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d100 Wasteland Gangs

 This is to create some kill crazy psychos to meet on the road in your game. Usable for cyberpunk, supers, car wars or post apoc games.

If you get similar results like cyborg three times then assume they are more heavily modified. A single result might be a cyber limb or eye each. Multiple might equal near total reconstruction with puny flesh and morality gone. Youthful twice might produce gang of tweens who kill anyone reaching puberty.

Am well into my car customizing rules for BRP and will have lots of results soon. I might stall the planned race next game to get the cars and racers ready. Other stuff in production:
d100 Death Racers
d100 Sanctioned ops and Wasteland Wanderers

Some stuff stolen from comics, games etc and others i recycle from my cyberpunk and super hero setting.

These guys in this older post good for urban gangs of crazies in outer city areas past the wall. The inner city gangs are police and corporate security who mostly shoot gangers on sight. (Lots of typos sorry)

On with todays mayhem
d10 Gang Activity
1 Raiding and looting
2 Crimelords
3 Nomad outside the law
4 Highwaymen
5 Mercenaries
6 Smuggling contraband
7 Entropy against civilisation
8 Warlords controlling territory
9 Fight to be strongest gang
10 Murder for fun

d10 Exotic Gang Trait
1 Cannibalism
2 Sponsored by secret masters
3 Well armed and equipped with military or advanced tech
4 Primitive and crude salvage tech and cobbled together trash
5 Mostly young and green
6 Many veterans (1in6 cyborgs)
7 Self mutilated with tats, piercing, scars, brands and body mods
8 Carry bounties and wanted in many states, notorious
9 Plague carriers
10 Insane madmen with no regard for personal safety

d10 Gang Leaders
1 Famous killer or the wastes
2 Has dangerous contacts
3 Has a superior vehicle
4 War veteran and cunning leader
5 Mutant with extra ordinary features
6 Insane madman, possibly possessed or controlled
7 Psionic abilities or psion slave give an edge
8 Exotic weapons and armour make them standout threat
9 Cyborg veteran from war zone, probably psychotic
10 Commands d4 skilled experts (techie, hacker, cop spy, sniper, doc)

1d10 Gang Assets
1 Air support from ultralight, drone or light aircraft
2 Well defended bunker or fortress
3 Battle truck or war bus or APC or tank or other exotic big deadly vehicle
4 Ammodump and armoury, gang use lots of automatic weapons
5 Fuel depot or power plant making gang long range and independent
6 Some high tech or military weapons
7 Some high tech vehicle seldom seen in wastes
8 Advanced med tech facility for possible clones, biotech or cyborgs
9 Use of pets, animals or creatures as guards, scouts or troops
10 Sophisticated communications, sensors, computers or satellite link

1d10 Vehicle Mix
1 90% bikes some support vehicles like portable garage truck or bus
2 80% bikes some small scout buggies
3 70% bikes some renegade offroad battle cars
4 60% bikes some offroad cars and support trucks
5 50% bikes and a mix of support and transports
6 40% bikes acting as support for battle cars
7 30% bikes with force of buggies and battle cars
8 20% bike escorts for gang transports and force of battle cars
9 10% bike scouts for force of battle cars and trucks
10 Disdain for bikes use buggies for scouts, battle cars, trucks and transport buses

Typical Encounter Formula on the road

per party vehicle
d4 bikes
d3 buggies or bikes with sidecars or compacts or quad bikes or trikes
d2 feral off road renegade cars - open frame with manned tripod guns
1 quality duellist mod fighting car with inbuilt weapon or a turret
1in4 chance of a support van or small truck with mechanic workshop usually at distance
1in8 chance of a medical van in rear usually kept out of battle
1in6 chance of a bus or truck with gang beds and loot often at camp possibly full of troops
1in6 chance of truck with bio fuel plant to harvest roadkill and corpses for fuel

