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Schools for Classes


These can be for quick backgrounds for pc or npc's and might inspire other skill choices or experience. Im thinking of a generic class with d8 HD used for npcs and monsters to beef up anything. Just to slap on experience/status/skills quickly - perhaps skill suggestions for beast or humanoids. Id like more monsters to have flexible had and superhero examples to challenge heroes. Even skeletons should be of any HD. I also like more one-shot monsters and weird variants. For now, just quick places to learn a trade. Possibly I need ones for druids, bards, etc

d6 Common Wizard Schools
1 Loner 4+d4 Lv wizard taught as best they could in their home with d4 total students
d4 1=kindly cottage hedge wizard 2=eccentric scholar 3=magic school drop out 4=relative
2 Professional wizard in rural town or suburb home 4+d4 Lv with four students d4 1=rural sage 2=magic trader 3=outcast scholar 4=agent of secret order
3 Successful wizard with a tower 8+d6 Lv helped by d3 5th Lv teachers and 3d4 students, d4 1=advisor to nobility 2=famous scholar 3=serves a secret power 4=famous wizard hero favoured by crown
4 Small school academy in mansion or estate with d4 
5th Lv teachers and 4+2d4 students with a 8+d6 Lv headmaster d4 1=prestigious prep school for rich 2=former adventurers and sappers teach dungeon construction and destruction 3=teaches wizards for war and espionage to serve rulers 4=allied to a dedicated school of magic
5 Prestigious college in mansion or estate with 4+d4 5th Lv teachers and 4+2d4 students with a 12+d6 Lv headmaster and a d3 8+d6 Lv vice principle d4 1=military school 2=research school 3=alchemy school making cheap potions in sweatshops of master to learn 4=allied to a church produces approved wizards with strong alignments
6 University mostly in or party of a city. 16+d4 Lv chancellor runs it with a dozen board members from senior teachers and librarian Lv9+d6 each. There are d6 sub schools each with 2d4 5th lv tutors with with four students d4 1=famous magic battle arena stressing flashy combat 2=scholar researching new magic and formula 3=many students meddling with blasphemous cult lore and corrupt secrets 4=works to support the crown, graduates get government work and influence nobility 

d12 Temple Clerical School
1 Lone isolated priest with d4 disciples in training d4 1=shack dwelling hermit 2=travelling earthy rural friar who liked to drink 3=attendant of pilgrimage shrines 4=agent of secret church order
2 Small shrine priest Lv5 with 3d4 acolytes being schooled d4 1=rural isolated shrine 2=rustic village shrine 3=city shrine 4=graveyard shrine
3 Small temple priest Lv7 with d4 assistants each Lv d4+1 with 12 acolytes d4 1=rural town 2=city temple 3=isolated sacred place 4=frontier fortified temple fort with tower
4 Medium temple Lv9 
with 4 assistants each Lv d6+1 with 24 acolytes d4 1=important town center 2=famous temple school 3=fortified temple enclave 4=temple is basis of a small town population
5 Large temple 
 Lv12 with 6 assistants each Lv d6+3 with 50 acolytes d4 1=square of a city 2=palatial temple on estate 3=monastic complex of order 4=templar castle
 Monument Lv16 with 6+d6 assistants each Lv d6+3 with 300 acolytes, d4 1=cathedral of great city 2=mighty ziggurat complex in sacred precinct 3=huge palace citadel of church officials 4=mausoleum or tomb complex in vast necropolis

d4 Sorcery Schools
Predatory Creep found you and recognised your talent and exploiting you with lies d4 1=charlatan with no power but recognised yours 2=fake fortune teller and medium who hid real magic 3=outlaw caster branded witch by law and wanted criminal 4=tried to grab wealth and power and killed by angry mob
2 Lone Cult leader 
4+d4 Lv recruited you as chosen one and delegated tedious cult organisation to 2d4 special students d4 1=performed miracles to recruit students 2=dealt with merchants and money and drug cartels 3=groomed wealthy VIP donors to cult 4=loaned to city to keep authorities off cult back
3 Pleasure dome cult, 8+d6 Lv master helped by d3 5th Lv teachers and 3d4 students, plus 4d6 followers often attractive and/or wealthy hedonists d4 1=master serves a demon using vice to entrap victims 2=master is high and in a drug coma mostly 3=important local officials participate in orgies 4=driven away and scattered by an angry mob
4 Cult Colony, a large isolated cult with own farm, 
d4 5th Lv teachers and 4+2d4 students with a 8+d6 Lv master, 8+d4 x10 cultists work fields cheerfully living in communal poverty d4 1=thriving but locals despise and fear 2=built a wall and increasingly isolated 3=burned down by mob with priests and soldiers 4=disease outbreak killed leaders and rest fled

