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Strange Shopping of Shadelport

Hogarth and a History of Vice in London were great inspirations for my City campaign and occasionally I potter at some extra stuff for it. Have a few districts to map to someday.

Shadelport If you have not seen my big fat PDF is a city colonised by pirates on the ruins of a previous port used by the prehuman monster empire as a global slave port. 800 year later the city is a maritime and trade power located in the middle of the great sea. The people there enjoy many new advanced methods of sea navigation, printing and black powder weapons enjoyed by the most advanced peoples of the world. Large areas of the city are famous for sealed ruins with limited access as well as a gangland district, a humanoid district for goblinoids and orcs and a mutant ghetto. So there are plenty of interesting shopping districts. Merchant town though has many of the best shops.

Note on My Setting:
"My setting is about the history of vice and bad government"
I ought to explain this setting is a negative example of the good life with entrenched injustice but a character could be an influence and damage global slavery over a career and can easily improve the lives of others a bit

They could do that but mostly they become slum landlords or build poorhouses and villages for the homeless, build orphanages for orcs or become mad wizards taking over the work of the last one they killed or build a zombie powered ship to save money.

One player wanted to take over the drug supply in the city then to the druglords home city in the savage and mystical west ruled by a secret underground emperor but instead, he cut a deal with them and the city rulers and now the druglords are legal in-state licenced shops. The whole party almost considered invading a continent over this.

d10 Strange Shop Types
01 Farmers Market
02 Craftmans Lane
03 Armourers Lane
04 Booksellers Row
05 Pawn alley
06 Goblin Market
07 Apothacaries Lane
08 Holy & healers Market
09 Magic Shops
10 Weird Shops

d100Strange Shops of Shadelport
01 Moldva's Farm Store sells the best fresh fruit and vegetables from her clan farms around the city and Moldva brokers large deals with foreign traders and the military. Her shop has spectacular displays of fruit and vegetables and prize livestock, all staff are family of competent yeomen free farmers who sometimes sponsor adventurers who help get rid of pesky creatures in the farm district
02 Gobbos Cabbage & Turnip Barn, with year-round supplies of these vegetables grown by goblin sharecroppers. Gobbo knows stories of hidden goblin kingdoms in the mountains and underland lore
03 Madam Eva's Herbalism and Divination, sells mostly fresh herbs for cooking and some exotic herbs used by spell casters. She also sells lucky crystals and incense.  She also is a priestess who has a minor shrine behind the shop in a filthy alley. Occasionally she makes offers of her powers and if mocked she will curse the abuser 
04 Glorion's Pickle house, sells pickled vegetables, fish, crabs, eggs and other vinegar preserved treats but will buy exotic monster parts for exotic pickles for the rich
05 Borad's Animal Feed, sells animal feed for all kinds of beasts. He also rents out donkeys but out the back, he has some strange unnatural beasts of burdon for dungeon or cave crawls the public would never understand
06 Granny's Vegetables, has the finest quality produce the city top cooks come to buy. She 
07 Doctor Viola's Cat Shoppe - Doc sells new and used cats and breeds them in crates in the top floor in his piss scented building. Cats come in many types and colours some for snooty ladies or witches but most are barn cats for farmers or even released to reduce vermin. Also sells cat parts like sinew, fur and his famous quality cat glue 
08 Evalad's Farm Store - large building with farm tools, fodder, livestock and the best quality longbows in the land humans can make. Evalad is a yeoman farmer land owner and knows what the well off farmers want. The store also has clothes, cooking supplies, furniture and building supplies
09 Pioneer Supplies - run by Captain Saltbeard, who helps new rivals with supplies to settle farmsteads in the wilderness, and offers plots of land and a selection of desperate and orphans he can provide as contracted labourers
10 Golden Stables - premium new and used horse dealer also sells accessories and has some second-hand waggons and horse tack. No donkeys or pit ponies here all horses for riding, packs, war or labour. Prices are a bit more but all livestock are more attractive and superior (above average HP and +d3 Mov). More exceptional ones are available but only for rich and nobility which the owner Palina Vaswald has used to get in on wealthy society who want her horses. The business has been in family for centuries and has been improving each generation. All clan eccentric and keen for status 
11 Obeggnon's Smithy - a famous orc smith who with his workshop make hundreds of adventurer standard weapons and goods. He keeps on a gnome silversmith, a forest dwarf redsmith and an elf tinsmith and several human carpenters. He welcomes adventurers and will give them free tips from his years of killing adventurers in local ruins and dungeons. Then he worked for the secret police then started his dream workshop. He is happy and well off producing cheaply made mediocre goods
12 Balanthar's Tailory - popular with bards, heralds, courtiers and anyone wishing to make a statement about town. Balanthar manages a floor of cloth cutters imitating the latest innovative fashion and making it her own. Sho can advise what is needed to impress those of high status and recommend other specialists to teach manners and dancing and other things. She insults current clothes of all who enter and many leave outraged 