d10 Quick Gang Table

1 Feral gang - everything built and made from crap and stolen, wasteland survivors
2 Gang cult - obsessed with occult and the messiah leaders own insane beliefs
3 Syndicate gang - professional criminals control vice and crime in region as business
4 Culture gang - ethnic or ideological supremacists stick to own kind and fight enemy cultures
5 Mutie gang - bonded by monstrosities of birth defects and devolution against norms
6 Cyborg gang - usually vets of zone wars and resentful of society that made them killing machines
7 Militia gang - originally formed by locals for defence, most go beyond charter to hunt strangers
8 Nomad gang - have no fixed abode travelling together in families taking what they need to keep moving
9 Juve gang - formed by youths rejecting society with little care for anyone or themselves
10 Corporate gang - sponsored with good hardware who do black jobs for the man

d100 Wasteland Gangs
01 Dingoboys (and Dingogrrrls) emulate the packs of wild dogs, roaming the land and taking what they need. They kidnap children to raise as their own and sometimes kill the parents
02 Dirtrunners started as a hippy commune turned crazy killers and thieves. They like bare feat, love beads, sex, drugs and killing squares. Infamous for committing suicide rather than be captives if loosing
03 Grubs like to live underground and hide like worms awaiting the apocalypse. Paranoid about secret societies and imaginary government psychotronic warfare they randomly may attack strangers in on the conspiracy
04 Green Fist are eco terrorists who preach veganism, free love and murder any who harm nature. Some actually commissioned megafauna embryos in Singapore and Russia which they have raised and released in Australia. They kill hunters, anyone wearing leather or eating meat or running over animals
05 Combat Wombats are another feral clan who like to dig but they specialise in earthworks, siege tunnels, land mines and trapping roads o stop traffic then attack. Many are ex vets with biotech allowing them to metabolise wood, grass and leaves and other wonders
06 Skips like to emulate kangaroos, travelling nomadic style and living off the land. They are excellent bush mechanics improvising bizarre repairs from scraps and natural materials. They dislike civilised people using their forests and grasslands so kill them. They might pretend to be weak but it is a trap
07 Goanna Spanners are a feral clan specialising in camouflage, custom cars and snipers. They often track victims and alert other gangs so they can scav off the leftovers. They might also disable travellers and let them weaken from wasteland exposure then kill them. They put up a good fight if caught in open
08 Bush Devil's take after Tasmanian devils, often fighting by night, making awful screams and practising cannibalism. Fearless killers with a preference for steroids and amphetamines and grog. They raid houses and and camps often. Will fight by day but usually live in underground shelters when the sun is up
09 Thunder killers like using explosives and often dwell in abandoned mines prospecting for gold and gems when no victims about. Start with ambushes and blowing up roads then send in their stupidest thug beserkers to fight. Sub normal intelligent members even use suicide bombs
10 Cane Toads are a gang of obese thugs who greedily rob, steal and kill. The also kidnap victims for sex and food. Members have implanted toxic sweat glands and leathery hides
11 New Puritans lead by supposed reincarnation of Cromwell are disciplined fighting force fond of mounted machine guns who hunt and kill riff-raff and unclean or decadent  scum of wastelands
12 Dust Devils a multi state gang of masked cultists who like underground lairs, blood sacrifice, torture, slavery, cannibalism and worship forms of Nyarlathotep. Claim to predate white settlement. Like bikes and renegade open frame 4x4 offroad vehicles. Weird and creepy with unfathomable motives
13 Black Templars a cult of bikers inspired by warrior monks of legend, like medieval weapons, sometimes wear high tech retro looking armour. Has links to big  Corporations like Temple Industries and Gentech. Many militarily trained and all celibate. Who knows what they ae really up to
14 Satanic Sixers a cult of satanic bikers into 70 horror, metal music, orgies and pointy beards. Some implant horns in heads or wear on helmets. Red robes and cult blades popular too
15 Wotan's Riders worship the beserker god Wotan and like raiding killing and looting. Like axes and horned helmets. Ramming and suicidal front on charges are peak of heroism
