Friday, 22 August 2014

d100 Anacronistic Encounters for near that gateway

These left over from my long stairs game tables and i had to edit out of my redbrick encounters recently so here is a full table to add freaks from time and space in your dungeon.

I always loved the film Time bandits and the time travellers who all get horribly killed fighting evil.

Most games wouldn't suit this but Planet Psychon would.

Feel free to put gun users on last ammo supply.

Fragments for future anachronism encounter table

1 Frangarr - Bugbear pyro in Korean war helmet, with cigars and flamethrower and a few goblin "grunts"
2  Goblin with grenades suicide vest limping holds jewel and pretends to surrender
3 Kobold with dynamite and cowboy hat and lit torch demands you obey him
4 Goblin hero with SMG, confederate hat and goblin gang
3 Kundorg - Orc with assault rifle, 2 clips and one grenade, SWAT cap who uses his 6 men as distractions
4 Knuckles the goblin wizard with 1d6 dynamite sticks, pointy hat and several gormless students
5 Orc bandit is familiar with surface folk combat methods and has a flintlock pistol, smoke grenade, tazer, six pack of beer, machete and several young impressionable orc warriors awed by him
6 Bandit chief with captured other worldly arms including a vibrosword (2d6 rounds left), sonic blaster (d6 shots, works 50% of the time) and a flashlight followed by his bandits
7 Sargent Potter - AWOL sarge with 1d4 chaos mutations and his mutant grunts (one mutation each) long ago ran out of ammo but have rust guns with bayonets and gas masks
8 Private Stapleton - alone, afraid and shoots anything that moves but down to last clip in his rifle
9 Frogman hero with assault rifle and bottle of Whiskey, with frog men thugs who worship him as a god
10 Dark elf assassin with captured sniper riffle, climbing gear and dungeon-chamo gillies suit and a bag of hallucinogenic mushrooms
10 Yuri Konstanzin - Eastern European gangster hiding in dungeon with a scorpion machine pistol, has 6 armed orc bodyguards with rifles
11 Private Powell - AWOL surface soldier with rifle and 6 deep gnome techs with zip guns
12 Manx Steelskull - deranged cyborg lost in the wasteland with laser pistol instead of a hand, with gang of mutant mongrel cannibals
13 Karl Maximov - Euro mercenary with orcs and humans in bandit gang of hired killers
14 Black O'Donal black marketeer smuggler deals to corrupt local troops 12 hobgoblins with pistols
15 Nameless MIB goons with no nation of origin markings clues, government black ops agents with SMGs
16 Tentacled mutant with trucker hat with sexually crude slogan, has molotovs in old whiskey bottles, carton of cigarettes and and redneck goons with petty cosmetic mutations
17 Orcs with straw hats, missing teeth, neck beards, check shirts, armed with mix of wood axes and rusty double barrelled shotguns and moonshine in ceramic bottles looking fur purdy mouthed strangers
18 Goblins on roller skates with coloured wigs, and rusty revolvers. The leader has a Sony Walkman and headphones
19 Squad of troopers on patrol from experimental operations command looking for indigenous creatures to take prisoners, with rifles and machetes and bayonets
20 Bugbear bootlegging gangsters running interplanar hooch racket. With pinstripe suits, fedorsas, cigars, pistols and one with a tommygun
21 Bugbear cops with truncheons looking for gangsters or anyone who looks suspicious to them with pistols and one with a tommygun
22 Kobold youths with slings, molotovs, knives and balaclavas shouting slogans "death to oppressors!"
23 Orcs with white hoods, torches, clubs, pitchforks looking to cleanse dungeon of impure species like humans. All inbred and slightly drunk
24 Goblins with machetes and propaganda brochures warning them against communists and witches that threaten their way of life
25 Minotaur with a chainsaw and a eye patch, has a six pack of beer and bag of human flesh jerky
26 Orcs in riot armour with ballistic shields, truncheons and teargas, warn enemies to drop weapons then attack. Leader has a .22 pistol for executing captives
27 Goblins run begging adventurers to help vs strangers in area with odd weapons and customs (re roll for threat), explain strange magicians have decimated their tribe
28 Kobold kids with Halloween bags sorting 20th century candy from yearly inter planar trek
29 Stalkers in NBC suits and ak47's looking for loot they can sell back on Russian side of their gate
30 Zombie trench fighters from WW1 with gas masks and improvised weapons like entrenching tools, batons wrapped in barbed wire, rusty muddy broken rifles with bayonets  
31 Lost battered robot overjoyed to see human after years of wandering a post apocalyptic wasteland, programmed to cook and clean with d6 months power left
32 Lizard man master with a laser pistol and whip commanding band of degenerate lizardmen
33 Goblin child on tricycle with cowboy hat and toy cap gun surprises party, if left alive follows them calling their names out
34 High on drugs kobold gang with red shorts and braces, cleavers, and plastic mouse ears, sing "who's the leader of the gang?" as they attack
