Sunday 11 July 2021

Oaths of Brightness & Darkness

My Nipnops post was on the spur gag from a nice internet frog but this is the thing I was originally working on. Basically in my game each level you can take an oath and you get a gift to chooses from depending on your level. These were based on alignment and really help promote fights and players being jerks but also made In a kids game I ran there was an almost TPK in 40 minutes of the game where the thief loaded all the loot on a donkey and ran away.

Weird oaths have been lots of fun in play and also could be used to create codes or cults. Recently I introduced non-alignment elemental cults which had died in the past and were extra crazy oaths indifferent to alignment. Nipnops cult was a bit like this too. So I'm going to make some more that might come up in my game. Exploding my games concept of alignment has been lots of strange fun.

I guess usually in DnD light is good and dark is evil which I don't think is always true. Surely not every underland or night cult are not actually all evil all the time forever. So here are two fairly odd cults that could support a variety of alignments

d12 Darkness Oaths
1 Burry treasure in a dark place
2 Live nocturnally and shun the sun
3 Capture and imprison enemies
4 Live as silent as possible 
5 Explore dark mysterious places
6 Eat fungus when possible
7 Shun open spaces and the sky
8 Keep all secrets
9 Curse your enemies
10 Revere your long-dead ancestors
11 Build your home beneath the earth
12 Hide from strangers

Unique Gifts of Darkness

Lv 1-4
Thermal Vision
Lowlight Vision
Burrow through the earth+1 
Summon hand size bug or worm good for a meal once per day 

Lv 5-8
Sonar Vision
Darkness Spell 
Sneak Skill
Hibernate month per level 

Lv 9-12
Invisibility Spell
Wall of Darkness Spell
Immune to Paralysis
Regenerate 1hp per hour in darkness

Lv 13-16
Permanent Darkness Spell
Immune to Level Drain
Blink Spell
Summon a d4 shadows once per day for one hour

Lv 17-120
Wraithform Spell
Dimension Door Spell
Immune to death magic
Planeshift to plane of shadow 
and back daily

d12 Brightness Oaths
1 Hoard your gold and treasure in a secure vault
2 Shun the darkness live under the sun
3 Expose the wicked publicly
Always sleep with a light on
5 Shun the touch of blood
6 Shun filth and keep clean
7 Confront your enemies openly
 Never tell a lie
Hunt & destroy spellcasting criminals
Hunt & destroy the undead
11 Beware of shapeshifters
12 Aid the wounded and sick

Unique Gifts of Brightness

Lv 1-4
Detect Undead +3m 
Ignite a candle, lamp or torch within 3 range once per day 
Call a candle-like flame for ten minutes per day 
Heal one HP once per day 

Lv 5-8
Light Spell 
Cure Light Wounds Spell
Bless Spell
Immune to Fear
Lv 9-12
Immune to Disease 
Wall of Light Spell
Levitate Spell 
Regenerate 1hp per hour in light

Lv 13-16
Permanent Light Spell
Haste Spell
Immune to Poison 
Fly Spell
Lv 17-12
Minor Globe of Invulnerability Spell 
Immune to Petrification 
Destroy 1HD undead/Lv per day by touch, can split up HD as needed
Planeshift to the plane of radiance and back daily

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