Saturday, 17 October 2015

My BRP Rome character sheet

It is a bit ugly but ok for now

Bigger version at

Location hp boxes allow me to use stun damage system
One stroke = stun damage
Two strokes or a X = standard damage
Blunt weapons or blunt hafts and pommels or punch can inflict stun damage
So spear could be used as staff, a sword pommel as a cestus or axe flat as a club
1/4 of stun damage gets crossed as standard damage
A standard damage point replaces a point of stun damage turning single stroke to a X in box
Stun damage heals one hour per point
First aid requires ice, stimulants, ten minute massage or other means to treat
Stunned locations are temporary versions of more lethal standard damage
Head stuff or unconsciousness
Limbs become clumsier or useless
Chest or abdomen winded or incapacitated locations downwards

Stun damage lets people have non lethal fist fights and capture people easier
You can do a called shot half chance to hit and inflict stun on someones head
Stunning by use of resistance roll dam vs location hits or CON was not very worth it
Also as slavery is better than treasure in RQ3 players want more options to get prisoners
Worked very nice in past to cut down murdering sherrifs in my old Cthulhu game
Gangbusters and Top Secret/SI used well - now d100 is going to be bigger than BRP some of rules in old TSR d100 games might be worth a look - star frontiers had nice poison rules

I put in stat derivative rolls even though I'm not a fan of using them but some players will benefit

Big blank box for extra skills and magic abilities

Ive tried putting all combat stuff on one sheet

Will do two more pages:
One for goods, wealth, ENC and fatigue track
One for clan, property, commitments, history etc

May need a revision and im sure i spelled something wrong...

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