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Southern Highway Travels For Broken Hill


Players of late went south where you find several trade stops per day and everything is green longer and there is scrub and farmland mostly. Bigger towns with more fancy trade goods and more rural gangs. Basically anytime players move from desert wasteland towards coast and the mega citity ruins there are vast rural areas like this. You do get raiders and mutants and monsters but you also get redneck farmers sick of wasteland freaks, survivalist enclaves, cult colonies, inbred mutant farmer trash and roaming bands of angry abhuman beastfolk. You tend to get less military hardware, androids and mutagenic zones. You do get lots of work vehicles and farm robots and huge agrimechs scattered about in ruins and sometimes.

My players got first vehicle and suddenly they crossed half the state in hours with the famously intact route. Players desperate for loot to cover fuel and ammo costs while wanting to hoard everything. One fun of post apoc sandbox is gamers trying to find uses for everything. Players modified buggy to put an enclosed back with gunports and a roof hatch on what was an open platform for a spotlight and rifle team to stand and duck if under fire. About to hit the great Adelaide Sprawl ruins to reach the best market. Slayersbury and Liarsbreath are two major gangland and mutant combat zones to reach in the semi-sunken city. 

Southern Highway Scenery For Broken Hill
01 Vast fields of yellow sunflower fields can reflect light vs animal intruders
02 Vast fields of toxic flowers d4 1=purple salvation jane 2=yellow south African daisies 3=red stuarts desert peas and kangaroo paws 4=red weed

03 Colourful waterfilled lake or crater with chemical slime and crystal deposits
04 Saltbush and grassland, grazing kangaroos and emus and lizards common, chalky limestone soil and rocks
05 Area riddled with huge burrows a small wagon could fit in dug by giant wombat diprotodons or reptiles
06 Hilly windy grasslands with rocks scattered, sometimes heaped into old boundry fences or piles
07 Grass and reed choked waterway barley accessible, full of giant turtles and frogs
08 Eroded red soil with carved out cliffs riddles with streams, grass growing well in places
09 Scrubland with thick mutant malee and ironwood trees, small animals thrive
10 Marsh swampland with streams and pools with tree and reed and open boggy areas
11 Fenced of field with mutant sheep or cattle grazing, shepherd with a sniper rifle watches them
12 Fenced of pristine fields with vegetable, grain and legume crops managed by robots 
13 Fenced off scrapbuilt fences and farm shacks with ad-hoc gardens and trees and terraced garden beds in mandala patterns
14 Fenced off struggling farm with poor inbred mutant family in a shack, people leave them alone fearing they have plague or are cannibals
15 Farmhouse fortified compound with riders patrolling property
16 Concrete bunker entrance in hill surrounded by struggling fields behind fences
17 Several farm houses with spiked hedgemaze, gates and a watch tower
18 Compound of buildings with workers in fields in cult robes
19 Small geodesic dome surrounded by gardens and walls with animals grazing outside the compound, looks luscious and well defended
19 Wooden fences and large sheds visible with some large farm animals
20 Dry stone wall surrounding fields, with barbed wire and trenches of some well dug in looking farm that looks dangerous to enter
21 Ruined burned-out old farm with remains still being picked at by crows
22 Abandoned struggling farm, wild crops and animals for possible foraging and ruined farmhouse with last residents bodies and some sad diaries
23 Colonial stone ruin with rusted old farm machinery and victorian trash heap with some nice old intact bottles of blue glass
24 Semi intact farmhouse almost smothered by sand but possible shelter
25 Remains of old fences and ramp for loading animals onto trucks
26 Old grain silo
27 Old metal sheds with burned out farmhouse
28 Old farmhouse covered in graffiti and former campsites of gangs
29 Windmill and water trough or bore shed with old rusted pump
30 Water tanks often rusted
31 Solar farm with dozens of large panels
32 Salt pan from water reclamation project with multiple brine pools and sheds, sometimes have fish
33 Wind turbine towers
34 Colonial shearing shed ruin
35 Shack with old hen house
36 Dam with water and some reeds
37 Small dirt airstrip 1in6 with an aircraft wreck
38 Old billboard d4 1=Pete's icecream 2=chiko rolls 3=king cigarettes 4=join the off-world colonies
39 A dozen wrecked cars from 1940s to the apocalypse models
40 Rocks in the area covered in graffiti for centuries
41 Small stone circle
42 Some ancient tribal rock art, usually a figure on a rock
43 Cliff rock art galley sacred to tribal folk
44 Campfires and skin tents of a camping tribe
45 Small native shacks working food and seed crops, some work grinding seed and making cakes
46 Natives fishing. with nets or traps or ancient stone fish traps built-in water, a prehistoric midden heap
47 Native carvings in trees with secret significance to locals
48 Lone hide tent with scarified old tribal wizard shunned by own people for dealings with death
49 Tribal rock art detailing some post-apocalyptic scene or creature
50 Tribal warning signs to keep out strangers
51 Giant termite or insect nests like buildings