35 Dad and two kids from 20th C with hiking outfits and camping supplies lost while white water rafting in earthquake, possibly followed by cave person and dinosaur
36 Kobolds with shopping trolley full of 20th C food - claim the gods gave it too them
37 Nazi arctic expedition from 1938 capturing anyone they can to take home or for field vivisection, numbers are dropping and lost, possibly with crashed flying saucer
38 Cowboys who chased a small dinosaur into mists in a hidden valley now lost
39 Flight crew from WW2 hellcat squadron bewildered at how ended up here armed with pistols and flare guns
40 Lost doctor from Victorian London runs from strange fog, seeks help from pursuers, keen to get back to disemboweling prostitutes in own time or perhaps joining party if they seem into horrible murder too
41 Hear eerie chiming music and come across ice cream van or pushcart with kobolds operating it since they found it and ate owner, still plenty of frozen treats left till power dies
42 Eerie scream as glowing astronaut weights approach, nearby wreckage of a crushed space capsule
43 Savage apemen lost in the forbidden zone with rifles, truncheons and attack dogs trained to track and pursue humans
44 Future hate mongering dictator with masked inquisitors and beserkers lost in time wastes fleeing doomed civilisation with crude lasers and broad swords and flails
45 Future mutant evil brain in pepper pot shaped travel vehicle with laser and and single claw, hates all life and stair cases, accompanied by brutish ape men with pistols
46 Goblins with Beatles wigs, sunglasses, cigarettes, love beads, automatic pistols and guitars
48 Goblin in french maid costume with duster looking lost and forlorn
49 Duck beastman with trench coat, fedora and cigar trying to solve plane portal mystery
50 Dimensional refugees, home plane destroyed or enslaved, just ordinary families on the run
51 Squad from long lost destroyed civilisation led by a wizard, archaic weapons of very high quality, believe they can conquer these weak modern folk
52 Halflings from world where they are average height and rule supreme, disturbed by freaking giants in this world and hungry for snacks
53 Eldren in silver suits several with laser wands had mishap returning from the stars, more reliant on psionics or magic
54 Hungry morlocks left own world due to diminishing humanoids to eat, happy now hear, armed with wheel lock muskets
55 Biker gang from post apocalypse with horned helmets, mixed but poor quality weapons and outlandish armour cobbled together from remnants of past
56 Mobile intelligent triffids just want to get to good spot to breed and may try and just pretend to be immobile, communicate by telepathy
57 Warrior god from other world cut from source of power, he is rude, pompous and assured he deserves worship and obedience and he cannot be harmed
58 Kobolds on moped out of control, crash, blame humans and attack to death
59 Bunch of drunks staggering home from sport game with plush team mascots, signs, beer, trumpets, face paint and team shirts, rude to ant one they meet
60 Group of teen plane hoppers trying to find way home and have a gate detecting device, experienced at break and entry,sneaking, hiding and other thief and survival skills but avoid fights
61 Cyborg secret agent trying to assassinate mad scientist with gate machine and something has gone wrong, has a laser eye, dart gun finger, superior strength and resilience runs off atomic battery
62 Band of mutant adventurers one who can make gateways trying to go home, have mix of stone age and energy weapons, with scrap armour
63 Cyber Demon with minigun but only has ammo for few seconds of fire then relies on his chainsword
64 Band of changelings from faerie land in human form, all acting as travelling bards but really ethereal glowing elf like beings in true form, seek knowledge of faerie portal
65 Lost plane travelling plumber with gorilla and elf princess hoping to return himself and friends home
66 Crazed atomic cultists with pear shaped mutation bomb hoping to detonate near city to bestow blessing of the mutant gods on them
67 Team of plane hoppers including a psychic, a physicist, a archaeologist, a linguist and a secret agent who would prefer to keep travelling but could be convinced to stay
68 Black ops kill team with SMGs and tac nuke trying to seal the gate from this side but lost
69 Formarian warrior with his par fish part hound hunting beast shocked at world dominated by slave men, keen to establish a stronghold and breed with locals to restore his civilisation
70 Friendly time and planar traveller, eccentric but not really mere human, looking for help to close local gateway before something bad happens, might recruit a companion from locals when leaves
71 A orc super hero from other plane can fly, is strong, invulnerable and breathes fire. Disappointed by orcs status here, hopes to save them from being a second class race, allergic to electrum
72 Dark armoured troopers of elder god, partially on other plane are hard to kill but break down into bugs when they die, have spears
73 Large jolly bald man actually a intelligent shoggoth in disguise seeks to settle here and use gate to call through dark elder gods