16 Aum Supreme Truth came to Australia to test their experimental weapons and have thrived since. The White robed self titled Buddhists claim to have super powers. Like to rob and murder outsiders. Members wear a electronic box on their heads with more devout fusing into their skulls. Nobody sure what it is supposed to do. Occasionally use exotics weapons like gas, lasers or psionics
17 Cycletologists are a deviation of Scientology turned into killer biker gang who believe they are superior and have psychic powers and convert towns by gunpoint and then use mind control drugs and sleep deprivation and other mind control
18 Knights of Yog-Sothoth are a gang of wizards serving the inhuman old ones and seek to restore them to ruling the earth. Practise ritual murder and seek chosen mutants who they elevate to god status
19 Dagon's Chosen started as a surfer gang who have inexplicably turned to the worship of a fish demon and roam the land erecting stelae to Cthulhu near natural water sources in wastes
20 Mason gang worship Charles Manson and practise free love, murdering celebrities and other mayhem like poisoning water supplies with LSD or raiding drug crops
21 The mob are a mafia inspired gang dominated by Italian mafia and who like armoured limousines. Rich and running many rackets they see themselves as crime royalty and everybody else as upstarts. Are devout catholics
22 Gladiators are a mafia connected gang well disciplined and willing to make deals. Also willing to make examples of enemies and very vindictive. Every gang has specialist hit men. Every gang like a big black armoured luxury car and they like suits and gold rings and chains and sunglasses. Occasionally go after women and can be charming but turn to brutes if disobeyed
23 The Syndicate are an American gangster with a very corporate model running finance rackets, gambling, drugs and assassination on the side. Have also political connections and links to US base in Cape York. Frequently battle other gangs less organised or who try to rob them. On open road often fire first. Often use external rockets pods to start firefight
24 Commissars a Russian mob gang with ties to home government and fingers in the glittery world of tv and pop music. Also work in extortion, sex trade and murder for money. Have lots of heavy vehicles, weapons and cyborg ops. Younger ones more into hip hop and gratuitous wealth while older ones more stern fat old men with suits.
25 Rising Sons are a Asiatic gang with delusions of samurai honour. They take offence at any sleight and try to kill those who defile them. Many affiliated with Yakuza, Triad and Tong. Many martial artists and have bravado and good quality vehicles you would expect more in the city. Drugs, extortion and warlords are common rackets
26 Highwaymen gang specialise in robbing conveys, trucks and road trains by force. Well armed vehicles lead local scum in anything that moves. Hold up trade in large areas then sell goods at increased prices. Cigarettes, food and fuel are common targets. Leaders wear black suits with capes, masks and drive black vehicles 
27  Chain gang are escaped convicts from the many mass break outs in the 90s. Experienced hardened cons that hate lawmen. The law have bounties on them all and shoot to kill. The hide among other gangs then unite to destroy police and commit heists or even sack towns then returning to their other gangs. Some are more interested in revenge on society than money and often blow missions by being trigger happy
28 Reapers started as a collection thug gang working for others. From lucrative extortion they took over the operation and became more engrossed in biker, metal and gothic culture. The Leader has had his face reconstructed to resemble Edgar Allen Poe and rides long forked cycle with his wife Raven. Most wear make up and like top hats and bowlers. Happy to use voodoo like superstition to spread fear. Each chapter has a gimmick some being implanted with functional vampire fangs
29 Handsome Ungentlemen are muscle bound freaks and open to variety of sexuality, as long as members like 80s pop music, cocktails and outlandish fashion combined with guns, drugs and raves. Big time dealers and party machines but enjoy a good fight. Like to keep cool when killing and like to drink, snort drugs, and make out with lovers at the same time. Plenty of cyborgs among them too
30 Beast Brotherhood like bikes, beards, big dogs and leather gear. Plenty of all female and gay chapters. Most gangs have genetically or cybernetic modified mammalian horror like a mutant bear or cyborg panther. Claws in some form as grafted weapons are popular or just strap on