13 Potam's Potions and Herbalism - sells various prepackaged herbs, dressings and pills for common ailments and first aid. A former ship surgeon from the northern lands. Drinks dangerously strong spirits he brews and shares with patients before surgery to make him brave. He helps many upcoming heroes for low low prices no1 b-grade quality and can advise on best for adventuring or just drug abuse
14 Glian The Leatherer - fine leather armour, boots, belts and bags for all needs, some quite ornate in styles of many lands. Also has hide and furs of exotic monsters and gives tips for skilling and salting animal skins to bring to his shop. Glian has a sister next door who is a butcher RIllian. They often work together which is their special time
15 Rillian's Fine & Strange Meats - with various goats, sheep, pigs, cow, dog, rat and cat carcasses hanging and dripping over the wood shaving covered floor. Rillian and her lads chop up mead to sell but also sell pickled eggs, sausages, ham, bacon, saurkraut, jerky and salami. Animal fat of all kinds is available too with a pot of bubbling fat on a stove. She buys and sells exotic carcasses and will get her brother Glian the skinner to help. Butchery is her favorite thing 
16 Rikals Forge - mercurial blacksmith has several strange magic tools he uses to make temporary magic weapons and armour, seemingly +1 or +2 but each hit they lose a plus and at zero they are non magical. His wife Mortika makes and sells arrows with the same properties. They met as adventurers a decade ago and are admired by the whole street
17 Marindal the Jeweller - lovely owner came as a refugee with nothing and now a notorious quick turnaround sales for gems and jewels especially ones from the ruins and dungeons in the area. She learned her skills from gnomes and she employs many today. She collects stories too and has become of interest to upper classes for her work and stories with each item. She has picked up lots of strange lore from her clients. She has a deal with the crime guilds and handles no stolen goods. Many men court her though she is older and of common roots
18 Ogilvy Scrap - family of rural yokels started a rubbish barrow and for last three generations the clan took a haunted house on a patch of toxic waste tainted soil and today it is a magnificent garbage dump. Confined within a tall wooden fence guarded by pet boars the clan brought from the forest and also raise for food. The scrap includes parts of buildings, boats, furniture, wagons, old tools, clothes and other goods the clan repair and sell. All kinds of common adventurer supplies are available at low low prices. The clan matriach Griselda and her no1 son Gadbert do most of the selling. Occasionally they have a big rat hunt on the site and provide free ratburgers to locals 
19 Boggle's Shoppe of Wonder - gnomish store of mechanical items, clocks, tools, traps and gadgets. Doorgnomes keeps out anyone too poor to enter but a window of mechanical puppets draws a crowd for visitors but cover it up with curtains if filthy urchins gather. Boggle seems a kindly giver of gifts but really he loves money and some say he has a vault of money to swim in defended by traps and locks and mechanical crocodiles
20 Craft Guild Hall - these are common in merchant and manufacturing areas dedicated to a single profession ad has a colourful pictorial sign. Each has a hall for public gatherings, feasts, artisanal displays and competitive crafter events. Each has a huge meeting and dining room where the main business of talking and drinking happens in secret. Each will have a clerk for applications, business, appointments and other meetings and often offer odd jobs guild members cant handle. Inside are murals and often they are open for community events and even member weddings and other events 
21 Mercenaries Guild - there are many of these each dedicated to a type or unit of fighting specialist mostly for foreign wars on the continent. The bigger ones have more troop types and even armies. Some specialize in adventurers. Most have a hall for feasts and drinks and a training area for workouts and drills. Most have colourful names, signs and artwork showing guild history and honour roll of life members
22 Orugungu Arms Emporium - an orc blacksmith with hard working orcs who work all day and all night. Buys and sells traditional humanoid weapons at low prices. Many are more brittle and made to be brutal than attractive. Weapons here are very cheap but humans wielding them are sneered at. Many adventurers bring captured weapons here as the orcs will take everything other human traders will not. Many of these weapons find their way back into dungeons as these orcs send out their own traders to supply dungeons
23 Unru's Armaments and Armour - a dwarf armourer family business selling lots of well made adequate weapons and often has some metty magic items. The best stuff is reserved for VIP customers. Well known as the place to sell dwarf items found by adventurers who trade it all for magical weapons, shields or armour. They may even let slip about abandoned dwarf complexes 
24 SIlverthorn's Emporium of Arms - an elf trader and enchanter, buys and sells, magic and gems and sells some magic weapons, especially bows and arrows. Available identification and evaluation of magic and advice on elf matters. Many visiting elves to the city know of SIlverthorn and most buy here. A doorman won't let in common scum or unbathed humans or demihumans or goblinoids in. Noble dressed humans and elves are welcomed with tea
25 Grundigs's Polearms - a former gladiator, now trades in assorted polearms of every type and in all quantities and he has sent shiploads of weapons to continental wars. Grundig's secret is that he has a sweatshop of goblins and orcs in workshops around the city. Boasts the biggest range of pole armed murder devices with hundreds of types on display. Grundig is a harsh work loving businessman who uses his gladiator fame
