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d100 Stuff Found on Apocalyptic Roadways

This is for stuff on roadside for rural areas and wastelands. As it is for Australia and my setting i might explain a few things. A Swagman is a traveling homeless person who makes a living doing odd jobs and farm work, usually bearded men with sack with a billy (a metal pot), tea, tobbacco, a bed roll, a lighter and not much else. In my year 2000 setting there are many animals recreated from prehistory. Some in wildlife parks gone feral. Others released by Green Fist a pro nature first terrorist org. The tasmanian devils and tigers (thylacine) and marsuipial lions are not the worst. Komodo dragon size goannas can smell a wounded person for miles and love smell of opened tin of fish. Nothing except near death deters them. At night you can hear the devils fighting over roadkill sounding like horrors.WIld Dingos might seak into camp to steal food too and if desperate might attack. Huge mutant "Devil" dingos have been seen.

Rural areas in hills and ranges around cities still a bit green every 25km
Wilderness with grass and trees every 50km
Wasteland mostly desert and dried crap every 100km

d10 Quick Version

1 Roadkill
2 Corpse
3 Pedestrian
4 Animal
5 Car Wreck
6 Other Wreckage
7 Goods
8 Nature
9 Ruins
10 Buildings

d100 Stuff Found on Apocalyptic Roadways
01 Squashed small animal like possum, rabbit, fox, cat
02 Squashed medium animal like pig, wombat, grey roo, small deer, goat or dog
03 Squashed large animal like cow, red kangaroo, large deer, horse, emu
04 Animal that appears dead blocking road but leaps up and attacks with final breath
05 Road crawling with cane toads, mice or other plague
06 A medium or large animal runs straight at car from out of nowhere
07 Local people scraping up road kill hungrily for a feast, welcome to join in BBQ
08 A strange tentacled mutant corpse nobody can identify
09 A strange mutant attacks travelers out of nowhere throwing itself hungrily at vehicles
10 Road kill being eaten by huge goanna, wild dogs, tasmanian devil, thylacine, marsuipial lion
11 Corpse tied to chain horribly dragged on road ill dead
12 Dead cop nailed to fence or telegraph pole or crude crucifix made from wrecked vehicles
13 Decapitated motorcyclist, wire across road will damage anything at biker neck height with speed
14 Scene of biker battle 2d12 corpses of several gangs 1in6 still have loot on them and a few bikes
15 Row of crucified gang members picked at by crows
16 Remains of cult ritual sacrifice
17 Human skeleton with last shred of flesh being chewed by wild animals (see 10)
18 Body of bound and gagged person d4 1=business man 2=farmer 3=teen girl 4=child
19 Parachute with corpse hanging from tree or or telegraph pole
20 Corpses rotting in trees pecked by birds d4 1=bikers 2=farmers 3=pilgrims 4=city folk
21 A hitch hiking teen aged girl on he run 1in6 she is a serial killer looking for victims to avenge herself
22 A cop who lost his bike and was left here by gang
23 A biker ditched from his gang for some infringement 1in6 he is working with them for an ambush
24 A farmer who was carjacked and abandoned need to get home to save his family
25 A aboriginal hunter with his dog, a cheeky funny guy
26 A homeless swagman with backpack looking for work down to last teabag and scrap of flower
27 A farmer kid lazily risking life by hitch hiking despite what parents say
28 A teen looking to flee to big city where anything is possible
29 A smelly hobo with dreadlocks covered in dirt with everything hand made from scraps
30 A city person dehydrated looking for help since abandoned hours ago
31 Big aggressive red kangaroo will attack and disembowel anyone they can
32 Flock of crazily running emus with little sense of self preservation on road
33 Komodo dragon size goannas following crawling person off the road
34 Mutant horror lurking in grass using a human corpse with backpack as bait
35 Bog by side or road with semi submerged car, probable croc or 1in6 a mutant bunyip thing
36 Remains of zoo or nature reserve with possibly feral exotic non natives or reconstructed megafauna
37 Swarms of bugs, canetoads, birds, lizards, rabbits or rodents cover road attacking anything man made
38 Flapping mutant water leaper horror attacks car but escapes to water if harmed badly
39 Staked out bodies crawling with ants left by some gang
40 Several bikes on road side with no bodies, if investigated giant man sized scorpion or spider attacks
41 Burning car with suicide body of working dad inside, 1d4 kids looking on crying
42 Car wrapped around telegraph pole (concrete in Sth Australia) d4 bodies with 1in6 of one alive
43 Broken car with several city folk died of exposure and no water
44 Abandoned car with amazingly crude bush mechanic repairs like grass filled tires
45 Interceptor with engine idling, actually a trap left by gang explodes when senses human near
46 Abandoned renegade off road vehicle, contaminated and radioactive
47 Abandoned farmer work utility vehicle with dead farmer outside, deadly snake or spider inside
48 Burned out wreck riddled with bullets and possibly rocket damage
49 Car or bike in tree with remains of impaled driver who accidentally made jump somehow
50 Car flipped over with unconscious wounded outlaws, actually rigged to blow by enemies or mad cops
51 Wrecked bus with dead passengers and looted baggage 1in6 chance of finding d4 survivors