52 Crashed satellite in carter
53 Crashed light aircraft
54 Crashed airliner
55 Crashed military aircraft or drone
56 Crashed orbital shuttle
57 Rows of train carriages, on line if any or dumped in a farmers field 
58 Rows of old wooden powerlines poles, some early 20th century
59 Remains of an old sealed mine, 1in6 has been forced opened 
60 Quarry with cut stone and tunnels and sheds, some with wrecked machinery
61 Huge strange mutant gumtree seems very ancient
62 Millions of flying creatures swarm in sky d4 1=parrots 2=bats 3=locusts 4=flies 
63 Storm blowing up dust devils 40m high like some malicious invisible giants
64 A mob of at least a hundred zombies seemingly following scents in the wind of people to eat, some locals might need help or a warning
65 Herd of dinosaur sauropods grazing escaped long ago from theme park
66 Giant ants have built huge mounds and strange towers, dominating area with coordinated intelligence, usually just see mounds at first, later ants will have a ambush with a solar reflector weapon tower and various attacks use different chemical, biological weapons d6 1=napalm 2=tear gas 3=acid 3=sleep gas 4=plague 5=explosive 6=venom
67 See colossal lizard basking on rock in distance after snacking on some water buffalo
68 Huge hoard of animals migrating d4 1=trifrond plants 2=emus 3=kangaroos 4=giant bugs
69 Travellers being attacked by monsters
70 Area overgrown with giant fungus and strange creatures
71 Collapsed old roadhouse with burned out fuel station

72 Farmer selling goods from roadside wagon
73 Strange artwork made with farm refuse and scrap d6 1=blue police box 2=dalek 3=ufo 4=rocketship 5=giant fruit 6=patriotic pro war sign "nuke em slowly now"
74 Parking bay rest area with lookout and working water fountain, often used by travellers to camp 1in6 a caravan present
75 Mechanical bunyip comes out of pond and breathes smoke if token inserted in control panel all donations to river ecology
76 Wrecked paddle steamer carried here in flood years ago
77 Car wreck in a tree (did it grow and lift tree or some bad accident)
78 Ancient monument d6 1=ned kelly 2=pioneer farmer or miner 3=dog on tuckerbox 4=tribal person 5=fast food mascot
79 War memorial park 1=obelisk with names 2=cannon 3=archway 4=
80 Childrens park with d4 1=steam engine 2=huge climbing tower with slides shaped like rocket 3=wooden pirate ship 4=water park with solar pumps still working attracting slime and creatures 
81 Small drive-in or cinema or hall used as one with posters for films, snack bar, wrecked vehicles and wrecked 3d projector
82 Ruined takeaway restaurant or a temple of some kind, locals unsure
83 Truck stop with wrecked trucks and roadhouse and burned remains of fuel cells and power plants with radiation zones
84 Small factory for local produce often with several vehicles d4 1=mill with silos 2=cheese factory with huge vats 3=dairy with area for cattle to enter and pasteurisation vats and packaging plant 4=fully automated meat plant awaiting creatures to slaughter and huge freezers with centuries of boxed long life for space meals
85 Blasted area with ruins of huge military mech, some areas inside are sealed and intact since war
86 Farm supply store with lots of sheds, burned remains of power plant, wrecked agrimech and robots
87 Huge pit full of emergency waste guarded by robots d4 1=bodybags of necrovirus victims 2=barells of mutagenic waste 3=deactivated androids 4=deactivated robots
88 Area with unnatural microclimate zone 
89 Huge dump with at least a hundred vehicles from several centuries many work vehicles for farms or industry
90 Huge open cut mine pit with fence and wrecked huge geomech half buried
91 Wrecked land leviathan, enormous war machine like battleship on tracks was destroyed here on edge of a crater
92 Remains of huge fenced camp with remains of tents to control some troubled segment of the population. All
 died in here due to security robots not letting them out and just waiting for food to arrived4 1=necrivirus survivors 2=psychotronic war victims indoctrinated with mind control weapons 3=mutagen victims 4=refugee re-education camp
93 Classified zone with robot defenders d4 1=contaminated 2=weapon test side 3=classified military 4=orbital dropship landing site, wrecked ship with abhuman troop skeletons from the last war here was downed by a orbital killsat on landing 
94 Huge garbage dump with raised mounds surrounding vast mine pit of garbage
95 Huge sealed industrial complex 

