Sunday, 18 October 2015

BRP ROME First session

Finally got first session off ground and had six spanking new heroes to face Nero's Rome 60AD. Got minis ready, sheet only had two typos so far and i will add a skill tick box next to MP. Also remove a axe slot and add a shield slot  Flail slot really only suit things like rare chain or whip or rope.

Players had to roll 3d6 for all stats except SIZ and INT which get 2d6+6
NPC Romans get 2d6+3 SIZ
Minimum of 9 for player stats (can reduce EDU and add to other stats up to 18 Max)
Can add ten to age and add 1 EDU at loss of another physical stat
Age=EDU+6+2d6 years experience

INTx10 in hobby or private interests to flesh out your character
EDUx20 in 8 professional training skills obtained by state or private training
EDUx30 in 8 skills obtained during your career to date

75% of everyone is a initiate of a Roman cult. the rest are sorcerers.
Divine worshipers get a bit of read latin, rhetoric and ceremony, plus a point of rune and spirit magic
Sorcerers get a few spells and a small amount of skill barley enough to use

Everyone gets read latin = EDU
and speak latin = EDUx5
If you don't increase your Status to at least 25 you will be a slave
That's not so bad because you all have a patron and your dad can kill you for disobedience

Cash is as per GURPS rome income per month x INT in savings so most have a flat or country house or live with masters. Educated ones richest. So party richer than any i have started in ages. One has a horse, others can drive a chariot. Some considered getting a slave.

Will be using stun damage system as described last post and these sheild rules
Medium or bigger shields can parry any amount of missiles
Or you can just cover several locations (depending on shield size) with full AP even if unskilled
If you parry you still get 1/2 AP on certain locations as above
If you crouch behind shield can defend additionally locations

Will have equipment/ENC/Fatigue sheet and possibly a family/estate/history sheet

If you have not worked out yet i am doing a version of Ringworld Skill/Bonus system which I could explain if anyone interested.

So adventure begins....
Greek Gladiator (possibly Spartan) Worshiper of Mars, bought freedom through pimping self (Perform/Carnal 50%). Wears a minotaur mask and carries a axe and spiked cestus. Has a panache for cursing and very interested in underworld and gore..

Nubian Gladiator (possibly part Dacian) Worshiper of Mars, fights with a Dacian Falx (has two spare). Very agile and acrobatic. Is still a slave and iss being aided by slightly older freed gladiator.

Eutruscan Lady Seer and healer come to city of Rome as a soothsayer and reader of the Eutruscan mysteries. Worships their version of Minerva. Eutruscan women can Drink and have more rights than Roman women and their customs are respected, especially by pro italian and anti greek factions.

Her sister is a horse breeder who can speak to horses. She has earned respect at home like her sister so called here by Roman patron. She is quite acrobatic and athletic and good with animals and a bow. She has a horse. She worships forest god or hermes, still undecided (oh I cant remember).

A former pretty house boy slave who has grown into a scribe and business manager, He is a bit of a snoop and listens about the household at night. Now free he serves as an employee and foreman of other slaves and is entrusted to important house records. Is ok with a sling and knows a bit of sorcery.

Final hero is a Alexandrian sorcerer of ambiguous gender, a follower of hermes-trimajesteros. She has power over quite a few mysteries including secrets of air and taste. She is a colourful character with robes and wands and medallions. Donated all her cash to temple(?) in form of books to pre pay future tithes.

Party non gladiators called to Patrons house by his slave mistress of 17 years. he gives them her jewellery and tells them to sell it for as much as possible and raise more cash to pay a pirate ransom. If we cant pay they will sell him to enemies. Discretion required as she shouldnt really be doing this. Party withdraw personal loot and head to collect gladiators from bout at colosseum (from family fighting school). While allowed in to chamber with nubian gladiator and his greek trainer when all locked in and gate to arena opened. Six men dressed in leather versions of army uniforms with a cavalryman. The veteran gladiators charged and scored wounds. Slings and sorcery reduced foe effectiveness and the horse trainer tried to convince horse to help her. Quickly mopped up with lots of classic RuneQuest gore and fumbles. Horse was unharmed as sensible gladiators all know. Lady seer slit a foes throat and started cutting out his guts to read his liver for opmens. She got called in to visit members of Emperors family and delivered some spiffy poetry. Gladiators strutted about while clouds of dust rippled around them, giving them a heroic presence. Sorcerer was pleased.

Sold jewellery and short of 90 000 needed by master's captors but keen on their way.

Am mixing several published scenarios together

Worked well. Will be big fun.

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