26 Yeomans Arms - where the land-owning farmers come for arrowheads, bows and other supplies, with workshops making arrows and bows for the city armoury and foreign wars. While known as the best longbow makers in the city they are selective of customers and critical. There is an archery range in the ceiling space where workers compete and goods are tested. If a customer performs well they will be treated with respect and offered some beer brewed on-site. Elves and composite bows get snubbed here too. Stout and stoic workers are kin to many land-owning farmers around city and think of themselves as better than most. Yeomen from outside the city drop in all the time like a social club for the cities best archers
27 Dratton's Scrap & Armoury - ex adventurer runs this shop which always gives money fro scrap weapons and armour especially from non-human from hill tribes and local dungeons. Bins of damaged inferior weapons are stacked about and workmen dismantle and melt and sell off ingots to other local smithies. Dratton sells varying grades of metal ingots from purest for magicians and various cheap grades for the cities cheapest smiths. If you want weapons and armour cheap and can handle some repairs (or a reduced AC and limited life). Mostly employs goblins, orcs and a few drunken dwarves banished from their own kind
28 Scarfil's Forge & Armoury - has a workshop shed of gnomes working on several cramped levels on an assembly line and mostly caters to uniforms for the city and other governments and nobles. The workspace is confined but has efficient air circulation that recycles waste heat to heat water. Unwilling to sell to individuals or under 100 batches 
29 Donar's Axes & Armour a dwarf forge with many hardworking smiths from many varied clans. This is the cities preferred shop for dwarf armour especially experts to tailor or refit armour for dwarves. A backroom dwarf cafeteria for staff and regular customers to meet for beer and beef and boasts. There is even several dwarf shrines in this warren with many sub levels with apartments. Visiting dwarves will stay here a few days before finding a job and home of own
30 Creambottom's Armoury - Dorian Creambottom a wealthy halfling set up this shop making armour and weapons for smaller races under 4 foot tall. Big-uns are not welcome and even some rich goblins shop here (a bit tenser). Visitors are fed dumplings and mead while being fitted. Everything is quality but modelled on contemporary human styles. Dorian struts around the shop inspecting activity and meeting customers he takes an interest in. It is apparent he knows little on manual labour. Halflings, a few gnomes and dwarf work here and a few goblins do dirty jobs in the cellar in secret
31 Missus Margos Exotic Book Emporium - run by a grey-haired old woman a former researcher from the magic university who was sick of its factions and schools. Has lots of good second-hand student books and a collection of primer spellbooks. Sometimes something rare is found as some books claimed from those being thrown out from oldest libraries. It is also a tearoom and has a vary library-like atmosphere. Cat roam freely and spy on guests
32 Ye Olde Booke Shoppe - also teaches reading and rioting in ye proper manner to embarrassed wealthy patrons in private rooms. Piles of books covered in dust and webs in a labyrinthine shop. Sometimes you find a whole room unseen before. Finding good books is rare and half the time Mr Snodgrass claims that book not for sale and puts it under the counter. He is a strange bespectacled tall awkward man who likes quiet. The shop is 600 years old and a family business
33 Degan's Forbidden Books - the wizard Degan sells cheap printed knock-off books of forbidden lore, pornography, political pamphlets, saucy banned newspapers, saucy prints and a drug den is located in the alley behind it and is shared customers with. Real old dangerous books are kept in display cases under guard in an anti-magic shell chamber. Degan makes apprentices run the shop while he reads. Weekly readings nights include outre poets, radical intellectual and occult theorists. A cart to the back sells sausages and buns for hungry students. In the cellar gnomes work several woodcut presses  
34 The Jade Sanctum - sophisticated book specialising in foreign occult works from many continents as well and occult trinkets and collectables. Madam Sung runs this elegant shop where the books are displayed as artworks in cabinets and framed scrolls. Because the books are so beautiful they cost more. Madam Sung has international trading partners, serves lotus tea and has reputation for making thieves vanish
35 Elder Books - collects books of non human races including demihumans, goblinoids and beastfolk and prehuman civilisations. Will buy all kinds of writings and script especially with a catalogue essay buy a scholar. Proffessor Corkwad worked for the university but was expelled for collecting severed heads of some important students who borrowed a book without permission. The prof seems tired and senile but he knows where every book is and watches like a toothless snake
36 Madam Bastables Books & Arcana - Madam Cora Bastable is known to have run this shop for several hundred years inherited from a maiden aunt. She has various live-in girl apprentices who tend the shop. She has strict standards and forbids smoking, dancing, music, spitting or drinking in the store. She does sell exotic ground bean drinks from abroad and more polite bohemians meet here to discuss literary works
37 Booth's Bookshed - full of cheap used popular books of the last few decades. Sometimes something rare is found in an old trunk. Freder Booth and his family live here so babies and children are often crawling about and playing while his wives cook dinner. Also sells popular new political pamphlets and new ones are printed each week in the basement by goblins who work cheap but well compared to gnomes. Freder Booth agitates within the laws for more freedoms and rights attracting students and well read workers
