them, later he began setting up camps and selling their hair and body parts and fertilizer before priests and paladins drove him away into hiding
96 Wardran the Idiot preached to chaos church that sentience and technoogy are too lawful and taught followers to use trepanning to free themselves from the lies of law and order
97 Vordran the Warped teaches chaos is not to be feared and mutations are heroic. The philosopher is now a gelatinous mess of eyeballs and slime but he still preaches the cosmic secrets he has learned to those who visit him in his pit
98 Koolaman the Lucid teaches seeing through illusions and false hood with his 27 rules of verification
99 Lorinastra the Lawmaster contemplated the mysteries of cosmic law from her slumbering tower and now she has made mechanical constructs from her arkon sent knowledge to serve her and order. Her sect hides in isolated places to await for chaos incursions. Many of her students wander the land and cities looking for agents of chaos to be reported and destroyed
100 Krotunis the Pure specializes in cleanliness and moral hygene to avoid the taint of chaos. With ritual bathing and examination of naked persons, the students of Krotunis can determine if a subject is tainted. Students have filled libraries with volumes on bathing and avoiding chaos popular with fanatic and puritanical zealots


  1. These are great, it's an area often utterrly ignored in RPG but the real world is governed by the notions of people who had the time to think stuff up and write it down.

    1. 3rd part will be books which is where idea came from. Gore Visal's Creation shows what philosophy might do in fantasy setting or real world - top book

  2. Reading this and imagining how I would use it, wouldn't such philosophers frequently be spell casters? Clerics as well as wizards.

    1. in previous post linked above there are these possibilities and monks and more... i think


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