31 New Christian Militia are a aggressive fundamentalist sect who find fault with everybody then use as a pretext to kill them. Roam the wasteland looting for their bunker churches and holy crusade
32 Kelly's Heroes a nationalistic gang who wear armour to emulate the colonial bush ranger Ned Kelly and his infamous improvised armour. They hate cops and authorities. Some chapters infected by zombie virus and turn undead if killed
33 Eureka gang are nationalist anti government gang with many chapters also racist to some degree. Violent drunks who destroy stuff that isn't Australian and like to drive refitted Holden's finding other brands a threat to their way of life
34 Aryan wasteland brotherhood roam desert killing mutants, coloured folk and anyone not enough like their perfect examples of humanity. Adopt many elements of Nazis and KKK
35 Ghost Dancers are a indigenous gang fighting back against government and gangs and anyone intruding on their land. They do accept others into their tribes and don't like people questioning their bloodlines or appearance. They reject even there own kin if turn Christian
36 Josephite Pilgrims claim to be a sect of Mormonism. They are clean cut and seem peaceful and even victims. In reality they are a dangerous cult serving their master an Immortal wizard who serves the old ones
37 Witch Hunters seek to kill mutants, occultists, psionics or any using evil looking dress or vehicle decor as tools of the devil. Wear puritan like outfits and duster coats. Prefer shotguns and machine guns on vehicles and very large handguns
38 Red Storm are communists who seek to slaughter capitalists, shop owners, merchants, gangsters, police, religious persons and anything else in the way of global revolution. When they kill enough everyone will see truth of their cause and join them. They also rob farmers (kulaks) to redistribute the food to workers and the cause of the revolution. Attack death racers for publicity and decadence
39  Furies or known a Harpies to enemies are a all female gang prey on men, especially other gangs. By infiltrating other gangs sex rackets and as mistresses they leak information used to make heists. Grown rapidly now they are fielding road gangs. They try and recruit women and wipe out men they find offence or who hurt them. They mutilate and crucify their enemies
40 Black Lions were brought as immigrants in good times then abandoned with no means to live then formed a vicious tribe famous for young soldiers and machete mutilations. Many members forced into gang at a young age. Skilled at turning house hold items into torture devices
41 Tentacle Fiends are mutants many featuring amphibious, fish or even tentacles. Most stay near water or under it but occasionally they raid for mates and food from humans further away. Some stay in water side homes or boats but show rue colours when intruders come to town
42 Nergal's Angels are diseased mutants who worship Entropy. They seek to destroy civilisation by spreading disease, poisoning wells, burning crops and other trouble. Trade and transport are also targets. Many are mildly mutated with champions being very mutated. May employ monster horrors they find in wastes and have been seen working with undead without conflict
43 Morlocks are albino mutant cannibals who have tinted windows and screens to protect them from the sun. They often come to civilisation to kidnap food, steal tech and to kill the decadent humans who have ruined the world. Some are psionic or have other mutant abilities
44 Mutie Boys are a mutant pride group who flaunt mutations and destroy those who wrong them. They often drift into towns increasing in numbers and obnoxiousness till locals flip, then the horde come en masse to kill everybody for intolerance
45 Dinosaws have reptilian and scaled mutations and gene mods and claim to be the new master race. They publicly cause havoc, killing and eating people. Like big lizards and are always trying to get pet dinosaurs smuggled through customs from Singapore
46 Damned Dirty Apes are mutants with apelike mutations such as facial features, tails and fur all over. Many take retro tailored DNA drugs and steroids to enhance the effect. They hate baseline humans enslaving them. They also liberate test apes from black labs and try to contaminate others with their genetics
47 Atomic Sons are a mutant gang who dwell in contaminated wastes to be left alone but frequently raid others. Nobody wants their contaminated property so the have been quite successful. Often wear paramilitary dress and gasmasks. Use biological weapons and gas if they can get hold of it or make their own