96 Military base with visible dishes, tanks and windowless buildings and underground airport, 12m concrete and electrified razorwire fence  
97 Fenced off area with signage for reality entertainment zones, constantly being terraformed by AI for recreational scenarios with android and hologram actors often with a theme like a genre, franchise or history. Once inside trapped by deluded AI
98 Quarantine zone with medical security robots with fences and sterilisation centres at the entrance. d4 1=colony descend from plague victims trapped inside 2=rehab colony treats all who enter for drug abuse before releasing 3=
99 Distant industrial megastructure, some still emit fumes and controlled by AI otherwise a ruin
100 Strange lights in the sky, electronic equipment erratic, locals mention lights make people disappear sometimes

d10 Southern Highway Quick Encounter Types
01 Farming Folk
02 Backwoods Strange Folk

03 Merchants
04 Animals
05 Law & Militias 
06 Tribals
07 Road Gang
08 Cultists
09 Mutants
10 Freaks

d100 Southern Highway Encounters For Broken Hill
01 Kids gang exploring, one as binoculars, one has a .22 hunting rifle
02 Farmers herding livestock d4 1=sheep 2=kangaroos 3=cattle 4=
trifrond plants
03 Farmers rounded up a herd for drenching and delousing treatments
04 Farmers slaughtering livestock while having a bbq and a smoko and some beers
05 Farmers working in fields on some crop 
06 Farmers picking or pruning or planting fruit and nut trees and some strange new trees
07 Farmers burning off an outbreak of red-weed a wartime bioweapon
08 Farmers in ABC suits spraying toxins to kill of some pest plant or critter
09 Farmers hunting from horseback looking for pests like foxes and wild mutant dogs
10 Farmer militia in a pickup half-track fueled with ethanol and a heavy weapon 
11 Hunters from an inbred hillbilly family, one is a huge mutant freak, armed with blunderbuss and wood axes mostly. Looking for strangers to eat or marry
12 Gang of ogrish inbred mutant rednecks led by eldest Ma or Pa alive, hunting for human flesh
13 Zombie redneck farmers with farm tools roaming for people to spread their undead plague
14 Redneck hunter with bolt action hunting rifle and four giant mutant hounds the size of bears 
15 Attractive scantily clad hillbilly youth offers to go skinny dipping with strangers, their family are in hiding to rob and ambush strangers for meat or marrying 
16 Aggressive militia in utility trucks demand the right to search travellers for signs of blasphemy or mutants
17 Two hunters act as a sniper team to harass travellers from afar at a good ambush spot. Usually, fire three times then flee possibly more if targets seem clueless about how to respond 
18 Farmer militia squad with abhuman slave support troops raised to fight d4 1=dingo or dog 2=cat 3=kangaroo 4=apes
19 Hillbillies from wetland clan cult with giant tentacled cane toad they worship and feed
20 Horrible fleshy shoggoth formed from inbred rustics, faces, heads and limbs of its former bodies appear and are reabsorbed, the heads cry out for help or nasty abuse
21 Wagon train with giant wombat or koalas as a beast of burden, merchants carrying farm goods
22 Drovers on horseback with muskets herding livestock to market d4 1=sheep 2=kangaroos 3=cattle 4=trifrond plants
23 Cameltrain heading for far off places beyond the wasteland carry lost tech scrap from city ruins to isolated communities, often carry specialist manufactured goods back like guns and ammo
24 Several mechanised trucks with armed warriors and at least one heavy anti-vehicle gun, 
require food try to trade technology like tech spec manuals they print out d4 1=from a bunker complex looking to trade 2=dome survivors on a quest for sanctuary 3=survivors of doomed colony seek new home 4=high tech warlord moving the whole gang to capture city ruin colony
25 Huge land rig off-road trailer truck pulling two trailer containers, well-armed uniformed soldiers of a bunker or dome colony obtaining goods from some far off ruin. Will trade local knowledge or cheap printed plastic guns and bullets d4 1=human purists from bunker 2=millitant survivalists 3=capitalists from a domed colony 4=replicant androids seem human, moving an android production microfactory and master brain to start a new base
26 Group of old scrap trucks and busses moving a colony of farmers to better land after own swallowed by sand
