Tuesday, 20 July 2021

Starts for Gen Ship Games & Post Apocalypse

These are some group starts for some games

d12 Starts for Gen Ship Games
Ship emergency crew troubleshooter defrosted from crionics to repair ship
 Ship crew at randomly selected from crionics out of desperation to repair the ship
3 Ships crew on scoutship returned from sunlight mission but time dilation is hundreds of years behind recent events
4 A lost ship crew detects the long lost colony ship and dock with it believing they are saved
5 Ship crew randomly 
selected from crionics selected by cannibals to eat and taken to a place of feasting by degenerate tunnel mutants
6 Struggling colony detects long lost colony ship that may have supplies
Wilderness hunter biodome tribals on a quest outside their world
 Simple farming villages in a biodome that keep technology suppressed
9 An isolated section of ships crew devolved into a priestly cult
10 An isolated bunker or colony controlled by benevolent paternal AI who knows best
11 Section of ship do best to live like the past in isolation while systems fail
12 AI grown bodies or used androids and even robots whatever it can to form a squad using recorded minds of ancient crew brain scans. If killed new bodies possible or clones available. Wide range of choices some bodies might even be recycled from dead inhabitants of the ship. Body hopping campaign helps you keep alive and weird and deadly

d12 Starts for Post Apoc Game
1 Tribal survivor in the harsh wasteland or wilderness isolation
2 Raider clan warriors, savage bandits who live by plundering the weak
3 Backward farming folk with blacksmith, swords, forts and petty kingdoms
4 Industrial society with some working machines, gunpowder, steam and diesel
5 Scrappers culture built from the rubbish of the ancients and living off loot
6 Troglodytes living in sewers, drains and tunnels under ancient ruins and cities
7 Isolated colony near a worn-out bunker that was evacuated in some crisis
8 Isolated bunker dwelling survivors escape a dystopian nightmare need supplies
9 Lived in a bunker ruled by an AI and kept you safe and ignorant in paradise
10 Live in ruins of megastructure d8 1=orbital 2=failed colony gen ship 3=undersea city 4=underground city 5=domed city 6=arctic colony 7=moonbase 8=mars dome 9=urban arcology 10=city dome
 Returning ship from the stars crashes after long lonely sunlight voyage 
12 Ancient revived from dead d4 1=printed clone from brain scan 2=frozen survivor found by explorers 3=hidden stasis pod for some ancient faction 4=undead cured by a freak accident

d12 Starts for Planet Psychon
1 Grew up is a strange colourful wonderland destroyed by an apocalypse
2 Lived in a great ruined citadel complex and had to escape factions
3 Lived with the tribe in a harsh wilderness safe from strangers
4 Village descendants of some ancient bunker
5 Wonderous magical village protected by the temple of a strange god
6 Grew up in isolated village afraid of d10 1=wizards 2=demons 3=dragons 4=undead 5=mutants 6=psionics 7=animals 8=aliens 9=AI gods 10=plague 
7 Lived in a town of scrap and garbage in ruins of the ancients
8 Lived with last survivors in isolated wilderness picking at ruins and living off land
9 Lived in a mostly intact city d4 1=arcology complex or 2=citadel 3=dome city 4=walled scrap town
10 Raised in a deep underground bunker hidden from the surface
11 Returned from the stars d4 1=moon 2=orbitals 3=mars 4=deep space probe
12 Time traveller from the past trapped here at end of time

Psychon has lots of background tables - often weird different party member backgrounds work better 

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