Saturday, 10 July 2021

d12 Oaths For Darklord Nipnops

This new internet tiktok frog celeb is the dark lord Nipnops and I accept him as my dark patron into knowledge of ultimate realityaaarrrrggghh (Instagram cult page: @itsnipnops)

d12 Oaths For Darklord Nipnops 1 Sacrifice bugs and worms daily to Nipnops kin 2 Sleep in an earthen hole for a bed
3 To rest squat in a high place and glare judgementally
4 Flense and polish the skulls of slain enemies
5 Bury your treasure to keep it safe
6 Avenge slain amphibians
7 Protect pure water in streams, ponds and wells
8 Food must be eaten alive
9 Live the true nocturnal way
10 Sleep in a bed of leaves
11 Only eat invertebrates
12 Aid witches in trouble

Unique Gifts of Nipnops

Lv 1-4
Improved swimming +3
Improved Leap +3m
Detect water +3m
Burrow through the earth +1m 
Lv 5-8
Hold breath full Con in rounds
Speak to amphibians
Hibernate for a month per level without food or drink
+d3 HP

Lv 9-12
Invisible if still in leaf litter, forest floors, in water or on rock
Sense local monthly witch sabbats within a mile  
Breathe if Buried in the earth
Breathe Water

Lv 13-16
Summon 2d4 fire beetles to serve for one hour once a day
Summon a fire toad to serve you for 12 hours once a day
Summon a 8HD Earth elemental for an hour once per week
Summon a 8HD Water elemental for an hour once per week

Lv 17-20
Plane shift to the lair of Nipnops for a chat and back daily
Become a giant horned frog or back to own human at will
Plane Shift to one specified elemental plane and back once per day
Turn into stone form at will, highly damage resistant, unmoving as long as desired

also, develop tubercles each oath made hear him speak!


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