48 Harlequins are a band of killer clowns with horrible senses of humour who spread horror and madness. Kidnap victims and abuse them to point of madness to grow like a cult. Fearless and like bright colours and crazy tricks. Always surprising and deadly traps. Especially like to steal children. They are mutants and hide unnatural features under their costumes
49 Mutant Pride also known as the Mutant Liberation Army help any mutant gangs and help wage war on humans. If they hear of mutants being experimented on, mistreated or exploited they call a horde to kill and destroy. Flaunt their mutant bodies and disdain armour on bodies and prefer open frame cars
50 Khaos Spawn are a gang cult worshipping chaos, entropy and disorder. Vile punks seek to hasten the end of the world by murder, arson and terror
51 Gun Nuns are a heretical catholic sect that enjoy cyber implants to wage war on the impure. Many like weapons built into bodies and even build themselves into their penitence wagons. They slaughter other gangs, cults and religions that cannot be saved. They hope their example will be a example to others to join them. Most are lesbians but they accept males as long as they wear nun habits and refer to themselves as sisters. Becoming a eunuch helps too. Strangely they respect the law as long as it doesn't try and stop them
52 Purple Hearts are wounded vets turned int crazed cyborg killers. They take over towns and ever districts of outer cities with wild parties, murder and cannibalism just for fun. They seek revenge on the society that made them and when captured and tried tend to cry for sympathy and have good lawyers making the state resort to hiring contract killers to wipe them out
53 Destroyers are combat vets from the zone who finding no work or help have turned on their country for being cowardly treacherous bastards. They wage war on fellow citizens the way they did in the zone. Most hunt scalps and collect ear necklaces. They have obtained many military grade weapons and wear cammos. They only respect or speak to veterans
54 Exterminators are zone vets who have increasingly moved to become full body cyborgs and increasingly even abandon  humanoid appearance. They believe they usher in a age of the machine gods and seek to turn AI and robots to their cause. Frighteningly good hackers they like advanced weapons. "Let the machine take control now!" is their battle cry
55 Night killers are cyborgs built for stealth, assassination, black jobs and infiltration. They are very mysterious wearing special forces stealth suits. Others specialise in infiltration among normal people, gangs and law enforcement. Noboy outside the gang know who they serve or their purpose as they scrub the brains of their operatives
56 Death Metal are a gang of cyber vets who have become infested with an intelligent strain of the necrovirus. They are hostile to those not infected and prey on cyborg gangs the most but mutants are second choice. They seem to act with intelligent purpose and their nanite colonies have produced new technology nobody else can operate or understand. Humans are just raw materials and meat they say but they seem to relish cruelty and fear from their victims
57 Cybertaurs are a cyborg vet gang who like to be fused into their vehicles. Greater their champion the better the vehicle. Those still human are mechanics and gunners while the chosen are first grafted to monocycles or motorbikes like high tech centaurs. The greatest become attached to cars and trucks. Even if their vehicle bodies are shattered they will crawl out and graft themselves to any other vehicles they can find. Some have performed horrible acts of terrorism with trains and aircraft. Worse still they happily help and join other cyborg gangs
58 Mechtonoids are cyborg vets obsessed with conquest and building huge robot bodies and mecha for their war against everybody else. Only giant robots will survive in their planned machapocalypse
59 Slavechippers are a more subtle cyborg gang interested in infiltration and mind control. They implant humans with control chips and network them into their command structure. They are happy to take their time but will arise with their thralls is major threats arise against them