52 Burnt out wrecked semi trailer with some remaining scattered goods d4 1=dead animals 2=grain 3=crates of building materials 4=barrels of slurry ready to be converted to fuel
53 Burned out food caravan 1in6 with homeless swagman making camp inside
54 Semi trailor blocking road with 3in6 chance of gang in waiting with ambush
55 Burned out smouldering police vehicles 1in6 of badly injured cop nearby
56 Crashed plane wreck 1in6 with remaining loot
57 Crater with chunks of satellite 1in6 radioactive 1in6 with automated defenses
58 Construction vehicle wreck 1in6 with a feral kid living in remains
59 Farm tractor half buried in mud, some parts worth scavenging
60 Farm machinery in dump 1in6 with stranded gang member wounded in ruins recovering
61 Suitcases and personal baggage littered on road side with papers fluttering in the wind
62 Crates laying on corner dropped by truck d4 1=machine parts 2=food 3=ore 4=coffins
63 Bags of clothes and personal goods near unmarked fresh graves
64 Dozens of good condition tires of various types 12=2d12
65 Jerrycan loose on edge of road d4 1=water 2=gasoline 3=biofuel 4=liquid narcotics
66 Plastic wrapped bundle d4 1=bodyparts 2=drugs 3=stolen or counterfeit banknotes 4=rotten food
67 Plastic cases d4 1=organs 1in6 still fresh 2=electronic parts 3=record collection 4=medical supplies
68 Pile of rubble dumped d4 1=coal 2=ore 3=gravel 4=covering a reasonable condition car with body
69 Garbage bags if searched may find d4 1=edible sealed food 2=gun 3=body 4=electrical appliances
70 Buried cache, trapped d4 1=firearms 2=food and water supplies 3=dodgy explosives 4=drugs
71 Open cut mine, partly flooded with wrecks of vehicles and sheds lair of d4 1=animals 2=mutants 3=gang 4=ferals
72 Mineshack with shaft or tunnel lair of d4 1=animals 2=mutants 3=cannibal swagman 4=prospector
73 Sudden storm produces flash flood, gulleys become temporary streams and may block road
74 Geothermal vent bubbling with steam or mud
75 Smoke from burning coal seam in underground mine or gas vent with flaming pit
76 Bushfire or grassfire running rampant, poor visibility and air, possibly block road
77 Triffids around road will move to block path when sense cars and try to eat divers
78 Red weed a bioengineered pest covers everything 2in6 including road, may hide ruins or creatures
79 Radioactive or poison contamination leaves dead animals everywhere, will contaminate fuel plant if used as fuel requiring decontamination for whole car
80 Trees littered with bones and bodies, mutant or animals live in trees eating passing humans
81 Gas station long ago burned out inhibited by d4 1=animal 2=bikers 3=ferals 4=mutant
82 Old farmhouse inhibited by d4 1=crazy farmer 2=cultists 3=animal 4=feral kid gang
83 Schoolhouse inhibited by d4 1=feral kid gang 2=homeless swagman 3=mad teacher 4=cultists
84 Church inhibited by d4 1=mad priest/nun 2=cultists 3=mutant horror 4=zombies
85 General store inhibited by d4 1=traps 2=swagmen 3=feral clan 4=gang
86 Farm shed inhibited by d4 1=swagmen 2=feral clan 3=homeless farmers 4=outlaw gang
87 Bunker built by survivalists inhibited by d4 1=mad survvalists 2=gang 3=cult 4=ferals
88 Toll station inhibited by d4 1=homeless swagman 2=stranded trucker 3=highwaymen 4=mutant
89 Compound of wrecked buses and vehicles with feral gang living in wrecks
90 Ruined pre 20th C farm building of stone inhibited by d4 1=swagman 2=animal 3=cult 4=mutant
91 Gang fort with walls built from trash and wrecks where gang rule area from and raid others
92 Fortified police precinct with garage and automated weapons and drones
93 Bunker where survivalists gang rule area from
94 Corporate compound with mercenaries at gatehouse to fenced property
95 Shanty town of nomads with vehicles in circle around tents, willing to trade
96 Mutant hovels and humpies by roadside where they beg from passers by or toll them
97 Aboriginal settlement with portable housing and sheds, wary of white folk causing trouble on their land
98 Food caravan with truck selling food and drink, popular with locals
99 Roadhouse restaurant with fuel station and garage, surrounded by fence with guards
100 Truck stop with concrete bunker, tucks, diner and machine gun nests in towers


  1. darned Triffids.
    hmmm, I wonder what would happen if Umbrella Corp tried improve Triffids for fuel production?

    1. i have dozens of type already - they are basis for mobile deadly plants in all my games

    2. I've only had triffids, tool using triffids and desiccated triffids that explode when flame is applied

    3. ambulatory and awareness of triffids easily spliced into other plants - no danger unless ww3 lets them loose

  2. Awesome!
    I'd love to have a version of this list in the Road Warrior issue of CUaBM I have planned next year. Please let me know if you would be interested.

    1. i dont know what that is but sure

      i plan on doing more stuff on gangs and encounters


      It is an official 3rd party fanzine dedicated to Post Apocalyptic content for the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG.

    3. please enjoy and use your welcome to my back catalog too but id love freebie pdf's

    4. I'll do better then that! I'll send you free print copies as well. Please contact me at crawlingunderabroken so we can discus the details.


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