38 Mole's Book Arcade - sells strange fruity fizzy drinks, flowers, cards, flower seeds, tea, candles, silk scarves, small artworks and many books. Some come to eat mostly. Mrs Juniper Mole has had a family interest in shop for 400 years. Especially books on nature, fairies and plants. W
eekly meetings included Womens Temperance League, the Society for the emancipation of Goblins, Foes of the Wicked Lotus and the Mutant Protection Guild and other noble causes
39 Gobbo's Used and Damaged Books - run by an elderly goblin and five generations of offspring. Theya all wear pointy hats and practice magic and alchemy, Most of the upper floors contain damaged and scrap books, many repaired wrongly like two or three books sewn together in a new cover of the possibly same subject. Its always cheap and a few odd fragments exist. Some goblinoids come to study in the attic school or just to see the collection of goblin idols. There is a collection of ancient high goblin texts and spellnooks but mostly only goblinoids see them. Several bugbear guards watch the store. In basement goblins scrape writing from old old books to resell 
40 Maddron's Used and Old Books - an old family shop full of frauds, fakes of famous works scattered in mouldy rat eaten dusty books. The rats are famous and crawl all over the counter as Gabby Maddon works oblivious to them Many customers complain of getting bitten. In the attic is a scale model of the city from 200 years ago inhabited with rats. The basemen have many sewer entrances and the whole block complains the shop is a filthy rat pit. Rumours say a collection of the families pickings are on upper floors with the good books they will not sell share or loan 
41 Glimmung's Used Goods - Glimmung the gnome operates this store part pawnshop but famous for strange trinkets, unusual magic and the occasional curse. Many claim the items have unusual features and side effects not immediately apparent. A few items have strange histories that if traced lead to all kinds of circumstance. Some shun the store but others like the kindly owner and say purchases are always portals to adventure. Glimmung wont comment on this only wink
42 Kurak's Blood Money - loans money for held goods and deals with orcs and goblins and barbarians. Kurak an orc shaman makes all lines give blood to her idol who will punish those who cheat her. All kinds of humanoid equipment can be found, most needs cleaning but prices are good. She keeps special items for men she fancies and demands favours and money for the well priced magic items
43 Fargle's Pawn Shop Trader - is small and crowded with all kinds of non-weapon household items. It is slow to find anything but good bargains are often found and Fargle can suggest several items if asked. Fargle allows no weapons in his store unless lawmen or priests
44 Captain Zodar's Mystic Sea Chest - is full of unclaimed pawned goods specialising in ship parts and maritime equipment. Cappy also has a few magic items and many items somehow salvaged from wrecks. He also has a room of old maps, messages in bottles and locked sea chests that a few adventures were spawned from. Cappy is crazed but charming and local urchins love him for gifts of old dried fish and stories
45 Molly's Squeezebox Pawn Brokery - A large woman with wild hair and missing teeth who usually has some friends over to drink gin from gallon clay bottles and smoke. Her and her friends leer lewdly and joke about any musclebound men who enter. Sometimes when she gets excited she played her squeeze-organ and sings lewd sea shanties which attracts a few more of her friends. Sometimes she offers discounts to men she fancies. She is cold to anyone clever or pretty. The goods are mostly junk but cheap and a few good items can be found with a search. One room has room of large male armour suits well cared for which attracts Mollys preferred customers
46 Fanny's Treasure Chest - full of small trinkets and artworks often good for gifts and exotic keepsakes. She only deals in small high-value goods and many are family heirlooms. Fanny employs several burly orcs as assistants. She is elderly and seems kind but she can be sharp and is mean with money. She employs an old goblin crafter to repair and clean items. Some are of minor historic interest and scholars like to visit
47 Dolun's Gloryhole - a dwarf run business with lots of armour, weapons and adventurer supplies. He sells various premade adventurer packs that vary in quality and price. Dolun enjoys a good story and tells one about every item. He seems bored and lonely and takes things literally and sees no humour in anything. He gives dwarves a discount if he can
48 Lutan's Pawned Livestock & Slave Emporium - Lutan deals in pawned animal and slaves but charges feed and upkeep costs and ends up owning most stock. Always has goats, donkeys, cart horses and common farm animals. There are usually some unhappy slaves here and a shed of saddles, tack, carts and waggons. Lutan is a mean owner who does bare minimal and takes out anger on animals, slaves or street urchins. Wont deal in orc or goblin slaves
49 Sorak's Cursed Items & Forbidden Relics - collection of exotic arts from abroad, ancient grave goods, fierce idols and relics seized from tribal humanoids and beastfolk. Sorak employs several lizard folk in grass skirts and has a hypnotic pterodactyl in a cage by his desk that has ESP, telepathy and hypnosis. The evil bird aids Sorak make deals and defends the shop, but If released it flies away to Monster island. Several times a year he sponsors expeditions to seize exotic stuff from naves by poor trade deals or force and has burned down villages several times himself as a young slaver   
