Friday 15 August 2014

Doh! More proof why i cant be trusted to edit myself

JDJarvis pointed out my boss monster table seriously out of whack. I could spend a year just re doing all my old blogs but i generally go for the accuracy of a machine gun over a zen archer. I have to get stuff out of my head before i forget it.

Part 1
Part 2

So JD pointed out tables added together = 116 entries which is because my brain decided some early hour in jan 2013 that i needed two lots of numbers in 30s range.

Originally was for long stairs so will remove some of those entries and the more genric ones to put elsewhere. Possibly do d100 generic enemies and d100 anachronisms which will work better. Also remove stats, hd and level references so i can fudge them into more uses on the fly. . Some petty formatting incompatibilities too. d100 dungeon over lords might be a thing too. d100 dungeon loners posible for solitary dungeon killers who might be at odds with factions.

Fussing over this stuff has delayed me getting redbrick proof copies out too. That and health better so working more and having social life and gaming more than doing new stuff.

Did you know writing tables isn't a substitute for sleep?

1d4 level bosses per floor is a good policy for lazy faction creation.

d100 level bosses

1  Uragi Dran two blade wielding bandit queen with her gang hiding from law and trying to claim turf
2  Myrkord Zarjann - mage Spider, poison web spinner, cunning and evil with spider cultist fanatics
3  Skreekold Thrull - goblin wizard with several fireball scrolls and hobgoblin troops
4  Graargk Maarz - orc warrior hero, famous spear master with orc followers, wear elf hands for decor
5  Kerang Raag - kobold hero with elite kobold brothers, all fire proof from magic well they drank from
6  Zardrann Malaz - dark elf outlaw noble and kidnapper, dark elf assassins guard him
7  Fangrom Grimgram - ogre hero with huge magic club, respawns from his last stool daily if killed
8  Fetziik Tzaetchkul - assassin sorcerer who terrorizes the surface with bandit thugs
9  Nayag Blugskien - orc shaman with fanatic orcs and zombie guardians, likes to make magic traps
10 Trojiman Nargskinner - troll innovator, offers to mate with visitors in name of peace, attacks if rejected
11 Braja Minord - badger beast man and his brothers looking for victims to kill and permanent nest
12  Kulgax Rodjarm - goat man and his foul brothers looking for sacrifices and demons to serve
13  Zorad Gorax ogre leads tribe of degenerate mutant mongrel beast men who are always hungry
14  Zorias Trilldan - awol fundamentalist mad priest, pressgangs orcs and humans into corrupt evil sect
15  Gungra Rocklob - troglodyte chief with poison javelin and his warriors looking for food and loot
16  Kumra Ka - mummy with cult and priests, prefers to send other undead to do his bidding
17 Grondru Charg - minotaur berserker kills anything it can has kobold worshipers
18 Slorr - Headless ogre drags loose blubber after him, imp lives in his jowls directs him and orc servants
19 Ghurn Tnajgorr - goblin hero with SMG or 3 bombs and 8 max hp goblins
20 Poxx Nurdfurglar - chaos goblin chief with mutations and mutant bodyguards feared by most goblins
21 Blartrap Fruggler - hobgoblin hero, 4 arms, 4 poison daggers, has fanatic goblin flunkies
22  Kuurna Vrun - bandit cheif with captured weapons and press ganged surface folk desperate to live
23 The Red Wizard - grumpy university dropout with and fire resistant lizard men with exotic weapons
24 The Blue Wizard - lazy aristocrat looking for food and cheap highs, has many charmed mooks
25 The Green Wizard - impirial military war wizard gone awol, pressgang locals into bandit gang
26 Shrazelda the Sorceress - seeks knowledge of surface affairs, served by goblins and hobgoblins
27 Oorlan the Mad - savage cruel sorcerer, the dungeon talks to him in dreams, uses Hobgoblins
28 Umruk Klaan - evil high priest with zombies or & skeletons, tempts party with loot to get their corpses
29 Klak K Klak - praying mantis man hunter stalks and attacks while busy with trap, portal or obstacle
30 Hsskol - barrow wight with zombie followers, feign death for ambush, has magic silver sword
31 The Red Skeleton - evil regenerating skeleton priest, with skeletons guard who hates the living
32 Kazjangluer - evil cat man assassin seeks food and pretty things, has gang of mixed humanoids
33 Palag Strumpa - hobgoblin heroine, with pet rust monster and goblins using leather, wood & stone
34 Morgron the Grim- warrior slowly turning into wight reborn undead if killed, gang becomse zombies
35 Makkub Slogth - kobold hero riding carrion crawler with kobold archer followers
36 Spunrudd Klaw - kobold wizard 5th and weaver, makes magic traps, 4d4 kobold staff
37 Brother Harvrard - hobgoblin monk and his fanatic initiates, use staff and martial art skills
38 Nylock Klespar - goblin sorcerer, leaves trail of cursed items before attack, has goblin grunts
39 Bakkas Blackbeard - evil hearted dwarf with hobgoblin servants, loves to crush skulls
40 Ninnigas Fuldpepper - mad halfling feigns friendship, offers drugged food, has bandit gang
41 Grung Garl - Lizard chieftain 5HD of kingship quest, trident specialist with lizardman guards
42 Hrdrassus Klarr - serpent man wizard who hates uppity apes, with gang of lizard man guards
42 Billy Gumple - awol balif with chaos mutations, and mutant bandit grunts in his service
43 Shlaarn Torg - Chaos Hero warrior with chaos mutations and  beast men mongrels
