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d100 Strange Gateways

Just wanted to do something handy for my DnD Exiles Campaign or Psychon game or Gamma World or Metamorphosis alpha games or any other d20 fantasy games. Exchange magic or science or psionics or whatever as needed. I could do a more "serious" space one later later.

Killed over a hundred ogres with wall of fire in game by being faster than them and them being too dumb to use ranged weapons till too late. Left 3 for rest of party.

d100 Strange Gateways

01 A world of flaming skies and baked desert where flame beings dwell in strange ruins
02 A world of cold and ice with water and ice terrain where fluid and ice beings fight 
03 A world of thunder and high pressure storm systems, energy beings and aerial beings 
04 A world of mountains, canyons and caverns with subterranean beings struggle
05 A world of diabolic torment where devilish beings enslave humanoids
06 A world of malevolent chaos where demonic beings sadistically abuse humanoids
07 A world of elder darkness and madness where primordial evils slumber in vile citadels
08 A gloomy world of the damned dwelling in ancient ruins scavenging for food among dust
09 A world of nightmares forming from raw chaos constantly changing from moment of moment
10 A world of stasis, crystals and lights stalked by creatures from many different time zones
11 A luminous world of peace and harmony with angelic beings welcoming strangers
12 A world of thriving life force, rich in wild beings engaged in Dionysian celebration 
13 A haunted ancient forest creeping with hidden intelligences watching intruders
14 A fog shrouded world with hidden ruins, canyons and bridges over dank rivers
15 A vast flooded swamp world with ruined remnants of elder civilization
16 A infinite sentient maleficent dungeon world crawling with monsters and treasure 
17 A maze world of ancient mines and chasms crawling with goblinoids, dwarves & dark elves
18 A sprawling endless ruined castle of elder giants who's degenerate descendants roam still
19 A mass of compacted lost ships fused together crawling with mutants and monsters
20 A world of sunken sea caverns and remnants of lost submerged cities of long ago
21 A endless sprawl of gothic ruined tombs, castles, manors and graveyards
22 A urban cosmopolitan centre of some other world with strange peoples and customs
23 A cavern world haunted by ancient spirits and beasts of the ancients
24 A Experimental Operations Command Australian infantry gate complex in 21st C
25 A post apocalyptic waste land crawling with mutant survivors, monsters and robots
26 A world full of gateways portals to other worlds and possibly a guardian horror
27 A world of trees and magical plane shifting pools
28 A world inside mind of the viewer or interloper, a psychedelic trip transports and transforms
29 A world of sickly green light and a alien tombs guarded by shadows of tentacled things 
30 A world shuddering in its death throws with only short time to go with desperate inhabitants
31 A dead world with remains of inhabitants slain by mysterious event, horrible secret awaits
32 A world of floating worldlets in a strange void, tumbling about with own unique ecology
33 A nightmare fantasy Wonderland with dreamlike reality and psychological landscapes
34 Advanced humanoid civilization fallen with remnants of servitors and devolved mutants
35 A linked series of worlds with demi human peoples dominating them
36 Quivering world of living flesh with gardens of organs and lakes of syliva
37 Slime covered world of moulds, fungus, shrooms and strange un-light auroras 
38 Cavernous subterranean world with exotic mineral abhumanoid kingdoms at war 
39 World of animate vegetation some fully mobile, some herd animals, some feral humans  
40 Scarified rocky world with titanic skeletons and fierce nomads living among them
41 Storm blasted world of mountains and crevices where huge beasts and humanoids battle
42 Glacier covered world of mega fauna, savages and invaders searching for treasure