50 Blags Adventurer Outfitters and Pawn - buys and sells to adventurers and profits well often buying back own goods. Likes adventurer customers as Blag was one until orcs sawed his legs off. Priests healed him and he settled down here. Often the gossip he collects he uses to employ adventurers to glean emptied dungeons of everything even the bricks
51 Boggos Bangers & Bombs - goblin alchemist whose shop has burned down several times makes gunpowder, shot, crude muskets and cast iron bombs with fuses. All are inferior but most won't sell to goblins or orcs or commoners and he always has stock. Crazed goggled goblins scuttle about covered in soot laughing at every bang. He offers siege and sea mines but is notoriously dangerous to wielders for price

52 New & Used Kobolds - past the regular gathering of protesters, Tabitha Smallware deals in kobolds from well trained long lived artisans to feral captives in cages. She prefers bulk lots but also sells personal servant kobolds trained and equipped with a carpetbag to to carry them in. She claims kobolds are better than spells or thieves in a dungeon. Hundreds of kobolds in cages and pens here and some working in sweatshops to pass the time. Some kobolds sell their own kin to her in hard times. All kobolds in store must be kept under a human owners control 
53 Ogruns' Orc Delicitestant - specializing in orc style preserved meat, sausages and sandwiches, groundnuts, saurkraut, olives, frogmeat and other goods. Bustling with orcs inside outside old orcs play chess and drink acorn coffee. Some humans dare each other to eat as much orc food as possible till they throw up which orcs think funny and feed the mess to old toothless goblin servants or babies. A major gathering place of orc culture in city
54 Snodals Toys - favorite shop of cities poor children, a goblin sweatshop making toys, the best are for rich and sold to other goblin free stores. Most toys are made from scrap and junk and the kindly goblins offer urchins toys or gruel for scrap. Snodals staff all dress as jesters and many perform japes and capers. Snodal rents these jesters out to parties and sold some to nobles in solid four year contracts  
55 Madame Zodana's Mushroom Market - open all night, this goblin store sells hundreds of types of fungus dried and in spores as well as cooked mushroom stews and burgers. Popular with humans, goblins and orcs one of few places all mix cheerfully and willingly. Goblin farmers frequent this place and traders to the Sunderland arrive in the basement. Madame Zodana deals in magic and medicinal fungi and has some useful fungus creatures in a special room. This room has a dark elf preparing potions. For a price she can broker a trip to goblin or dark elf cities in the deep with merchants. Bubbling caurdrons of stew keep place humid
56 Maklak Leathery & Supply - premium orc leatherwork, functional and simple. Includes sturdy clothes, bags, armour, sheilds and goods for orc and goblinoid customers. In the special room there are wares made from exotic monster skin and some orc magic items. Humans will get some attitude from orc customers but some regular humans who know orc ways push back and laugh. Custom leather magic armour brings many customers here as is the best in the city. Maklak buys exotic monster skin eagerly
57 Mogob's Exotic Pets & Freaks - goblin run pet store of strange creatures from goblinland in the deep. Lots of bugs, grubs, reptiles, frogs, spiders and more. In the loft there are giant bats that can carry a goblin and a stable has riding bugs and lizards and wolves. Sells giant size versions also has a giant angry rooster nobody wants. For a small 1sp charge you can go into the hall of freaks and for 1gp you get a tour of Mogob's menagerie  
58 Canarg's Fell Beast Suppliers - sells orc and goblin slaves and always has a few ogres and trolls in cages and sometimes a young giant. Will pay for any exotic humanoid prisoners. Canarg is related to a mountain king who sends assassins frequently to kill him
59 Molga's Party Pit - drinking and feasting hall for goblins and orcs open all night, bands play and sometimes dancing and chanting breaks out. All kinds of factions and gangs come here and all avoid unwanted unpleasurable violence in this neutral ground. Molga is a terrible drunk goblin heiress and fashion obsessed party goblin. She always wants to take her parties to the next level and has had a few tragedies. Customers don't seem to worry about past mishaps and think it keeps place edgy. Humans can expect abuse here but a few are regulars 
60 House of Sorrow - a goblin religious charity helping orcs, goblinoids and even mutants with minimal first aid and thin mushroom gruel and a hole to sleep in. A great ramshackle brick building like a chaotic beehive full of tube-like sleeping cells and a great courtyard. Goblin nuns and monks care for all and operate a shrine. Some collect money on the streets and many even humans give them coins
61 Gilbions Apothacary & Drugs - Respectable bustling store with hundreds of drawes and bottles. Sells medicine and narcotics to respectable clients. Filthy blood soaked adventurers wont be admitted by staff
62 Snarlek & Sons Alchemical Emporium - goblin alchemist supplier and dealer sells lots of weird goblin potions and treatments. Some part of the shop is usually being repaired after a fire or explosion. Also brews goblin drugs and booze so all kinds of semi conscious goblinoids hang around the store
63 Drilgo's Therapeutic Remedies and Beverages - halfling alchemist who also sells delicious hot and cold drinks, some magical and amusing. Also sells magic cakes and sweets. Drilgos adopted bugbear son keeps peniless urchins outside who stare for hours at the goods in the windows. Many treats have some cantrip like petty spell effects people think charming. 