44 Boggulp Glumhop - toadman hero with evil sword and his loyal offspring gang
45 Dalaag Thrull - dark elf assassin with wererat buddies and swarm of huge rats
46 Bokkus Jarog - morlock cheiftain leading gang of fierce morlocks looking for food and weapons
47 Thujjud Xtor - bountyhunter, scarified bandaged Rogue, uses traps and bandits
48 Zokkad Awrmwarg - draconian bounty hunter, mixed human, reptile man and dragon man gang
49 Zinmah Thrusstldong - halfling gypsy maid and friends, feigns being hunted, rob party blind
50 Haarg Bluetoungue - hyena man and hungry boys always looking for laugh and chance to torment
51 Gugrah Stinkweasel - wicked goblin druidic caster and her pets, spreads fungi traps
52 Karannak - mad wizard, obsessed with getting surface peoples "magic", has orc grunt for guards
53 Chondaru - sorcerer with pet ogre and some charmed bugbears, dreams of owning whole dungeon
54 Black Conner - black marketeer smuggler deals to corrupt surface troops, has hobgoblin troops
55 Garnash Toth - goblin wizard with his gang of sons and hobgoblin halberdiers seeking magic items
56 Zolat Crunge - orc hero & boar rider with his brothers looking for gold, food and power over the weak
57 Kralag Thrull - warg riding goblin captain with his troops, veteran skirmishers who avoid direct battle
58 Minga Derran - goblin bat riding chief who use normal bats as spies and are experts at fleeing fights
59 Kebbah Druul - kobold dog riding hero with a huge pack of wild dogs that fight to the death for kobolds
60 Zeddan Groll - kobold ant rider chief who dwells with the queen ant and use ants to tunnel and fight
61 Borboa Glan - mushroom man chief spread fungi gardens and seeks anything compostable
62 Kerbas Grun - flatulant ogre with his gang of orcs he raised since birth who serve fanatically
63 Mystrath Goon - goblin graffiti gang leader over teen horde who paint gang signs over dungeons
64 Kimbaal Drox - bugbear assassin clan who serve highest paying lords and love killing adventurers
65 Mikkash Hsrath - reptile man and his warband seeking relics of reptilian age and unite lizard tribes
66 Kzaggha Skeel - bat man chief & followers seek sacrifices to their blood goddess, seeks vampirehood
67 Jurunn Blerax - spider priestess spreading webs and giant spider eggs for her goddess
68 Rozakan Rawdoth - evil dwarf exiles seek to establish a forge, armoury and treasury in dungeon
69 Dernzar Graal - a unicorn man with might of a minotaur with a dozen drunk goblins on a mad spree
70 Gezub Hrort - mole man hates human slavers with his five brothers will burst through walls to ambush
71 Zradrah Klaan - reptile man cultist with 6 guards wear human skins so gods tricked into aiding them
72 Zarbaxis - goblin boss really a thoul with his eight heroic hobgoblin sons likes to eat humans
73 Draudmar Kan the hopping hobgoblin and his seven brothers all make superior +1 charge attacks
74 Zeereeg Far - cat man with his charmed swordswomen (his crazy cat ladies) declared area his turf
75 Rannimong the Dull - a stupid hobgoblin with his ogre buddies that make him look smarter, eats losers
76 Greeblas Dun - evil gnome priestess & cult troops seeks to build evil apparatus with magical purpose
77 Zoobiah Garr - fishman priest and cult heroes seek lost fishman gold and water entrances to dungeon
78 Kaabash Droth - boarman and his beserker brothers seek food and fights and slaves
79 Oolian Zriah - doppelganger leader of bandits will pretend to be a captive if gang killed
80 Jassath Knoon - swine shapeshifter sorceress with cult seduce new members to join them
81 Mezrab Grool - werewolf and his pack of wolves seek to create more werewolves
82 Kirrith Dron - wererat and his ratmen cult seek to establish selves here and to city thieves guilds
83 Boggrud Zrax - frogman cheif with his gang seek spawning ground and to dominate water supplies
84 Zmax Drudd - kobold hero with gang all ride a single giant centipede and throw envenomed darts
85 Srool Blodge - catfishman wizard leads common fishmen cultists to restore fish folk empire of old
86 Kebrad Dronex - evil necromancer with his zombie unicorn men seek to create undead horde
87 Gerotax Gronn - evil hobgoblin pimp & stable of angry fighting mixed humanoid prostitutes in makeup
88 Zirriad Monstrog - wizard with gang of orcs, especially like to capture women's clothing
89 Rimzaga Patoolion - priestess of dungeon goddess cult seeks to convert all dungeon occupants
90 Rotan Gzork - minotaur with his goatmen thugs like to smash stuff and smear feces everywhere
91 Honorius Gildman - renegade knight of empire with gang of nasty bandits in hiding from emperor
92 Zoradna Kruell - sorceress and her angry amazons kill and castrate males in the dungeon
93 Dolindra Marizitan - lady assassin with her cult in hiding, like planting secret panels and traps
94 Morg Taan - she ogre with orc seeks male sex slaves to father more litters of monsters
95 Bastrad Gorr - horned ogre with slave wizard and hobgoblin troops enjoy collecting severed heads
96 Tribolg Taarg the black - bugbear with his horde of murder goblins, enjoys eating human prisoners
97 Grambran Odron - hobgoblin hero tends fungus garden and albino pigs, sells food to dungeon
98 Mazkeen Viril - cult leader has goblins collect dung to feed creature in cult pit, human flesh good too
99 Orok Glon - ogre with hobgoblins raise baby monsters in pits in hopes of taking dungeon
100 Mezkiah Seran - she orc with male harem sells onions, turnips & mushrooms to rest of dungeon