60 Bionic Bastards are a cyber vet gang who enjoy patriotism, sports and murdering anyone who doesn't pay them respect for their heroism in the war zone. They are sadistic to those who get in their way using victims for cruel games. Decapitation cricket and football are special favourites. They tend to live in city fringes till driven out. Like to fight other gangs ad always have big grins as long as they are killing
61 Canefield Defence League founded in Queens Land to defend farms from gangs but became interested in protectionism, racist purges and interstate crime sprees when leaving state borders. Truck jacking favourite crime
62 Coastwatch Brotherhood a vigilante gang grown to cover areas of coastlines in several states and now even attack shipping. Still pretend to be lawmen and make preemptive strikes on suspicious intruders into turf or anywhere really
63 Freetown Sheriff League band of allied rural lawmen established when police stopped bothering with crime outside of cities. Vary greatly but wary of outsiders. Have access to crime records and data bases
64 Trucker Defence Force escort trucks and guard truck stops. Will attack suspicious gangs, rival trucker factions and unregulated traders
65 Dangerfield Agency corporate sanctioned ops and mercenaries who don't ask questions in the wastelands about jobs or clients. Often round up undesirables for bounties and for state prison capacity quotas
66 Stronghold Security transport goods and specialise in heavily armed vehicles. Also operate prisons, prison transports, armoured cars for money transportation. Don't give way except to city law or bigger guns
67 Bloodhounds (Dawgs) Militia squad work for independent farm collectives. Musclebound speed junkies they get overly worked up and crave action, notorious for shooting first. Especially at foreign or queer or gang looking types
68 Redfern Agency consist of mostly Aboriginal decent drivers to provide work as well as connect communities and fight racist gangs who would readily destroy whole Aboriginal settlements. Mostly peaceful but wary of many gangs or anyone who treats them without respect
69 McCready Agency are respected sanctioned ops who work with law and exterminate gangs under contract with fed and state governments. Even exterminated overzealous militias and corrupt lawmen. Don't start fights for free unless others start first
70 Gordons Security Service Co sanctioned ops specialise in escorts, body guards and couriers in the wastelands. Tend to avoid quasi legal jobs and starting fights
71 Sand brothers a Aboriginal gang who in spirit try to celebrate pre white Australia and may be seen living low tech lives. Don't be fooled though this is strictly ceremonial and they enjoy plenty of vehicles, weapons and other modern tools even if they look a little rough. Expert bush mechanics can get wrecks operational with improvised materials most whites would never think of
72 Bloodjacks are a major nomad crew who don't put up with shit from anyone. If members are wronged they can call a wasteland hoard ready to avenge them. As initiation they attack travellers so frequently get into fights. Wear three cornerd jack symbol of colonial convicts and like caltrops
73 Strippers are a nomad gang that seek to capture as many vehicles as possible or strip them for parts. They also recruit new members even from survivors of assaults. They have well maintained vehicles and will descend of fuel depots like locusts
74 Skyjackers specialise in drones, ultra lights, light aircraft and anti air weapons. The shoot down freight airships and strip them quickly before ground attack aircraft move in to destroy them. Small and secretive they keep a low profile as the city defence forces would do anything to kill them. Large bounties are on them so they hide their faces. May work with other gangs and let them take the heat
75 Cowpokers are a nomad gang that herd cattle but sometimes will stampede into enemies to win a fight. Will happily harvest dead ones after fight on abattoir truck and turn victims and scraps into biofuel on a plant truck. Some clans prefer other animals like goats, camels, pigs or emus
76 Trailer Towners live in mobile homes and caravans, many home built or modified goods transporters with escort fleet of other vehicles, wary of other gangs as they have whole families
77 Amazons are a female controlled nomad clan who recruit and rescue women from other gangs. They don't attack all men. Some men work in their field army and hold positions of power. They control large herds in some areas
78 Dead men are known disease bearers and many show signs of necroviral mutations. The dead among them charge first and many are intelligent enough to drive. They eat non members and descend like a plague spreading terror