64 Mr Lings Potions & Fortunes - Mr Ling from the Sinister West sells exotic ingredients and treatments of his homeland using an entirely different school of alchemy. He operates a large household and many of his children work with a local crime guild and fighting school. Mr ling also sells other exotic magic items and tiny pets like deceptively cute gremlins in cages
65 Doctor Vortan's Chirgeonry - Surgeon and healer who deals with all kinds of adventurers, wizards and criminals. Licence to practice on nobles has been removed he now treats all kinds of common scum and murderhobos. He also collects body parts for anatomical study (and his secret flesh golem lab). Welcomes adventurer clients and hires them to collect him bodyparts
66 Madame Alain's Hospice - a large building with bed care for the sick wealthy patients kept in luxury here. Some are not very sick. Multiple surgeons for money treat common injuries at a hefty price in separate rooms. She keeps information on clients and has some spied on. She also employs adventurers on behalf of needy anonymous clients
67 Bingams Discount Potions - sells a wide range of quack medicines at the cheapest price in town but also has a VIP room with better and less addictive real potions. Many last less long or have a shelf life or produce allergic relations or are mildly poisonous. He can spot new adventurers and will offer them all kinds of experimental and discount magic stuff some that works
68 Doctor Ursula Morgenstern Surgical - a wizard turned doctor who likes to dissect mutants in her spare time. She welcomes adventurers and often tells them of exotic monster bodies she would like. Locals use her for urgent injuries and few consult with her for long for her sadism and grisly work on display. She will offer a chance to try experimental treatments such as injecting troll blood into patients or grafting magical wooden limbs onto people
69 Bordain's Herbal Supplies - druidic medicines mostly herbal, well priced and packaged for ease of use with treated bandages and health tonics. Practitioners from the whole city come here for rare herbs and the best mistletoe and mandrake root. Dislikes adventurers 
70 Doctor Shankman Surgeonry & Alchemy - the Dr has a degree in astrology and was fired from the university for his medical claims. He enjoys treating advanced magical ailments spread by undead and curses with spells. But he after making first aid will go start his regimen of astrological treatments with medicine that he invented (experimenting a better description).  Has various labs in basements and upper floors with the life forms he creates then sells or dumps in the sewer. He offers to augment humans into abhuman beastfolk with a few months of agonising surgery. He charges lots but his treatment of magical disease and magic afflictions but his gossip about the university and the cities wizards and magic advice is worth the fee but he is slow practising his quack potions 
71 Holy Halron's Devotional Supplies - sells holy symbols, small idols, bead necklaces, shrine supplies, lamps, oil, incense and all manner of inexpensive trinkets to a thousand petty gods and spirits. Halron is an expert and is a priest of a god of trade who deals with all faiths to make money for his god

72 Paupers Hospice - commoner hospital with a dozen doctors caring for several halls cramped in triple bunks funded by church and city charities. Priests of many faiths come here to help the needy with healing spells and compete in deeds of charity. Wealthy do-gooders come here to be seen helping the poor unselfishly. Lines of sick are long and most urgent cases are treated first 
73 Gibbon & Son Statuary & Idolmakers - where crafters of many races indifferent to the subject make everything from personal pocket figurines to mighty church statues. Alder Gibbon prefers wizards to gods but has earned a place as cities best provider of religious statuary and relief art. Many orders are shipped out and some go to local dungeons to edify some monster boss or evil cult. Gibbon is a wizard and makes stone and metal and clay with conjurations and only gives lip service to religion as required for business. All the staff are Gibbon's apprentices
74 JubJub's Divination Hut - a goblin clinic that mostly treats goblins and orcs and kobolds but will treat humans at a good price if a regular recommends them. Doctor JubJub uses painful and effective treatments and has many magic fungus derived treatments. He also keeps a variety of exorcists, wise women, seers, astrologers and priests on-site to specialise in a variety of ailments. JubJub may trust humans enough to give them some jobs or advice on avoiding war with orcs. A spore sauna in the basement cave is a therapy humans seem to die from using but goblins love it
75 Lady Astra's Oracle Chambers - a sect of non-religious mentalists using crystals, hypnosis and strange vapours and drugs to see otherworldly visions. Many would rather come here than pander to temple priests for service, especially wizards. The strange foreign women working here practice many strange magics and arts and many swear by their advice no matter how strange
76 Black Lotus Tea House - a licenced drug emporium with magical tea including ones that let you speak to spirits. Clients if admitted wait in a room and asked by a servant what they desire and possibly shown prices for common narcotics. Once selected the user is given a booth, some have beds and a servant who feeds and administers drugs for days. Former enemies of the secret police now legalised and operated by a Weretiger. Troublemakers and enemies tend to vanish. A few leave and become raving mad and never let back in  
77 Brother Armon's Mystic Shrine - a monk-priest healer devoted to his strange alien god in his inner holy chambers. He treats all kinds of small wounds and surgery and sells exotic foreign medicine and narcotics made of strange creatures. He also sells exotic lore and knowledge about the planes and can contact strange planar beings for knowledge. He also can lay hands for very urgent needs to heal more HP but mostly wants his god's money or he wants your life back. Ex customers are found dead far away with exploded hearts so now people pay
78 Shrine of Saint Allahn - a minor saint eaten by a dragon while healing the poor to end a plague. The shrine accepts all well-dressed clients of at least a better merchant or noble. Once admitted priests discuss payment and spells required and fees and may for special clients bathe in their magic font that removes a d3 years of age once per person but cannot be removed from this place. Lots of rich knights and paladins come here and some get a lot of low fees but a quest for the cult. Priests here are rotated and you never see the same ones twice. Sometimes the priests test alignments of visitors to decide who is most worthy for the days allotted healing spells. A willingness to take quests always helps consideration