27 Slavers with wagons pulled by mutant lizards wary of rivals and willing to pick up extra slaves, some slaves in wagons while others carry bundles of goods in a line
28 Traders with giant bearded dragons pulling wagons and carrying packs (all female)
29 Donkey or goat train of merchants carrying farm produce and seeking scrap parts to fix machinery, animals with packs following handlers
30 Wagons made from old car bodies pulled by giant mutant d4 1=lizard 2=rats 3=bugs 4=dogs
31 Giant spiders concealed in trees or underground trapdoors
32 Gigantic lizards hunting d4 1=blue tongue 2=frilled neck 3=thorny devil 4=komodo dragon
33 Pack of dingos 1in6 are horrible mutant pack d6 1=zombies 2=plague carriers 3=tentacles 4=mutant ranged attack
34 Giant mutant insects d4 1=carniverous beetle 2=mosquitoes 3=flies 4=preying mantis
35 Migrating animals d4 1=emu 2=kangaroo 3=wild camels 3=wild horses
36 Swarm d4 of mutant animals desperate enough for meat1=flies 2=budgies 3=rodents 4=rabbits
37 Birds d4 1=giant eagle or owl 2=giant parrots address travellers by name and want to confirm rumours and chatter 3=pack of terror birds on the hunt 4=wetland birds resting by water 
38 Gigantic animal grazing d4 1=sauropd dinosaur 2=giant lizards eating cacti 3=giant rhino beetles 4=giant water buffalo covered in vegetation 
39 New aggressive giant insect hive d4 1=bees 2=wasps 3=ants 4=termites
40 Animals grazing, possibly aggressive d4 1=huge boar 2=stag deer 3=kangaroo 4=giant rabbit
41 Sherrif and posse of farmers hunting a criminals
42 Interceptor patrol car funded by merchants to hunt, exterminate and loot bandits
43 Militia in off road scrap utility truck with shotguns looking fer trouble
44 Marshal and deputy hunting a criminal over vast area
45 Bounty hunters looking for wanted criminals
46 Violent mob of locals with burning torches, farm tools and blunderbuss hunting d4 1=monster 2=criminal 3=mutie 4=android replicant
47 Local milita on horseback with sniper rifles and binoculars shooting trouble makers
48 Militia scout buggy with 2man crew looking for raider camp activity
49 A large warband of soldiers and farmers with guns, with mutant beast pulled wagons and a mechanised light truch with a light artilery gun on way to destroy some kind of outpost d4 1=androids 2=mutants 3=cult 4=inbered cannibal clan
50 Sherrif and deputies checking roads
 Tribal farmers with luscious root fields and sweet grasses 
52 Tribal hut foundations of stone rings and fire pits from a seasonal camp
53 Tribal hunting party cooking some small game before a big hunt
54 Tribal people digging up d4 1=rabbit warren 2=giant termites 3=giant grubs 4=beetles 
55 Tribal people leading a camel train of ochre, herbs and smoked meat
56 Tribal musical event with performers playing traditional instruments and dancing
57 Tribal musical gathering playing heavy metal with several scrap vehicles and a generator
58 Tribal ceremony with guards to warn outsiders away
59 Tribal warriors hunting a monster 
60 Tribal abhuman beast folk clan d4 1=dingo 2=lizard 3=possum 4=kangaroo
61 Gang without vehicle ambushing travellers, using car wrecks to block the road
62 Gang of cyclists raiding region have a secret fuel depot
63 Scouts of a gang a 2-crew buggy and 2 motorbikes roaming areas looking for targets for gang
64 Utilty truck with two bikes and a buggy belonging to a local major raiding gang
65 Two offroad gang scrap built 4wd vehicles, crew of four each armed with d4 1=light machineguns 2=sniper platforms 3=siege crossbow 4=flamer
66 Gang in large truck or bus armoured with scrap and a ram for blockade running
67 Gang renegade offroad 4wd cars, each with three crew, armed with d4 1=4x rockets 2=light machinegun 3=seige crossbow 4=blackpowder naval cannon 
68 Gang transporting bus or truck of prisoners, with two bikes and a scout buggy escort
69 Offroad buggy with 4 canetoad abhuman comandoes, one with a disposable one-shot rocket launcher, one a rifle with scope and two with sub machine guns. All in cammo with a cammo net waiting to ambush a target
70 Solar ancient sean car with advanced sensors and light construction driven by two uniformed  androids and a passenger. Often sense an encounter, dump the passenger and head back same direction d4 1=replicant 2=mutant 3=cyborg 4=robot
71 Robed cultists gather dwith light arms attempting to spook travellers towards minefield