d6 Secret Evil Schools
1 Strange local elder 4+d4 Lv caster teaches from home in secret with d4 students, operates a business in public that students are public apprentices of (mortician, crafter, trader, scribe) d4 1=respected in community 2=killed by angry mob 3=had close brush with law 4=had to kill a bunch of meddlers recently
2 A local cult of 13 including a 
4+d4 Lv leader with a d6 assistants at Lv d4 and the rest zero level beginners. The cult have a secret temple or wilderness shrine for rituals and meet in leaders home. d4 1=secret thriving in community 2=all killed by witch hunters 3=absorbed by bigger cult 4=struggling vs rival cult
3 A national cult with dozens of local branches and a secret central temple with hundreds of members. led by a secret master of 
8+d6 Lv and a d4 lesser masters of 4+d4 Lv. Half the remaining members are d4 Lv and the rest 0Lv students d4 1=cult known and feared for murder 2=whispered of in fear of influence 3=witch hunters and inquisitors investigating 4=extermination order of church who send templars and paladins sent to destroy  
4 Faux respectable church complex operated by secret cult. 
 The master is 8+d6 Lv with d4 5th Lv teachers and 4+2d4 students d4 1=rare monastic order 2=templar lodge 3=shrine dedicated to strange saint 4=missionaries helping the poor, sick or orphan orcs  
5 Large organisation like a trade or craft guild or government administration operates a secret college of forbidden magic. Headed by a secret master d3 8+d6 Lv, d4 5th Lv teachers and 8+3d4 students d4 1=craft guild 2=city hall 3=international bank 4=merchant company
6 The Black School linked to the libraries of hell, all wear hoods and masks, teachers are imps and cultists and damned souls. Each user finds a secret door they use to the forbidden library of hell d4 1=in a graveyard crypt 2=in university library 3=haunted ruined church 4=in a hidden cave

d6 Fighting Schools
1 Athletes training school with 40 inhabitants d4 1=for frontier or ghetto fighting pits 2=gladiator school for city 3=professional duelists 4=wrestling league
2 Military service of ruler, in barracks after basic training then d4 1=frontier infantry patrol 2=pressganged into ship crew 3=policing civilians and roads 4=hunting cult criminals
3 Criminal service in a gang with 40 members d4 1=pirate 2=bandit 3=enforcer 4=slavers
4 Mercenary Company with d4 hundred members with a unit that serve together d4 1=besieging cities 2=foreign civil war 3=frontier war 4=caravan guards
5 Mercenary Guild with international links and branches d4 1=establishing foreign colony (conquest) 2=sacking multiple cities 3=exterminating humanoids 4=terrible foreign war
6 Military School operated by kingdom to train nobility to command and provide elite troop training, often near capitol from a fortress d4 1=military service 2=navy service 3=royal guard 4=siege engineering

d6 Criminal Schools
1 Urchin Home 
4d4 urchins kept as charity in public really to be exploited d4 1=
single adult has a room and teaches crime to urchins they "found" 2=raised by beggars guild 3=sweatshop urchin work house 4=poorhouse ran by a gang to recruit talented thugs
2 Youth Gang 5d4 members all trying to get into a real gang d4 1=school gang 2=street gang 3=wild sewer urchin gang 4=youth gang affiliates of larger crime gang
3 Crime gang with d3+4 x10 members, mostly a dozen run the ring d4 1=affiliated with cult 2=protection and criminal regulation 3=thieves interested in stealing and burglary 4=wanted rural bandits 
4 Crime Guild with d3 x100 local members of a city among leading guilds over kingdom with own dialect of slang
5 Assassin school with at least d4 x10 members in local secret location d4 1=fanatic murder cult 2=secret police death squad 3=specialist crime guild 4=secret society with unknown leaders and goals
6 Espionage school with at least d4 x10 members in local secret location 1=isolated castle 2=disguised as a isolated village or city block with secret underground areas 3=a city fortress 4=government office or merchant guild with boring clerks 

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  1. These are all really great, a good start for any new character, and meeting other students of your master is a great way to introduce NPCs


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