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Post Apoc Coastlines 3: Humanoids From the Deep

Part 1 On the coast road sites of Interest
Part 2 Coastal flotsam and jetsam 
Part 3 Coastal encounters

I was going to do a specific underwater one but I think this one could be used and certain dice ranges used in different cases. I might do a more underwater one if they get in a sub.

d10 Quick Coastal Encounters Types
01 Humans
02 Humanoids
03 Technological
04 Shore dwellers
05 Tidal dwellers
 Big and little fish
 Mutant horrors of the deep
09 Unusual vessels
10 Strange cults

d100 Coastal Encounters
01 Beachcombers looking for scrap and food
02 Travelling merchant caravan
03 Boat of pirates at sea send a dozen vicious thugs in a boat
04 Gang of bandits looking for travellers
05 Fishing folk with nets, lobster pots and spears
06 Coastal militia hunting pirates and smugglers
07 Gang of vicious smugglers
08 Lonley hermit mostly hides with a cloak of garbage
09 Beach buggy or biker road gang harass travellers
10 Viscious surfer gang challenge all comers to an armed surfboard battle 
11 Fish folk abhumanoids in string vests with tridents demand sacrifices
12 Strange uniformed humans with gills walk from the sea to explore land
13 Undead sailors crawl from the sea hungry for flesh
14 Cyborg marines from submarine land by raft on a mission
15 Seal folk abhumans (or selkies) invite friendly people to a Fish BBQ
16  Hideous mutants in trash clothes and scrap weapons patrol the beach for food
17 Penguin abhumanoids marching with uniforms and muskets on a mission from their AI overlord in Antarctica
18 Mutant squid folk abhumanoid cultists with strange mental mutations seek slaves and food
19 Crab folk abhumans seek to trade but lack common speech, try and communicate with clapping pincers
20 Communist canetoad abhumans on patrol for food or imperialist fatcats to execute, might operate from a boat or have foxholes and tunnels onshore
21 Spy drone disguised as seagull watch party
22 Surveillance drone flyby
23 Armed scout drone will strafe the impure and fly away
24 Scrap built amphibious trash robot with hooked claws and stunning metal tentacles
25 Marine recycler juggernaut collecting trash or anything its spiked rollers and tentacles can get hold of
26 Marine android searching area for something, tries to drive away intruders with an advanced weapon
27 Military Ground Effect Vehicle, automated with a light machinegun (also for ant missiles) and a grenade launcher with a six shot grenade launcher (fire one or any up to six inpatterns)
28 Powered deep sea diving suit infected by virus, roams beach for humans to kill and seeking an atomic fuel cell
29 Transforming robot with groundcar or submarine or jet mode, intelligent exploring from a distant advanced foreign land beyond the rising sun, speaks only ancient or some foreign speech. Flies Mov 48 and has 2x laser guns 7d6 each, other ammo depleted
30 Brain bubble domed industrial clawed body on tracks with a squad of brain jacked cyborg zombie guards (alt could be a marine mutant inside bubble)
31 Numerous dimetrodon bathe in sunlight until one sees prey and they all hungrily attack, may sit in caves in cliffs also and can climb a bit
32 Giant mutant marine iguana lumbering like some movie monster, smashing through ruins
33 Swarm attack d4 1=flies 2=crabs 3=seagulls 4=flesh boring worms
34 Giant goanna attracted to smells of food or blood
35 Pack of mutant dingos who come looking for food on the beach
36 Trifrond plants, salt-tolerant mangrove hybrids creep through coastal scrub looking for meat and rattling their drum-like organs to coordinate their hunt 
37 Giant ants scavenging beaches for dead things to eat or feed their herds insects
38 Giant blowflies killing victims and lay eggs on them
39 Giant desert scorpions often contaminated and glow by night
40 Hideous polymorphic mutant horror with tentacles and occasionally human faces of victims it has absorbed
41 Giant crabs grazing for food
42 Giant mutant octopus in rock pool tries to snatch someone and flop back into sea  
43 Giant sea scorpion or lobster comes from a rockpool
44 Giant tentacled sea urchin mutated to hunt onshore with sticky poison tentacles
45 Giant eel or seas snake attacks from a rockpool
46 Hideous mutant fish camouflaged as algae-covered rock lurks in a pool can walk on fins and walk on land briefly
47 Small plesiosaur flops ashore and snaps with its long neck trying to  drag someone into the sea
48 Aggressive giant seal families, aggressive when children are scared by humanoids, will make lots of noise before charging, some males weigh a ton. Colonies might cover a beach and be a hundred members, eventually go to sea for fish
49 Gigantic blubbery fish folk of ogrish proportions tries to snatch a victim to eat
50 Marine mutated regenerating trolls, insane and cancerous bioweapons, hunting in shallows
51 Swarm hungrily boils up from shallows d4 1=carniverous flying fish 2=gigantic prawns 3=crabs 4=starfish 
52 School of hungry sharks swim around entering shallows
53 Mutant megashark swimming offshore a hazard for boats
54 Were sharks beach selves then become semi-humanoid to hunt land prey
55 Giant fish can spit a stunning pulse of water once per round that bludgeon victims, they try knock victims in water so they can attack better, lurk near crossings or cliffs
56 Nasty weapon nosed fish will try to stab victims and drag into deep, various types have a different weird weapons like beaks with hooks or saws or spikes, may jump out of water to attack