72 Robed cultists using a truck as a troop transport with six motorbikes, robed killers adept at boarding and hopping on and off bikes in a battle
73 Robed cultist with a flamer attempts ambush with other lighter armed robed cultists ready nearby to attack any crashed vehichles
74 Cultists have captured travellers camping and are readying a bloody ritual of human sacrifice
75 Remains of cultists camp including bloody corpses, idols, goat skulls, candles and wine bottles
76 Cultists of pacacifist sect marching holding floral wreathes to find a new home, already starving but have some rations left
77 Remains of a canibalistic feast with half eaten human remains around a fire pit
78 Area covered in occult graffiti and several mutilated human corpses suspended above
79 Can hear distant cult chanting, famous for killing witnesses or exposing they are known locals
80 Cultists have bound prisoner as bait in ambush to get live sacrifices
81 Mutant camp with hungry homeless mutants shunned by all
82 Mutant bandits on the warpath against they uncontaminated
83 Mutant anti technology cultists send waves of poorly equipped fanatics after travellers
84 A hideous mutant with its worshippers helping it travel to a prosperous mutant town they have heard of
85 Mutant psychopaths infected by parasites, berserker cannibals
86 Lone huge hideous mutant thing eventually realise it has remnants of a human face
87 Protoplamic horror shoggoth oozing fluids and forming eyes and mouths screaming
88 Unfamiliar mutant life form possibly a shy lone preditory human eating type
89 Stranger wants to travel as companions died, by night a horrible parasite leaves his sleeping body, feeds on blood and returns to the host
90 Mutant trifrong ambulant plant creatures, a local mutation has turned carniverous
91 Cyborgs troops demand certain food supplies that can process, 1in6 require some human body fluids and organs as well 
92 Undead plague survivors fleeing community need some help and directions, any killed become ghouls, they will be easy targets next encounter

93 Stranger in a bunker jumpsuit who escaped some underground complex, confused by outside world and hungry
94 A battered scrap robot on a long journey looking for d6 1=family 2=doll or toy 3=meds 4=ammo 5=data on rare technology 6=home bunker
95 Ultrlight scout aircraft follows a while d4 1=calls a gang 2=call local law 3= 4=drops advertising for outpost just off normal trade route

96 Holgrams from concealed projectors d4 1=pre war advertising 2=war era faction propaganda 3=postwar faction reprogrammed 4=hacked and used as part of an ambush, bandits have tent over a pit into holographic projector control panel with their nerdiest member operating the panel
97 Abhuman mercenaries seeking employment, only have muskets and swords but ferocious
98 Contrail of high altitude spy jet taking photographs (post war equivalent of U2 aircraft)
99 Undead arise swarming over road and blocking path then moving towards detected intruders while spreading out, some will swarm any vehicles to disable or board them 
100 Spy drone with stealth field, occasionally detected or seen side effects from them over time, some advanced faction spying on travellers d4 1=seek to trade 2=need package delivered 3=seek mercenaries for mission 4=test an experimental weapon or creature in prepared zone 

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