So these are left overs for future tables

Fragments for future anachronism encounter table
These left over from my long stairs game

Frangarr - Bugbear Pyro - Korean war helmet, cigars and flamethrower 6+6HD, 2 buddies
Name - Goblin with hidden claymore suicide vest limping holds jewel gets close demands you obey him
Goblin hero with SMG or 3 bombs and 8 max hp goblins
Kun - Orc with Assault rifle and 2 clips and one grenade, uses his 6 men as distractions
Goblin wizard with 1d6 dynamite sticks
is familiar with surface combat methods
bandit cheif with captured surface arms and personnel, 2d4+4 bandits
- Sargent Potter - Awol sarge with 1d4 chaos mutations, 5th lv warrior with 1d4 mutant grunts
Private Stapleton
frogman hero 4HD with assault rifle, with 12 bullywugs
Dark elf assassin with captured sniper riffle, climbing gear and dungeon-chamo
- Yuri Konstanzin - Surface gangster hiding in dungeon, has 6 armed orc bodyguards
Private Powell - awol surface soldier with captured arms and 6 deep gnome techs with SMGs
Manx Steelskull - apparent cyborg 60HP 14HD, laser, gang of mutant mongrel men cannibals
Karl Maximov - surface mercenary with bad of orcs and humans in bandit gang of hired killers black marketeer smuggler deals to corrupt surface troops, 12 hobgoblins with smgs
Nameless MIB goons with no nation of origin clues, 8 government black ops agents with SMGs

For future enemy table
Oolian Zriah doppelganger leader of bandits will pretend to be captive if gang killed
Zarod Kludge ogre with orcs trying to breed gelatinous horrors in pit by chopping into halves
Zooran Xoth - intelligent spider giant mage with swarm of her spawn seek to turn dungeon into nest


  1. You are a machine my man. I'm in a creative upswell right now myself learning a set of programming tools to do apps on mobiles, working some art conracts, and working on my D&D campaign and yet I still manage (a very unusual) 11 hours of sleep and got to wake up to your eddited table.

    1. a pleasure - has got me re editing my redbrick book again so all good


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