57 Squeaking mutant dolphins invite "friends" in with telepathy then attack and kill them
58 Gas puffer fish if scared blow up to 1m poison spiked spheres that explode if punctured
59 Fish can fire a spike like a musket once a day and groups ambush prey together and share
60 Werefish tries to seduce victims to get close to water so their pets and fish folk servants help to catch 
61 Mutant shark breed with telekinetic flight and possibly tentacles
62 A brain whale off sure lures land creatures to swim into its mouth with powerful mutations
63 A horrid deep-sea fish has a psionic lure attracting people to shore with the seeming love of their lives
64 Mutant killer whales use a biological harpoon gun to hook victims 30m may and reel the hooked prey into their mouths 
65 Amphibious mutant fish walk on fins briefly and has long poison barbs to kill
66 Hypnotic deep-sea fish arises to control victims into it's mouth
67 Evil psionic demon-worshipping manta ray some led by vampiric priests 
68 Giant sea slug or sea snail (snail has better armour and poison sting)
69 Mutant seagull harpies fling feces and abuse harassing travellers
70 Mutant sea snake with human arms able to use technology and has strange mental powers
71Gigantic mutant sea turtle snaps at anyone made of meat, will chase ashore on flippers a while
72 Giant marine crocodile as big as a canal barge or multiple large ones
73 Tylosaurus will beach itself if near be and swallow prey whole by surprise
74 Large plesiosaurs snap at travellers with impossibly long necks
75 Colony of giant pterasaurs or dragonflies live on a cliff or hilltop, feast on fish or snatch travellers
76 Giant ammonite, a shelled cephalopod with pointed or coiled shell to hide in 
77 Giant marine spider or centipede blends in with coral and reef when still
78 Huge armoured beaked prehistoric fish
79 Bizarre prehistoric squid bodied tully monster with a single beaked tentacle face and eyestalks
80 Bizzare giant shrimp like radiodont scuttling about and will snatch prey with facial claws 
81 Atlantean amphibious humans in uniforms seek to question or enslave humans for their sunken marine arcology or sunken ship with pressurised living areas
82 Mixed marine abhumans with tridents come to investigate the surface world for the undersea emperor who seeks to enslave the surface
83 Sea eldren arrive in a fantastic mother of pearl shell submarine hunting for something they seek on surface
84 Morlocks in a submarine with diving suits kidnapping attractive humanoids to take to their secret submerged habitat where they farm their slaves
85 Large pirate sailing ship with black powder cannons and a savage crew often open fire at land targets in range
86 Ship hijacked by curious octopi folk who have now adopted a life of piracy and adventure
87 Shoggoth of gelatinous tentacled mass full of eyeballs and mouths muttering randomly heard phrases
88 Colossal Ichthyosaurus, actually a submersible vehicle whose reptilian abhuman crew live inside on a scientific mission to observe humans and possibly some need interrogating or vivisection 
89 Huge mass of carnivorous seaweed, will go onto land and assume a shambling humanoid form
90 Submersible landing craft lands and drops off marines in a APC-truck
91 Marine cultists worshipping some tentacled horror from the sea
92 Fog rises rapidly followed by fish folk determined to kidnap as many humans to eat and sacrifice as they can
93 Strange singing is heard luring victims into the sea where some hidden creature awaits them to devour, tentacled and crab clawed deep-sea mutant with indeterminable intelligence 
94 Holographic spectres of dead sailors and those drowned in apocalypse lurk near the waking world, at least one hunts travellers taunting and cursing them
95 Mutated cold giants from the dark waste of Antarctica arrive from the sea sailing icebergs, looking for fresh victims but wary of fire or hot weather which reduces morale
96 Mutant undead cultists with strange powers have come on a iceberg bringing terrible cold weather and snow with them until all are killed, serve some strange alien power from the polar ice caps 
97 Goat masked robed demon cult seeking to murder and seize power, on land on foot with leaders on mutant horses at sea on wet bikes or aqua sleds with guns, knives and swords 
98 Strange jumpsuit wearing cultists playing minimal music notes, eventually a light appears in the sky or from the water and grey humanoids in jumpsuits with black eyes descend to receive offering live babies and food from the cult
99 A charismatic crowned mutant steps from the sea with various marine abhuman and mutant warriors wearing the sign of the trident, local fisherfolk come to greet him with offerings as king of the sea
100 A metallic titan machine arises from the boiling sea with great arcs of electricity between its upper pylons, it has come to initiate a massive terraforming project on behalf of various AI. Worshippers gather as it becomes the heart of a storm and grows extracting metal from seawater to grow. The mad cultists celebrate the arrival of destruction and let slip it can only be stopped is the machine is entered and shut down from within causing it to rapidly break down and dissolve. If not stopped a cloud of atomic plasma forms above it which when mixed with the wind scours the land with atomic fire. Cult promise all will be reborn as one with the metal angel of death

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