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Your familiar is boring

Familiars are kinda boring just sitting about boosting your magicians powers and waiting to get smushed. These could be used for a consistent quirk for a familiar or could be re-rolled regularly.  Possibly druidic and priest pets more polite than traditional arcane ones.

d10 Quick familiar problems and subplots

01 Naughty habbits - petty mischief
02 Inter familiar problems - problems with others
03 History and bad blood - type has a reputation 
04 Strange antics - strange behaviour
05 Disgusting problems - gross stuff
06 Mischievous nuisance - obnoxious mischief 
07 Celestial convergence - odd behaviour when stars are right
08 Familiar evolution and mutation - additional strang abilities
09 Magical problems - odd magical shenanigans 
 Planar patrons - dimensional weirdness

d100 Familiar problems and subplots

01 Likes to shit everywhere
02 Like to rub against people and things to scratch self
03 Dribbles phlegm or saliva constantly 
04 Makes irritating noises in polite company
05 Flatulent, especially if eats certain food it loves
06 Nips people who get to close to master from jealousy
07 Likes to eat or chew things left un attended  
08 Likes to lick strangers
09 Drags buttocks on ground and makes disgusting noises
10 Tries to steal favorite treats 

11 Snaps and snarls at other familiars or small critters
12 Tries to mate with 
other familiars or small critters
13 Always has a rivalry with at least one familiar
14 Sneaks off to cavort with other familiars when in town
15 If meets other familiars they giggle and mimic each other
16 Dislikes seeing familiars hurt and tries to save them
17 Likes to play with other familiars, cries when separated
18 Learns tricks and behaviour from other familiars or small critters
19 Longs to cuddle and kiss other familiars or small critters
20 Wants to eat familiar or small critters
21 Familiar hates certain other species and provokes them due to old grudge
22 Familiar type just like it used by unpopular regional cult 
23 Familiar type deemed old fashioned by other magicians
24 Familiar type associated with mad clan of magicians
25 Familiar reincarnation of past familiar of ancient legendary magician
26 Keeps unearthing ancient rubble and scraps of ancient civilizations
27 Keeps finding scraps from old books
28 Seems attracted to regalia and objects of past magician dynasty
29 Seems to hate regalia and objects of past magician, urinates on them
30 Familiar is uppity, likes to sit on treasure and wear jewellery
31 Keeps being caught whispering and being overly friendly to rats
32 Spies on people bathing, on toilet and lovemaking
33 Likes to lick faces of freshly deceased
34 Collects stolen trinkets and shiny things, possibly hides in masters stash
35 Likes to steal treasure maps in taverns
36 Digs holes to bury treasure
37 Mutters strange things into ears of the dead
38 Draws strange sigils with spilled blood
39 Performs strange ritual dances to the moon when camping
40 Howls at full moon and responds to other howling beasts by night
41 Likes to get drunk till vomits everywhere
42 Certain foods it likes or cause violent diarrhea 
43 Likes to bite of noses and fingers off the dead
44 Likes to hump legs of people it likes
45 Coughs up hairballs or castings or cud making a disgusting sound
46 Likes to lick feet and steal socks and undergarments
47 Likes to chew on old bones and roll in dried old corpses
48 Marks scent on doorways and trees constantly
49 Snacks on animal and monster droppings
50 Likes to gnaw on old bones especially skulls
51 Likes to chew ropes
52 Likes to collect pretty pebbles and keep in masters pack
53 Likes to sing in bestial voice when bored
54 Likes to taunt enemies as master casts spells
55 Utters obscenities at odd awkward moments
56 Writes blackmailing letters
57 Reports people to the secret police or other lawmen
58 Reports activities to a cult, temple or owners master or teacher
59 Hates children, snarls or bites or sprays on them
60 Tends to spit, spray or defecate on those it dislikes or their belongings
61 Under certain constellations familiar changes alignment temporarily
62 When stars are right opens a gate allowing something to visit our worlds
63 On rare evenings turns into a human but might keep a secret
64 Glows or sparkles when certain star or constellation ascending
65 Makes strange noises when it senses weaknesses between worlds near
66 Develops a glowing corona of power under moonlight  
68 Under certain stars air pressure increases locally causing master nosebleeds `
69 Becomes musical and dances about when star sign ascending
70 Coughs up brilliant semi precious stones every solstice  
71 Grows strange lumps and tumours as master grows in power 
72 Grows creepy tentacles as master grows in power 
73 Has a alternate animal form it can shape shift into and back once a day
74 Can breath coloured smoke rings
75 Can drink a potion storing it ready for use later
76 Has one or more horns +1 damage
77 Has wings for short flights (enhanced flight if already a flyer)
78 Can project light from eyes 30" in a 60 degree cone
79 Teleport self (1/per masters lv a day) in puff of smoke (alignment=odour)
80 Can spit fire (1/per masters lv a day) d6+1/masters lv, 3" range
81 Likes to eat semi precious gems and pearls
82 Likes to bask in magical fields and auroras 
83 Likes to lick and suck magic items
84 Becomes flatulent near unidentified magic items
85 Can shapeshift into a small child and back once a day
86 Can interbreed with normal similar size animals making odd hybrids
87 Keeps obtaining adorable little outfits from somewhere
88 Can track blood scent like a typical dog (or better if already a tracker)
89 Makes noises if opposite alignment comes within 3" of master
90 Grows long beards or long silky hair quickly which can be woven into fine fabric
91 Goes into trances and mutters, actually spirit is conversing on other planes
92 Monitored by other planar beings according to alignment
93 Disappears from time to time off duty to other plane
94 Occasionally used as mouthpiece for other planar beings
95 Can recall spirit of freshly dead to ask them a question once a day
96 Delivers notes from other plane to master occasionally  
97 Can suck masters blood for nutrient or to heal 1hp per injury
98 Can plane shift to avoid danger and return once a day
99 Brings master a  coin from plane of planar alignment patron each day
100 Will converse with planar beings of same alignment even ones in disguise

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