Friday 2 October 2015

kid holiday zombie war

So i wa messing about with kids i made a simple war game months back - this time we made zombies vs army game. I was zombie vs 3 boys who eventually after my initial luck spree got to use their movement and range to win. Next time i get a din0saur or more spawning rolls. Still was good for an hour of play

kill a zombie roll roll a 6
kill a soldier roll 3+
4shoot range 5 or throw grenade 3
+2 range if on building roof
army move 3 zombies move 1

zombie starts with 1/2 as many in number
but spawn on a roll of 6 after every army player moves and place next to any army piece. If a zombie gets a kill victim reswpans as zombie

needs a bit of tweeking but fun.

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