79 Wastelords are a barbarian tribe who use cars and guns but are adapting to use of crossbows, unarmed attacks and balistia mounted on vehicles. Fond of bikes, stripping vehicles for loot and mass murder
80 Crow eaters come from rural South Australia turned into dust bowl. First they ate their animals then the crows then each other. Now they roam the wasteland depopulating areas of everything and everyone. With bio fuel converters any organic thing is fair game for food or fuel. Wear crow motifs on clothes and cry "Go Crows!" lots
81 Young Bloods a wasteland feral kids gone bad, arrogant, overconfident, reckless and coldblooded killers
82 Thorn Devils named after lizard and wasteland survival experts. Like to migrate to other areas and stir up troubles between factions then finish off or loot dead
83 Bubblegunners are super cool techno geeks who hijack pop culture shipments, hack media and kidnap celebrities. Force them to perform then sell them. Rumoured they clone them and sell them
84 Chrome Cobras or Cobra kids like to emulate action figure toy lines and run amok with salvaged weapons and tech. All have gimmick persona and codenamed with leaders wearing strange masks
85 Deadly Broys a Aboriginal-Islander-Islamic mix youth gang who fight racists and rob the man, treat ok if you laugh at jokes and dot act scared or wary
86 Katzenpride a gang of techno kids who dress in cat costumes and hold illegal raves, mostly harmless unless you abuse or try to exploit them the claws come out. polymorphous sexual tenancies and fit audio and light sows to vehicles
87 Caligula's Sons started by mobster and old money kids looking for thrills. Like to emulate Ancient Roman decadence, slavery, orgies and gladiators
88 Technoids like hi tech crime like cable splicing, satellite hacking, and e-crime. The blow money on robotics, cybernetics and are trying to build mecha, transformable vehicles and weird robots. Some megacorps hate them
89 RRR Roads Run Red crew love graffiti and killing pedestrians. Amateur death racers just for fun on Innocent rural settlements
90 Chemgen kids a national graffiti crew into thrills, extreme sports like truck surfing, and making other gangs fight. Use lots of drugs as well as making and trafficking. Produced marijuana-triffid hybrids for fun
91 Steelskulls linked to Universal Products Inc, fight other gangs, black bag jobs.Wear leather, big beards and chains. Lots of zone war vets with cybernetics overclocked by corp techs
92 Nugen the official Gentech gang mostly Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese but others included. Glamorous into high fashion and martial arts. Rumoured some are Psi-op ninjas. Test new models of stuff and avoid legal trouble that gives company a bad rep in press
93 Diggers or "Coal Moles" pretend to be patriotic vet gang mixing New Zealanders and Australians. Protect coal mines from hippies, protesters and eco terrorists
94 Firedogs specialise in arson of buildings and starting bush fires. Willing to use other forms of violence and explosives. Serve land developers and real estate association to drive off squatters and stubborn land owners that hold up developments. Also interfere in Mayor elections
95 Gearheads serve Kemelkon, protect fossil fuels, biofuel farms and  mining industry. Sabotage rival fuel and energy concerns and convince farmers to only buy their seed crops. Vehicles are big gas guzzlers
96 Motocroppers pretend to be ferals really mobile anti labour force that subjugate pickers and ag workers on Biota Inc farms. Also sabotage rival ag projects and test bioware
97 Skullpoppers a gang of covert cyborg black ops for Exotech military and cybernetics, test abilities by killing other gangs and military assaults on bunkers and communities. Ex zone troops and still fly overseas occasionally for missions
98 Iron Commandos fascist Hitler worshipping brownshirt gang push racist hysteria and bait lefties but actually serve banking cartels who use them to for extortion and to ruin debtors businesses.
99 Death hods - Seccom Inc owned lots of private security firms and police districts so getting own gang was a logical step to prove anti gang forces needed by customers. Vandalism, murder and militant nihilism a speciality.
100 Silver Shanks keep a low profile and have no criminal records. Work for UK/Russian aerospace tech firm AELITA. Enemies tend to be hit by hypersonic weapons and eliminated. People not sure what they get up to but they roam around with ultra high tech vehicles, guns and cyberwear 

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