43 Sun blasted desert world near lifeless ruins, haunted by dead ancients and planar invaders
44 Distant ruined generation ship crawling with degenerate passengers and artificial life
45 Stagnant salty swamp with degenerate reptilians and dinosaurs in ancestral ruins
46 World of dark skies crawling with mad horrors with last humans in silver pyramid cities
47 Sylvan world of  inhuman and strange demihumans and humanoids in a primal wilderness
48 Remnants of alien world with remnants of constructs and tech scattered in ruins 
49 World wasteland with evil sorcerers and wizards an evil highpriests in citadels ruling 
50 World dominated by beast men with humans as savage feral minority to be enslaved
51 World is a near infinite machine in ruins crawling with artificial and other planar beings
52 World of pale peasants ruled by parasitic monster ruling class who dwell outside villagers
53 Strange wilderness with overmind, tormenting and testing and assuming form of intruders
54 Wasteland world where each walled city state ruled by a avatar or offspring of the gods  
55 Desert and ocean world haunted by weird alien beings and wrecks from many time zones
56 World is a breeding ground for monsters from kaiju size and to hand held pet size
57 Necromantic forces have turned all life into necro computational engine, need spare parts
58 World endless impenetrable maze of canyons, thorn hedges, lava and walls with monsters 
59 World is hollowed out with monster filled transit ways and complexes of ancients, ok on top
60 World in an infinite time and space warped cursed manour with mad wizards and monsters
61 World is a horrible jungle with ruins and remnants of pre human monster and their servitors
62 World of megalithic stone age builders with megafauna fighting empires of evil wizards
63 Timeless void of law where nothing changes or happens and beings float forever
64 Void of chaos where beings are transformed or fused into the surreal changing  environment
65 Rocky waste world with fireballs raining from dark sky crawling in devilish & draconic beings
66 Cobwebbed world of ruins and crystals ruled by evil arachnids with great mental powers
67 Dank primordial swamp crawling in fishy, amphibian and invertebrate beings
68 World with great wilderness with many tiny feudal kingdoms and treasure filled ruins of old
69 Ancient empire rules much of world having stretched all it can in name of gods and power
70 A world with monsters and savages but penal colony of distant empire  has settled by ruins
71 Chains of rocky green islands in a stormy dark sea,each with different mystery or ruins 
72 Tropical island world with cannibal tribes battling zombie cultists over philosophical feud 
73 World is endless steaming rusty metal boiler room with demons and deranged killers
74 Nightmare world where dream lords control areas around towers and stray bad dreams go
75 A world similar to own but unsettling differences in ethics, customs and history
76 A generation ship gone mad trapped in event horizon of black hole, dark secret dooms all 
77 Dawn age world with godlike beings, monsters & lost races walk among normal humans
78 Humanity evolved or merged with collective ocean protoplasm on a red lit old world 
79 World with weakened humanity after undead apocalypse destroyed civilization long ago
80 Charred ruined world inhabited by hostile humanoid species in process of destroying all life
81 Pocket world built by long gone powerful beings and left to run wild 
82 Aquatic species vie for control of under sea kingdoms, surface islanders worship them
83 World mostly barren but ruins contain sleeping decadent elder race displeased if awoken 
84 Word crawling in draconic beings who rule territories of humans used as labour and food
85 Other dimensional prison for evil doers of the past with automated security automatons
86 Giant beings on this world find tiny people amusing pets and enslave any they catch
87 World with radical climate and terrain changes with local life metamorphing or hibernating
88 World invaded by insect men hives with own hostile ecology plundering food and materials
89 World inhabited by small people who freak at huge folk, want them gone or slaves or dead
90 World intersection inhabited by beings from many dimensions and more gateways 
91 World recovering from war of ancients where magicians plunder ancient tech for power
92 World with gender reversal of some kind and locals disgusted by party depraved customs
93 World inhabited by lost plane travelers, their surviving ruins and vehicles
94 World is inside belly of trans dimensional entity in overspace that devours time or souls
95 World seems to be endless interior of building actually pocket dimension of plane traveller
96 World is a menagerie or museum with curator guardians looking for exhibits in habitats
97 World similar to home but locals have been replaced with duplicate entities for invasion 
98 World part of multi dimensional empire ruled by all powerful overlord with godlike power
99 World ruled by otherworldy leader in alien mobile fortress with strange troop creature
100 World of living darkness with shadowy beings of horror lurking in forbidden wells

Obviously nobody makes gates to nice worlds


  1. Give a roll on a camapign apocalypse table along with this one and instant multi-session adventure setup for plane-hopping campaign.

  2. 27 is a nod to CS Lewis, "The Magicianz Nephew?"

    1. actually he stole it verbatim from william morris story wood between worlds - probably his most blatent lifting. William morris very under rated fantasy writer


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