79 Woodwise Emporium - a speciality store of druidic magic that makes basic medical treatments boosted with herbal aids to healing and first aid. They sell many plant-derived medicines and drugs and herbalist supplies. Cooks and well off farmers and demihumans visit this the most. Albert Woodwise is a retired high priest druid. Healing berries made by magic are one of the cheapest magical healing types you can buy. Those respectful of nature will be offered superior treatments and those disrespectful are banned for life. All kinds of critters and living trees are part of the shop and grounds
80 Grulmores Miracle House of CUre All - Dr Sabrina Grulmore enjoys unqualified medical experiments on mutants and monsters in hopes of curing these problems. She has many mutants in her cellar where she extracts healing potions from these poor creatures to treat the sick. Some slight complaints of causing people saved to have mutant children is an accepted risk to have such cheap treatments. Her muscle-bound orderlies are also a surgical construct abhumans
81 Glarion's Bizarre - a robed sorcerer of the south in command of strange genies and homunculi and strange potions. Has many spellbook written in foreign styles and the shop is opulent decorations of silk and cushions. Glarion in his turban offers to sit with and hookah and strange spicy roast bean drinks. Adventurers have come to doubt he or his beautiful veiled apprentices are human. Some wild stories of being drugged and having adventures in ancient times are rumoured   
82 Glorgle's Charms & Trinkets - Glorgle a goblin shaman and part time jester academy headmaster operates this shop selling goblin potions and idols with magical abilities. They specialise in limited use charmed items like armour and weapons that lose a plus each hit, cheap but good for single missions or emergencies. Most of the shop is underground with scurrying goblins brewing potions, making weapons and armour and carving idols in a madcap whirl of chaos 
83 Khadrak's Enchanted Armaments - Khadrak built this store hundreds of years ago and knows every nook and cranny. Many apprentices work here making magical weapons and armour. The business also deals in siege weapons and black powder guns and fire lances. Dwarves get the best and latest, they only sell old designs to humans or other species. A number of high-end magic items are kept in the vault for name level nobility. Khadrak evaluates the prospective buyer to each item as if he is adopting out his sons. They also destroy and repair cursed items but this area is classified  
84 Siara Pole Star Celestial Wares - a strange celestial elf from the sky has operated this shop for hundreds of years. Local wood elves have been attracted to her ways and serve her and some earth-born elf clans are wary of her influence. All the items she makes have great beauty and have astrological and celestial symbols worked into their art. All have a silvery glow when in use and some have strange outer properties of entities living beyond the veil of the void. Her strange musical voice and knowledge of arcane lore have rendered her more to wizardry than elf kind. Occasionally she names drop stars and deities she has seen from afar in the celestial court  
85 Zanar's House of Magic - this magic school drop out supply store is famous for selling cheap often flawed spells and magic items to people kicked out of wizard school. A few now successful adventurers owe their early schooling to this shop. Zanar did sell cheap volumes of his cheap spell book primers but the wizard guild stepped in and now an apprentice workbook for a first level wizard is available but not cheap. Zanar is continually finding new schemes to teach the poor new popular wizardry. He likes adventurer visitors but is only  licenced currently to sell +1 stuff and weaker items the better off shops won't touch allowing commoners the chance to get them  
86 Una's Metatemporal Antiques & Artifacts - A strange shop of incongrous anachronistic items some from the extreme even prehuman past and others from alien of advanced civilisations from various worlds. Nothing here is violent, most are pleasant household gadgets or novelties good for gifts for the rich who have everything. Una when open is quite chatty asking about exotic places adventurers might have been. Regular friendly customers might be offered other goods she would not normally sell like weapons or common magic trash you could get other places
87 Orlock Underland Supply Company - A trading store specialising in underland goods, postage and magic. Many strange items from the deeps including lore and unknown languages on prehistoric tablets. Orlock himself is never seen but his creepy servants in the store level of his townhouse operate the business. In the yard is a stable of exotic beasts and an elder troll blacksmith (not the insane chaos trolls on the surface mostly now). Underland visitors to the city come here often for proper food and to send messages and there is a notice board of strange script wanted notices. Their is even one offering surface adventurers work. Has a variety of common items but in underland and ancient styles and lots of magic stone and sinew and bone weapons
88 Pheonix House of Magic - en enthusiastic young elf selling common magic items no questions asked. Pots of potions and basic items are displayed simply with prices on shelves which customers may touch making this shop unique. Magical guardians and familiars follow customers about and look cute but are really surveillance. Pheonix loves chatting with customers but the customers just want in and out  
89 Hrolzars's Magic Shop - also known as the "Secret Police Seizure Sales Store" where the law dumps petty untraceable items on the market. Always interested in buying and Hrolzar is always keen to hear what adventurers up to and offers them a store discount to sweeten offers to buy special items. Some lucky customers get tailed by the secret police but Hrolzar says he doesn't understand and knows nothing   
