Tuesday 20 October 2015

Murder Highway BRP Update

Have had a few new on off players of late. Have yet to have player bring in his RQ Duck character. As a howard the duck fan I'm totally OK with this. Have picked up lots of new models as there is a gentrified street on way to club i went down due to wrong bus. Found lots of antique shots one with a dollar toy box with mostly rubbish but some gold including a demon car and a weird jet fighter tank car which a certain mutant is admiring for the mark IV of his current line of cars (now just mark II). A second trip i got lots for one dollar including two cars worth $30 from 1972. I also got into a fight in one shop with owner who managed to sell me nothing then abuse me for being cheap. Still he has some pre 1920 vans for $5....

My minis have been inspiring me with ideas for race teams. A TRON style race in cyberspace. Battle a uplifted Ape gang. Im collecting boats and sea monsters for a wet death race. From a few chrome spacey cars will hold race against greys as champions of Earth soon. Hot rod events, vintage car classic death rates events. Hotrod mutants. My salt flat rocket race was inspired like this. Boring sedans i mostly put into the club collection the seem best suited for crowding streets in a super hero fight. Will use my ape figures for something strange too.

A few gundam mecha and dinosaurian kaiju for a future game. Lots of other weirdness. Keen to try some 1920 gangster battles now i have lotsa minis for era and cthulhu wars pieces. My new BRP books have given me some ideas on car battles (Laundry agents book) and martial arts (alephtar games chinese BRP books i snapped up. Got my pendragon collection and GURPS collection doing well. Might need some roman/ancient civilian minis soon. Getting snap lock Gundam kits on cheap and lotsa dinosaurs too. Cars getting harder to find. Im craving a older out of sale matchbox army container truck and AA gun on  tracks. Will wanna get some bundles of heroclix super heroes too.

Am getting some more enemies of rome mini sets and night get lots of natives of Americas, cowboys, mongols, more horsemen, lotsa greeks, and nabbing a few mystery loose mixed bags from sales. Ive also seen snap lock and paint tank kits in kmart which is amazing.

Recent deathrace game antics
So i started a deathrace scenario for newbs and they missed most of it. Had some looting in increased zombie zone  and discovered new strains of the plague and zombies. Now the living could be infected and become a faster zombie, while the old kind re-animated a infected corpse. Paid to rescue a collection of 80s VCR tapes which the cult Ohm Supreme Truth had taken into their compound. As Asumi was japanese and a ninja she had party cut cult coms and pretend to be cult emissaries from the leader in Japan. Spent time in cult orgies and drugs before sabotaging the joint, blowing up their automated assault rifle factory and stole the tapes. During their hanging with cult leader they discovered cult leaders besides selling their bath water as potions and abusing cultists did in fact have psionic powers.

Party since the moon mission had all had improved cars and left old ones in storage. Met their farm neighbours investigating animal and human disappearances. Turned out to be the mutant's old car whose biotech engine parts had been infected by the zombie virus and had become a un-living undead automobile. So the sad owner released it into the zombie zone to feed on the dead. It had always been powered by it's meat slurry fuel plant anyhow.

Increased presence on televised race has helped them get recognition. The sheriff spoke to Bathurst law department and had his title granted to the area around the teams farm. Many people they had helped lived on the farm now and they had a regular village. A mutant shanty town formed on one property edge and is disliked by locals. Most neighbours were rednecks including a puritan clan, feuding forest hillbillies, a gentech automated orchard fruit farm and various aggressive good old boy clans.

Vet characters now have lots of enemies including a hood wearing vigilante police gang, a japanese cult, a post op dinosaur cult, a christian cthulhu cult and a few other wasteland gangs.

Covering my apocalypse/dark sci fi horror vibe nicely in a over the top setting. Am missing DnD and space opera settings. Failed to start the last weekend cars game but we used time to work on roman stuff and i got a flafl and more toy cars instead. .


Still working on slumburb and inner-city, uptown and no go encounter tables to complement .outback wasteland sets. Personal weapons tables too.  A table of wandering goodguys of the wastes?

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