Tuesday 19 August 2014

d100 Secret Rooms

I have players that always search for secret rooms and occasionally they roll very well and i want to reward them. These shouldn't upset your dungeon too much. Most not especially rewarding with the more gonzo results last.

You could put 2d6 of these on a level for a quick bit of dungeon filler.

In my friend Herbie's fighting fantasy game sub tunnels are under every level where monsters spy on intruders, first aid teams hide, monsters change costumes to pretend to be new monsters and all kinds of troubles.

Inspired me to do a shrine generator later.

1d10 So now you have found door now what?
1 Simple mechanism easily opens
2 Difficult to find opening mechanism requires second search or loud smashing to open
3 Door is locked
4 Door is alarmed and signals other area if opened secretly
5 Door is alarmed or very noisy may alert others or occupants
6 Door is trapped
7 Door is jammed, possibly spiked from inside, need to be forced noisily
8 Door requires a puzzle to open
9 Door opened by mechanism somewhere else
10 Re roll 1d3 times, if get 10 again then cursed or magically trapped

1d10 Quick secret room
1 just a hiding space for small goods
2 a cramped hidey hole
3 a hidden closet
4 a small cell
5 a tiny store room
6 a medium store room
7 a large store room
8 a passage way
9 stairs up or down
10 strange magical chamber

d100 Secret Rooms
01 Cache of monsters emergency healing potions
02 Toxic slime spills out if opened
03 Cache of drugs and paraphernalia like smoking pipes
04 Bottles of grog
05 Jars of fermented sauerkraut, pickled eggs and gherkins
06 A map, tablet, scroll in a tube or book
07 An invisible imp hides inside and follows whoever frees from silver sealed door
08 A rat nest swarm out
09 A speaking tube to distant part of dungeon
10 Large toad sits blinking
11 Cowering blubbing humanoid cries for mercy
12 Kobold with spyhole, dagger, sleep gas vial and antidote pill
13 Filled with bones which leap out if opened to form 1d6 skeletons
14 A dead priest curled up tight, could not get out and died hiding in here
15 Hostile dust devil, a tiny air elemental
16 A scarecrow or hideous dummy falls onto who opens door 1in6 a lesser golem
17 Rotten corpse with purse falls out, horribly infected with parasites like worms
18 Gagged prisoner stuffed in hole
19 Nest of gremlins scurry everywhere including adventurers belongings and clothes
20 Cache of monster costumes, masks, bandages and makeup
21 An apprentice with a sleep spell and a dagger and a spyhole
22 A forgotten crypt where a evil wight has slumbered for decades till now
23 An assassin with a spy hole, poison darts and a garrotte
24 Cache of rations like dried meat, fish or groats
25 Cache of weapons and ammunition
26 Barrel of water with drinking cup attached with chain or hanging on hook
27 A stinking lavatory of some kind such as a hole or pot
28 Cache of lamps, oil, candles, flints and fire wood
29 A barred, locked and trapped display case with a magic item inside
30 Cache of silver arrows or quarrels, a silver dagger and wolvesbane
31 A bugbear hit man with a collection ho human heads and a spy hole
32 Six loaded crossbows tied to chair with strings tied to triggers attached to door or held by kobold
33 Toxic fungus releases spore clout if exposed to light or movement
34 Cache of trap repair tools, trap ammo and spatulas for scraping up adventurers
35 Cache of cleaning supplies like mops, buckets, rat traps and fermented urine
36 Cache with tins of paint, brushes and a step ladder
37 Tiny drug den with pillows, hookah, tin of cookies, 1in6 comatose monster with munchies if awakened
38 Tiny shrine with bottles of holy water, holy symbol, garlic, wooden stakes and mallet
39 A thriving termite mound which some monsters like to eat
40 Hellhound on a chain barks and spits fire
41 Hellcat purrs happily if released and follows lawful or evil persons
42 A cell with a vile shrine of underworld guarded by a shadow that appears if any attempt to desecrate
43 A cell with a comfy bed and box with dried figs, 1in6 has a napping monster
44 A meditating priest probably evil and angered to be disturbed
45 Cell with basket of live snakes or scorpions
46 Cell with chained adventurer prisoners who has gone blind and mad
47 A work gang of zombies with work mauls waiting to work or fight
48 A giant beetle which defends its grubs ferociously
49 Room with plinth with delicious smelling fresh pie cooling on top
50 Room with desk and monster duty roster, tie sheets and payroll 1d6 x 1000 copper
51 A decrepit burial chamber with several napping ghouls
52 Camber with manacled skeletons on wall
53 A unclean well, piles of soap, soiled clothes and a resentful female humanoid scrubbing clothes
54 Empty room covered in graffiti of local factions
55 Giant hungry toad in room ready to swallow any who open door
56 Room full of fungus and mushrooms with silver sickle hanging from nail and many cut shroom stalks
57 Room with a pyramid made of rotting severed heads and a chopping block and executioners axe
58 Room with gallows and hood hanging on hook and coil of spare rope
59 Room with cages of albino hens, feed and eggs
60 Room with friendly goat, feed, stool and milk bucket. She bleats to be milked
61 A hidden barracks for humanoids like orcs or hobgoblins off duty
62 Room with butchers tools and hanging haunches of meat
63 Room with spears stuck in ground with severed adventurer heads on display
64 Shelves with 1d6 body bags, each with toe tag describing if to be buried, eaten or recycled
65 Pit of lime with corpses in bottom
66 Beserkers trapped in here huddled in balls, leap into frenzies if door opened
67 Cowering naked old madman with pile of chewed monster bones and dagger
68 Sacks of stinking meat and maimed bodies scraped from traps and a iron meat grinder
69 Elf huddled in ball scrawny and blinking, trapped in here for month
70 Food store room with bloated halfling unable to move
71 Stacked room full of crates and or barrels
72 Room cluttered full of garbage and broken furniture
73 Tanning room with flayed salted hides and vats of stinking chemicals
74 Party of dead adventurers starved or asphyxiated, possibly some with magic
75 Sobbing prisoner chained to bed
76 Angry prisoner ready to throw toilet bucket on whom ever opens the door
77 Long forgotten loot stolen by now dead minion of dungeon boss
78 Collection of filthy plates, cups, empty jars, bottles and old pots
79 Scale model of part of dungeon with tiny pewter figurines
80 Old prison cell with dead prisoner and chalk map on wall
81 A secret passage to a different part of level
82 A secret stair case to a different level up or down
83 A entry to a tiny cave chamber or complex
84 A room with openings into sewer and air vents
85 Entry to cramped maintenance tunnel follows main corridors
86 Tunnel leads to other dungeon complex
87 Tunnel leads to surface
88 Tunnel leads to underland kingdom of darkness
89 Tunnel leads to monster lair
90 Tunnel leads to burial catacombs
91 Tunnel leads to long lost chamber of ancient evil gods with madness inducing cursed idol
92 Hag with cauldron making a potion and willing to sell charms to be left alone
93 A magical mirror allows communication with d4 1=dungeon boss 2=demon 3=distant wizard 4=a god
94 Cursed relic in hands of dead humanoid
95 A holy idol d4 1=heals 1pt once 2=bless for 10 minutes 3=may answer question 4=safe zone
96 A underworld idol d4 1=curses unbelievers 2=summons guardian 3=fear aura 4=
97 A rust beast hungry for metal treats
98 A other planar entity kept in a power circle but invisible, if circle crossed will be free
99 A other planar entity kept in a power circle and willing to bargain to be freed
100 Chamber with planar gateway with puzzle lock door

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