90 Quegar's Magic Emporium - a jolly halfling with a tea house where halflings ply customers with cakes and tea while having items brought out to show them from a menu. Quegar got sick of browsing customers and now people book to come in days in advance (nobility may enter of course). Quegar sells magical candy and cakes for people sick of boring old potions. Staff know little about weapons and armour and only apprentices check them often missing the occasional curse or unforeseen features. Refunds, curse removal and a gift basket of muffins are quickly given in case of such an accident
91 The Old Frogge Shoppe - a frog folk wizard and an old toad folk druid sell magical frogs in over a hundred varieties. The shop also sells bugs and houses to keep magic frogs in. Hundreds of frogs and crickets chirp in the shop and you have to yell and the amphibian folk staff have poor language skills. Fireflies light the shop and taste bad. The staff only sell to worthy customers who know why they need frogs and how to care for them
92 Granny Nannog's Sweeties - A hideous witch who gave up trapping children in a forest and set up this shop selling magical sweets and treats many are addictive. Granny wears too much makeup and wears a candy pink wig. She winks and smiles constantly to customers and locals know not to let their children here alone and don't buy her reformed act. Many servants of rich and more recently drug addicts line up every day for a daily candy fix. Advanced customers receive a syringe of magic candy formula 

93 Buckaneering & Marine Supply Company - a fenced lot with shacks by a wharf full of hulks in various states of repair. The Captain and her merry maids and men sell used boats, marine scrap, old maps, hired pirate crews for expeditions and sell strange things from foreign islands and undersea kingdoms. Exotic crew for hire and experienced explorers come here to drink rum at the bar that the captain welcomes. Many adventurers swear on Captain 
"Bluebeard" Morgana's store and she has helped struggling treasure hunters with partnerships for a vessel where she gets the lions share
94 Global Shipping and Freight Company - famous for sending goods, livestock, children and other goods around the world and giving fair prices for anywhere. Using trade hubs around the world they can also obtain goods from many lands. The four-story dockland building has statues of founders out the front and sailors get charity slop at the seamen mission around the back operated by the business. Recently the service has stretched to include non human goods and mail and even letters from the underland
95 Dungeon Deeds & Map Emporium - shop selling used claims for dungeons. Often deeds and maps sold as mined out but often you can glean loot still including valuable bricks and wood. Some are sold as adventurers abandoned the site for dangers or they all died and deeds sold by widows. Some are for ancient wizard towers that the claimants never got in the door

96 Esoteric Oddities & Curios - owned by an immortal Cadian Bloodhawk cursed to sell all his goods then die with nothing so he has bought and sold here for centuries and for a few years was a professor at the university. All kinds of curious items are for sail some in a special room are otherworldly. Cadian always has adventure leads and tips involving finding rare relics but he wants a cut. Occasionally petty gods or other immortals even saints come to visit Cadian
97 Ye Handcrafts made by the Criminally Insane - a store selling baskets, rugs and artworks made in a private prison sweatshop on site. The prison specialises in the most disturbed and murderous criminals it can under contract with the state and offers guided tours or the criminals and displays some in cages in the windows or in stocks for the public to torment for a small fee. Once a year the inhabitants are put in cage carts and paraded around the block to be pelted by garbage and faeces by locals who cheer and drink heavily. Souvenier preserved body parts of recent serial killers are available for sale and evidence from murder houses and human skin furniture made by madmen. All kinds of murder and crime souvenirs are available including love letters from serial killers. Books and pamphlets of true crime tales are popular and new works arrive daily
98 Olgas Wives & Orphans - Olga Kukhaus sells brides often in groups and she sells trained orphans to those needing an apprentice or servants. Often the brides are part of a matchmaking service and she negotiates dowries with families. Sometimes she arranges groups of "casket maidens" to colonies lacking women. Each gets a chest with gold and a land deed which ought to give them choice, such deals are under contract to colonial governors or merchant or mining companies. Sometimes the state uses this service to provide wives for retired veterans and settle them on some frontier. Olga is a creepy old hag. She takes in anyone she sells who returns themselves if badly treated and she is vindictive to any who deal with her in bad faith. She likes adventurers and tries to tempt them with pretty youths with unusual skills. Some say she checks on customers with a crystal ball and that her "pussykins" is her hellcat familiar who was once seen shooting a man with a crossbow and wearing boots and a hat 
99 The Gilded Mink - a famous brothel, restaurant, bar, drug den, cake shop, shoe shop and tailor for fancy dress. Only the best noble and courtier dressed get let in by orc bouncers. The servers are all attractive youths in courtly ware and novelties are displayed in windows that gather crowds. Run by wizard Hazel Curmudgeon she is seldom seen except at particular events. Visiting kings have visited and have portraits here. All unusual tastes for the rich are just between the establishment and the clients and the wizards who help dreams come true
100 Quixles Fantabulous Toys and Novelties - wonderous toys for people with wonderous wealth, from a gnome sweatshop in the basement magical animated toys and unusual trinkets for the rich are sold here. Quixle seems jolly and kind to children but really she is all business. She is always promoting new holidays to give gifts and toys. She did have a problem with were rats attacking her store especially through sewers but her painted jolly wooden soldier golems saw the rats off. Talking dolls, plush golems, marching soldiers, hobby horses and musical instruments that play themselves are the most common. Even books for children are here with terrifying illustrated tales to ensure propper ethics and funny illustrations of suffering. All rich children boast about coming here and getting better toys than anyone else. Gnomes serve customers tea and cakes and keep out the poor. Quixle says she makes the toys but some she just traps in Toyland a dreamland kingdom she has a gate to reach


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