74 Tentacled horror from beyond immune to normal weapons but not magic was guarding gate for cult or otherworldly masters but was lost chasing an intruder
75 A black monolith that keeps spawning monsters every hour, can teleport once a day, is sentient and telepathically will offer to use its powers to conquer the world in service to right master
76 A warlock sen here as banishment will pretend to be good and helpless but seeks opportunities for supreme power he encounters then betrays anyone to grasp power. Will use some of his dark powers to charm and cruelly destroy which might give him away, cannot enter hallowed ground
77 Witch pretending to be helpless woman really a evil hag, will accompany and even marry to fit in, eeks to establish herself as a great power or a dungeon boss. Banished by sisters for ambition
78 Plane traveller who is friendly and able veteran fighter, but concerned each wold he visits faces a great doom he must witness and try to stop
79 A 7 foot tall sorceress in royal robes with crown, feigns friendliness but is superior and commanding. Eventually she will expose herself and seek to obtain evil relics, banished from home and for her evil
80 Prince Valar the damned might be friendly but will seek out great evils to serve, he is reborn next dawn if slain so his home plane banished him. Has some honour but believes all must be under control of the mighty
81 Doctor Zacharia Jones from twentieth century with great genius but cowardly selfish greedy liar. Expert manipulator (especially of young and may think elves and hobbits are young) he tried to rip of aliens for cheap shot at power and wound up here
82 Battlesuit wearer from post apocalyptic world with jump pack and laser seeks to establish self as warlord before atomic fuel cell depleted, a stupid bully who only understands manly strength
83 Cold skinned pale humanoid friendly but nasty actually from plane of cold seeks to damage world o bring forth eternal winter
84 Trickster god looking for a laugh will follow anyone friendly and create additional threats and might aid them, depending on treatment may reward or curse companions before leaving
85 Arrogant youth with strange mental powers seems friendly and lost seeks respect first then love and fear before gods come to take him home
86 World emperor Zatan banished by his minions outraged at being a nobody here. A great warrior but arrogant and assumes all love him and will wish to serve him. Might learn a bit or go on some crazy scheme for power
87 Reptile men with serpent man wizard from dawn times outraged by filthy apes everywhere seek to awaken kin, enslave humans and breed with them to restore species
88 A crystal coffin with sleeping necromancer, banished by peers in ancient times. If opened seeks to great army and conquer, offer those who freed to be lieutenants and servants and lovers if pretty enough
89 Goat men cultists seeking gate they have dreamt of to help bring evil powers into the world, assume adventurers are enemies who will try and stop them
90 Grey skinned humanoid aliens, differing heights and some in silver suits with lasers. Most naked or in underpants and possibly with tools. Seek somewhere to camp, know many will die without home technology
91 Young witch boy with his hellcat seek protectors and a isolated village he can bend to will and use as a base to snatch power and spread his dark faith
92 Young warrior attractive but ignorant seeks teachers and friends, actually bastard of other planar being who has just escaped. If a good influence will resist evil parent otherwise will seek to out do and kill parent to take their plane
93 A attractive spell caster in royal robes seeks a quiet life and true love, parent a mighty planar despot with evil powers who will seek their rebel child in the future
94 A vampire seeking thralls to build  power base, might cooperate to get out of area
95 A fallen angel who wants to go home but knows is a reject, might try being good but will grow impatient and lash out. Is very attractive and finds earthly vice exhilarating
96 A cult seek to control gate as a scheme to gain power as directed by their master. Might ally with adventurers to cleanse area of competition
97 A demon has been released and daily grows in power. Is handsome and promises power to destroy enemies but just stalling. A great being of good is on way to stop him, the battle will be very destructive
98 A god in almost human form has come to usher in new age of terror and destruction. Awaits sacred vessels to arrive with relics to open more gateways, treats mortals like toys and seeks to wait undisturbed
99 A great wave of madness overwhelms area as elder god establishes foothold. Horrors of old times awake and come to serve it. It's power is linked to a monolith it requires to stay here
100 A great kaiju god beast comes to lay waste to world, gods send a being or one of own to fight it and request adventurers to damage the gate to weaken the creature


  1. hmmm i should have don a long stairs assimiated monster one and a more gonzo dnd and psychon one


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